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Chapter 236: Possession

Chapter 236: Possession

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"The mighty Deity Feng... Please descend into our world and realize my dream!"

Dark clouds formed in the sky as lightning ripped across.

It was as though aliens were about to enter the Hui Realm as everything shook.

Within the abandoned mansion, Su Guo felt uneasy. As he looked at the glowing array, his face was flushed. Subconsciously, he took a few steps forward.

Within the array, the few offerings in the middle were slowly consumed by a brightening glow, forming a bright ball of light.


As the ball expanded, it slowly formed the shape of a door and shook.


At that moment, there was a huge explosion.

As the winds blew, Su Guo flew along with it, defenceless. He rolled along the floor and in the process fractured many of his bones.

Slowly, the abandoned mansion could not withstand the destructive force as well. Amidst the explosion, it collapsed, forming a pile of rubble.

"Rumble! Rumble!"

At that moment, the dark clouds rumbled and streaks of lightning struck down. It was as though the heavens were enraged as thunder roared continuously.

However, there was something weird. As the lightning was about to strike the abandoned mansion, it would swerve and strike something else.

Amidst the storm, there were multiple light streaks on the roof of the mansion. Slowly, from the light streaks, a dark-coloured door was formed. In an instant, the door opened!

It was as though the gods above were enraged!

As over ten streaks of lightning combined, an extremely thick and huge streak of lightning collectively struck at the top of the black-coloured door!

Su Guo and his subordinates were all unconscious. It was not known if they were still alive or not.

It might be a good thing that they were unconscious.

This was because every form of life in a 100-mile radius was shuddering with fear and sweating profusely as though a disaster was about to happen!


The lighting came and went.

Soon after the huge lightning struck, the dark clouds quickly disappeared and the two suns slowly appeared again in the sky. Under the warm glow of the suns, a few white clouds appeared on the horizon. It was a peaceful sight to behold and it was as though the storm was just a dream.

"The backlash did not last too long in this world... d*mn, my leg!"

After a long while, amidst the rubble, a middle-aged man mumbled to himself. "Fortunately, I've bought some spiritual inscriptions to reduce the backlash from traversing through worlds and added them into the array. Otherwise, the consequences would surely be much more serious..."

Although he was wearing a servant's attire, the way he spoke and acted was much different. If someone who knew him was to see him like this, they would give him the title of being 'possessed'.

"This is the... Hui Realm?"

Fang Yuan raised his head and looked at the two suns in the sky, before looking at his own two hands.

The skin of his hands was tight and appeared young. His fingers were full of calluses, which was a sign that he frequently did manual labour.

"It seems like I have possessed a young servants' body. Did he survive the storm because he was too lowly to be near the epicentre of the lightning strike?"

At the moment when the array was completed, the five dream masters in the Dream Realm worked together to bring their soul through space to arrive at the Hui Realm.

However, there was already such a destruction even by simply transporting their souls. Therefore, they had to choose to possess the body's of the natives here and it was up to their luck to see who they possessed.

Compared to the unlucky Feng Xinzi who possessed a person with broken legs, Fang Yuan felt that he was rather fortunate.

"Alright, where are the other three?"

With Fang Yuan's help, Feng Xinzi finally pulled his legs out from the rubble and looked around. "The time of arrival is very short, so they shouldn't be too far from us!"

"We are here!"

As he finished his sentence, he could see the silhouette of two people supporting each other as they walked out from the rubble. Looking at their appearance, it was a male and a female.

"Venerable Fiery Dragon, Deity Clear Lotus!"

Feng Xinzi looked at the man. He was 7 feet tall and was wearing a martial artists' attire. He had a knife around his waist and appeared well-built. He appeared well-skilled in martial arts and gave off a manly vibe. With a tinge of jealousy, Feng Xinzi complimented. "Brother Fiery Dragon, what fortune!"

"Yeah, sure!"

The lady by the side started to nag. "I am Venerable Fiery Dragon!"


Fang Yuan and Feng Xinzi were stunned.

This was the problem of possession. Although their own bodies were extremely strong, there might be a deviation in the traversing of worlds, which might result in such an ending.

Fang Yuan looked at the body which Venerable Fiery Dragon possessed.

It was a lady in her mid-twenties. Her eyes were big and beautiful and her lips were puckered. There was a mole at the corner of her lips and her skin was as smooth as milk. He was a beauty.

Of course, this beauty was now brute and her tone did not match her appearance.

"This is..."

Fang Yuan looked at Feng Xinzi with confusion, and both of them looked at the well-built man in black robes.

"I am Clear Lotus. Greetings to you, my friends!"

The well-built man blushed and bowed.

His girly actions were gentle and graceful and it seemed like he was a graceful lady.

However, since it was a male who was doing it, Fang Yuan and Feng Xinzi both started to have goosebumps.

