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Chapter 243: Killing in the Array

Chapter 243: Killing in the Array

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"What is... this?"

In the blood array, Golden Dragon God was glowing as he was fighting against the binding array. His expression was changing.

"Save me, king!"

Amidst a blood fog, many illusionary shadows appeared. The first of them was an animal with the feathers of a crane and the shell of a tortoise. It looked fierce but the shadow of it was incomplete. Its eyes were bloodshot. "King... I'm in pain!"

"Dragon God! Dragon God!"

Behind him, many spirits were rushing and they were all covered in a black mist.

"God, please protect the island dwellers!"

Most of the island dwellers had fractured bones and they were like grieving souls surrounding the Golden Dragon King.

"What this about..."

Witnessing this scene, Fang Yuan's expression changed.

"Hehe... how's my Thousand Soul Bloodied Array?"

Beside him, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus appeared. "I created this blood array. As for the grieving souls, it was Deity Clear Lotus's Karma Technique. It is normal for this god to experience all these karma, for he had a good deal of coming to an agreement to coexist with the mortals!"

"I've learnt!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "Normal spiritual array masters would only know how do cast an array and the most they could do would be to rely on the geographical features of where the array would be cast. However, both of you are able to do it naturally after taking into account the background of the Golden Dragon God and cast it naturally! Kudos!"

All these grieving spirits and island dwellers were not only killed by Fang Yuan but had to become a tool after death to go against the Golden Dragon King. They were pitiful as they were being manipulated while they were alive, and even after death.

Even the arranging of the array to trap the Golden Dragon King was an impressive one.

"The two of them... they are not simple! But to train and achieve the Illusionary Divine Stage, how could they not have had any help?"

Fang Yuan thought to himself silently and looked at the array.




"Save all of us!"

In the blood array, every grieving soul was pestering the Golden Dragon God.

"How dare all of you! Do you want to disobey my orders?"

Golden Dragon King took two steps back and revealed a face of determination. "Do all of you want to be destroyed and vanish from this world?"


As he spoke, a concentrated bubble of realm energy appeared from his body and rose up slowly like a cloud, becoming a sight to see 800 miles around the Golden Dragon Lake.

"Chi! Chi!"

The souls which approached him dissipated and melted as though they were snowmen under the sun.

"Rumble! Rumble!"

Surges of energies continuously struck the array like waves.

"What a strong force from his realm energy!"

Outside, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus were frantic. "The most realm energy we have ever seen was from Uncle River. Who would have thought that this Golden Dragon God would have so much realm energy!"

"We cannot allow him to break out of the array, or he will escape through the water."

Deity Clear Lotus roared and placed her both her hands on the array.

"Chi! Chi!"

Within seconds, her strong arms quickly withered and became skin and bones. It was as though life was being sucked out of her arms.

"He will not escape. He will simply use the realm energy from the Golden Dragon Lake to destroy us completely!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon glanced into the cold-looking eyes of the Golden Dragon God. Together with Deity Clear Lotus, he placed his feminine hands onto the array.

After taking in life from the both of them, the blood array started to stabilise. Although it looked precarious, it was still able to contain the Golden Dragon God's relentless attacks.

However, both of them were extremely pale as though they were dead.

"Both of us have sacrificed 20 years of our lives in an attempt to contain the Golden Dragon God's realm energy for a while longer. Fang Yuan, quickly enter the array and kill him, or we will all lose our lives!"

Their voices were heard in Fang Yuan's mind, which made him roll his eyes.

However, he also understood the teachings of arrays and could tell them both of them had already exerted their strength. If he were to ask them to fight against the Golden Dragon God, it would be extremely tough for them.

Furthermore, as time passed, both of their life essences would be lost. Their hair even turned white, which was evident that they had already lost many years of their lives.

"Without assistance from the realm energy, the dragon king is only a spiritual knight in the Elemental Opening Realm and a Wu Zong!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and took a step into the array.


In the next moment, everything changed!

It was bloodied all around and there was pressure felt everywhere.

In the centre, the Golden Dragon God's body glittered as it repelled the blood fog which was within the array. There was a streak of realm energy on his head which was sealed by the glow of blood from the array.

"Thief, it's you again!"

Seeing Fang Yuan, the Golden Dragon God's expression changed once more.

If not for him, how would he so carelessly leave the lake and be captured?

He wanted to kill Fang Yuan so badly and drink his blood!

However, it was an experienced god. "We are only on opposite ends because of the death of Uncle River. I have 8 other sons just like him, and countless crustacean army! Why not stop fighting... With all my wealth, I can compensate you anything you want!"

"Oh? You're becoming smarter!"

