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Chapter 235: Offerings

Chapter 235: Offerings

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"Brother Feng, didn't you mention that there would be five of us?"

Fang Yuan looked around.

"Mmm. The last one is not here yet. The technique that she is cultivating is a little special..."

Feng Xinzi was ambiguous.

"Feng Xinzi, don't lie about me in front of our new member!"

As he finished his sentence, a gentle voice was heard, which made Feng Xinzi laughed. "It's just a joke, don't take it to heart!"

Quickly, he turned around and explained to Fang Yuan. "Our fifth member is Yu Tianlao. Her cultivation is in dream spells and the Mastery of Curses..."

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head.

The Mastery of Curses was a cultivation related to karma. The techniques would be activated as soon as the curse was spoken, and it was a rare form of cultivation among the dream masters.

Therefore, after seeing a compassionate looking old lady supporting herself with a walking stick, Fang Yuan immediately became serious.

In the Dream Realm, if dream masters were to reveal their true self, they would either be fools or they were confident of their own stills. It seemed like Yu Tianlao belonged to the latter.

Not just him, but even Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus shuddered.

"Keke….. Feng Xinzi, how is your Ten-thousand Pill Cauldron? Are you still trying to produce a pill spirit? It's not that I want to put you down, but to create life in a cauldron... Difficult! It is extremely difficult!!!"

Yu Tianlao looked at Feng Xingzi and shook her head.

The path to Prominent Divine stage was tough all along. Although this method is extremely difficult, it is my only hope!"

Feng Xinzi's face was one of determination and seemed that he was not afraid of death. "I am already almost there, how can I just give up?"

"Creating life?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he heard him.

Although the Illusionary Divine stage allowed them to create many things, there was a huge difference between normal objects and spiritual objects, from normal metal to divine troops. All of these were small breakthroughs to be achieved in itself.

However, the jump from producing non-living things to a lifeform was a paramount difference. It was a huge step within the Illusionary Divine stage.

Who would've thought that Feng Xinzi was already at this stage?

Fang Yuan was stunned.

'Of course... After being able to form living things, he would be able to form spiritual beasts and birds, followed by humans with intellectual minds! A dream master at this stage can be known as a 'creator'. This is no longer the elementary Illusionary Divine stage, but the Prominent Divine stage!'

How arduous would it be to cross this stage?

Based on Fang Yuan's predictions, Feng Xinzi was already stuck at this stage for long and had no progress.

'Although I don't know this dream alchemy master's combat skills, his cultivation is already comparable to a dream soldier master forming the Fourth Sword!'

"Keke... Say anything you want, and I hope that your evil mouth loses its life one day!"

Yu Tianlao laughed. "I did not come here today to reminisce about the past. The new world is dangerous. If we lose this chance, we might need to wait for other fools to find another one for is. Feng Xingzi, have you prepared everything?"

"Of course!"

Without hesitation, he exclaimed. "Realm Spirit, I want to seal up my void space!"


In the Dream Realm, Fang Yuan felt as though the void space which all of them were in was separated, as though they were travelling through the fabric of spacetime.

With the assurance of the Realm Spirit, there was nowhere safer than where they were right now.

Feng Xinzi quickly took out many spiritual equipment, talismans and blobs of spiritual blood as he started to piece together an array.

Although Fang Yuan was familiar with spiritual arrays, he was still confused at the sight of this particular array.

As for Feng Xinzi, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus, all three of them seemed to have a deep understanding of this array. Together, they quickly completed the formation of the array.

'Dream masters are indeed talented in many aspects. The longer they live, the more skilled they would be...;

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath after seeing them cast the array.

If the three of them were to disguise themselves as spiritual array masters, they would never be seen through.

"It's done!"

As the finishing touches were completed, Feng Xinzi wiped the sweat off his forehead. Looking at the array which was red, gold and green, he let out an expression of joy. "It is indeed easier to locate the other worlds in the Dream Realm. Next up, we'll have to send out the signal and wait..."

"Cough cough... let me be the one to send out the signal!"

Without consideration for others, Yu Tianlao stood out at took a quick glance at Fang Yuan. "It will be up to you guys to come up with the energy needed to communicate with the other world!"

"This of course!"

Fang Yuan knew that he was here to make up the numbers and therefore could not avoid doing the manual labour.

"Very well. With the five of us, we should have enough dream elemental force!"

Feng Xinzi was ecstatic as he quickly arranged everyone in their positions. The four of us will position ourselves at the corners and try to activate the array inscription. At the beginning, 10 percent of your strength would be enough. Wait for my command!"


Fang Yuan stood at the position of the White Tiger. As he waved his hands, waves of dream elemental force flowed into the array.

