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Chapter 227: Meng Lian

Chapter 227: Meng Lian

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It was nightfall.

Fang Yuan dressed in black and snuck into Qin Family's mansion.

As the most powerful family in Dongyi County, the defence of the Qin Family's mansion was rather strong. In fact, they even had a protective array over their mansion. It was rumoured that the array was part of Heaven's Five Element Array and even spiritual knights in the Elemental Opening Realm would be trapped for a moment.

Unfortunately for them, they could guard against outsiders but not their own people.

Although this miniature Heaven's Five Element Array was not cast by Elder Xu, the Qin Family and once invited him to repair and maintain the array.

And for unknown reasons, Elder Xu had left a loophole in the array and had remembered it in his mind.

Therefore, the capture of the Xu Family had benefited Fang Yuan.

"Who would guess that the Qin Family would have something like this..."

After entering the Qin Family, the thing which Fang Yuan feared most was the danger that he could sense from the main hall.

"Not lone people, but a whole group of them! Are these their private soldiers?"

Every heir would have control over 500 of these soldiers.

From the looks of it, these private soldiers were not normal troops, but spiritual troops! Dao troops! If combined into a military formation, it could be comparable to a spiritual knight in the Elemental Opening Realm!

"Needless to say, these type of families would pass down secret techniques. As long as one of them would be chosen to be the heir, they would sacrifice everything that they have got to train a newbie into a Wu Zong or spiritual knight!"

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and felt a little fearful.

In Da Qian Empire, every family in every county would have such strong foundations and resources.

Even when Lady Xu wanted to take over Qin Family, she had to do it subtly, for even she herself had to fear the power in the family.

"No wonder they had to compare the purity of their blood..."

Fang Yuan looked at the patriarchal hall and turned around.

His target was not the people of high status in the family.

The First Lady's of the Qin Family.

Outside a luxurious hall, the atmosphere was sorrowful and there were crying sounds heard.

As soon as they had received the bad news, Lady Xu had collapsed and then everyone was on their toes.

Fang Yuan's motive for coming here was not to console her, but to kill her!

"I myself am enough to plot against the Qin Family!"

He gracefully leapt into the garden in the backyard of the mansion and revealed a mysterious look. "No matter what this Lady Xu had planned, as long as she is dead, who would be against Qin Yun in becoming the heir?"

"Bewildering fog!"

Although there were a few strong spiritual auras around the Qin Family mansion, Fang Yuan did not care less. With big steps, he walked into the mansion as his bewildering fog spread.


Within the room, the sound of porcelain cups breaking was distinct.

"My Lady! I can give up my life, but you must take care of your body!"

Xu Fu looked at the spiritual medicine which was spilt all over the floor and was expressionless. Blood trickled down his head but he did not flinch a single bit as he exclaimed.


The gentle voice of Lady Xu was heard, as she choked on her own words. "My poor Grandmaster, as well as my father and brothers..."

She had already cried her fair share. Wiping her tears, she revealed a look of determination. "Do you know who is the killer?"

"We have no idea. It should be someone they encountered on the way, and that person is at the Meridian Opening Stage!"

Outsiders would have no idea, but how would the both of them no know?

A spiritual array master with the protection of a hidden Wu Zong! For an ambush to be successful, the person had to at least be of Meridian Opening Stage, or must have had help from other spiritual knights!

"The Qin Siblings!"

Lady Xu remarked with hatred.

She had always been an amiable person and would not have stepped on the toes of others. It was rather obvious if she carefully thought of the people who would be against the Xu Family.

Although it was unbelievable, it had to be the truth!

"Who would've thought that those two bast*rds would be able to turn things around and get such a strong reinforcement!"

Lady Xu continued angrily. "Tomorrow, I will look for Old Master and the few elders! I'll let them make the decision!"

After the downfall of Xu Family, this women knew who she had to rely on!

After all, she was the eldest daughter-in-law of the Qin Family. As long as she made herself look pitiful in front of the few elders to make them angry, she would be able to convince the Qin Family to send people out to take down the mysterious highly skilled person.

After all, she had spent quite a lot of effort in trying to appease the few elders for the past 10 years.

Even if the Qin Siblings were to return, she had confidence that it would still go her way!

"Not bad! Not bad indeed!"

As the door opened, Fang Yuan walked in.

As the bewildering fog dissipated, the servants and housekeepers fell, unconscious.

"Who's there?"

Xu Fu stood up, all tensed up.

"The one who is here to kill you!"

With a casual palm, his spiritual meridian slithered around. All Xu Fu could feel was an immense pressure on his chest.

