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Chapter 228: Dream Realm

Chapter 228: Dream Realm

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"Ah, I see!"

Meng Lian examined Fang Yuan as her eyes glittered. "What a gifted person to be able to find your own way to become a dream master!"


Fang Yuan's expression did not change, but inside, he was laughing.

Even though Meng Lian was a dream master like himself, she should be stuck at the dream-building stage, comparable to a spiritual knight at the peak of elemental gathering realm. Since she had not achieved a breakthrough to the elemental opening realm, she was unaware of her own hidden potential.

After realising this, his interest towards Meng Lian and the Dream Realm grew.

"Who's that?"

"What audacity! How dare you trespass the Qin Family's mansion!"

With such a huge commotion in the room and the fact that both Fang Yuan and Meng Lian did not bother to hide, they were quickly discovered.

He could detect the fury in all of them.

As they found out the death of Lady Xu, they were even more infuriated.


Around the patriarchal hall, people started to appear. They were well-built and started to surround them. All of them were clad in armour, and they were wielding bows with spiritual inscriptions on them.

It was illegal in Da Qian Empire to own more than three pieces of armour for each family, except for officials and those under special circumstances. Otherwise, they would be treated as rebels!

As for the bows with spiritual inscriptions, needless to say, it was the death sentence to just own one of them!

However, with the power and influence of the Qin Family, they could have a 500-soldier strong private army, which made everything they did seem legal.

"What an array!"


As their shadows flashed, Fang Yuan and Meng Lian leapt onto the roof as they witnessed the scene in silence.

"All these soldiers have cultivated a special technique for them to fuse their inner force together. Furthermore, this formation seems to have its uniqueness..."

Seeing the soldiers forming up in their array and detecting their spiritual auras, Fang Yuan complimented them, as all of them complemented the formation perfectly.

"This is the Qin Family's 'Fiery Feathers Array'! These 500-odd soldiers have the blood of the Qin Family too! Using the array's power, they might even be able to summon the rumoured Fiery Bird's incarnation!"

Meng Lian rolled her eyes at Fang Yuan before explaining.

"Who's that? Who dares to come to my family to kill?"

A thunderous roar was heard and a few extremely strong spiritual auras were detected approaching the room. A few old people with white hair appeared. They were the elders of the Qin Family.

The elder in front turned red like a burning volcano.

"It's me!"

Meng Lian chuckled. "I don't like her, therefore I killed her. What can you do about it?"


The few elders of the Qin Family were enraged, but the elder in front remained calm. Looking at Meng Lian, he was rather confused. "You are..."

"Good foresight, old man!"

Meng Lian smiled and took out a token.

Fang Yuan took a quick glance at the token. It seemed to be made of both gold and jade and there were wooden carvings on it. In the middle, there was a blooming white lotus.

"You are a... Divine Lady!!!"

The elder heaved a huge sigh and the rest of them changed their expressions.

"So... Do you want to capture me?"

Meng Lian smiled innocently and walked out of the mansion.

All of the elders of the Qin Family clenched their teeth. Even though they were all powerful and had spiritual troops and spiritual arrays to help them, they did not dare to lay a single finger on her. They could only look at her take her leave, but none of them knew the significance of the white lotus and how it managed to strike fear in all of them.

With all that she had done, Fang Yuan remained silent and followed behind Meng Lian, feeling proud of what she had done.


"Is she really... that Divine Lady?"

Only when Meng Lian and Fang Yuan were out of sight did an elder enquired, his voice full of fear.

"If it's not her, then who would it be?"

The master elder smiled sheepishly. "Although we are the strongest family in Dongyi County, we are nothing compared to that. Why would that Divine Lady find trouble with the First Wife?"

After a long silence, everyone began to think about the fight for the heir.

However, even the master elder, who was closest to Lady Xu, had nothing to say.

"Eh... Since the death of Qin Jie and Qin Fengyu, the Qin Family had been a mess..."

The master elder sighed loudly. "We should quickly decide on the next family head to stabilise the Qin Family. Otherwise, if we always have to come out to settle disputes, we would die earlier... Where is our grandson Qin Yun?"

He had no other intentions as he spoke, but the few other elders already knew his plans.

'He... should be able to arrive before the ceremony!'

One of the elders was pleased. Finally, his efforts had not gone to waste, and he was beginning to reap the rewards.

'However... Is a dream master really that powerful, to the extent that a simple thought from them would be able to change brother's intentions?'

The other elders were skeptical. "... could it be to push him to become family head so that they can scrutinise him?"

The Qin Siblings were the ones most suspicious to be responsible for everything that happened today.

By supporting Qin Yun to become the family head, they would establish good relations with him and can also test him out. If Fang Yuan were to find out about their thoughts, he would die of laughter...


"Where is the Dream Realm?"

Fang Yuan followed Meng Lian as they arrived at the outskirts of Dongyi County. He had a confused look on his face.

