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Chapter 242: Bait and Kill

Chapter 242: Bait and Kill

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Dragon God Island.

The island was situated in the depths of Golden Dragon Lake. On it, there was the largest temple, built to worship the Golden Dragon God. It was under the protection of many strong believers who lived nearby.

These island dwellers live among the islands in the lake and depend on the Golden Dragon God for survival. Their establishments on the lake were shocking and even the king of Lie Country could do nothing about it.

"Just on Dragon God Island itself, there are already about 10,000 people living on it, and a standing army!"

Fang Yuan and the two other dream masters approached the island, and their eyes were glittering.

One month had already passed since the three of them had met.

With they own secret techniques, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus went all out and recovered more than half of what they originally had. To recover even more of their abilities, they were met with all sorts of restrictions. Compared to Fang Yuan's unique ability, the difference was obvious. At some point, he even felt that he could take the both of them down. Of course, that only remained as a thought.

Through the past month, they had collected quite a lot of information regarding Golden Dragon Lake.

Finally, the three of them could not hold it back any longer and started to plan their attack.

"Within the lake and especially at the Dragon God Island, the Golden Dragon God would be able to use its full strength, and he would be further strengthened by the realm energy..."

Fang Yuan shook his head. "We should not fight him here."

"Of course we wouldn't!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon gazed at Dragon God Island with a serious look and raised his hands.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

A few red sparrows landed on his arms and chirped cheerfully.

However, Venerable Fiery Dragon remained with his serious look, as though he had received new information.

"How's it?"

Deity Clear Lotus asked.

"The defence on Dragon God Island is tight. Even my secret technique to spy on them was discovered! We cannot go in by brute force!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon continued to look solemn and shook his head.

"If that is so, then the only way is to attract him out of his nest!"

Both of them looked at Fang Yuan.

Seeing their reactions, Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. "Shouldn't you keep your promises?"


Venerable Fiery Dragon patted his own chest. "I will transfer you 100 contribution points when we get back!"

"I'll give you the technique to seal the realm energy now!"

Deity Qinghe passed her white-coloured inscription plate over.


Fang Yuan took the inscription plate and placed it on his forehead. Immediately, he received a huge transcript of the technique. "I'll verify it on my own. If there are no problems with it, we can carry on with our plan three days later!"

"That's good!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon exchanged mysterious glances with Deity Clear Lotus.


Three days later, on Dragon God Island.

"Roar! Roar!"

In the temple, a figure with the head of a dragon and the body of a human let out a terrifying roar.

It was similar to that of a tiger or leopard's roar, with the vibe of a God.

On Dragon God Island, people and animals alike would kneel down and pay their respects to the Golden Dragon God.

"Dragon God is here!"

In the temple, a priest was wearing a colourful but scaly hide. There were even scales on his face. He was in meditation, as though he was listening out for something. Quickly, he turned around and announced:

"The mighty Golden Dragon God had passed down a decree! The person who killed his son, the golden carp, is here at Golden Dragon Lake... Find him and kill him! Bring his head back as an offering!"

"Wuuu! Wuuu!"

Many island dwellers shouted in fury as they started to paddle their boats and took their leave from the island.


At the border of Golden Dragon Lake.


Fang Yuan pointed his finger out like a sword and struck at random.

In front of him, there was a huge tortoise. As the sword essence struck through its shell, green blood started to flow out.

"Five Places and Ten Earths, Seal!!!"

He struck his left palm on the shell of the tortoise.


A glow appeared and a small amount of realm energy was visible. As it struggled to escape, it was contained by the runes around. Slowly, the space around it shrunk and finally, it became like an earthworm, which was subsequently thrown into Fang Yuan's actualised dream world.

"This technique is really simple..."

The plan which Deity Clear Lotus and Venerable Fiery Dragon came up with was to use Fang Yuan's identity as a bait. He would enter the Golden Dragon Lake and attract the island dwellers out before killing them.

As long as the damage they could create was huge enough without displaying any real threat to the Golden Dragon God, he would surely appear to stop them!

What if he would decide to be a cowardly tortoise? They would kill their way in until the Golden Dragon God wouldn't be able to take it!"

Previously when Fang Yuan killed the golden carp, he sealed his own spiritual aura, which made him undetectable.

With his sudden revelation, he attracted this large tortoise and the other crustacean army.

'This is not right... you're overdoing it!"

Beside him, a red sparrow was chirping. "You need to fight and run at the same time, convincing the Golden Dragon God that he has the ability to take you down. The best would be to injure yourself and force him to come out of hiding, making himself vulnerable!"

"I know..."

Fang Yuan waved his hands in annoyance but he was panicky inside.

If Venerable Fiery Dragon were to become a trickster, he would be rather successful.

"And also... The realm energy..."

The red sparrow stared at Fang Yuan as though it was begging for an earthworm to eat.

"Whoever killed it shall have it!"

Fang Yuan rejected him without hesitation, turned around and took his leave.


