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Chapter 223: Boss Wan

Chapter 223: Boss Wan

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This spiritual spell was extremely powerful and the person who cast it must not be an ordinary spiritual knight.

Furthermore, it was unaffected even after being countered by the blood from Lin Quannan, and the subsequent waves were even more powerful.

All of these traits led Lin Quannan to believe that he was facing a spiritual array!

Only a spiritual array could have such a continuous effect of casting spiritual spells!

"No... It's not right! Although a spiritual array is powerful, it requires a lot of effort in casting it. How would he know that I would be here? Could the enemy be a master predictor?"

As he was lost in his thoughts, the vines danced wildly and were like whips, trapping his beloved horse.

"Get down your horses and gather at where I am!"

Lin Quannan wielded his knife. After a few slices, the vines around him flew about, revealing an empty plot of land.

The remaining guards gathered towards him, but a few unfortunate ones were being blinded by the vines as their shrieked. The vines cut through their skin and sucked their blood dry. In a matter of seconds, they were breathless and had become a dried corpse.


Lin Quannan cut his palm once more, dripping his blood everywhere. With his fellow guards, who were all afraid, his face was flushed. "What a demon! How dare you ambush against government officials! You are dead! No one from the heavens would be able to save you!"

"Chi! Chi!"

As he spoke, countless vines slithered towards him like a bunch of snakes. As they leapt into the circle, they were countered by the blood and sizzled.

"Keke... You are facing your death now and you still dare to be so full of yourself!"

The soft voice travelled once more.

Following, there was a red glow in the depths of the grass plains. The red glow slowly grew and finally, it became a burning inferno!


In the inferno, there were 9 red dragons slithering in mid-air. They were all chasing a bright-red dragon pearl.

A secret spell - Heavenly Fiery Dragons!

Amidst the roaring, the flaming inferno scorched the grass plains, surrounding Lin Quannan and his guards.

"A Double-typed spiritual knight?"

Lin Quannan held his nose and retrieved a token from his waist.

The token was an alloy of bronze and pure gold, and there was an image of an eagle soaring carved on it. On the back of the token, there were small inscriptions.

At this point in time, an array was activated. It was a defensive array and as it was activated, a streak of light shot upwards, and it was shocking to behold.

"Sir, be careful. This is an imperial token. They have already informed the Ten Extremes. We must destroy them before their reinforcements arrive!"

As the Nine Suns Sect Wu Zong witnessed this, he shouted loudly.

He had no idea that Fang Yuan already knew about it.

Seeing a translucent shield breaking his fiery glow, Fang Yuan quickly called for the winds in his actualised dream world. Without hesitation, another green-coloured wind spiritual spell was cast.


In the real world, a tornado was brewing and numerous green dragons appeared. Slowly, they fused together with the fiery dragons, which quickly increased the power and effect of the spiritual spell!

"Even a Triple-typed spiritual knight would not be able to cast such powerful spells in such a short period of time!"

Seeing his protective shield cave inwards as though it was about to give way, Lin Quannan's face was filled with shock. "You're not a spiritual knight... but... dream spells..."


In the next moment, under the clawing of the green dragons, the protective shield crumbled. Smoke and fire filled the entire place.


"I am Han Yangkun of the Nine Suns Sect. Together with me is the young master, Dong Fanglie. We thank you, Sir, for saving our lives!"

After a while, Han Yangkun could finally see his benefactors. They were two men and a lady, and all three of them were covered with a shawl over their faces.

After all, Fang Yuan wanted to enter Da Qian Empire and it would not do him any good to reveal his real appearance. This was especially so since they have gotten themselves involved in a murder case.

Han Yangkun could understand this point and directly bowed towards Fang Yuan, who appeared to be the leader among the three of them.

"You people from the Nine Suns Sect must have a spy among the Ten Extremes in order for all of you to come out safely, right? If you want to show your gratitude, bring him to me!"

Fang Yuan was direct and to the point.

Although the Qin Family had their own connections, the current situation would make their own connections less trustworthy.

"No problem!"

Han Yangkun replied without hesitation. "It is my honour to serve you, Sir! However... how should we deal with him?"

He looked at the burnt place where the fiery dragons struck.

The only thing left was the charred guards. As for Lin Quannan, although he had suffered many burns and was unconscious, he was still breathing. He was indeed a gifted Wu Zong.

Lin Quannan was well-known among the Ten Extremes and was gifted in martial arts. He started at the age of 8 and achieved a breakthrough to Wu Zong at 20. Naturally, with his skills came all the honour and recognition he deserved.

But now, he was just a pile of bloodied mess. A dead talent would be of no use.

No one could predict what would happen next, and everything could come to an end in an instant.

"How do we deal with him? Of course to kill him!"

Fang Yuan smiled coldly, which made Han Yangkun shudder. Although he had already guessed Fang Yuan's intentions, he was still shocked.

"Furthermore, either you or your young master will have to be the one to kill him!"

Fang Yuan laid out another condition. "Since all of you are escaping, are you afraid that the officials from Da Qian Empire would come after you?"

Han Yangkun went pale and looked towards Dong Fanglie.