In front of him, talismans started to glow, and the inscriptions on the array started to glitter as the array continued to take in energy.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

At the four corners, each Illusionary Divine stage dream master exerted their dream elemental force. The array inscription started to expand and the three-coloured glow slowly intensified. Suddenly, it shot into the air and started to link up with another world.

"This is it... This is it..."

Yu Tianlao stood in the centre of the array. With her focus, she hardly looked like she was her age. "The Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, execute the divine searching technique! Go!"

As she executed her curse, physical forms of her spoken word appeared and were glowing.

'This is using her spiritual will to locate the worlds. To be able to do this, a dream master must have an exceptional amount of magical energy to link up our Dream Realm to the other world... The curse by Yu Tianlao would increase the chances of success...'

Fang Yuan continued to put in his effort as he slowly recalled the information Feng Xinzi provided to him the moment he agreed to join them.

"That located new world is nicknamed 'Hui' by Feng Xinzi! The Hui Realm!"

"This world is newly discovered and according to Feng Xinzi, the rules of reality which govern that world is similar to the ones which govern Da Qian Empire..."

"The array is only acting as a bait. We will still need to offer sacrifice to the natives in that world... Previously, Feng Xinzi had already disguised himself as an evil spirit to deliver sacrifices to them. Just like fishing, as soon as they become greedy, we can execute our dream-traversing technique at the right time and location. In the future, it would become much more convenient to revisit the world to conduct further explorations..."


At this moment, on the array, there was a red glow.

"We have a response! They have initiated the sacrifice!"

Yu Tianlao and Feng Xinzi were beaming. "Start to locate their world! Let's begin!"

In a few seconds, all of them were excited.


Hui Realm.

There were two suns in the sky. One was glaring while the other one was dim. Both of them were hanging in the sky, stationary. At night time, both suns would become dimmer. Therefore, the moon in Hui Realm was always a full moon. The land in the realm was divided into many regions.

In the middle laid the Heliocentric Region. It was a vast and scorching desert and there were no signs of life. At the outer extremes laid the Corona Region. The nights were extremely long and it was rare to even have a little sunlight in that region. There were almost no forms of life there as well.

Of course, the natives would call these two regions the 'Death Zones'!

In the middle, where the sunlight was sufficient, a small country was formed and there were finally signs of life.

Within a deserted mansion in Lie Country.

"Are all the sacrifices ready for Deity Feng?"

A wealthy looking middle-aged man asked his subordinates.

His forehead was sticking out and his nose was pointed. His face was flushed and he wore luxurious clothing. At this moment, he continuously rubbed the ring in his fingers as he was deep in his thoughts.

The ring looked normal and therefore felt a little out of place as compared to this man's clothing. However, to him, it seemed as though all the treasures in the world were incomparable to this ring!

Around him, ten over capable subordinates were working hard as they mixed gold and silver ingots together with jade shavings. With all of these, they arranged a huge array on the floor.

Another ten odd-looking objects were placed in the centre of the array. Everything felt weird and out of place, which made many of them confused.

There was a law in Lie Country which states that anyone performing black magic would be killed!

If anyone were to see them and report it to the authorities, everyone there would be killed and their family members would be implicated as well!

However, this middle-aged man remained focused, as though he at an utmost confidence for Deity Feng.

The famous 'Su Guo' was in a daze as he was deep in his thoughts.

Twenty years ago, he was just a small businessman. With some affinity, he managed to obtain a ring. From then on, he became a priest who preached for Deity Feng.

Although he did not know the true purpose of being a priest, this did not stop him from reaping the rewards after a few rounds of sacrifices. It was because of this that his wealth grew.

'Based on what Deity Feng had told me, the few previous instances were only small offerings. This time is the true sacrifice offering! Whatever I will gain will be 10 times more than before! Also, I will gain the technique to extend my lifespan!'

Su Guo's eyes were red.

In terms of wealth, he was already rich enough to start a country. However, the unknown potential of having more power and the path to a longer lifespan was what he was really hoping for.

"Sir, the offerings are here!"

In the middle of a stone platform, a few weird objects of different spiritual auras were placed.

In the centre of all the offerings, there was a green-coloured wood. It was the trunk of a Thousand Year Dragon Tree. In order to obtain it, Su Guo's caravan suffered deaths of 187 people on the journey there, not to mention the money he had to spend as well.

A red jewel beside the wood was an Aqua Rainbow Coral Jade. It was obtained after the sinking of 30 large vessels and many more divers who died attempting to get it.


To put it in another way, only Su Guo who had such wealth was able to collect all these treasures.


As the offerings were position in place, the array started to glow.

Su Guo took two steps forward and took in a deep breath. His wish was about to come true!