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Chapter 219: Chapter 219 Breakthrough

Chapter 219: Chapter 219 Breakthrough

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"Who would've thought that the spiritual monkey king would also succumb to the dark force..."

Sensing the increasingly scary spiritual aura of the spiritual monkey king, Fang Yuan shook his head and gave a serious look.

He had confidence that he could defeat the previous spiritual monkey king, but now, the current spiritual monkey king gave him a feeling of danger.

"Elder Zhou..."

He was back facing Elder Zhou and was signalling for them to find their way out.

"Sir... take care!"

Elder Zou protected the Qin siblings and ran towards the wall to hide.

In the next moment, a powerful spiritual aura filled the entire place.

"Wuu! Wuuuuuu!"

The enraged monkey shrieked, and countless dark force hands were dancing around, almost covering the entire cavern.


A black shadow rushed forward and struck a claw out at Fang Yuan.


The spiritual armour on Fang Yuan's body started to glitter. Channelling strength to his right hand, he struck his fist out.


As the fist and claw met, Fang Yuan's expression changed. He flew backwards and cracks appeared on his spiritual armour. Within seconds, it shattered and disintegrated into sparks.

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

The black enraged monkey was much more fierce than before. With its weird shriek, its third eye between its eyebrows opened, and a huge force landed on Fang Yuan.


Not just that, but a dark streak of light shot out from its third eye, and it quickly landed on Fang Yuan.

'What the hell! How does it being possessed allow it to be stronger?'

Fang Yuan's expression changed and tried his best to break free from the force.


The dark streak of light flew past its shoulders, destroying his elemental force armour. His clothing started to disintegrate, and even his golden body was not able to withstand it. A small part of his muscle started to dissolve, revealing an open wound.

"This power..."


With a flash, Fang Yuan used his Shadowstep and escaped into a random tunnel, disappearing.

"What a powerful monkey. It was different from what it used to be..."

Without turning his head, he quickly ran.

"It seems to have the Seventh Elemental Force, comparable to when Nie Kuang was at his peak! Not just that, his third eye has two unique abilities. One of them is the Gravitational Technique, and the other would be that dark streak of light!"

Thinking about the ambush from the monkey king, even Fang Yuan started to shudder in fear.

The intensity of that attack was enough to kill him!

"What a strong dark force... Furthermore, I could feel the evil intent of it..."

He rubbed the area between his eyebrows. While they were fighting, his dream elemental force from his Zu Qiao could detect the evil intent from the monkey king.

"Hatred, pain... It seems like a combination of negative feelings?"

Fang Yuan thought to himself. "Only a fool would pit himself against the unknown, not to mention that it was such a powerful adversary!"

Not far from him, there was a cry.

He was unclear if it was the Qin siblings who had encountered the monkey king, or sacrificial knights trying their best to distract the monkey king.

Taking this rare opportunity, Fang Yuan continued to explore his way and took a huge detour, finally reaching the deepest part of the cavern.

"I don't know how deep this cavern this. I can randomly pick a place and defend, and that should be no problem... Of course, the best would be for me to find an exit and escape from either the entrance where we came from or another exit!"

In the midst of rushing his way, Fang Yuan released his spiritual will in an attempt to find an exit.

"The tunnel ahead is a dead end!"

"The tunnel on the left has no air circulation, and from there comes the occasional roar. It will be likely to meet the spiritual monkey king there..."

"There's wind noises and water splashing from the hole in the right. There might be a hidden river or exposed exit!"


As he gathered all the information with his spiritual will, he quickly assessed each of them.

Using his Shadowstep, he rushed into the tunnel on the right.

"Whoooo! Whoo!"

As a gentle breeze was felt, a hidden river was revealed underneath.

"Bloop! Bloop!"

The water from the river was not clear. Instead, it was a green liquid. It was bubbling continuously and was continuously eroding the river banks on both sides.

"Wuu! Wuuuuuu!"

The monkey king was heard, and Fang Yuan could vaguely see a huge silhouette chasing from behind.

"Chi chi..."

Fang Yuan bent down and stretched his right hand into the river.


The corrosive river water was resisted by the elemental force and golden glow from his hand.

"... Never would I have thought that I would be forced to such an extent. Are the novels reliable? They always let the protagonist encounter a miracle after jumping into rivers, right?"

Fang Yuan's thoughts ran wild. With a splash, he leapt into the green river, displacing a huge amount of water.

As the green river water landed on the walls and the ground, it started to corrode holes, and from the holes came a white smoke.


An even greater splash of water was heard.

It was the spiritual monkey king. Seeing Fang Yuan attempting to escape by jumping in, it couldn't care less and followed suit.

The river water started to corrode its fur, but the monkey king was protected by the dark force. With an exclamation, it tried to search for Fang Yuan.


Outside the mountain.


As the ground exploded, an underground tunnel was revealed and Fang Yuan leapt out, looking at the sky.

