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Chapter 234: Organisations

Chapter 234: Organisations

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In the Dream Realm.

"Look at my spiritual plants! They are full of spirituality and the price is worth it!"

Fang Yuan covered himself in a fog as he looked at a trader in front of him. "10 contribution points! I can't go any lower!"

"Fine! Since these are new spiritual plants!"

In front of him was a huge golden glow. The dream master concealed inside must be plump-sized. Now that they had come to an agreement, he took over a huge number of spiritual plants.


After a while, as Fang Yuan looked at his bare looking inscription plate, he shook his head in disappointment. "It's too slow! Too slow... If I continue at this speed, who knows when I would save up enough contribution points..."

He did not bring the entire Green Peak spiritual land with him and could only spend all that he brought along with him.

Furthermore, the spiritual plants planted in his spiritual land were of low grade and the only selling point for them was the fact that they were a novelty in Da Qian.

"After doing a stocktake, there are a few that I cannot sell, like the mysterious spiritual seed..."

Fang Yuan thought about it. If he really did want to sell it, he was confident that he could get a good offer from Feng Xinzi.

That dream alchemy master was really generous. Unfortunately, he was only interested in new types of spiritual plants and he would only buy small quantities of them. After a few transactions with him, Fang Yuan could only continue to sell his spiritual plants to other people.

"It seems that the only way to get more contribution points is to do missions..."

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and at that moment, he felt as though he had gone through a bottleneck.

At this point in time where he still could not rely solely on his skill in Botany to make a living, the only way he could get more contribution points was to do missions.

The good thing was that he would be rewarded heavily by the rock tablet regardless if he were to take up the mission to be a helper, assassin or explorer.

"Fang Yuan, are you there?"

Just as Fang Yuan was deep in his thoughts, his jade inscription plate glittered. The symbol of a wind chime appeared and from there was the voice of Feng Xinzi.

"I am in the Dream Realm!"

Fang Yuan was respectful towards this loyal customer of him.

"That's good! Come to the tea house, I have something to tell you!"

Feng Xinzi sounded serious. "You... need contribution points right? I have a mission here, and you might be interested in it…... "

"Oh? I'll be there right away!"

Fang Yuan was decided as he came to the tea house which they first met.

As usual, Feng Xinzi booked a private room and sat inside. The pill essence wrapped around him in the shape of a Lingzhi, making him look like a deity.

"Brother Feng!"

Fang Yuan greeted him and came straight to the point. "Why would you think of me?"

"This is because I have done business with you a few times and feel that you are a trustworthy person!"

Feng Xinzi looked down.

As dream masters, they had a keen sense of feel. The first impression was paramount for them to decide if the person was good or bad.

"Furthermore, you have the ability since you are in the Illusionary Divine stage! I am lacking in one more person, and therefore I thought of you!"

Feng Xinzi spoke the truth.

"Ah... I am honoured!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "May I know what type of mission it is?"

"Exploration! Exploring a newly discovered small world!"

Feng Xinzi replied.

'An exploration mission?'

Fang Yuan raised his cup as he hid his fears. 'I knew that dream masters were able to communicate through worlds. I never thought that I would start my first mission exploring a new world.'

"Can I first take a look at the information regarding the mission?"

He asked as he remained expressionless.

"Only after accepting the mission can I tell you the information about the mission. However, I can tell you a little about it. This new world has not been discovered by other dream masters, and the difficulty level is not that high. The rules of this world's reality are similar to that of ours..."

Feng Xinzi appeared extremely confident and sounded like he was tempting Fang Yuan to join.

"This... I will need a few days to consider. Also, if I am decided, I would like to accept the mission and receive the reward through the Realm Spirit!"

The Realm Spirit was originally the consciousness of the Kun. After alteration, it became more like a programmed manager of the Dream Realm. Under the scrutiny of all the dream masters, it would be absolutely partial.

With the Realm Spirit as the middleman, it would be a form of assurance. Unless Feng Xinzi and the other dream masters decide to leave the Dream Realm for good and risk being wanted by other dream masters, everything would be fine. Fang Yuan knew that if it was him instead, he would not be important enough to be placed on the wanted list.

"This of course. However, you only have one day to consider! Our set- up in that small world is about to take effect..."

Feng Xinzi continued. "Don't miss this chance!"


"Exploring a new world!"

After parting with Feng Xinzi, Fang Yuan came to the rock tablet as he browsed through the glistering missions on it.

As his spiritual will shook, 10 contributions were used up and information started to flood into his mind.

In the vast universe, although Da Qian was huge and strong, it was not the only world to exist.

Within worlds, due to different reasons, there would be secret realms as well.

These secret realms or spiritual lands were only partially developed. In other words, they were new worlds that have yet to mature.

Outside Da Qian, there was a whole new world.

Dream masters have predicted that the formation of worlds was from the actualised dream worlds of powerful dream masters!

