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Chapter 221: Ten Extremes

Chapter 221: Ten Extremes

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Once the Illusionary Divine stage was attained, it would become extremely powerful. The spiritual monkey king, which once struck fear in Fang Yuan's heart, could not even withstand him now.

Regardless, Fang Yuan appeared calm.

In his actualised dream world, he composed himself and waved his hands. "Dream elemental force!!!"


His dream elemental force surged out like waves crashing, engulfing his actualised dream world in a thin layer of bewildering fog.

As the mercury-like dream elemental force was being consumed, the bottom was slowly revealed and everything seemed normal.

"Something's not right!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands, gathering a hint of dream elemental force. As the dream elemental force rose into the air, it glittered in the sunlight.


As he concentrated, the dream elemental force fused in front of him, taking up the shape of a silvery mirror as it slowly expanded.

Following which, on the reflective mirror surface, a dim red hue flashed across like a tiny snake slithering about, bringing with it a sinister feel.

"Damn... the dark force!"

In the real world, Fang Yuan appeared depressed.

He had no more doubt that the dark force aided him in achieving a breakthrough to the Illusionary Divine stage!

"Like the spiritual monkey king, I am affected by the dark force too... This might just be the highest level of being possessed!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth. "I need to find a way to get rid of it! And before that, I should leave the Three World Mountain as soon as possible!"

He did not want to end up like the spiritual monkey king and become a monster.

Although he was still clueless if his breakthrough was by accident or caused by the dark force, he wanted to leave Three World Mountain regardless, and the further the better.

At this point in time.

A purple glow rose from the east as the sun began to rise, pouring its golden rays across the vast mountains.

Fang Yuan could sense that the Illusionary World was already separating from the Three World Mountain.

Under the sunlight, the shadows slowly disappeared, and even the possessed spiritual monkeys started to faint. Black fogs were starting to rise from their heads.

"If not for the fact that this experience was extremely real, I would have mistaken it for a bad nightmare myself!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and returned to the spiritual monkey king's nest.

Many well-built monkeys were lying on the floor and all of them appeared to have suffered heavy injuries. Fortunately, all of them were still alive.

With his current Illusionary Divine power, it would be a snap of his fingers for him to deal with the monkeys if they decide to surround and attack him together. With confidence, he slowly walked into the cavern and began his search for survivors.


A wall of shattered rocks broke open.

Seeing the disfigured corpse of Elder Zhou, Fang Yuan remain speechless.

Till his last breath, this person was still holding on tightly to his scimitar with a ferocious look, like a loyal guard.

"Rest in peace!"

Fang Yuan helped Elder Zhou to close his eyes before looking around. However, he could not locate the Qin siblings.

"Elder Zhou and the few Black Feathers Cavalry are dead... could the Qin siblings have a hope of survival?"

Turning around a corner, he found a pool of blood and a few miscellaneous items and shattered weapons. They seemed to be the belongings of one of the Black Feathers Cavalry.

The reason why these people were willing to die and be sacrificed was to fight for the survival of the Qin siblings.

"Based on where the spiritual monkey king has gone to, the amount of time that passed and the power of the other spiritual monkeys..."

Fang Yuan turned around and walked into the underground cavern.

The thick tree stump appeared destroyed, and the pool of wine within it was now empty. Its roots were now shrivelled and it looked extremely pitiful.

"It's not here?"

Using his magical will to sense the surroundings, Fang Yuan frowned. With the wave of his hands, a spiritual spell appeared. "That's alright... Let's test this spiritual searching spell out!"

This was the power he had after achieving the Illusionary Divine stage!

As long as he had enough dream elemental force, he could reproduce any spiritual spell which he had come across before.

After drawing it out in his actualised dream world, he would be able to actualise it in the real world!

With this ability alone, he would be able to defeat most spiritual knights from the Elemental Opening Realm.


As his spiritual spell exploded, a white flash was seen.

With the wave of his sleeves, two spiritual auras appeared before dissolving in the white flash.

It was important not to let one's guard down!

These two spiritual auras were secretly obtained from the Qin siblings, and he had done so to prevent them from secretly attacking him.

However, from the looks of the situation, it seemed that these two spiritual auras were needed to initiate the spiritual searching spell.


The white flash condensed into a ball of light, which then casually floated. Suddenly, it floated above the empty wine pool, circled it before it stopped moving.


Fang Yuan was surprised. As he leapt into the dry pool, he remained speechless looking at the moist walls and smelling the wine fragrance.

In the middle of the wine pool, the ordinary looking base of the pool felt soft, as though there was a warm body underneath it.

Feeling the base with his right hand, he quickly grabbed on to something before pulling it up.

A bright flash appeared and suddenly, there were two other people underneath; they were the pale-looking Qin siblings.

Their eyes were shut and they were shivering as though they were in a nightmare. Most of their protective talismans were already destroyed and they appeared extremely weak.

"This concealment cloak..."