At the small river near them, a splash appeared and a huge green prawn crawled up the shore. With its two huge claws, it started to snap at Fang Yuan.

"Another one who is looking for death!"

Fang Yuan looked across the lake and saw the silhouette of a wooden boat. He smiled.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

This time, the red bird leapt on his shoulders and chirped into his ears.

"Alright, I've got it, fight and run at the same time!"

Fang Yuan swung his sword out, forming a red moon in the air. Within seconds, he had already chopped off the head of the prawn and started to drag the prawn along with him by its tail. "It's such a rare sight to see a freshwater prawn this huge! We're having a good meal tonight."

As soon as he walked into a forest, there was a trail of blood behind him.


Not long after, the news of a person wreaking havoc at Golden Dragon Lake spread.

The fishermen could haul up fishes of over ten inches long and huge turtle shells. Of course, they also found remnants of broken boats from the island dwellers.

Many fishermen reported that they had seen the devil before and that it was only a young man.

At the same time, the casualty rate on Dragon God Island steadily crept up.

Finally, it was the seventh day.

"Roar! Roar!"

As a dragon's roar was heard, the ground gave way. A golden flash of light shot out from the temple and towards the South.

South of Golden Dragon Lake.

"My God will never let you off!"

An island dweller, who was a Wu Zong, spat out blood.

He was highly skilled in martial arts and was at the level of a Wu Zong. With the assistance from other spiritual objects, he was comparable to a Wu Zong in the Meridian Opening Realm.

But now, he was laying on the ground like a dead dog. Not long after, he lost his breath and died.

"I'll wait for him!"

Fang Yuan breathed heavily, and his body condition had deteriorated.

This island dweller was indeed highly skilled and posed a formidable opponent. This resulted in Fang Yuan having multiple injuries and he was bleeding everywhere, soaking in clothes wet in blood.

Of course, this didn't matter.

If he continued to head South and through a mountain, he would be out of the territory of Golden Dragon Lake.

If the Golden Dragon King wanted to strike, it would strike now.

Fang Yuan revealed a worn-out look and started to close his eyes and meditate.

Around him, there were many corpses of the island dwellers. It was like a massacre and huge volumes of blood filled the ground. It had turned black and was a nauseous sight to behold.

In the hell-like surroundings, Fang Yuan sat in the middle peacefully, which felt confusing.

After a short while, Fang Yuan stood up and was prepared to leave.


At this moment, a golden glow appeared and a strong surge of energy exploded!

At a small river beside where Fang Yuan was, there was a black shadow within. It was long like a gigantic snake.

"Roar! Roar!"

After the roars were heard, there was a huge splash and a gigantic water dragon appeared.

This water dragon had the body of a snake and had four claws. It was green in colour with hints of golden streaks on its back. With its ferocious eyes, he glanced at Fang Yuan. "Mortal, was it you who killed my son and destroyed my crustacean army?"

"Why do all Gods like such an entry?"

Fang Yuan dug his ears. "Regardless... You are still a water dragon, not a dragon!"

Fang Yuan was certain that this was the Golden Dragon God.

Even though it had the support from the royal family and had been existing for a few hundred years already, it still had insufficient cultivation to become a true dragon.

On the contrary, from the water dragon's eyes, he could only feel that he was evil and cruel.

"It seems that the gods in this realm are problematic. If you continue to rule with fear and control your followers, how can you think about achieving something big in the future?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and looked at the red sparrow.

"Alright, you can make the first move. Deity Clear Lotus and I will make the necessary arrangements to block his path!"

Fang Yuan could hear Venerable Fiery Dragon's voice in his mind.

"What audacity!"

Without a doubt, Fang Yuan's indifferent attitude had infuriated the Golden Dragon God.

With a water dragon's roar, the Golden Dragon God grew in size and struck a huge claw above Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan quickly dodged the claw. At where he once stood, there was a huge claw mark on the ground.

"You indeed have the assistance from the realm energy from the Golden Dragon Lake..."

Fang Yuan widened his eyes. "Your physical body, energy and blood have already reached its peak! Watch out for my sword!"

As he complimented the Golden Dragon God, there was a glow on his right hand.

The illusionary shadow of a red spiritual sword appeared in his hands.

"Leaving Fire Sword, strike!"


A fiery glow struck mid-air and landed on the water dragon, knocking its scales off and revealing a wound.


Not just that, a small fire started to burn on the water dragon.

"Ah... How dare you..."

As the Golden Dragon God exclaimed, he harnessed his water-type techniques in an attempt to put out the fire.

Previously, Fang Yuan was concealing his true ability but now, as he used his full strength, he gave off a different feel.

"Who are you exactly?"

Golden Dragon God transfigured into a middle-aged man wearing robes and started to float in mid-air. He appeared solemn.

"I am the person who is responsible to kill you! Watch out!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed.


As the blood in the ground came together, spiritual inscriptions were formed, creating a huge array and trapping Golden Dragon God in it!