As he shrieked, blood started to flow from his mouth and nose, and the bones in his body shattered into a million pieces. However, there was not too much sound and he fell down like a snake without bones.

"Cough cough..."

On the bed, an old Lady Xu coughed a few times as soon as she saw Fang Yuan.

"Wu Zong at the level of Meridian Opening Stage.... and this spiritual technique..."

Her eyes were quickly filled with hatred. "Did you ambush the Xu Family carriage?"

"That's right! Not just that, but I am going to kill you tonight as well!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and admitted to his doings.

"What did the Qin Siblings offer you?"

Lady Xu asked, her voice filled with hatred.

"You don't have to know this, because... you are already a dead person!"

Fang Yuan slowly walked towards her and raised his right hand.

"You... cough cough... cough cough..."

As Lady Xu coughed continuously, her chest turned red and the hatred in her eyes slowly increased in intensity.

As Fang Yuan's finger was about to reach Lady Xu's forehead, he suddenly stopped and looked towards the door. "It's you!"

"It's me! Hehe….. We have affinity! Who would've thought that we would meet again today!"

At the side of the room, a servant who was unconscious suddenly stood up and laughed.

Previously, the servant looked decent but was not the most beautiful.

However, now, no one would be able to associate her with the servant which she disguised as.

In Fang Yuan's eyes, suddenly, a pretty lady appeared.

Her eyes were beautiful and she had a solemn look. It was as though she had descended from the heavens and gave off the feeling like a lotus flower blooming in the mud.

Even Lady Xu would feel ashamed when compared to her.

"It's you, lady!"

Fang Yuan could recognise that this lady was the dream master which he had met that day.

To be unaffected by the bewildering fog, she must have gone through a dream master's training. However, it was exceptional that she could deceive Fang Yuan and camouflage among the servants.

"I still do not know your name!"

Seeing an actual dream master from Da Qian Empire, Fang Yuan felt excited.

"I am Meng Lian!"

Meng Lian bit her lips. "What about you?"

Although there was danger everywhere in the Qin Family's mansion, the lady appeared calm as though she was the owner of the mansion.

"I am Fang Yuan! Meng Lian, are you here for Lady Xu? If that is so, I'll gladly give her to you!"

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders.

To him, it was not the most important priority for him to take over Qin Family.

Since this lady was a dream master, she must have had a master. She could have strong backing, and it was unwise to make enemies.

"... Lady, save me!"

It was as though Lady Xu was holding on to her lifeline. Climbing down from the bed, she tugged at Meng Lian's dress. "Lady, if you save me, I will reward you with everything that I have and I will obey your every order..."


Suddenly, she appeared helpless and fell to the ground.

"Hehe... This is just a mission. How can it be compared to you, young master?"

Meng Lian smiled cunningly. "Let this woman be my gift to you, how does that sound?"

Fang Yuan continued smiling but was shocked inside.

Although Meng Lian was talking to him cheerfully, her actions reflected how lightly she would take a human life.

Or in other words, in her eyes, only dream masters were 'human' like her!

'Such confidence...'

Fang Yuan sighed in his mind.

A dream master in the Illusionary Divine stage was indeed powerful.

At higher stages, these dream masters would be able to make objects or even an entire heritage of humans.

Needless to say, there would be many paths of Illusionary Divine Stage and every path was extremely strong, to the point that these dream masters would rarely have any friends.

With all these powers, it was only natural for them to feel confident.

To see oneself as a god and creator, it would only be normal to see normal humans as ants.

Even a lady like this had such a power. What would be the power of all the evil dream masters in the entire Da Qian Empire?

After thinking to himself, Fang Yuan asked directly. "You must have a request since you are offering a gift! What would you need to help you with?"

"Great! Master Fang, you're straight to the point!"

Meng Lian revealed a joyful look. "You look unfamiliar and must be a new dream master. Have you joined the 'Dream Realm'?"

"Dream Realm?"

Fang Yuan's heart skipped a beat, but his expression remained unchanged. "Nope!"

"Would you allow me to bring you then... to be honest, I would contribute much more by bringing a new member back compared to these small missions!"

Meng Lian was jubilant as she exclaimed.

Both of them were dream masters and could feel each other's intent. After a while, they became more direct.


Fang Yuan asked, curious.

"Have you not heard of dream realm? Oh my, have your master not told you anything about it?"

This time, it was Meng Lian who covered her mouth in disbelief.

"This... To be honest, I was fortunate enough to encounter a dream master's inheritance, that's all!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose. He was speaking the truth, but he did not reveal where the inheritance was. Therefore, this was not considered lying and Meng Lian would not be able to see though Fang Yuan.