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Chapter 230: Fengxin

Chapter 230: Fengxin

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After a period of observation, Fang Yuan went forward and similarly took out his jade inscription plate and placed it on the rock tablet.


At that moment, there was an information overload in front of his eyes. It was as though this rock tablet was a huge ocean and tons of information were like fishes swimming around in front of him.

All he had to do was to 'fish' out any information which interests him.

'My foundations are still the weakest!'

Fang Yuan was extremely clear about his weakness. 'This is especially so for my cultivation as a dream master. I would be the most inexperienced because I have no master and no other dream masters to discuss my cultivation. Even though I am in the Illusionary Divine Stage, nothing would work out if I do not get my basics right!"

"I want information relevant to the basics of being a dream master!"

As his thought flowed out, it was like a bait, attracting many fishes to him.

", will require 5 contribution points!"

", written by Shi Huzi. Will require 20 contribution points!!"

", written by Venerable Tian Lan. Will require 50 contribution points!"

", written by anonymous and is incomplete. Will require 10 contribution points!!"


At that moment, all types of information regarding the cultivation of a dream master, records of experience and frequently asked questions appeared. It was indeed an overload of information.

Fang Yuan was enticed by all the recordings but as he looked at his plain-looking jade inscription plate, he was disappointed.

"Ah... I have nothing. One word, poor!"

He realised that he was lacking in contribution points! Lacking a lot!

"The dream masters in Da Qian Empire have a vast experience of the outside world. Their foundations would surely be stronger than mine. If I want to catch up, I'll have to put in more effort!"

The good thing was that there were a lot of interactions among the dream masters in Da Qian Empire. Just by spending contribution points, it should be easy to obtain the common things.

"It is extremely hard to gain contribution points. They don't even accept elemental crystals in exchange for contribution points... It seems that Meng Lian had gained quite a lot of contribution points by recommending me to the Dream Realm..."

At that moment, Fang Yuan felt like he was cheated by Meng Lian.

Since he could not exchange for contribution points, he could only go about selling things or completing missions.

"My fortune..."

Missions were dangerous and unpractical, and Fang Yuan immediately thought of selling things.

With a spiritual land and a Botany skill in hand, he could make something out of it.

"Looking for missions - Selling spiritual plants!"

In his mind, everything flashed past.

Once his message flew out, the original fishes disappeared and new fishes came by.

"Looking for a Phoenix Tail Flower, price negotiable!"

"Need a Thousand Year Black Bamboo that is longer than 3 inches, willing to pay 100 contribution points!"

"Collecting all types of evolved spiritual flowers and plants. Price negotiable after meet up!"


Numerous pieces of information flashed by Fang Yuan and it was extremely convenient for him to sieve out what he was looking for.

As he slowly picked, he chose the message which was about collecting evolved spiritual flowers and plants.


As his spiritual will shook, that specific piece of information flew out and a more detailed message appeared - "Collecting spiritual plants on a long-term basis, the rarer the better! Will offer a good price!"

On the window for contact information, there was a name 'Feng Xinzi' on it and a logo of a wind chime.

"This seems to be how I can contact him!"

Fang Yuan tried to touch it using his mind. Within seconds, an angry thought returned. "Who's that? Don't disturb me while I am doing alchemy!?"

'Illusionary Divine! A dream alchemy master? It seems that his magical energy is extremely strong! He is surely stronger than me!'

As his heart shook, he maintained his composure. "I've heard that you need spiritual flowers and plants? I happen to have some stock with me, and these spiritual plants that I have cannot be found in Da Qian."

"Oh, such confidence!"

Feng Xinzi stopped what he was doing and reported a meeting point. "Wait for me at the square. If I find out that you are lying to me, hehe! You will not want to know what I would do to you."

"I am only afraid that you do not have enough contribution points!"

Fang Yuan was filled with confidence. He cut off the communication and came to a spot in the square.

Not long after, a man in green robes approached him. There was pill essence all over him which formed the shape of a Lingzhi. Just a sniff of it was enough for Fang Yuan to know that he was a high-tiered dream alchemy master. Thinking about it, even Lu Renjia might not be fitting to help this person wear his shoes.

"I am Feng Xinzi. Were you the one who left the message? I hope that whatever you have to offer me is worth my time away from my cauldron, otherwise..."

Feng Xinzi glanced at Fang Yuan and turned around. "Follow me!"

'Why are all these famous and powerful people so quirky?'

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and followed behind.

Both of them arrived at a tea house. It was evident that Feng Xinzi was extremely familiar with this place. Without hesitation, he had booked a private room and crossed his legs as he sat down. "Alright... With the assurance of the Realm Spirit, whatever we discuss here will not leak out. Even if you take out spiritual plants of Heaven Grade, I will still have the ability to buy it!"

"I'm afraid to disappoint you. All my spiritual plants are only of either Mysterious Grade or Yellow Grade. However, they are unique and I'm sure this would be the first time you are seeing them!"

Fang Yuan smiled. Suddenly, in his actualised dream world, a few spiritual plants appeared. Quickly, he actualised them into the Dream Realm.

"This is..."

