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Chapter 244: Dragon Palace

Chapter 244: Dragon Palace

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Compared to Uncle River's realm energy, the process of sealing Golden Dragon God's realm energy was much harder.

Even though the three of them were working together, he could feel an energetic dragon forcing its way out.

"Haha... great!"

However, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus were pleased.

The more difficult it was to contain the realm energy, the bigger their reward.


As the realm energy surged, dark clouds began to form above the entire Golden Dragon Lake.

In the sky, lightning struck everywhere.

Even though the three Illusionary Divine dream masters came together, the huge realm energy was extremely hard to contain, even without the Golden Dragon God controlling it.

"Five Places and Ten Earths, Seal!"

Finally, before the lightning could strike them, colourful runes were covered all over the realm energy and as it glowed, the realm energy was contained.


As the three of them worked together, according to their agreement, the dragon-shaped realm energy split.


In the explosion, the original realm energy became three smaller streaks of energy. As their power was reduced, they could no longer attempt to break out.

"The Golden Dragon God's realm energy is plentiful. If we carry it around us, we would attract too much attention and trouble for us. The best way to keep it is to keep it directly into our actualised dream world."

Without hesitation, Deity Clear Lotus and Venerable Fiery Dragon transferred their realm energy into their dream worlds.

Fang Yuan did the same thing.

The amount of realm energy was huge. With it, the Golden Dragon God could manage 800 miles of land and even go against the royal family. If all these realm energies were to land on a small god's hands or on a cultivator's hands, they would surely achieve a breakthrough immediately and therefore gain the power which the Golden Dragon God once had. After all, it would be more favourable for the realm energy to end up with the natives compared to Fang Yuan and company. At least, that would be the choice of the heavens.

"Although we are concealed in the bodies of the natives, the more we do, the more we are revealing ourselves..."

The three of them stood together and looked at the dissipating dark clouds. "The heavens would surely find some way to deal with us. They might even create some Energy Souls!"

"Energy Souls?"

Fang Yuan immediately thought of the protagonists in the novels which he had read about. These protagonists would be equipped with magical weapons and beautiful ladies would automatically come to them. With this thought, he shuddered.

"That's right. These Energy Souls are rather troublesome and cannot be killed. Therefore, they can become strong very quickly..."

Venerable Fiery Dragon gave an unpleasant look. "If we go after these Energy Souls, we might even encounter the even more powerful Fate Souls. I'm sure you do not want to have the feeling of going against the entire world..."

"What we've done is still considered a small commotion in this world, right?"

Deity Clear Lotus's expression changed.

"This is only a Dragon King is a small place and the heavens might let us go. As For Feng Xinzi's big plan..."

Venerable Fiery Dragon shook his head. "It's not that simple. It would only be normal if the heavens would interfere. Regardless, in the next two months, we'll prepare to live in seclusion and handle the realm energy. What about you, Brother Fang?"


Fang Yuan rubbed his nose. "I would explore this world and gain more exposure. Don't you want to follow me to explore the dragon's nest?"

"... These treasures are useless to us..."

Deity Clear Lotus continued. "What is rarer than the corpse of a water dragon?"

Looking at the water dragon corpse on the ground, she commented. "To us, it can only be made into a one-time usage magical weapon to be disposed of in this world..."

Although pessimistic, they carried on to split the corpse of the water dragon.

They were friendly to each other since they knew that this was something they could not bring out of this world.

Afterwards, the three of them worked together once again as they prepared to explore Dragon God Island.

Other than an empty temple and the many escaping island dwellers, they still could not find the dragon's nest.

"Since he calls himself the Golden Dragon God, he might have built a Dragon Palace underwater!"

Deity Clear Lotus and Venerable Fiery Dragon immediately backed out. "In this 800-mile huge lake, even though we are dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage, it is still impossible for us to slowly search for it. Instead of wasting time here, why not find a place for us to slowly recover our cultivation and make a few magical weapons in preparation for the final plan!"

Facing such a rejection, Fang Yuan could only laugh.

He had already restored all of his cultivation. Furthermore, he was not well-versed in smelting magical weapons. He could only show a face of regret as a response to their rejection and continue on with his plan.

"Although Deity Clear Lotus is right, I have nothing else to do. I have restored everything that I need to restore, so it will be alright for me to continue searching. I might even find something useful!"

