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Chapter 239: Realm Energy

Chapter 239: Realm Energy

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The strength of Shinto would gradually grow and they would control a certain area.

Fang Yuan was clear of this.

Take for instance the Mountain God. If it were to pay attention, it would be able to know everything that happened within the Zhuobie Mountain. It could even transfer its strength and assist government officials who were within Zhuobie Mountain. This was seen in the increased strength of the array formed by the soldiers previously. If the Mountain God did not help in the dark, the array would not have been so strong as to harness miniature elemental force.

Furthermore, it would know about all the treasures in the mountain. All animals would have to listen to its orders and its power was limitless.

However, it was still weak.

After all, it was considered a Yin Spirit. It would be difficult for it to be exposed in the realm for long. Of course, as a god, it could still temporarily break these constraints.

Wouldn't it be giving itself away by revealing itself in front of Fang Yuan?

Therefore, it could only play a supporting role and incite the animals within the mountains without showing itself.

"Not just that... for such a god to continue existing, it would require approval from the royal family. With the high casualty rate of government officials every year and the lack of government positions, it would be hard to strike a balance between this two. Therefore, in Shinto, the competition is tough... This is seen between the Mountain God in Zhuobie Mountain and Chenghuang God."

Fang Yuan had freshly obtained these pieces of information from Qin Yi's memories through dream accessing.

"The Mountain God of Zhuobie Mountain was a 1st official in its past life and had led a respectable life. Furthermore, his disciples were all capable. This was why it had gained approval from the royal family... Interestingly, this had happened hundreds of years ago..."

Seeing an army formed by the animals, Fang Yuan fiddled with a blood-red sword essence and sighed. "What a pity... I don't want to live such a life!"


In his actualised dream world, the vague imagery of the 8 Gates Sword Array shook, and the fire sword glowed brilliantly.


In a moment, a red sword essence exploded around Fang Yuan like raindrops.

"Chi! Chi!"

As blood splattered around, shrieks from the animals were heard amidst a fiery glow!

Even though Fang Yuan had yet to actualise the complete fire-type divine troops, just the sword essence was enough to hurt an adversary as strong as a Wu Zong!

As the illusionary swords flew out, animals and vegetation alike were caught in a burning inferno.

This fire was not normal fire but spiritual fire. There were sparkles within the blood-red sword essence. As the essence spread, flames broke out everywhere.

In the burning inferno, there was a weak cry. Within moments, it was no longer heard.

"Is it really so weak?"

Although he knew that Shinto was weak, he was a little confused after personally experiencing itself.

There was an illusionary red sword in his hands. Dragons were carved on the sword's handle and there was a greenish hue to it. It was translucent and extremely similar to the one he had in his actualised dream world.

"I was saving this sword for the god. Who knew that it would be so useless..."

Fang Yuan shook his head, turned around and disappeared into the horizon.

After half a day, government officials finally rushed their way here. All of them were left speechless.


"It is impossible for Feng Xinzi and company to take any treasures from the Hui Realm..."

Leaving Zhuobie Mountain, he quickly regained his strength as he started to think to himself.

"Even the unique techniques here can only be studied upon but not brought back as the two worlds are ultimately different... Unless a specific treasure can be made illusionary and taken into their souls to be brought back... If that is so, there is only one such thing! Realm energy!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.

To dream masters, anything physical would be a burden. Only treasures which were illusionary were worth keeping!

Realm energy would fulfil this criterion!

"Based on the description of Hui Realm, there is realm energy between Heaven and Earth. It is the source of everything. In a country, there is a country's realm energy. In the wilderness, there are spiritual realm energies and earth realm energies! A country would depend on its country's realm energy in order to transfer energy to government officials to strengthen them. However, Huangchengs Gods, Mountain Gods and River Gods would need to rely on realm energies to survive..."

"Most importantly, if the realm energy can be absorbed, then it can be brought along with the soul!"

If Feng Xinzi and the rest didn't have any other motives, this would be the most probable conclusion.

With this guess, Fang Yuan knew what he had to do.

After two days.

On a green rock, energy surged around Fang Yuan. Three spiritual meridians formed on his body. He had recovered all the cultivation he had in Da Qian.

"Indeed... my unique ability would allow me to quickly recover my cultivation regardless of the physical body I am in."

He stood up and looked at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 36

Spirit: 30

Magic: 21

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (1st Tier), Wu Zong (3rd Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 4) (1%)], Hundred Poison Golden Body (1st Refining), [8 Gates Sword Array (1st Sword) (10%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

As he fidgeted, the joints in his body started to crack loudly.

"Finally, I've recovered all my abilities. It's suffocating to feel bound for so long!"

