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Chapter 229: Explore

Chapter 229: Explore

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"What is the Realm Spirit?"

"It used to be the consciousness of the Kun, but it has since been altered by dream masters to become the manager of the Dream Realm. It is neutral!"

Meng Lian cheekily answered. It was evident that she was happy as she had just given a huge contribution.

'Semi-automated manager?'

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. "What kind of world is this?'

"Contribution points are the currency of the Dream Realm. You can use it to buy stuff, techniques, information or even hire highly-skilled dream masters to help you do stuff. Every contribution point is hard-earned. Therefore, you must value it as much as how you value your own eyes!"

Meng Lian reminded him.

"Thank you for the reminder!"

Fang Yuan held his fists together.

"At the end of this street is the marketplace for missions. All dream masters would put up missions that they need help with and you can take a look there."

"Also, in the Dream Realm, the powerful would set up their own bases and have a certain amount of authority. You are a clever man and surely would know the consequence of angering them, right?"

Meng Lian blinked. "Although the Dream Realm is a peaceful place, Da Qian is not. If you do not want to be taken advantage of as a newcomer, it is best to work with someone powerful... The organisation I am working for is quite influential. If you are considering, please remember to tell me."

"Of course!"

Fang Yuan smiled. He could feel that other than the contribution points that she could earn, this was the true purpose of Meng Lian bringing him here.

Getting new blood for the organisation was important. Needless to say, he was rather skilled as a dream master.

Furthermore, an identity token from her was already enough to strike fear in the Qin Family. Therefore, he could deduce the influence of the dream master she was working for.

Of course, Fang Yuan did not want to get himself into trouble and therefore casually replied her. He even rejected Meng Lian's invitation and continued his way on the streets.

'This person...'

Looking at Fang Yuan's disappearing silhouette, her eyes glittered. 'He is very wary of me, but this is normal. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to survive till now... My
is supposed to affect his mind, but it had no effect on him! He is not a normal person, and it is such a pity that the Dream Realm forbids us to use dream spells here. Otherwise, I would try planting a lotus print on him!'

"Great technique!"

Along the streets, Fang Yuan could see only a few people, but he did not let his guard down.

Everyone here was a worthy dream master. Looking at the numbers, all the dream masters of Da Qian should be here.

Thinking about Meng Lian's actions, Fang Yuan shuddered.

'That temptation and influence from her was not the simple bewildering spell anymore. It was from her passion and her nature. It is different from the evil spells and therefore I will be unable to guard against it! That lady has an ulterior motive!'

'Although the Dream Realm is great, I would not be so foolish as to be tempted by it and stay here...'

As he smiled, he chose to leave.


A white fog exploded and a full-grown man suddenly disappeared from the streets. However, the surrounding dream masters were not shocked by it as though they were already used to such occurrences.


In the real world.

As the water from the stream trickled outside, the surroundings were peaceful. Next to a green rock, a beautiful lady was hugging her knees and her eyes were closed. It was as though she had just fallen asleep.

"Wow! It seems like the time flow in the Dream Realm and the real world is roughly the same! It seems like not much time has passed..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head and smiled as he looked at Meng Lian, who was still in the Dream Realm.

As a Wu Zong, his spiritual aura was stronger and therefore, he would be more responsive and could awaken faster.

However, the fact that she dared to sleep out in the open meant that she must have some sort of protection in the form of magical equipment.


As his ears twitched, Fang Yuan could detect the sound of wind.

It seemed like a few highly skilled martial artists were on their way here.

'Forget it...'

He gave a mysterious look as he looked at Meng Lian. 'Although you had other motives, you did introduce me to the Dream Realm. I'll let you off this time!'


Three spiritual meridians appeared on his body, forming a spiritual armour.

The few martial artists immediately knew that they were being discovered. From then, they came out of hiding and rushed towards the cave using their elemental force.

Fang Yuan could detect that the person in front was Meng Lian's coachman the other day.

Based on his current abilities, it was possible for Fang Yuan to capture all of them. However, Meng Lian might have a treasure on her from a powerful dream master and therefore, it was not worth it to risk offending the powerful dream master.

With that, Fang Yuan sighed and tapped his feet lightly on the ground. Quickly, he leapt onto a tree branch and soon disappeared.


As the few Wu Zongs arrived at the river, they all heaved a sigh a relief seeing that Meng Lian was unharmed. Quickly, they guarded the surroundings.

After a while, Meng Lian's eyebrows twitched as she opened her eyes. "Where is he?"

"We are useless. He has gotten away!"

The person in front knelt down and asked for forgiveness.

"The few of you together can defeat a Wu Zong in the Meridian Opening Stage! How could you let him get away? And it's remarkable how he can recover from the dream world so quickly..."

Meng Lian blinked her eyes. "Indeed, talents come from everywhere!"

She did not think about the fact that if she did not harbour evil thoughts against Fang Yuan, he might not have been so alert.