With a mysterious look, Fang Yuan shook his head. "What a pity... We don't want your treasures, but the realm energy in this 800-mile radius lake!"

"That is the source of my energy!"

The Golden Dragon King looked desolate. "It seems like... We have to fight each other to our deaths!"

As soon as he finished his sentence, he rushed forward and transfigured into a water dragon. With the swerve of his tail, he swiped at Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan was struck by the tail and fell above the array. He stood up as though he was uninjured and dusted his chest. "Indeed... Without assistance from the realm energy, you are not such a formidable opponent after all!"


The water dragon in the blood array widened his eyes. "How can you remain uninjured?"

"Why not?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chest. As he rubbed, his clothing disintegrated and flew with the wind like butterflies, revealing his golden body.

This was the strength of Giant Eagle Metal Body coupled with the defensive Hundred Poison Golden Body!

"There is no such person like you in Lie Country who does not need to rely on the powers of the zodiac... What kind of God are you?"

The water dragon asked as he sounded confused.

"You are already a dead dragon. Why do you need to know so much?"

Fang Yuan let out a laugh and pointed his right hand out. "Thousand arrows, strike together!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

In his actualised dream world, the 8 Gates Sword Array shook.

Countless red-coloured sword essence filled the blood array, and in the array came an exclamation filled with fury and pain.

"Chi! Chi!"


In the blood array, the water dragon dodged the sword essences as they slowly inched towards the boundary of the lake.

Every time the array shook, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus would spit out a mouthful of blood. Within minutes, their hair became completely white.

"This dragon is more powerful than we have expected!"

There was blood on Deity Clear Lotus's mouth. "If not for fate for us to meet Fang Yuan, we might end up dead if we were to strike recklessly!"

"That's true!"

Venerable Fiery Dragon had an awful look on his face. "I am worried about our friend not being able to take down the dragon in such a short time. If he takes a little longer, we would die and return to our realm. Yu Tianlao would surely laugh at us!"


At this point in time, a stronger force struck the array and cracks started to appear on its side.

In the array, Fang Yuan swung his sword essence around and slowly started to form a sword, landing it on the water dragon's body.

As the water dragon flew out, blood spurted everywhere and it crashed into the walls of the array.

As everything shook, countless water dragon scales and water dragon blood scattered on the ground like rain.


In the blood array, the blood glow which contained realm energy shook and started to crack under immense pressure. The realm energy within it was trying to break free as though it could emerge anytime.

"We can't hold any longer. We need to kill the dragon now!"

Through his spiritual will, Fang Yuan could sense that the both of them were about to use up all their energy. "If we let it escape, even I would probably die and it would hurt our own physical bodies! It would not be worth it then! Use your final strength!"

As the Golden Dragon King sensed that the realm energy was about to escape, it had a joyful look and became more composed.


In front of him, three spiritual meridians appeared on Fang Yuan's body forming a spiritual armour and covering his body.


At the same time, a translucent fire sword was shimmering in Fang Yuan's hands. It had a dragon carving on its handle and was a Leaving Fire Sword.

"Sixth Elemental Force and the Leaving Fire Sword, kill!"

Becoming a shadow, Fang Yuan approached the Golden Dragon King swiftly.

As the spiritual armour glowed, it blocked off most of the attacks.

With the look of determination in his eyes, Fang Yuan danced around the water dragon and wielded the sword with all his life. Avoiding all his other wounds, he came to the water dragon's neck and lunged forward!

"Roar! Roar!"

As the water dragon roared, it appeared as though it could not hold on further.

With the scales on its neck falling, Fang Yuan continued to strike the water dragon's body, allowing the sword's essence to explode within the body


After a dull voice was heard, the water dragon's stomach expanded as though it had swallowed a small burning sun.

The stomach continued to grow and finally, it could not hold any longer and exploded.

As blood splattered across the sky, two halves of a water dragon's corpse fell from the sky and as it hit the ground, dust was stirred up.

"Finally... it had ended!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands, retrieving the scale from its neck.

It was an inverse scale and was different from the rest. It seemed to be of pure gold and different from the scales from other parts of its body, which stunned Fang Yuan.


In the next moment, the blood array crumbled.

"Phew... It's finally dead!"

"This d*mned dragon is really fierce... Wait, quickly contain the realm energy!"

Deity Clear Lotus and Venerable Fiery Dragon were stumbling about but held on and executed the technique to contain the realm energy in mid-air.


Without reservations, Fang Yuan helped out and the three of them worked together to execute the technique.

"Roar! Roar!"

Amidst the runes, a white streak of energy slithered like a dragon and on its way, it struck the seal.

"What a fellow!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth. "Such power! Indeed the realm energy from 800-mile radius of the Golden Dragon Lake!"