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Chapter 241: Dragon Realm Energy

Chapter 241: Dragon Realm Energy

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Although the Uncle River the golden carp was not the Golden Dragon God, it was still a Water God and had the attributes of a dragon. Or to put it in another word, it had the blood of the Golden Dragon God.

With such a status and the fact that it took ownership of a region, it would surely have the protection of the Dragon God.

Therefore, Fang Yuan quickly isolated its corpse and used his dream elemental force to attempt to keep it within his own actualised dream world.

Of course, a physical object like the corpse was impossible to be contained within the actualised dream world.

As the air around it vibrated, the corpse exploded and a loud bang was heard.

At the same time, Fang Yuan's expression changed.

He did gain something in his actualised dream world.

Before the carp exploded, a small white hint of realm energy appeared and quickly dissipated. The small tail of the carp was caught and thrown into the actualised dream world.


Within the actualised dream world, Fang Yuan's true self appeared. He stretched out his right hand.

The air trembled and white streaks condensed on his palm, forming half the portion of realm energy. It was a pure white and was wriggling like an earthworm.

"If not for my ability to control my own actualised dream world, I might just let it disappear. Would the realm energy disappear the moment it is released? Could this be... natural realm energy?"

Fang Yuan sighed.

What was left in his hands was less than half the amount of realm energy from Uncle River.

He was already quick to capture the realm energy, but most of it had dissipated before he could keep it.

The amount of realm energy which Uncle River had was given to him by the Golden Dragon God, and might not even be 1% of what the Golden Dragon God had.

"What can I do with 0.5% of realm energy?"

After a long sigh, he opened his hands and released the realm energy.

Feng Xinzi and the few others were likely to be coming for this energy, so there must be some use for it.

If realm energy was released, it would dissipate quickly and disappear.

"Are there no changes?"

Fang Yuan looked at the size and height of his actualised dream world and shook his head. Suddenly, he glanced at his stats window:

"[8 Gates Sword Array (First Sword) (11%)]"

"There is an increase of 1% for the Leaving Fire Sword?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and looked at his Leaving Fire Sword, which seemed to have not changed.

If not for the proficiency bar in his stats window, he would not even be aware of such a minor change.

"I've gained 1% from such a small amount of realm energy. What should I expect after getting the realm energy from Golden Dragon Lake?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered. "The difficulty level for the other swords should be different from the Leaving Fire Sword, but it should allow me to actualise a true Leaving Fire Divine Soldier and begin on my next step for the next sword, right?"

"Although I don't know the reason why Feng Xinzi and the rest are after the realm energy, to me, it is enough to know that I can increase my cultivation through it!"

"I am just lacking in a technique to seal the realm energy!"

If he used brute force, even if he could painstakingly kill the Golden Dragon God, he would lose more than half of its realm energy. How could he bear to let it go to waste?

Therefore, he had to obtain the technique to seal realm energy!

Since Feng Xinzi and the rest had already planned for the exploration mission in this realm a long time ago, they must be prepared.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and returned to reality.

The river was surging.

Although he had many complicated thoughts in his dream world, it was only a blink of an eye in the reality.

Regardless if it was Ling'er who was beside him or Yu Da who was frightened to his wits, or even the crowd at the riverbank, none of them could react to what had just happened.

Uncle River was killed!

Since the accession of Golden Dragon God, nothing like that had ever happened!

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan was not interested in the commotion at the riverbank and directly commanded Ling'er.

Her eyes were filled with dismay, but she did not resist Fang Yuan.

After all, she knew that regardless of how things would turn out, it would not be appropriate for her to return...


After three days, at Golden Dragon Lake.

The lake was extremely vast and deep. On the surface of the lake, there was a thin layer of fog. Many small islands were within the lake, housing many island dwellers who would only worship the Golden Dragon God. They were like their own country and even Lie Country could do nothing about it.

Along the sides of the lake, in a restaurant, Fang Yuan ordered a pot of wine, a few dishes and enjoyed himself there.

As for Ling'er, he had given her some money and let her off.

After all, he only wanted to help her for the sake of helping her, and it was a small issue.

As for the Golden Dragon Lake, there was peace after the death of Uncle River, the golden carp. This surprised Fang Yuan.

"He must be extremely nervous inside, right? I'm sure he is preparing for my arrival?"

Fang Yuan finished his last cup of wine and stood up, preparing to pay for the bill.

At this moment, he twitched a little before slowly sitting down again, smiling.

"Deng! Deng!"

As footsteps were heard, two people walked down from the wooden staircase from the upper floors. Seeing Fang Yuan, their expression remained unchanged as they walked over.

"Brother Fang!"

It was a man and a woman. The man looked like a martial artist while the woman was a beautiful lady. It was Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus.

Of course, even though they had already gotten used to their bodies, they flinched in uneasiness as they met someone familiar. After greeting each other, they promptly joined him at the table.

As the brute looking martial artist which Deity Clear Lotus was possessing waved his hands, a layer of mist appeared. From outside, people could only see three friends happily chatting.

