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Chapter 218: Chapter 218 Spiritual Seed

Chapter 218: Chapter 218 Spiritual Seed

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"Wuu! Wuuuu!"

Within the cavern, the Bight Moon Pearl illuminated the entire place with a green glow. They all had a creepy look as the green glow landed on their faces.

This was especially so for the spiritual monkey's head in Fang Yuan's hands. Even though the head was already severed off, it still had the vitality in it. Shrieking loudly, it opened its fangs as though it wanted to cause trouble.

"What is this... weird creature..."

Both Qin Yun and Qin Qing gave a disgusted look.

"Indeed a weird creature!"

Fang Yuan walked up and examined the black mist that was spurting out from the spiritual monkey's severed head.

"Hiss... Hiss..."

The black mist was thick and started to slither up Fang Yuan's fingers like a hand full of life.


As his eyes glittered, he exerted his elemental force.


White smoke emerged. His elemental force was against the dark force and it had resulted in a stalemate.

"This is a strong dark force..."

After a while, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and let out a long sigh. "Although it's his evil in nature, its power is already comparable to elemental force..."


As he spoke, the monkey's head in his hands disappeared into a puddle of black blood. Most of the dark force disappeared together with it without leaving any traces of it behind.

"Does the dark force take cover in the Illusionary World?"

Fang Yuan could detect the power of the shadows. As he looked around, he felt depressed.

"This means that... Not just spiritual monkeys, but humans might be possessed by it too!"

The commotion outside slowly settled down.

Through a crack in the rock wall, a black mist slowly slithered its way in like a hand dancing.

"What is this... damned thing?!"

A Black Feathers Cavalry sliced his sword at it, but the sword went straight through it and into a rock, resulting in sparks.

Not just that, the black hand slithered its way up the sword and spread to his palm, arm and finally to his chest.

"Number Four!"

Elder Zhou exclaimed and rushed over as he used his finger to press on Number Four's acupuncture point, but to no avail.

To make things worse, the black hand continued its way on his fingers.


Elder Zhou's expression changed. As he swung his scimitar, two of his fingers dropped onto the floor.


Two other Black Feathers Cavalry were in shock.

Only now did they realise that their fellow brother stood up. His face was shrouded in black mist and his eyes were bloodshot. As he let out a beastly roar, he pounced towards them with his hands shaped into claws. Opening his mouth wide, he bit on their necks.

"Get lost!"

Fang Yuan looked at the helpless Qin Siblings and waved his right hand.


As the dark-forced Number Four screamed, he was smashed into the rock wall.

"How does this dark force spread so quickly?"

Fang Yuan came to Number Four.

His limbs were broken and should not be able to move. However, he raised his neck and the ferocious look it gave made it seemed like he was no longer human.

"What a parasite..."

With focus, Fang Yuan grabbed his pulse and transferred his elemental force.

"Weng! Weng!"

There was a white glow that originated from the back of his hand as it slowly spread to his wrist, arms, chest and face.


As the dark force was cleansed out of him, an unconscious and pale-looking middle-aged man was all that was left.

"He should be... fine now…...."

Fang Yuan calmly commented before keeping silent once more.

'This dark force and elemental force counter each other. My guess is right... It is extremely afraid of dream elemental force. This must be left behind by an evil dream master, right?'

Elder Zhou witnessed the scene before him and looked at the two fingers on the floor with a helpless look.

He was extremely regretful.

If he knew that Fang Yuan was able to save Number Four, he wouldn't have needed to sacrifice his fingers!

His determination to save a life seemed like a foolish joke now.

"Godly doctor..."

Qin Qing could not stand it anymore and asked.

"I can chase the dark force away and heal fractured bones, but this..."

Fang Yuan shook his head. "If these two fingers were still on him, I can still transfer my elemental energy to chase the dark force away, but now... I am more curious about their thinking..."

"Why do you want to do that, even though I am beside you and you have seen for yourself what happened to the monkey's head?"

He glanced at Elder Zhou with a serious look.


Elder Zhou appeared confused, before revealing a shocked look. "Young Mistress, Young Master, beware! This dark force seems to be able to affect your thinking!"

He was affected by the dark force, which explained his reckless and extreme actions.

"How? Are you still able to walk?"

Fang Yuan stood up and turned towards the widest tunnel.

"No... No problem!"

Elder Zhou clenched his teeth and used his clothing to cover up his wounds. Looking at his unconscious subordinate, he gritted his teeth. "If we meet any more dangers, I hope that Sir, you will be able to bring Young Mistress and Young Master to safety. The few of us can sacrifice anytime!"

"Mm, this was my plan all along!"

Fang Yuan replied without batting an eyelid.

Elder Zhou was speechless.


At this point in time, at the sealed wall by the crumbled rocks, the black mist started to spread in.

Fang Yuan followed the fragrance of the wine and the tracks left behind by the monkey king as he continued deeper into the cavern, finally locating the nest of the monkey.