"What is the impression of the Dream Realm in your mind, Fang Yuan? What is our world?"

Looking at the surroundings, it was a piece of wilderness with no life in sight. Meng Lian suddenly asked Fang Yuan.

"The reality is an illusion, and illusionary things are real! Our dream worlds are like a bubble that can be destroyed and rebuilt in an instant. This is also true for your world..."

Fang Yuan replied in a serious tone.

"Why would you have such a deep impression of dream worlds and our world?"

Meng Lian felt a little suspicious and continued explaining. "Where do you think... the Dream Realm would be? Of course, in our dreams!"

"Dreams? Entering the dream of another dream master?"

Fang Yuan suddenly felt inspired.

"That's right! By dream-accessing, every dream master would be brought to a common dream world, the Dream Realm. The Dream Realm is a large-scale public trading place!"

From Meng Lian's description, Fang Yuan's expression changed. "Dream masters from all over the world can connect together in an instant through dream accessing and even do trading... It's unbelievable!"

In his past life, this would be known as the internet which connects the world. However, dream masters were able to actualise it out and even use it for trading purposes.

'All dream masters would specialise in different professions, but all of them can come together in the Dream Realm...'

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered; he could not wait to experience it for himself.

"Master, have you finally realised that I am not out to harm you?"

Meng Lian smiled cheekily.

"What is this Dream Realm built on?"

As he frowned, he thought of a question.

"Have you heard of a wild animal called 'Kun'?"


Thinking about it, Fang Yuan exclaimed. "Is it the one in the legends? The thousand-year-long dream of the beast which is illusionary? The one that normal people are unaware of?"

"That's right! This wild animal 'Kun' is a mutant. Our ancestors, the dream masters in Da Qian, have put in a lot of effort to catch one of it, keeping it in captivity and using it as the foundation of the dream world!"

Meng Lian took out a glittering scale the size of a palm. "This object has the spiritual aura of the Kun. As long as you are a dream master, you can use your dream-accessing technique to enter that dream world!"

"Many thanks!"

Fang Yuan received the scale over. Indeed, he could feel an illusionary spiritual aura from it.

"Let's go... Since this is your first time, I will have to verify your identity. Once you have been there before, you would not need this piece of scale and can access the dream world anytime and anywhere!"

Meng Lian brought him to a cave in the mountains, hugged her knees and fell asleep next to a piece of green rock. She had entered her dream.

"Dream accessing!"

Scanning the surroundings to ensure that it was safe, Fang Yuan closed his eyes as well.

Of course, he would still guard against this lady.

However, ever since he had achieved a breakthrough to Illusionary Divine Stage, his magic proficiency points gained an exponential increase, which led to a new technique. This new technique allowed him to keep a tinge of consciousness in his body even after dream accessing. Therefore, if there was any danger, he could immediately wake up.

Since Meng Lian invited him, he would not decline and therefore executed his dream-accessing technique as well.

'Roar roar!'

As he traced the spiritual aura on the scale, his consciousness rosed and he could see a river of colourful bubbles.

Suddenly, a loud roar was heard and the bubbles burst.

As he focused, he drove away all the fog, revealing a big animal.

It was the size of an island and was sky-green in colour. Its body was covered in scales and had 8 legs, 6 eyes, 4 ears, and its limbs resembled a spider. It was flat on its back and felt mysterious and unnatural at the same time.

"The ancient wild animal - Kun!"

Fang Yuan focused.

He realised that although the gigantic animal's spiritual aura was scary, it was like a pool of still water and had no intention of fighting. It was covered in seals all around its body, and there was a dream world within it.

Although the dream world was huge, it was easy to infiltrate. Any dream master would be able to enter it at will.

'Indeed a public place!'

At the side, a few streaks of light broke the surface of the dream world and penetrated through. Seeing this, Fang Yuan began to rush straight into the dream world without any more hesitation.


At the corner of the street, a shadow flashed by and Fang Yuan's body appeared.

"You're here?"

At the side, Meng Lian's voice was heard. "I have been waiting for quite a while..."

Turning around, Fang Yuan could see Meng Lian smiling cheekily there. He was shocked. "How can your body be so real..."

Half of her body was covered in a layer of fog, and in the fog, there were white lotuses blooming. Everything was fleeting.

Fang Yuan was stunned. Quickly, a thin layer of white fog appeared around him too.

"You learn fast!"

Meng Lian praised him. "Firstly, welcome to the Dream Realm. As a new member, you are entitled to an identity inscription plate. You will have to use it to accept missions and rewards!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head, and a jade inscription plate appeared in front of him.

"It's done!"

Meng Lian clapped her hands and smiled. "The mission to bring in a new member is complete! Realm Spirit, my reward!"


On her hands appeared a jade inscription plate which was similar to Fang Yuan's. However, there were a few golden words written on it, which made it look mysterious.