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Chapter 237: Fixed Stats

Chapter 237: Fixed Stats

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"Is that so... What a pity! I know of a good place and wanted to bring you there to give you more experience. It seems you are unappreciative!"

The young girl which Yu Tianlao had possessed shook her head and turned around.

Although she was possessing a normal person, there was fog all around her. In a flash, she disappeared.

'Using dream elemental force to strengthen your body?'

Witnessing this scene, Fang Yuan mumbled to himself but did not put it to heart. "Bring me along to give me more experience? I'm afraid you just want to kill me, right?"

He scanned his surroundings with his spiritual will. After assuring himself that no one was following him, he executed his lightness skill and quickly disappeared.

Just as the five of them took their leave, a group of people rode horses and arrived at the scene of destruction. They sealed the entire place and the region was in a chaos...



The river was flowing.

Fang Yuan stood at the river bank and looked at his own reflection.

He was a pale looking young man with long eyebrows, and there was a hint of strength in his eyes.

"I'm rather lucky. At least I am stronger than the three of them..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head and waved his hands.


Dream elemental force appeared on his palms.

"Dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage have the ability to alter reality. Although it is still effective in this world, the consumption of dream elemental force is much higher than before. I'll have to use it carefully."

After a few rounds of experimentation, Fang Yuan finally understood.

The physical body which he possessed was a normal young man which was average.

Furthermore, his soul was average as well. Without the strength from his Mind Palace, he was using up the stored dream elemental force in his actualised dream world, and there was no way to replenish it.

"I must quickly strengthen this body!"

After coming to a conclusion, Fang Yuan began to try out something new.

He picked up a green-coloured rock.

This rock was from the river bank and was from the river bank. It even had a layer of moss on it.

In a moment, a bewildering glow glittered from his hands. Around the rock, the air started to vibrate and finally, the rock exploded.


The green rock became a powdery mess and was blown by the wind.

In his actualised dream world, the 8 Gates Sword Array shook and the Fire Sword shimmered, but nothing else happened.

"I failed... is this due to the fact that the realms are separated?"

Just previously, Fang Yuan had attempted to transfer an object from the Hui Realm into his actualised dream world.

If it was possible, he would have discovered a new way to store things as well as transfer objects from the Hui Realm to Da Qian.

However, his plan had failed from the start.

"In Da Qian Empire, dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage can link themselves to the Dream Realm through their actualised dream world and only consume a little dream elemental force, transferring objects from one place to another in an instant. However, this is not possible here..."

Fang Yuan thought about it. He realised that even though he could still communicate with his actualised dream world, it felt distant and separated from him.

"After all, we are separated by an entire realm. It is possible to transfer energy but not objects. However, this might be possible if my actual physical body is here!"

He shook his head as he concluded that his plan to transfer treasures from Hui Realm to Da Qian was down the drain.

"Something's not right!"

Fang Yuan was a smart person and could quickly pick out the discrepancy. "If there was nothing to be gained, Feng Xinzi and the rest would not want to come here! Or... what they are planning to get their hands on is not something with a physical form and is able to be transported through their souls?"

As he thought down this train of thoughts, he felt that everything was much more logical.

He knocked his head and could roughly guess the plans of these few dream masters.

"They can get what they want, I'll just care for myself..."

Looking at his powerless hands, he gave off a bitter laugh. "Give me my stats!"


In front of him, a window appeared. Information flooded the window, which surprised him.

"I was only testing! Who would know that this would work!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "It seems that this trait is something that is tied to my soul!"

As he changed a physical body, there were extreme changes to his stats as well:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 0.9 (36)

Spirit: 0.8 (30)

Magic: 1.1 (21)

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: [Illusionary Divine (???)], Wu Zong (???)

Technique: [8 Gates Sword Array (First Sword) (10%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

Looking at his own stats, Fang Yuan was speechless.

This body which he was in was the same as his own stats before he had started to train in martial arts while he was in the secluded valley.

Most of his techniques were wiped off. Only the 8 Gates Sword Array, which was related to his actualised dream world, remained.

As for his skills, he was surprised to see that they were perfectly preserved, even the levels of the skills.

"The bodies possessed by other dream masters should be similar to mine. However, they have the advantage of retaining their techniques in their actualised dream world, which means they would have a head start to strengthen their bodies!"

Based on his predictions, the other 4 of them would now be in hiding and attempting to train up their body, or they might even use evil spells to strengthen their body's strength.

If they did not recover at least half of what they use to have, they could do little.