"This is..."

Qin Qing was speechless when she witnessed what was before her.

In front of her was a huge underground cave like a square.

In the middle of the square, there were countless tree roots and stumps. In the middle of it all was a huge tree, and around it was many tree stumps.

This tree was the last of its kind.

In the huge tree, there was a huge hole. It was filled with a green-coloured wine. The fragrance of the fruit wine filled the entire square. It was intense and the smell of it was 10 times more than before! 100 times!

Qin Qing was already too tipsy to begin with. As she came to the square, she could not withstand it any longer. As he face became flushed, she became drunk and fell to the ground.

At the side, Qin Yun started to wail and mumbled to himself. "I want revenge!" "Sister... Mother! I feel terrible and drained..." Slowly, he went into a deep slumber.

"What in the world!"

Seeing what just happened, Fang Yuan was speechless.

Of course, the spiritual monkey's wine was not poisonous. In fact, it had nutritious value and was able to supplement the body. However, they were not able to hold their liquor and this was therefore no different from drugs.

Unfortunately, the Qin siblings were both not accustomed to drinking and the protection they had all over their bodies were useless, which was why both of them succumbed.

"Look after the two of them..."

After casually instructed them, he used his lightness skill and leapt on the tree stumps.

"Monkey wine? Monkeys are well known to gather fruits to ferment, producing wine. Who knew how long the wine was here. There might even be spiritual fruits in it..."

Fang Yuan took out his Mountain River Pearl and prepared to take out a few empty gourds.

However, suddenly, his expression changed.

With the flip of his hands, a seed appeared.

The seed appeared black and unattractive, but it slowly released an emerald glow and a slight hint of a thought of its own, as though it was trying to convince its thirst to exist.


Fang Yuan could recognise that this seed was a treasure he had found from Lu Renjia's secret stash. It was the seed of a spiritual plant which he suspected as a Heaven Grade.

The spiritual seed was extraordinary. Previously, just the spiritual aura of it was already enough to help Fang Yuan achieve a breakthrough in Botany.

Putting all hopes on it, Fang Yuan planted it in Green Peak Spiritual Mountain, but nothing happened since, which made him a little disappointed.

However, there were changes to the seed once again. It exerted its own will to exist, but it was directed to the pool of monkey wine.


Fang Yuan looked at the tree stump followed by the monkey wine and was confused. "Is this happening because of the spiritual tree or the spiritual wine? No, the spiritual wine had absorbed all the essence from the tree while it was fermented. I'm afraid it has already taken all the spiritual property from the spiritual tree..."

Thinking about it, he finally decided not to use his own means, but follow the wishes of the seed and submerged it into the wine.

Although the spiritual wine as good, Fang Yuan already had a comparable bottomless wine pot. Together with his huge collection of spiritual items, it was hard for him to convince himself to take this spiritual wine, of which the contents of the wine was still unknown to him.

"Bloop! Bloop!"

Once the spiritual seed was submerged into the pool, it started to glow as it released a huge bubble.

Following which, a swirl started to appear in the middle of the pool of wine. It slowly grew and became bigger, but the amount of wine started to decrease.

Finally, a dried wooden platform was revealed and in the middle of it was the spiritual seed.

At this point in time, the black skin was shed, revealing an emerald green colour. The signs of life within the seed started to grow.

"I've seen many people drinking wine... But it's my first time seeing a spiritual seed drinking wine!"

Fang Yuan smirked. Slowly, he felt the last hint of spiritual property in the tree stump he was standing on being sucked away, and it started to dry up.

"Weng! Weng!"

With the wave of his hands, the spiritual seed landed on his palm.

"Indeed... It's different!"

If the seed's previous appearance was described as an uncut rock, the spiritual seed would be considered a beautiful gem.

"If I can locate a spiritual land, this spiritual seed should be able to germinate now, right?"

With a flash, the spiritual seed was once again absorbed into the Mountain River Pearl.

The wine fragrance which initially filled the entire place was slowly dissipating, and the Qin siblings slowly came to after being made to drink water.

"All it takes for it to shed its skin was an entire pool of spiritual wine and the spiritual property of this spiritual tree?"

Fang Yuan leapt down from the stump, speechless. "Is this a good thing or a bad thing..."

"This is..."

Elder Zhou looked at the roots left behind by the old tree and was shocked.

"This was the nest of the spiritual monkey king and this was his treasure!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose. "Of course, let's hope that it will not be enraged after coming back here!"


In the next moment, following a loud sound, there were footsteps approaching.

Elder Zhou forcefully turned his neck over and saw a huge silhouette rushing into the cave.

The monkey king appeared very different from what it used to be.

All of its golden fur had become black and its eyes were bloodshot. Seeing the empty tree stump, its ferocious look turned into one of confusion as it let out a blood-curdling cry.

"It's the spiritual monkey king! It is being possessed!"

Elder Zhou and the rest appeared desolate.