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Chapter 217: Chapter 217 Black Shadow

Chapter 217: Chapter 217 Black Shadow

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"Wuuu! Wuuuuu!"

The Golden-furred monkey king exclaimed. Its gigantic body started to make a run towards Fang Yuan.

The Qin siblings turned pale!

Facing this ferocious animal, they froze in their tracks! They could not even dodge and was awaiting their deaths.

Not just them, even Elder Zhou and the few Black Feather Cavalries were biting their lips till they bled.

There was no question!

If the Qin siblings were to face this monkey king alone, there was no doubt that they would die, and there was not even a slight chance of survival for them.


Fang Yuan looked at the monkey claw which was about to land and started to laugh. With his right fist, he flew upwards.


The ground shook!

If the previous scene was described as the sky falling down, then Fang Yuan would be the pillar breaking through the skies.


As the claw and fist met, the ground in the vicinity cracked as though there was a mini earthquake.

The Golden-furred monkey king took two steps back and stared at the small ant in front of him curiously. The energy it had in it was immense.

"Chi Chi!"

"Wuuu! Wuuuu!"

The commotion attracted a lot of strong monkeys.

Seeing that a human was fighting with their king, they calmed down and formed a circle as they witnessed the fight without attempting to go forward to help.


Elder Zhou and the rest retreated. "Everything seems good... It seems that the monkey king is indeed respectable. If Sir can defeat it, they would surely not dare to attack us!"

"Can Sir defeat the monkey king?"

Qin Yun looked at the surrounding spiritual monkeys and stumbled on his words.


Elder Zhou sounded depressed. "This monkey king is at the Elemental Gathering Stage and had opened its spiritual eye. With its powers, normal Wu Zongs would not be its match... But looking at how daring Sir is, it seems that he has something to depend on!"


As soon as he finished, they witnessed Fang Yuan slamming the spiritual monkey king into a rock wall, leaving a huge indentation in the wall as the rocks around it crumbled.

"What a monkey king! It seems like I have to show you my true powers!"

There was a mild golden glow emitting form Fang Yuan's skin. This was the extreme stage of the combination of the Hundred Poison Golden Body and the Giant Eagle Metal Body.

Not just that, there were three snake-like glows on his back. The three spiritual meridians disappeared into his body, taking up the shape of an armour.


Following the surge of energy, the air around was vibrating. The monkey tribe shuddered and took a few steps back.

"This is... Meridian Opening!"

Qin Qing exclaimed in delight. "Sir is a Meridian Opening Wu Zong!"

"No wonder he could think of traversing the Three World Mountain by himself."

Elder Zhou came to a realisation.

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

Following an exclamation, the spiritual monkey king climbed out from the dent in the wall. It was infuriated and the third eye from its mind palace started to glow, shooting a beam of light at Fang Yuan.


A streak of golden light landed on Fang Yuan.

"This is..."

Fang Yuan felt an immense difficulty in raising his right hand, and his joints were cracking. In despair, he exclaimed. "Is this your godly powers? Gravitational Technique?"

His body felt extremely heavy and the pressure he was experiencing was similar to the Four Elements Spiritual Array.

The difference was the fact that the city master of Descending Star City had to painstakingly develop and perfect the array, but the Golden-furred monkey king could use it anytime it wanted to with the flick of its spiritual will!

"Wuu! Wuuuuuu!"

The Golden-furred monkey king roared and appeared enraged. It arrived in front of Fang Yuan and raised its claw.

"Heh, however... This binding strength is still not enough to put me down! Giant Eagle Claw!"

Without fear, he struck out his claw.

"Chi! Chi!"

The claws met in mid-air.

The illusionary giant eagle claw was explosive as it gave off a fearful screech in mid-air.

"Bang! Bang!"

The Golden-furred monkey king took a few steps back and had a look of confusion in its eyes.

Never would it have thought that someone who was trapped by its Gravitational Technique would be able to move without much restriction.

"Mm... It seems that this is all you've got!"

Fang Yuan swung his neck as though he was not being affected by the binding technique at all.

He could previously break through the array, so why would he put the Golden-furred monkey king's Gravitational Technique on his mind?

"I'm wondering if I can dig out your third eye to smelt it into a magical weapon!"

"Chi! Chi!"

In a moment, the Golden-furred monkey king's fur stood on its ends, as it shrieked.

"You can feel my spiritual aura... this is not right!"

Fang Yuan looked around and realised that several other spiritual monkeys were screaming as well. They started to escape and gave up watching the fight, as though they could feel an impending disaster.

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

The monkey king felt the same as well. Without caring about the fight or his wine, he climbed up the cliff and ran away.

"Sir... Did you scare the monkey tribe away?!"

Qin Yun stared in disbelief.