"That person is highly skilled in martial arts and is in the Meridian Opening Stage. Please be careful, Divine Lady!"

As her subordinate reported, Meng Lian's expression changed.

"Got it... Fang Yuan, hmm?"

Looking in the direction which Fang Yuan left in, her eyes were filled with curiosity.

How could someone reach such a cultivation level in both martial arts and spiritual knight cultivation?

Who is this Fang Yuan?


On the 15th day, the Qin Family gathering was held.

As the Qin Siblings appeared, they were welcomed. Qin Yun was unanimously recommended to be the heir and the next family head and everything went smoothly like it was a dream.

As for the First Wife Lady Xu, news spread that she had died of illness. Of course, the Qin Siblings knew the real cause of her death and from then on, they had more respect and fear for Fang Yuan.

"The seeds have finally germinated. Next would be to wait for them to mature for harvest!"

Fang Yuan was constantly monitoring the movement of the Qin Family from the shadows.

Once Qin Yun took over as family head, he no longer appeared and seemed to have left.

"Alright, now is the time to explore the Dream Realm!"

In an underground cave, Fang Yuan appeared solemn. Shutting his eyes, he commenced his dream accessing technique.

Countless dream worlds appeared and were represented by bubbles. Suddenly, all of them exploded.

A familiar spiritual aura was felt, and he walked straight into it without reservations.

The defence of the Dream Realm was almost nonexistent.


As a glow flashed, the familiar corner of the street appeared.

"If I join any organisation, I would appear in their bases. But now, I am a lone cultivator, and can only depend on fate to see where I will appear?"

Fang Yuan snapped his fingers as a layer of fog shrouded over him.

Every dream master who came here would use such a technique to conceal their identity, making everything in the Dream Realm mysterious.

As he walked along the street, he started to examine everything.

"Spiritual objects? Techniques?"

Fang Yuan was already speechless as he arrived at a random spiritual plant shop.

On the counter, large amounts of spiritual plants were placed casually. Most of the spiritual plants were of Yellow Grade, and there were plants of Mysterious Grade as well. All of these were sold by weight and only the Earth Grade spiritual plants and above were given shelves of their own.

"These are... real objects! They are not created by dream masters!"

As someone who was in the Illusionary Divine Stage, he could recognise the difference the moment he picked up a purple Three Petalled Flower. It was not an object actualised by dream masters.

"It's real?"

He subconsciously muttered it out.

"Hey, are you new here?"

Behind the counter, a dream master wearing a ghost mask laughed. "If the Dream Realm could only trade information, what would be so useful about it? If you are a normal dream master, we can deliver it to any county within Da Qian Empire as long as you pay enough elemental crystals. Of course, if you are an Illusionary Divine dream master, you can accept it directly into your actualised dream world. Do you understand what I am talking about?"

Accepting it into the actualised dream world would mean that it could be immediately actualised and the dream elemental force used would not be Fang Yuan's own one.

He knew this, but under the sceptical eyes of the shopkeeper, he quickly left.

"Wouldn't it be an immediate delivery to deliver it directly to the actualised dream world?"

Walking along the streets and looking at the lively scene on both sides of the street, Fang Yuan was stunned.

"Can the actualised dream world accept real items? How does it work for the object to be actualised out?"

It was a sudden realisation that Fang Yuan knew too little about his profession as a dream master.

On the streets, there were many different stalls ranging from weapons stalls to spiritual pills and medicine. There were also spiritual arrays and everything was here. However, the cheapest would already cost an elemental crystal. For more expensive goods, contribution points were required.

Although he had collected quite a lot of spiritual treasures and had an entire spiritual land to himself, he still could not be considered wealthy.

At the end of the street, he arrived at an empty square.


A hot stream of air gushed into his face, bringing him to another world.

Many dream masters were walking about in the square. Some of them were covered in a layer of fog, some ever wearing a hat and some bared it all. Occasionally, they would notice the middle of the square, and everyone was talking at the top of their voices. It was extremely lively.

"This is..."

In the middle of the square, there was a huge rock tablet. It was squarish in nature and was a pure black.

On the surface of the rock tablet, Da Qian words were carved in it and they were glowing with spiritual light. It was shimmering and attracted the attention of many.

"Buy for me a Three Eyed Grass, and I will pay you 5 contribution points!"

"Looking for a spiritual array master. Interested parties, please contact me!"

"Master Danfeng has a mission - forming a party! Require help to explore a secret world, requesting help from dream masters Illusionary Divine Stage and above. Must obey instructions and be agreeable to the splitting of loot..."

"Selling Limb Regeneration Pills. One pill for 20 contribution points! Made from a revered alchemy master, and the quality is guaranteed!"


Many messages appeared which confused Fang Yuan for a bit.

As he was reading the messages, he could see dream masters taking the initiative to walk up. They would place their own jade inscription plates on the rock tablet and leave hurriedly. From there, he could roughly guess how everything worked.