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Chapter 224: Passing Through the Gates

Chapter 224: Passing Through the Gates

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Along the streets in the Ten Extremes, there was the vibe of Da Qian empire everywhere, ranging from the architecture to the clothing. The Qin Siblings stared into space and felt as though everything was a dream

Although it was pricey to engage Boss Wan's services, it was worth it. He managed to bring them around the most dangerous parts of the Ten Extremes and successfully brought them into the Ten Extremes.

Of course, as soon as they arrived at a safe location, Boss Wan immediately left the three of them alone. It was obvious that he did not want to be associated with the three of them, as they had no identity imprints.

"This is Da Qian?"

Fang Yuan took a deep breath.

Although he had once experienced life in Da Qian Empire through Yang Fan's dream world, it was still a different feeling to personally be here.

"Let's find a place to stay for the night before planning ahead!"

With his spiritual will, he could detect that danger was lurking everywhere in the city. There were guards patrolling at every moment, along the streets with lowly-built buildings.

"We'll listen to you, Sir!"

The Qin Siblings knew that they were still not yet out of danger and therefore agreed without hesitation.

An hour later, they were in a restaurant.

And the ground floor, it was bustling and the entire place was filled with the fragrance of wine and meat, making them salivate.

It was hard to find a hostel within the Ten Extremes. After a long while, the Qin Siblings found a restaurant which offered lodging. As for the lodging? They had to show their identity imprints!

"It's not too bad now. During night time, the Ten Extremes would undergo a lockdown and the guards would increase the frequency of their patrols. If you have an identity imprint, you would be warned on your first offence, fined on your second and made a slave on your third offence! For those without identity imprints like us, we would be killed on sight!"

Qin Qing had a worried look on her face. Although there was a sumptuous meal on the table, she had no appetite.

"To us, although we have already passed through the most dangerous borders of the Ten Extremes, there are still a few gates to pass through if we want to reach Da Qian, and all of these gates would require us to show our identity imprints..."

Qin Yun was worried. "Should we inform those in our family that are on our side? Judging by our influence, we should be able to make a few fake identities, right?"

"That is not possible!"

Qin Qing shook her head in disagreement. "We cannot let any outsiders know that we have left Da Qian!"

If the first lady in their family, Lady Xu, were to find out that they had escaped the empire, she would insist that they were fugitives and they would no longer have the hope of taking over the family.

"Identity imprints? I have them!"

Fang Yuan reached into his robes, but in reality, in his actualised dream world, three identity imprints appeared.

'How is this possible... How did you get them?"

Qin Qing's eyes glittered.

"Don't worry about how I got them. You only need to know that it is likely to pass through the most basic equipment when checked..."

As for the more sophisticated methods of checking the authenticity of the imprints, for instance, a check by spiritual array masters, Fang Yuan knew that these toys wouldn't be able to deceive their way through.

"These two identity imprints do not have owners. In order to activate the spiritual array on it, it will require your spiritual auras!"

Fang Yuan reached his hand out.


As the energy flowed in, Qin Yun felt as though he had lost something as he looked in confusion.

As he received his own identity imprint, he could see the miniature spiritual array being activated on it as it revealed a spiritual glow.

"Very good! It seems that it's working!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. Looking out to the streets, he could see a group of guards approaching.

"Go and test the effectiveness of this identity imprint!"

He bit his lips and ordered Qin Yun in a strict tone.


Qin Yun turned pale in shock.

He knew that this was a fake and the act of challenging the guards with a fake identity imprint gave him the chills. After all, he was still a young boy.

"If we must test it out, then I will..."

Qin Qing bit her lips and stood up.


Fang Yuan stopped her with his palm and looked at Qin Yun. "You do know that you are back here to take control of your family, right? If you are unwilling to take such a small risk, how would I be able to trust you and depend on your family?"

Qin Yun gritted his teeth. Suddenly, he thought of Elder Zhou and the 18 Black Feathers Cavalry and promptly stood up. "I'll go!"

'Indeed, it is easy to control this young lad!'

Fang Yuan smiled and nodded his head. Slowly, he glanced and Qin Qing. "I'll have to control this girl..."


"Hold up, what are you doing?"

Needless to say, Qin Yun was not prepared for this. He did not do anything but only gave a suspicious look as he stood on the streets, which attracted the attention of a guard.

A group of guards came over and examined him. "You don't look like you're from here..."

"Cough cough... I am... I am..."

Qin Yun was too nervous to say anything. Facing a large group of guards, he was intimidated and started to stutter.

"Haha... Look at this foolish boy. He looks so well-to-do, but he is just an uneducated bloke!"

The leader among them started to laugh but gave off a suspicious feeling. With the wave of his hand, a guard took out a bronze mirror and aimed it at Qin Yun.