After all, how could there be no highly skilled people in such a big world?

If they could die even in hiding then it would be a big joke.

"What do this original stats mean?"

Fang Yuan looked at the numbers in the brackets and stroked his chin.

As his mind focused on the numbers in the brackets, a mysterious piece of information was revealed, which allowed him to understand everything.

"Fixed stats? This would mean that... regardless of which body I am in, I would retain the maximum skill of what I have? This would be true even for reincarnation..."

"If this is true, then I would not have the problem of being stuck at bottlenecks anymore, but..."

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath and started to execute his Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique.


The winds blew.

The muscles on his body started to vibrate and the shriek of an eagle was heard.

In his stats window, the originally absent Giant Eagle Metal Body technique started to reappear.


Popping sounds were heard from his body as his joints cracked.

"The rules of reality which govern this world is similar to that of Da Qian. Therefore, the basics of training in martial arts should be similar as well. I just need to adapt a little..."

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and stuck his five fingers out in the shape of an eagle claw. Slowly, he experienced the little differences in this realm as he executed the technique.

"The 12 Golden Gates - Initial Gate, Rest Gate, Life Gate, Restriction Gate, View Gate, Pain Gate, Shock Gate, Death Gate... Open!!!"

At that moment, 8 loud sounds were heard. The energy in his body fused and started to form inner power. Slowly, the inner power came together to form a wire-like inner force.

"The Hui Realm is a little different from Da Qian. There are no Yin, Yang, Earth and Heaven Gates in the 4 Heavenly Gates. Instead, there are only two steps to form and obtain elemental force!"

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Behind Fang Yuan, a giant metallic eagle silhouette appeared.

"The realm of elemental force... breakthrough!"

Fang Yuan was decisive. In a moment, he took in elemental energy from Heaven and Earth into his Dantian, forming the martial artists' elemental force.

Finally, the Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique in his stats window started to settle down.

"This speed..."

Seeing that his Essence was already half of what he used to have and looking at his hands, Fang Yuan was in disbelief.

"How can I so simply recover my cultivation as a Wu Zong? Does this mean that I only need a day's work to get back my full potential?"

Fang Yuan finally understood.

If normal people training in martial arts was compared to a tortoise crawling, then the method which he just used would be akin to cheating and running at full speed!

Even if the dream masters were to lose their ability, they could harness the ability to actualise in their souls to cheat and give themselves a headstart to recover their abilities.

What a headstart for him!

"Fixed stats! This means that no matter how many times I change my physical body, if given time, I would be able to recover my abilities to its fullest potential!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fists and his eyes glittered.

This ability was a comforting one to him.

After all, the highest level of mission in the Dream Realm would be exploration missions!

Even dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage still would not have the ability to transport their physical body to the new worlds, and therefore it would be common to perform possession on the natives in the world to be explored.

Other dream masters would need one to two months to recover all their strength. However, with the help of fixed stats, Fang Yuan could achieve it in a moment. What a difference!

"The difference in our abilities would mean that I have more time to explore the secrets of this world and reap more benefits from it!"

Fang Yuan glanced at his own stats window and realised a big change:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 12 (36)

Spirit: 12 (30)

Magic: 8 (21)

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: [Illusionary Divine (???)], Wu Zong

Technique: [8 Gates Sword Array (First Sword) (10%)], Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"My stats window has retained the peak of my abilities. Regardless of any changes, I would be able to recover those abilities extremely quickly..."

Fang Yuan clenched his fists. "Alright, let's recover everything then!"

At this point, his expression changed. As he looked behind, his face appeared serious.

Amidst the ruffling of robes, black shadows appeared in the forest and appeared to be surrounding him.

"That's quick... Wait, how did they find me?"

Fang Yuan was desolate. "The only possibility is that one of them betrayed me. Or should I say, use me as a bait to distract these people away from them to get more time to escape..."

Using his spiritual will to scan, he found something amiss.

Underneath his clothing, there were a few strands of hair. There were so light that he did not even feel them there.


Fang Yuan shook his head and picked up the strands of hair. "With the loss of my cultivation as a Wu Zong, I even failed to keep my guard up and detect this..."

If the chasing soldiers were to arrive a moment earlier, they would surely give him a lot of trouble, which would make him use up a lot of his remaining dream elemental force to take all of them down. This would slow his progress in recovering his abilities.

But now?

Looking at the soldiers approaching, he appeared mysterious. "Very well... I was still worrying about how I should go about to deepen my understanding of this world, and here all of you come!"