"Alright, we can speak without a worry now!"

Deity Clear Lotus looked at Fang Yuan. "It has been a few days and Brother Fang has already accomplished something big!"


Venerable Fiery Dragon scoffed. "You killed Uncle River, the golden carp! Do you know how much trouble that would bring to our plan?"

"I have no idea!"

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and gave an innocent look. "Didn't we agree to split up and do whatever we want? How would I know who your target would be?"

Venerable Fiery Dragon was stunned.

In fact, he had already discussed this with Deity Clear Lotus that the main objective would be to take down Golden Dragon God. This was why they came straight to Golden Dragon Lake.

After hearing the news of Uncle River being killed, they quickly came out from hiding without a regard for anything.

Little did they know that Fang Yuan was new to this place. Furthermore, since they did not discuss the 'big plan' with him, it was only normal that something like that would happen.

"As for you guys..."

Fang Yuan was infuriated. "Both of you know that realm energy is extremely beneficial. Why did you hide this fact from me?"

As he raged, the air around shook as though there was a strong source of energy.

Deity Clear Lotus looked at Venerable Fiery Dragon and were shocked. "Your cultivation level... How much have you recovered?"

"About 30% to 40%?"

Fang Yuan lied through his teeth.

"Keke... We have only heard about realm energy from Su Guo. Before confirming it, we did not dare to do anything reckless..."

Deity Clear Lotus tried to salvage the situation, but Fang Yuan did not believe anything that she said.

"If this is so, then Feng Xinzi and Yu Tianlao would also target this place, right?

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he asked.

"No, Feng Xinzi is much more greedier... As for Yu Tianlao, she is rather mysterious and no one would ever know what she is up to..."

Venerable Fiery Dragon looked at Fang Yuan and felt that he was too mysterious to be understood.


As for Deity Clear Lotus, she waved her hands welcomingly. "It is fate that we are able to meet Brother Fang. Let's count him in, shall we? After all, it's good to have another person helping out! Looking at the situation at Golden Dragon Lake, I'm afraid just the two of us won't be able to handle it!"

"That's true!"

After a long silence, Venerable Fiery Dragon nodded his head.

"Oh, thank you for your generosity!"

Fang Yuan placed his fists together and acted like he was appreciative. In a short while, after their exchanges and lies, it was weird that they could still get along.

"That's right... Brother Fang, your guess is correct. Both of us are here for the Golden Dragon God, or should I say... the realm energy within the 800-mile radius of the Golden Dragon Lake!"

Deity Clear Lotus nodded her head. "After my research, I found out that the realm energy would not only aid us in our cultivation in the Illusionary Divine Stage, it would also have miraculous effects in smelting weapons and doing alchemy!"

"The only problem is that it is hard to obtain and hard to contain..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and sighed.

"Looking at how things are, I'm guessing that you have lost more than half of the realm energy from killing Uncle River, right?"

Deity Clear Lotus bit her lips and smiled. "I can teach you a technique to contain the realm energy. Let this be a sign of my sincerity for working with us!"

"Hmph... The golden carp, Uncle River, is the third child of Golden Dragon God and has his love. If we were the ones to contain the realm energy, we would surely be able to contain 90% of it!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon spoke in a regretful tone.

"Haha... Forgive me for my recklessness!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "Since Deity Clear Lotus have expressed her sincerity and both of you are going after the Golden Dragon God, I'll listen to all of your commands!"

"That's great!"

Deity Clear Lotus was jubilant. "With the addition of Brother Fang, I am extremely confident we'll make it work this time!"

Fang Yuan was rather confused that Venerable Fiery Dragon did not rebut Deity Clear Lotus's comment.

It seems that the power of Golden Dragon God was much more than he had imagined.

Indeed, Deity Clear Lotus started to describe Golden Dragon God's abilities. "Under this god, there is Uncle River, Patrolling Ghost and others. Most importantly, we have to contain the realm energy of Golden Dragon Lake. It is as powerful as 3 or 4 dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage combined, and even Feng Xinzi is afraid of facing the Golden Dragon God alone... However, it is most troublesome when these beings are within their territories, as they would be strengthened by their realm energies. For instance, The king of Lie Country would be strengthened by the country's realm energy, which makes him invincible against many spiritual spells. Even Yu Tianlao could do nothing to him..."

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head.

"In fact, the realm energy in Hui Realm has appeared in Da Qian before, but in a different form!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon added on. "For instance, if the royal family of Da Qian did not have protection from the heavens and the control of the dragon energy, it would already be overrun by the crazy people from the Evil Divine Sect and the Divine Lotus Cult."

"Protection from the heavens, control of the dragon energy?"

Fang Yuan started to think about it and slowly began to understand the backing of the royal family of Da Qian.

"Mmm, the king of Lie Country is equivalent to a small Da Qian Emperor... With the realm energy of the country, we cannot go near him. However, if we are able to take his realm energy...."

There was a hint of temptation in Deity Clear Lotus's voice.