The fog had dissipated long ago, and the clear was clear with a bright moon.

However, the moon had a red hue, as though it was signalling that something bad was about to happen.

"Has the Illusionary World completely combined with the real world?"

Fang Yuan laid on the ground and stared into the sky, looking depressed. "Indeed... the miracles that all the protagonists would encounter after jumping into rivers are all lies!"

He appeared extremely worn-out.

After being soaked in the corrosive river water, his clothing became tattered, even though it was protected by his elemental force. He now appeared like a beggar, and his golden skin was revealed.

"Bloop! Bloop!"

There was a rumbling sound from beneath, followed by a tremor as though there was an impending earthquake.

It was as though Fang Yuan could hear the exclamation from the monkey king.

"Why is it always following me!"

With a sigh, he looked for a direction and disappeared with his Shadowstep.


Behind him, the cavern exploded, revealing the possessed monkey king's body. It screamed as it started to give chase.

The wind was rumbling!

As he was running, Fang Yuan started to notice changes in the area around him.

"This place looks weird... It seems that with the arrival of the Illusionary World, the rules of reality would change as well..."

"Or should I say, with the constant spread of dark force, this region is slowly transforming into a dream world... It's a pity that my dream building skills are still not strong enough in a highly-skilled dream master's dream world. Otherwise, I would be able to control all these!"

Fang Yuan took a quick glance at the spiritual monkey king, who was not giving up, and gritted his teeth,

"Wait a moment. Dream building!"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's expression changed. With the flick of his fingers, the cliff ahead of him started to rumble and land appeared between both cliffs.

"My powers..."

Looking at his own hands, he was shocked. "I can use them? Could it be that this dream master is weaker than Yang Fan? No! This is not right..."

Fang Yuan came to another conclusion. "Could this be the peculiar property in Three World Mountains that would leave every dream master with they dream building powers? After all, this is not a complete dream world and there must be loopholes within the rules for us to exploit..."

"Wuu! Wuuuuu!"

On the flat ground which was once a cliff, Fang Yuan stopped running.

Behind him was the aggressive spiritual monkey king giving chase.

Turning around, he was eager to test his powers. "Although I have proven that I have my dream building abilities, I am still unsure of how much I can do. I'll need to do an experiment!"

"Puff! Puff!"

Seeing the arrival of the monkey king, he casually snapped his fingers. Suddenly, vines appeared from the ground; they were metallic and were full of thorns like snakes. Within seconds, it trapped the monkey king.

The thorns from it started to break through the dark force's defence and went into its skin.

"Aw! Aww!"

The spiritual monkey king gave out a weird scream and pulled on the vines, breaking them.

"Still not strong enough..."

Fang Yuan looked at the scene and shook his head. "I cannot weaken him. Can I try strengthening myself..."

Although he only obtained an insignificant ability to alter the world, it was enough for Fang Yuan. The monkey king was no match for him.

Seeing the monkey king pouncing at him, he shrugged his shoulders. The ground beneath gave way, and the cliffs appeared once more.

The monkey king lost its footing and fell all the way down. Not willing to give up, it struck its claws on the cliff walls.

"Get down!"

Fang Yuan stomped his foot on the ground. With a rumbling sound, a crack appeared and half of the cliff crumbled into rocks, which started to fall towards the monkey king.

With the threat of nature, even the monkey king could do nothing but grunt. It released its grip and fell into the abyss.

"This Illusionary World..."

Fang Yuan had already forgotten about the monkey king. Looking at everything around him, he had a look of disbelief and excitement.

"It is real and illusory at the same time! Mind could affect matter and consciousness could affect reality, and this is exactly what it meant!"

His dream master cultivation was put to a halt as he was unable to actualise things from his dream.

This was a chance for him!

This Illusionary World combined the real world with dreams. Just like a dream master, it was guiding Fang Yuan on how to do it, giving him inspiration to achieve a breakthrough.

"What is a dream? What is not a dream?"

The moon with a red hue was covered by a faint glow in the sky.

As the sun began to rise from the East, its golden rays spread far and wide, but it remained hidden within the clouds.

"Only I will know, who is the true master of this dream..."

Fang Yuan mumbled something to himself, closed his eyes and entered a mysterious state of nirvana.

Just as the sun was about to rise, banishing the Illusionary World and separating it from the real world, he held on to this opportunity and started to comprehend the process of actualising his dreams in reality.

"Whoooo! Whooo!"

The mountain breeze caressed his face.

An unexpected thing happened.

An unknown energy brought along the dark force in the air, transforming it into a black snake which circled Fang Yuan. Suddenly, it pounced on him, engulfing him in within.

Fang Yuan was not conscious yet, and it was as though he had become a black hole, swallowing all the dark force around him...

From this, a mysterious force was born, which started to slowly push his cultivation as a dream master towards greater heights, attempting for a breakthrough!