Feng Xinzi scanned the plants quickly and his casual expression became a solemn one.

"Interesting, wonderful..."

He fiddled with the Flame Jade Rice in his hands as he was in disbelief. "Indeed... I have not seen such a spiritual plant before! Where did you get it from?"

Fang Yuan smiled but remained silent.

Firstly, Da Qian was already extremely separated from the mainland and Yuan and Wu Country. Communication was difficult between these regions and therefore it was normal for there to be differences in the spiritual plants.

Furthermore, how would Feng Xinzi come across this spiritual plant which was evolved specially by Fang Yuan?

"The effect of this spiritual rice ranks it at a Yellow Grade. It is fire-type with a hint of metallic properties. The most crucial thing about this plant is that it cannot be found anywhere in Da Qian. It can be planted in large scales and therefore from all these unique properties, it can be classified as a Mystery Grade!"

Feng Xinzi closed his eyes for a while before quoting a price. "If you don't mind selling it, I am willing to offer you 30 contribution points!"

"That's nice!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head.

He knew that for a Mystery Grade spiritual plant, it was a rather good price.

This was because firstly, this rice could be planted in large scales, which would benefit a lot of people. Secondly, Feng Xinzi had a generous personality, which was why he quoted a high price.

'This is the difference between the people from the mainland and Da Qian...'

Feng Xinzi kept the Flame Jade Rice properly. As he took out his inscription plate, Fang Yuan's own jade inscription plate had some changes. There was a faint golden '30' appearing on the plate.

In the mainland, the Flame Jade Rice would be a killer weapon which had the ability to support an entire sect. However, in Da Qian, many families would already have spiritual rice of Mystery Grade or even Earth Grade. If not for the fact that it was a new type of rice, it might not even be worth half the price that Feng Xinzi offered.

"I am extremely satisfied with your offer. Would you be interested to look at some other spiritual plants that I have with me?"

Seeing that Feng Xinzi had the intention to leave, Fang Yuan smiled and took out another few spiritual plants.


As Feng Xinzi exclaimed, he examined the other few new spiritual plants. Immediately, he looked at Fang Yuan with a weird expression. "All of these are not seen in Da Qian before! Are you from the outer regions or from the other small worlds?"

'Outer regions? Other small worlds?'

Fang Yuan was shocked inside. 'Have the dream masters in Da Qian began to explore outside of Da Qian?'

After receiving this crucial piece of information, he remained expressionless and signalled Feng Xinzi to look at this spiritual plants.

After a long while, Feng Xinzi was a little disappointed as Fang Yuan avoided his question. Slowly, he began to look at Fang Yuan's spiritual plants once again.

All of these spiritual plants had special traits evolved all these years while Fang Yuan was training.

Most of them were of Mystery Grade and Yellow Grade. Their effects were weird but unique in their own ways, but none of them had an important usage.

"Mm... Not bad indeed!"

Although Feng Xinzi was shrouded in his own pill essence and his face was covered, there was joy in his voice. "I have never heard or seen all these spiritual plants. May I offer you 50 contribution points for all of them?"

"Of course!"

Fang Yuan immediately agreed and started to pack it up for him.

With a laughter, Feng Xinzi kept the spiritual plants properly. "If you have any other spiritual plants next time, remember to look for me! My offer will surely be better than what others can offer!"

With that, the symbol of a wind chime floated up and landed in Fang Yuan's hands.

"Of course!"

Fang Yuan kept the symbol and imprinted it on his jade inscription plate. It was comparable to exchanging numbers with Feng Xinzi if this was his previous life.


"I'll see you!"

As they placed their fists together, Fang Xinzi's silhouette disappeared.

In a corner of Da Qian Empire.

Within an underground alchemy room.

Feng Xinzi opened his eyes. There was a glitter in his eyes. "Actualise!"

On the table in front of him, a spiritual light glittered and the Flame Jade Rice and other spiritual plants appeared.

"Great... I won't be wrong about this!"

Although they were low-grade spiritual plants, Feng Xinzi was still extremely excited. "Evolved spiritual plants! I can't go wrong! With them, by Ten-thousand Pill Cauldron will be improved! Haha... Haha..."


The Dream Realm.

'Feng Xinzi is an alchemy master. The purpose of him buying all my spiritual plants should be to do further research and produce new spiritual pills, I believe?'

Fang Yuan returned to the square, still deep in his own thoughts.

'The actualised dream world brings so much convenience to dream masters!'

Every dream masters' own actualised dream world was their own tiny private space. They could use dream elemental force to produce objects of all kinds and actualise them into the real world. The consumption of dream elemental force would vary from person to person and from object to object.

However, if done in reverse, for instance placing a real object into the actualised dream world, the object could be traded with another dream master. From then, they would only require a small amount of dream elemental force to transfer and be retrieved out by another dream master. This would be an extremely convenient way of trading. However, the disadvantage would be that the requirement for doing this was extremely high. Dream masters had to be either at the Illusionary Divine stage and above.

'Why do I feel like a delivery man?'

As he approached the center of the square, his eyes glittered. "Search - Buying the Basics of dream masters!!"