As Fang Yuan examined the silvery concealment cloak in his hands, his eyes glittered.

The concealment cloak was reflective and it was as though there were waves flowing on it. It appeared mysterious and glittery.

"A treasure that can completely conceal one's spiritual aura? Even my spiritual will can't detect them..."

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself. "Although it is still unable to hide from the spiritual searching spell, it is already impressive enough..."

As he examined the cloth, he slowly kept it without giving a thought. After it was folded, it was only the size of a fist, and as thin as an insect's wings, which made it extremely mysterious.

"However, since I've found you two..."

Looking at the both of them hugging each other tightly, he laughed. "It's your luck!"


In the dream, there were swords slashing around, and the grunting from the monkeys.

It was as though the scene of Elder Zhou's fierce look and the unrelenting Black Feathers Cavalry appeared in front of his eyes.

"Young master... leave!"

The bloodied faces of the 18 Black Feathers Cavalry appeared and approached him.


Qin Yun screamed and opened his eyes.

"This is... water!"

Wiping off the sweat from his face, he looked around at his surroundings. It was a dense forest, and there was a small stream flowing. There was a thin layer of fog as well.

"Brother Yun, since you're awake, get on your feet!"

Following, Qin Yun was kicked. "We'll have to leave Three World Mountain, latest by tonight!"

"It's Master Fang Yuan!"

Qin Yun stood up, looked at his sister and blushed. She was standing up and dripping wet, and her figure could be seen. "Did you save us from the spiritual monkey king's cavern?"

He was still thinking about the scene which they played dead in the wine pool.

It goes without saying that Qin Qing was the one who came up with the idea, hoping to get a chance at survival by playing dead. They were fortunate that Fang Yuan really returned to rescue them, otherwise, both of them would have died inside.

"Mm, it's me. Let's go!"

Looking at both of them shivering, Fang Yuan did not feel any pity for them at all as he commanded them to move.

"Elder Zhou..."

Qin Qing mumbled something subconsciously before remaining silent.

Their loyal servant and 17 other brothers were left dead in the mountains.

"Let's go, brother!"

Qin Qing walked up, held on to her brother's shoulder and displayed maturity and strength that someone her age would not have.

"We'll reach Da Qian Empire soon. Don't you want to take revenge for them?"

"I want to... take revenge!"

Qin Yun clenched his teeth. "I will take over the Qin Family and become a powerful person!"


It was a vast desert plain after the Three World Mountain.

At the horizon, a continuous mountainous vein formed a defensive line, and there was another obstacle for them to go through, which was known as the Ten Extremes!

The Ten Extremes were heavily guarded by the generals of Da Qian Empire, and they would send out patrolling guards to patrol the defensive line. Anyone who would attempt to escape Da Qian would become a fugitive and be given the death sentence!

Of course, if the fugitives had traveled through the desert plains and the Three World Mountain before deciding to come back to Da Qian Empire, they would have to go through the dangers in the Ten Extremes.


As a fire burnt, a snake was being roasted on it and the air was filled with its roasted fragrance.

"It's done!"

Fang Yuan took a piece of snake meat at looked at the Qin siblings. "Since we have reached the border of Da Qian, our agreement has come to an end..."

"We are eternally grateful for Master's aid in protecting us all the way to here!"

Qin Qing took a bow. After dressing up, her actions revealed her beautiful figure, with a hint of seduction.

She was a smart person.

After the death of Elder Zhou and the 18 Black Feathers Cavalry, she could only rely on Fang Yuan now.

Furthermore, it was no small feat for Fang Yuan to be able to bring them out safely from Three World Mountain; he would be considered rather skilled even among those in Da Qian Empire.

"However... it will be hard for us to go through the Ten Extremes!"

Qin Qing took another bow and her face was filled with sincerity. "Master, please bring both of us along through the Ten Extremes! To be honest, we are members of the Qin Family. Brother Yun is the next heir to take control of the family! If you would help us, we would be extremely grateful and will repay your kindness after we've taken control of the family!"

As Fang Yuan heard her offer, he was lost for words.

Most of the time, these would be empty promises. Furthermore, most of the protective treasures and talismans were already used up while they were travelling through the Illusionary World. The only thing they could offer was themselves.

Although Qin Qing was pleading him, she was not extremely desperate to the extent of giving up a city or country for him.


Looking at the Qin siblings, whose faces were illuminated by the fire, he smiled. "Since we've journeyed to this point, shouldn't you introduce me to the Qin Family?"

Fang Yuan did not have any concrete plans for his trip to Da Qian Empire.

Although Qin Family was powerful, it was not the most powerful family. Therefore, it could be a good place for him to stay in Da Qian Empire.

Although he had learnt the Da Qian Language and literature in Yang Fan's dream world and even got appointed as the Eagle Lieutenant, it was considered a long time ago and there would be changes now.

He needed stability to completely integrate into Da Qian Empire.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to start from the Qin Family?