Fang Yuan had a premonition that this unique ability of his would bring him far in the future!

"Considering their affluence, Fang Xinzi and company would surely not go after the small realm energies!"

"This would leave them with the bigger mountains and rivers with concentrated earth realm energies. If they can absorb those realm energies into their soul, they would be able to bring it back to Da Qian as a form of... resource for cultivation?"

Fang Yuan started to think deeper. "If I had known, I shouldn't have killed the Mountain God, but captured it and do some research on it!"

Based on his cultivation, he was qualified enough to seal the Mountain God's realm energy but lacked the technique to go about doing it.

After all, this was the first time that Feng Xinzi had asked him to come along. Why would he share his knowledge without reservations?

"Luckily, three months is a long time. I have all the opportunities to try!"

Fang Yuan gazed into the sky and appeared deep in thought.


Golden Dragon Lake.

This was the biggest lake in Lie Country and stretched across a few counties. By leveraging on transport over the lake, people had a good chance of survival by settling around the lake.

Of course, the most famous thing about the lake was the Water God, Golden Dragon God!

This God was famous since a long time ago. It was approved by the previous royal family and had a lot of experience. By harnessing the realm energy from the huge lake, it survived the previous wars which led to the uprising of Lie Country.

In the growing years of the country, the country had sent envoys to check on the lake. The Golden Dragon God was still powerful and could reveal itself even in broad daylight. Therefore, it was still approved but in fact, it was the country's attempt to establish good relations with it.

"This god is one of the elders in Shinto!"

It seemed to Fang Yuan that by riding to the country's realm energy, the king of Lie Country had resorted to killing the low-levelled gods like Huangcheng God.

However, ancient gods such as the Golden Dragons God, who harnessed middle-tier realm energy, could defend itself. Therefore, it was not worth the effort of the country to kill it.

Therefore, the Golden Dragon God was a strong god among the Shintos in Lie Country. It was not only an elder but was the leader of a group of Water Gods and was rather influential.

With a target, Fang Yuan executed his lightness skill and rushed his way through a road which was less populated by the natives. As he neared the boundaries of Golden Dragon Lake, he slowed down.

After three days, he crossed a mountain peak and arrived at a pier.

"Storm Pier?"

Looking at an old-fashioned wooden sign, he walked towards a jetty. "Is this Changliu River? I want to hire a boat to bring me to Golden Dragon Lake!"

He was speaking the official language of Lie Country, the language which Qin Yi spoke. He even had their accent.

The fishermen around looked at him. "Young man, do you want to go to Golden Dragon Lake? It is a two-day journey and will cost you 20 coins!"

The coins in Lie Country were shaped like tiny knives, and there was a tiny hole at the end of the knives, to provide convenience by allowing it to be strung together.

Fang Yuan took out 20 knife-looking coins. These were contributions from the soldiers he had killed and were new and shiny looking.

"Young man, you are indeed from the capital! What generosity!"

The new coins were limited in production and were worth two old coins. As the fishermen looked at the coins, their eyes glittered.

As they exchanged glances, an old fisherman walked out. "If you don't mind, take my boat!"

"Oh, you are..."

Fang Yuan examined him. The fisherman was in his 40s. However, due to the fact that he was physically strained, his hair was white and he looked older than his age. His fingers were rough and seemed strong, giving him the appearance of a good coxswain.

"What is your name? Call me Yu Da!"

Old Yu chuckled to himself as he brought Fang Yuan to an old-looking boat which looked sturdy. He weighed the anchor, opened the sails and sailed out of the harbour. He seemed extremely familiar with what he was doing.

"Eh? Have you awaken your zodiac?"

As Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, he could see that there was a shroud of water-type energy around Yu Da's body, making him look like a black fish.

"You are right! My zodiac is a black carp and I was fortunate enough to absorb a black carp's scale in my younger days. It didn't help me much except to allow me to swim better and feel the water better..."

Yu Da laughed to himself.

Considering the fact that he was not gifted and had no backing, it was already rather impressive for him to reach such a stage.

Even so, without assistance from the government, it would be extremely hard for him to achieve a breakthrough. He was only a tad bit stronger than the average human.

The boat sailed in the direction of the stream which made it rather fast. Fang Yuan casually engaged in a conversation with Yu Da.

"Why are you going to Golden Dragon Lake?"

"To pray to the gods!"

"I see!"

Yu Da pushed his chest out proudly. "Our Golden Dragon God is the most responsive! That is..."

As he continued, his face started to appear solemn and remained speechless as he stared at the surface of the water.

'The gods under him often bring trouble to the people...'

Fang Yuan thought to himself. 'This is already nearing the region of Golden Dragon Lake. Of course you wouldn't dare to speak your mind...'