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Chapter 216: Chapter 216 Monkey King

Chapter 216: Chapter 216 Monkey King

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"Freezing Pearl!? Indeed the same as how it was recorded!"

Fang Yuan was filled with excitement but became serious. "But we'll still have to test its effects!"

Casually, he pointed at one of the cavalries. "You, go! Pick up the pearl!"

"Follow instructions!"

Number 17th's expression changed. As Qin Qing took in a deep breath, she commanded him.

"Yes, Sir!"

As he clenched his teeth, he wore a leather glove. He then walked up calmly and picked up the Freezing Pearl, and nothing happened.

"Mm. Take out your gloves and try again!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and commanded him once more.


Number 17th obeyed. As his finger touched the pearl, he screamed.


A blue flash of light exploded from the pearl, covering him.

As the glow dimmed, there was only an icy statue left in his place. Number 17th, who was frozen in the ice, had stopped breathing!

"To freeze on touch. It can freeze anything as long as it's not elemental force, flowing water or anything similar. It is indeed a freezing pearl!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. With the wave of his hands, the blue pearl landed in a jade box, which was subsequently taken in by the Mountain River Pearl.

Qin Qing and Qin Yun, both who witnessed this scene, remained silent.

"Indeed... I need these sacrificial knights!"

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh inside.

If he had prepared a bunch of sacrificial knights for his previous journeys, he wouldn't have encountered so many dangers himself!

"Mistress, master, let's go!"

Elder Zhou sighed. "Number 13 and 17 are both dead. Let's not make their death for nothing. As long as we remember them and pay respects to them once we are back in our family, and not forgetting to compensate their descendants..."

"That's right!"

Qin Qing licked her lips and stood up with determination. "We not only have to pay our respects to them, we must also bring them into the Qin Family's ancestry! As long as our Qin Family exist, we must let them live on!"

With that, she pulled Qin Yun over.

"Sister... I know..."

Qin Yun's eyes were red.

He knew that if he were to fail in being the heir of the family, then these two sacrificial knights would have died for nothing.

"Let's go!"

He gritted his teeth and followed on.

"Very good!"

Fang Yuan walked on. As he felt the Qin siblings catching up, he nodded his head.

He felt that after the death of the two sacrificial knights, both Qin Yun and Qin Qing had the magnanimity of a heir. They had matured extremely quick in such a harsh environment.


Fang Yuan sighed. "Let's take this opportunity and cover as much ground as we can!"

Everyone remained silent as they started to rush.

"It's around midnight now, and the group of spiritual monkeys should be sleeping and not wandering outside..."

It was pitch black everywhere and in the fog, the visibility was at its worst.

It was a good thing that everyone was a martial artist with a considerable cultivation level. Everyone had a keen sense of sight and hearing and could rely on the dim moonlight to continue their journey.

The mountainous road was rugged. Coupled with the fact that they were making their way in the dark, Qin Yun had fallen down a couple of times and his hands were bloodied.

Elder though looked around and whispered. "Only if we're extremely unlucky, would we encounter the mysterious species here..."

"Wuuu! Wuuuu!"

As he spoke, a voice full of energy was heard.

"Is that the sound of the monkeys?!"

Qin Yun exclaimed.

In the dark, a pair of eyes glowed and stared at Qin Yun.


Fang Yuan shook his head and casually flicked his fingers.


He shot out a concentrated beam of elemental force. Like an arrow, it flew in the air and glowed.

Qin Yun's pupils contracted. With the illumination from the streak of elemental force, he could see the appearance of the spiritual monkey.

It was extremely big in size and was taller than himself. The muscles on its arms were bulging and it was even thicker than his own legs. As its hands stretched past its knees, its face was fiery red, and there was a mysterious glow coming from its mind palace.

The unique thing was that this spiritual monkey appeared to be extremely old, and the fur on it was turning white. There was a sense of spirituality in its eyes, giving off the vibe that it was a cunning monkey!

Without a doubt, the spirituality of this monkey was shocking. If it was given more time, it might develop its spiritual eye and awaken itself!

However, all of its hopes and dreams would end here!


The streak of elemental force struck through its mind palace, breaking a bloodied hole in the process. Its brain fluid exploded out and the entire scene was a mess.

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan sighed. "After killing this old monkey, the rest will soon come along. We need to move quickly!"


Qin Qing's expression changed. Without hesitation, they were on their way again.

Without consideration for any ambush that might be present, everyone used their lightness skill. Their speed of advanced increased and after a short while, they had already passed a mountain stream. The silhouettes on both sides were retreating quickly as they advanced.

"Wuuu! Wuuu!"

At that point in time, there were many sounds from the monkeys in the surroundings. It was continuous and spread far and wide, striking fear in those who heard it.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Many pairs of eyes appeared and surrounded them like candles.

"This is... Monkey... monkey tribe!"

Qin Qing lost her voice.

"It seems that we are too late. We're surrounded!"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "There's no use in us hiding. They have the geographical advantage, and the fact that everywhere is pitch black makes it even harder for us! Get me the Bright Moon Pearl!"