This was especially so for Feng Xinzi.

Previously, he was still complaining about his leg. However, now, he did not feel like it was a big issue already.

"We cannot change the bodies which we are possessing. If not for the protection of the array, as soon as our souls were to leave these bodies, we would be exposed to the elements..."

Feng Xinzi continued with a serious tone. "You two will have to make do with it. The good thing is that the time we will spend in Hui Realm is... Eh? Did anybody see Elder Lao?"

"I'm here!"

In front, a young and gentle voice was heard. A young girl about the age of 16 walked over with a proud face. "I cannot find anyone suitable around here, and therefore have to make do with this young girl..."

With such a weird combination of appearance and personality, Venerable Fiery Dragon, Deity Clear Lotus and even Fang Yuan felt a little uneasy.

The good thing was that all five of them were dream masters of the Illusionary Divine Stage and all of them had seen enough weird happenings in their lifetimes.

Previously, they were only joking. In a short moment, all of them regrouped and started to discuss the important details.

"This realm is ultimately a new realm. Although we have understood some of the dangers of this realm through Su Guo, we are still uncertain of the exact details. Everybody, please be careful!"

Feng Xinzi reminded everyone.

Even normal dream masters would feel half as powerful if they were to be thrown into a new realm. Only dream masters of the Illusionary Divine stage would have enough evolved dream elemental force to alter reality and remain calm.

Therefore, the minimum requirement for explorers of new worlds was to be at least a dream master of the Illusionary Divine stage!

"This goes without saying!"

Yu Tianlao rolled her eyes. "Your useless friend is still here. Do you want to save him? After all, he is a native and will be of use to us."

"There's no need!"

Feng Xinzi thought to himself for a while before coming to a decision. "He has already broken the law. Even if we save him, he will have bad luck for his whole life and he will be likely to be captured!"

As the person who brought them in, Su Guo was a criminal and his sins were already too much. He would not be able to right his wrongdoings for a few lifetimes to come.

"Although it might seem convenient at first to follow him, we will still have to suffer the consequences of his wrongdoings in time to come and this would implicate us. It is better for us to explore on our own! After our first attempt at possession, we have already integrated with their realm. Unless the bodies which we are possessing dies, revealing our soul, nobody in this realm would realise what had happened!"

Feng Xinzi looked at Fang Yuan and reminded him once more. "Even if our souls are left here, it is not death for us. However, we would still be severely drained on our original bodies. Furthermore, if we are captured or killed too many times, we might integrate completely with this realm and experience its backlash. Therefore... take care and be careful! Most importantly, if met with danger, we can lose the body and even let it die, but we cannot let our souls get captured!"

"I know this!"

Fang Yuan was appreciative of Feng Xinzi's friendly reminder and nodded his head to show his agreement.

"Alright! Every array can only transport 5 souls through. Now, we have time to explore the Hui Realm!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus looked at each other. "Let's split up and explore. After three months, we'll meet up and discuss our findings together. How does that sound?"

Seeing their confidence, Fang Yuan could guess that the few of them had already obtained information from Su Guo regarding the realm and roughly knew what they wanted to do.

"Mm... I'm fine with this plan. Furthermore, I have some other private issues to settle. What are your thoughts on this, Elder Lao?"

Feng Xinzi looked at Yu Tianlao.

"To search base on our own affinity. This is fair!"

Yu Tianlao nodded her head. However, her voice was deep, which made Fang Yuan glance at her with confusion.

Seeing that Yu Tianlao had realised that he was glancing at her, Fang Yuan rubbed his nose. "I am not seeking for anything to gain. I only intend to walk around and understand the happenings in this world!"

"Mm. Regardless, just remember to meet after three months!"

Feng Xinzi nodded his head and looked at the surroundings. "We cannot stay long here. Let's take our leave. Remember to prioritise safety and make sure not to be captured by the powerful people in this realm!"

Such a commotion at the abandoned mansion would surely attract a lot of attention.

Fang Yuan knew that Su Guo's life was over.

Without thinking too much about him, Fang Yuan picked a direction to walk in and was on his way.

"Mm... This physical body is not cultivated. It seems that I must slowly train it. Although I have the experience to achieve breakthroughs, it is still extremely troublesome to train up this body, regardless if I am able to use my power of Illusionary Divine!"

In a short moment, he had turned into a small path.

After a while, Fang Yuan stopped at looked behind. "Elder Lao, why are you following me?"


As a shadow flashed by, Yu Tianlao appeared. She had two ponytails on her head and she twirled it around in her fingers. "Feng Xinzi and the rest have decided on what to do and abandoned you by yourself. Young man, do you want to work with Elder Lao?"

"It's alright!"

Fang Yuan's objective was to gather more experience and explore on his own. After all, he still had to contribute his findings after three months and was not interested in gaining anything else. Therefore, he outrightly rejected her.