"Weng! Weng!"

A yellow glow was emitted from the mirror and landed on Qin Yun.

Qin Yun shuddered and felt that his breathing had stopped. His limbs were paralysed and he was unable to move a muscle.

On his shoulder where the identity imprint was, a sound was heard.

"Weng! Weng!"

The bronze mirror glittered and finally turned into a hue of green.

"There's no problem with his identity imprint. He should be a businessman from elsewhere who came here to trade. Hehe... Boy, the Ten Extremes is very dangerous. It's not a place for people like you!"

The leader of the guards revealed his yellow teeth and gently patted Qin Yun's cheek with the blade of his knife. Casually, he continued asking. "What's your identity number?

"Woooo! Woooo!"

At this point in time, a bugle was heard across the entire Ten Extremes.

"Tata! Tata!"

A group of cavalries galloped past the gate and along the streets.

"Riding a horse along the streets? What has happened that could be so serious?"

As the leader's expression changed, he diverted his attention away from the cowardly Qin Yun and gave his order. "Retreat, back to base! I'm afraid something big has happened!"


Looking at his silhouette from behind, Qin Yun finally came to his sense and started to breathe heavily.

"Not bad!"

Fang Yuan approached him at encouraged him with a calm voice.

"Since you managed to fool them, we can now try to go through the gate... Let's not waste time and be on our way now!"


Qin Qing walked at the back. As she turned around, she could still see the chaos in the entire Ten Extremes and felt a little confused. 'Could it be... They have found out what happened in the desert plains?'


Fang Yuan and company made it through the gate.

The fire was still burning and a few square miles of the desert was charred.

Hundred of cavalries remained silent as they formed a circle.

"It's here! Officer Lin's last hint of spiritual aura was here!"

A soldier dressed in white exclaimed as he searched the area with a spiritual light.

"How would they dare to kill an officer of the Ten Extremes! When did the people of Nine Suns Sect have this ability?"

From the side, a general in black armour stood out.

He was tall, had eyes like a monkey and sideburns like a tiger. His face was squarish and he had large ears. With every step of his, it felt as though there was a mini earthquake.


As the black-armoured general approached the center, he clenched his fist and punched the ground.

Soil and mud flew everywhere and everything that was left was a huge hole with the smell of a rotting corpse.

Fang Yuan was not that helpful and made sure that the Nine Suns Sect were the ones who would be responsible for his own doing.

All of their efforts to conceal the corpse were futile and it was discovered.


Within the hole, a few shattered pieces of stone started to gather together under the influence of an invisible force and finally landed in the black-armoured general's hands, forming the shape of a bronze token.

"Lin Quannan's token is here. It seems like he has met with an unfortunate event..."

The general closed his eyes. "What a strong spiritual spell! Its foundations are wood-type and it is further complemented by wind and fire-types! When did the Nine Suns Sect have such a strong alliance?"


At this point in time, following the arrival of an eagle, a soldier knelt on one knee and reported loudly. "We have news that Nine Suns Sect have already traversed through the desert and have entered Three World Mountain. Should we continue to chase them?"

"There's no need to!"

The black-armoured general waved his hands. "Do you want to relived what they have experienced?"

The Illusionary World was too mysterious, and there were instances of even spiritual knights in the Elemental Opening Realm dying there! Even the Ten Extremes would not be willing to risk, and from that day onwards, the Three World Mountain became a forbidden ground.

"Something feels... out of place!"

As the soldier in the white feather robe bent over, his face was filled with curiosity. "Although all signs point to the Nine Suns Sect as the culprit, these soldiers did not die at the hands of the Nine Suns Sect..."

"Could it be..."

The black-armoured general froze before slowly dusting his hands. "It is the bad luck of Officer Lin to have encountered a highly skilled person. This person could have come from the desert beyond the Three World Mountain! This is not good!"

His eyes glittered. Suddenly, he leapt onto his horse. "Immediately inform the city to keep their guards up. A fugitive might be making his way back to Da Qian!"

"And also, order all the cavalries to patrol the smaller routes!"

It was evident that this black-armoured general had enough experience. As he passed down his orders, he slowly set up a giant net to capture the fugitives.

Little did he know that Fang Yuan and company had already left the Ten Extremes and even bypassed the final gate. They had already entered Da Qian Empire!

Sand Region.

This was one of the regions among the 99 in Da Qian Empire and was situated at the North-west of the empire. The people here were brute. The region consisted of 6 counties, and Dongyi County was one of them.

In the county, there were many people. Within a sedan, the Qin Siblings looked out with tears welling up in their eyes.

"Finally... we're back!"

Qin Qing clenched her teeth as her eyes were filled with tears. "I will... take my revenge!"