Fang Yuan looked into the dark skies and appeared solemn. "The spiritual monkeys own this place. They have only escaped because they have sensed a familiar impending disaster..."


Qin Qing shook and made a guess. "Illusionary World?"

"I've heard that this world is illusionary and will only occasionally appear in Three World Mountain. Whoever who would encounter it would not likely be able to survive!"

Elder Zhou revealed a look of determination. "Compared to it, the danger from the monkey tribe is nothing... To think about it, we were even willing to run through the monkey's area to avoid the Illusionary World, but in the end, it had still arrived..."

The sky became darker.

As the monkey tribe ran for their lives, there was not a single life form left. The mountain breeze blew and with it was a rustling sound. Everywhere was extremely silent compared to the initial commotion, and it was an eerie silence.

"Keke! Keke!"

Qin Yun was chattering his teeth in fear as he looked at his sister. "What should we do?"


Qin Qing took two steps forward and looked at Fang Yuan. She knew that it all depended on him for all of them to escape alive.

"We'll not run!"

Fang Yuan shook his head as though he had just snapped out from a trance. There was a look of shock on his face. "We are now... Already in the Illusionary World..."


The Qin siblings went pale. "How is this possible?"

"The Illusionary World does not belong to our world from the beginning. Like how two pieces of paper would stack together, it would only appear where two points meet, where the two other worlds coincide. This is the real Three World Mountain!"

Hearing the silence in the air, Fang Yuan shook his head.

"Then what will happen to us..."

Qin Qing was about to add on but was distracted by the sounds of a tribe of monkeys.

"Chi! Chi!"

In the darkness, many pairs of red eyes appeared as they approached them.

"This is... the spiritual monkeys from before! No... that's not right..."

Elder Zhou looked.

The spirituality in the monkey's eyes was now gone, and their eyes were bloodshot. Their movement was zombie-like and their fur was a pitch black. Like shadows, they stood up and approached them.

"One of you, go and test their ability!"

Fang Yuan ordered.


A Black Feather Cavalry rushed forward. He had the cultivation of an 8th Gate martial artist, and he struck his scimitar towards the head of one of the spiritual monkeys.


As the scimitar glittered, it went straight into the head of the black monkey.

An eerie scene soon unfolded.

There was no blood, no screaming.

The black monkey appeared normal, and the scimitar on its head started to disappear, as though the shadow of it was swallowing it in.

Not just that, the scimitar seemed to be able to attract and pull the Black Feather Cavalry towards it.


The Black Feather Cavalry wanted to let go, but the black monkey stretched out its hands and held him tightly.


He started to wail but was slowly taken in by the shadow of the black monkey. Soon, he was left with his upper body, then his shocked face, then his arm.

Finally, as the black monkey pressed him in, the Black Feather Cavalry disappeared and was swallowed completely.

Without changing its expression, its bloodshot eyes became even redder as it stared at Fang Yuan and the rest.

"How can such a normal spiritual monkey evolve such a powerful trait?"

Fang Yuan appeared serious. "Are all of you possessed? Let's go!"

Looking around, he had no intention of breaking out of the surrounding monkeys. He made a dash towards the monkey king's rock cavern.


Elder Zhou pushed the Qin siblings along and ordered another two sacrificial knights to distract them. Together, they hid in the rock cavern.

The rock cavern was rather spacious, and it was extremely dry inside. It laid in the centre and was a favourable hiding spot.

With the strong fragrance of wine, everyone in the rock cavern became tipsy.

There were two exclamations behind followed by footsteps. It was evident that the black monkeys had caught up to them.

"If there are no other escape routes, we would die here!"

Fang Yuan took a quick look at a corner and his eyes glittered. "However, we are surrounded now. We can only defend this place with our lives!"

"In history, the Illusionary World would only appear for a while. We just have to last longer than it!"

"Furthermore... My goal is not to simply last for a period of time!"


As his eyes glittered, he could see a black monkey walking towards them.

"Giant Eagle Claw!"


The black monkey few backwards and there were three deep claw marks on its chest.

"It seems that attacking them with elemental force is rather effective! Although it took up some of my energy, it is still effective!"

As he struck the monkey, he quickly retreated.

A few black monkeys started to surround them once again.


As he aimed at a rock wall, he released his elemental energy, causing rocks to crumbled and seal the cavern.


Long before he had sealed the cavern, he had released a streak of elemental energy. Like a sharp knife, it sliced the head of a black monkey. In mid-air, he grabbed the monkey's head and brought it into the cavern.

"This way..."

He had already used his spiritual will and realised that there were escape paths in the cavern. Before hiding in the cavern, he had already planned for the way ahead.

He started to do a headcount for all the people with him, now that they had retreated deep into the mountains.

He realised that after all that commotion, the only ones left were the Qin Siblings, Elder Zhou, and three other Black Feather Cavalries.