"Weng! Weng!"

A bright glow filled the darkness and the surrounding paths, vines, trees... Everything was illuminated.

Qin Yun took in a cold breath as he looked at the tribe of monkeys.

The monkey tribe was full of ferocious monkeys. With more than a hundred of them, they surrounded Fang Yuan and company. Staring fiercely at them, it was as though they wanted to eat them up alive.

At the same time, more monkeys were arriving.

"Wuu... Wuuuu..."

There was a sharp sound heard. Loud and full of elemental energy, the sound almost led to Qin Yun spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed. With a huge hand formed from elemental force, he bashed his way forward.

A few spiritual monkeys were swiped away and broke a few bones as they wailed in pain.

There was now a hole broken apart among the surrounding monkeys and a group of people rushed out.

"We can't withstand this for long!"

Fang Yuan led the way. Looking at the spiritual monkeys who were giving chase, he commanded. "Three of you, carry the light source and distract the monkeys away!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Three sacrificial knights appeared solemn. Holding on to the Bright Moon Pearl, they turned towards a separate direction.

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

The monkeys shrieked. Fang Yuan and company took cover and hid within a small gorge. As they felt the monkey tribe rushing by them, the Qin siblings' hearts were pounding.

They were clear that the sacrificial knights who were picked out as bait were as good as dead. The only thing they could do was to prolong the time before their death.

Even for them, if they were discovered, they would also have to face death.

"Most of the monkeys have given chase to the three of them. Next up, we have to... bash our way through this gorge!"

Elder Zhou gritted his teeth and led the way.

Fang Yuan had a look of empathy in his eyes but did not say much as he followed silently behind.


Qin Yun took a few steps forward and twitched his nose in curiosity. "What is this... why is this so fragrant?"

"This is... wine!"

Elder Zhou was sure of that. How could he not know the smell of such fragrant wine?

"Why would there be the fragrance of wine deep in the forest?"

Qin Qing's face was flushed, as though she was a little tipsy.


Elder Zhou was stunned as though he had thought of something. His teeth started to chatter in fear. "This wine had the fragrance of berries and is fermented from a hundred different fruits. It is the Monkey's Wine!"

"Monkey's Wine, fermented by monkeys. How interesting..."

Qin Yun continued, as his expression changed. "Why would the fragrance... be here?"

"This is because... we are in the monkey's nest!"

Fang Yuan replied without batting an eyelid.

"Monkey's nest?"

Qin Yun rounded a corner and arrived at a flat land. On the side of the cliff were golden-coloured vines, and many female monkeys were hanging by the vines and carrying their babies. Some of them were in deep sleep, while others were awakened by the commotion and looked around nervously.

In the middle of the place was a rock cavern and the fragrance of the wine seemed to have originated from there.

"It's... it's really the monkey's nest!"

Qin Qing turned pale. If not for the fact that Fang Yuan was with them, she would have thought that Fang Yuan had intentionally led them here.

"The most dangerous place is always the safest place. Don't you think this place is a good place to stay?"

Fang Yuan smiled. "All the strong monkeys have left to chase them, and left this place defenceless. The monkeys would never think that we would ambush their nest!"

"Furthermore... if we don't come here, how can we defeat the monkey king?"

"Monkey king?"

Qin Yun almost fainted.

"Of course, the monkey king!"

Fang Yuan continued with a serious tone. "I am obviously no match for all of the spiritual monkeys. But if we take down their leader, it would strike enough fear in them for us to leave this place safely!"

"Sir... You are looking to fight with the monkey king?"

Elder Zhou shuddered as he recalled the practices of the monkeys.

Wild animals would respect the strong. If anyone could defeat the monkey king one on one, they would gain the respect of the spiritual monkeys, and could safely leave the mountain.

"How did you guess that the monkey king would be here?"

"If the monkey king is here, we shall defeat it. If it is not here, we shall rest here and take their wine with us. Any problems with that?"

Fang Yuan turned around with a surprised look.

"I see!"

Elder Zhou gritted his teeth. "This is indeed a possible plan. However... Don't worry Sir, we will guard the outside and will not let any spiritual monkeys interfere with your fight against the monkey king!"

"Very good!"

Fang Yuan shifted his attention to the rock cavern in the middle.

From there, he could already feel a strong spiritual aura from a spiritual soul's presence.

"Monkey king?"

He laughed heartily with no intention of hiding. The energy level in him surged to peak levels.

"Wuuu Wuuuuuuuu...."

Many baby monkeys started to scream and hugged their mothers as they retreated, and some of them even fainted.

"Wuu! Wuuu!"

From the rock cavern, a tall monkey's silhouette appeared.

It was a few feet tall and was covered in golden fur. As it stood up, the eye on its mind palace opened, revealing a mysterious glow. There was a silvery flash from its eyes, and as soon as it saw Fang Yuan, it rushed out.

This was the spiritual monkey king, which had evolved a special trait!

Reacting to Fang Yuan's challenge, it exclaimed furiously and in the process, the surroundings shook.