A new;y developed world might be covered with dangers. After braving the risks, explorers would be rewarded heavily. However, the new world might also be a desert with no findings, or it might even be a trap, set up to trap visitors.

In conclusion, the risks and rewards would be there. It was all up to the dream master's own confidence.

In history, there were stories of normal dream masters becoming sect masters after exploring one new world.

"There are two ways for dream masters to explore new worlds. The first would be to dream-traverse through 3,000 worlds. Through the temptation of the new worlds, they would cast arrays on it, opening a slit to the new world and allow their soul to enter. This would be the most common way of accessing new worlds. The other way is to bring their actual body into the new world. The requirements are too much and I'm afraid that even Feng Xinzi and his company would not be able to do it yet..."

After reading through a few recordings, Fang Yuan came to a conclusion.

It was worth it to take the risk this time!

It was secondary to earn the contribution points. More importantly, he could gain experience.

After all, if he used the dream-traversing method, even if he died in the new world, it would only be a failed exploration mission and he would at most hurt his spiritual will. He could undergo cultivation and train again!


After a day, in the Dream Realm, in a void space.

"This is a space which I have rented from the Realm Spirit using contribution points. It is completely safe and the chances of success by dream-traversing here would be high!"

Feng Xinzi could seemingly see through Fang Yuan's confusion and added a few more words. "Also... let's welcome our new member! Remember to look for a safe place to hold your physical body. After all, even though we have researched on the rate of time flow in both worlds, accidents might still happen!"

"Don't worry, Brother Feng!"

Fang Yuan followed behind Feng Xinzi. "Since I've decided to join, I would already make the necessary preparations."

"Very well, I'll now introduce to you a few group members!"

Feng Xinzi looked at the centre of the space.

At there, there were two other dream masters waiting.

Seeing Fang Yuan, their voices were skeptical.

"Feng Xinzi, is this the new member which you have found?"

Covered in flames, a man's voice was heard. "He doesn't seem hardy enough!"

"That's right! It is no easy task to explore a new world!"

The other voice was from a lady, which was shrouded in illusionary flower petals.

"This is..."

Fang Yuan looked at the lady as his eyebrows twitched. "White Lotus?!"

"Friends, Brother Fang Yuan is handpicked by me! There is no doubt about his ability and personality!"

Feng Xinzi walked in front of the other two dream masters as he calmly spoke.

Following which, he explained to Fang Yuan. "Come, I'll introduce them to you. This is Venerable Fiery Dragon, and this is Deity Clear Lotus! Are you suspecting that she is related to the Divine Lotus Cult because of her appearance? Keke... This is a misunderstanding! Although Deity Clear Lotus's Nine Lotus Heart Technique looks similar to the techniques of the Divine Lotus Cult, they have their difference!"

"That is true!"

As Fang Yuan took a closer look, he quickly apologised. "I apologise for my reckless opinion. Please forgive me, Deity!"

"That's alright!"

From the lotus petal, there was a clear voice. "I am already used to it. Every stranger I meet would suspect as well..."

Fang Yuan let out a soft laughter. He was indeed afraid of her because of Meng Lian.

After getting rid of her, he did an in-depth investigation on her, which shocked him.

She was part of one of the two evil dream master sects in Da Qian - the Divine Lotus Cult!

Dream masters were good at instilling feelings in other people. By forming a cult, their influence would grow by many folds. Even in Da Qian Empire, their cult was banned. It was rumoured that the ways they adopted spread their teachings were mysterious and they were able to unknowingly affect Wu Zongs, spiritual knights or even dream masters to work for them.

The Divine Lotus Cult and the Evil Divine Sect were the two evil sects among the dream masters. The small sects which originated from these two larger organisations were countless, and they could be described as the source of evil dream masters in Da Qian.

Although Qing Gui's evil name was well-known, he was only a small figure in his sect and was far from being the leader.

"In reality, we are all part of the Realm Alliance!"

After some thought, Feng Xinzi took the initiative to dissipate his own pill essence, revealing his true appearance. He was a middle-aged man.

"Realm Alliance?"

"Mm, most of the members are dream masters who do not belong to any sect. By relying on the Dream Realm, these members came together to form an alliance, and even dream masters with sects would be allowed to join. Therefore, the alliance is extremely powerful and there are almost no restrictions to it..."

Feng Xinzi continued. "Other than that, there are good dream master sects like Baize Mountain. This is the main pillar for all dream masters in Da Qian. Finally, there is also a Source Seeking Sect. That sect is mainly made up of a bunch of foolish people who would do anything to search for the source of power for dream masters. Just stay away from them!"

"Of course, dream masters in these 5 organisations don't just stick to one organisation. They can move around!"

Fang Yuan looked down. He knew that if not for his quick thinking, he would be likely taken in by Meng Lian to join the Divine Lotus Sect.

Among these five organisations, the only good one was Baize Mountain. The Realm Alliance was a neutral organisation, and the remaining three were either evil or crazy people. These people would be the ones causing trouble for the entire world.