The young master bit on his lips. He knew that if he were to do it, they would no longer be able to return to Da Qian Empire.

'But if we don't do it, I'm afraid the entire sect will die here! Since he was asking about the way to bypass the Ten Extremes, it's obvious that he wants to secretly make his way back in. He will not be able to give us trouble in the future...'

Thoughts were running wild in Han Yangkun's head, but all he showed was a wide smile. "Sir, you're right... The Three World Mountain is mysterious. It is alright for us lowly beings to enter. The higher the cultivation of a person, the greater the chance to encounter the Illusionary World. This is a natural obstacle. Therefore, what do we have to fear?"

Taking two steps forward, his remaining hand struck down forcefully.


Blood spurted everywhere.

This heavily injured young gifted Wu Zong, the Eagle Lieutenant of Da Qian, had become a subject for testing.

"Very well. You are trustworthy enough!"

As the mysterious spiritual knight chuckled, it was like the murmuring ghosts in the ears of the young master of the Nine Suns Sect.


Although the Ten Extremes were heavily militarised, there were still commoners living there.

In the desert plains, which was between the Three World Mountain and the defensive line of the Ten Extremes, there were a few special resources, like an extremely valuable quarry and a few species of special and unique medicinal herbs.

This was why the commoners of the Ten Extremes or even the businessmen and soldiers were reliant on these resources for their survival, forming a perfect model for business to thrive.

Of course, as these resources were being transported, there would be smugglers.

For instance, by paying lower taxes, they would profit more. There were many who would risk their lives for elemental crystals.

Han Yangkun had presented to Fang Yuan a way of communication between the smugglers.

At the mysterious point where three rivers met, Qin Qing lit up some smoke. After a long while, they could see around 10 horses galloping their way towards them.

Although they were nowhere as well-equipped as the guards from Da Qian, they were all still well-built and had murderous vibes, as though killing was their second nature.

"Where is Han Yangkun? Why is he not dead yet?"

The cavalries in front gave way, revealing an old man dressed in tattered clothing. He was extremely skinny and his eyes were darting around like a mouse.

"Boss Wan!"

Fang Yuan walked out from the shadows and waved his hands.

All the riders were 4 Heavenly Gate martial artists. However, the most crucial point was that Boss Wan, although unappealing, was a spiritual knight!

Without such a strong backing, how would these cavalries dare to travel thus far to trade?

"You are..."

Boss Wan had a suspicious look in his eyes.

From Fang Yuan, he could sense danger. It was a secret spiritual knight technique of his own, of which he had used multiple times to escape from danger. There was no way he could be wrong about Fang Yuan.

"That's not important. The most important is the fact that you are a businessman of integrity, and that you would recognise this, right?"

Fang Yuan laughed and threw out a black dagger blade.

"You are indeed the person that Elder Han recommended!"

Boss Wan took out a dagger's handle and pieced it together with the blade. It was a perfect match, and he nodded his head. "The few of you, are you all looking for a way in?"

"That's right! Please assist us, Boss Wan!"

Fang Yuan clapped his hands and Qin Yun brought a large sack over to Boss Wan.

"Elemental crystals? These are low-quality ones!"

Boss Wan nodded his head and one of the riders went forward to take a look at the contents of the sack.

"A thousand elemental crystals for each person! I'm sure the price is still the same, right?"

Fang Yuan enquired directly.

"Of course not..."

Boss Wan rolled his eyes about as his mind went through a list of fugitives who had just escaped Da Qian. Slowly, he shook his head. He could not think of any fugitives who would want to risk their lives by entering Da Qian from the desert plains.

No one in Da Qian knew about the issue in Qin Family yet, and no outside would be able to see their motives.

Needless to say, there were no records of Fang Yuan in Da Qian.

"I have something to clarify!"

Boss Wan smiled. "I have a path which links into Da Qian, and this path is able to bring you into the Ten Extremes. However, those without an identity imprint will not be allowed to enter the final gate into Da Qian. Spiritual talismans are used to ensure security over there. Previously, Elder Han could go through the gate smoothly as he was escaping Da Qian, but it is different for the three of you..."

"Identity imprint? Can we take a look at it?"

Fang Yuan thought for a while before asking.

"Of course!"

Boss Wan nodded his head, and the previous rider came forward and revealed his left arm.

On his arm, there was a tattoo-like imprint. It was engraved deep into his arm and into his veins, and on it, there was a little spiritual glow.

"It is a miniature spiritual array and is bound to our circulatory system, which makes it non-transferrable!'

Fang Yuan nodded his head and exclaimed. "We just want to enter the Ten Extremes. Please show us the way, Boss Wan!"

"No problem!"

Elder Wan nodded his head in confusion.

The guards of the Ten Extremes had the equipment to check for the identity imprints. If they did not have it, they would be labelled as fugitives and would be killed.

Why would these three people dare to enter? Were they thinking of hiding inside the Ten Extremes? This would be impossible! Could they have people in the Ten Extremes waiting for them?

After a series of exchanges, Boss Wan felt that the three of them were extremely mysterious.