After a few days, at night.

As the sun set, the moon started to spread its glow over the surface of the world.

On the lake, the moonlight was shimmery but there was peace everywhere.

"A full moon above the ocean, and people and the ends of the world can enjoy the same moon. For lovers would resent the long night and think of each other..."

Looking at the moon, Fang Yuan slowly recited a poem.

Although there were two suns in this realm, there was no changing moon, which disappointed him a little.

"This place... it is still not my original world!"

Lying on a small boat, he drifted along with the current. Looking at the moon above him, he took out a piece of scale.

This scale had sharp edges like a sword and was golden. It had a hint of dragon property and was not a normal scale; it was the inverse scale of the Golden Dragon God.

Because all three of them were friendly towards each other, or it could be the fact that they didn't mind, Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus did not say anything about him keeping the scale.

Under the moonlight, on the surface of the lake, the golden glow on the inverse scale intensified and inscriptions full of spiritual property started to appear on the scale.

As he dipped the inverse scale into the lake, there was a surge of energy which spread from the scale.

"It's the Dragon God!"

"Dragon God!"

Not long after, a black shadow appeared beneath the lake. "Golden Dragon God is already dead. How can I still detect his spiritual aura? Could it be a broken scale? If I swallow it, I will have the blood of the dragons and might even be able to become a dragon in the future!"

"Mortal, hand over the piece of scale!"


As water splashed around, a huge black shadow emerged from the lake. It was a black snake's head the size of a water pot. Its ferocious eyes were like torches. As it spoke human language, its tongue slithered in an out of its mouth, making it seem evil.

If a normal person were to see this, they would be shocked and stunned.

"Who would've guessed that there is still such a monster in the Golden Dragon Lake!"

Without caring what the snake had said, Fang Yuan kept the piece of scale. "I have a question. If you cannot answer, you will end up like the three previous island dwellers. They are now reflecting on their own actions in my stomach... Where is the Dragon Palace? Hmmm?"

As he asked, a huge pressure was felt in the vicinity and on the black snake.

"Ah... You're the human who killed Golden Dragon God!"

As the black snake exclaimed, it turned around and tried to escape.

How would Fang Yuan let it escape? With the casual flick of his finger, red-coloured sword essences appeared in mid-air and as it pierced through the black snake, there were many charred wounds appearing. Its red blood started to seep into the lake, dying it red.

"If you still want to escape, the next sword would be through your head!"

Snakes were extremely good at surviving. Although it had many wounds on its body, none of them was severe.

As it froze in mid-air, many figures of red swords were pointing towards its skull.

Such a threat almost made the snake cry.

It was extremely unlucky! It was only attracted by the blood smell of the Golden Dragon God but ended up facing the person who killed the God. If he had known, he wouldn't have come to risk its own life.

"I'll say, Sir!"

The black snake lowered its head, showing its respect. "There is a huge array outside the Dragon Palace. Normal island dwellers would not know its location, but the few Uncle Rivers and us demons would know. I'll bring you there now!"

"Very well!"

Fang Yuan leapt onto the snake's head.

With all his experience in dealing with animals, he knew that the snake was speaking the truth.

With the confusion array outside the Golden Dragon God's palace, normal island dwellers would unknowingly bypass it.

However, this black snake was not normal. With its status, it surely knew the location of the palace.

"Let's go!"

With Fang Yuan's command, the black snake leapt into the water.

'Humans cannot survive in the water. When we reach the bottom, i'll...'

As a cunning look flashed in the black snake's eyes, it quickly noticed a layer of spiritual armour surrounding the human, repelling the water around him. A long red sword was held to its head, which made it helpless and had no choice but to obediently show him the way.

As they swam across a group of colourful corals, an underwater palace appeared in front of Fang Yuan's eyes.

The palace appeared extremely luxurious and it was covered by a large hemisphere outside. Within it, corals were used as decoration and pearls covered the floor. It was a luxurious sight to behold.

"Sir... This is the location of the palace. Although I can trespass the protective array outside, without the permission of the Dragon God, I cannot decide on my own accord!"

The black snake humbly commented.

"Mmm, at least you're aware!"

Fang Yuan approached the membrane of the hemisphere. Something within his robes started to heat up. It was the piece of dragon scale!

"Verification of spiritual aura?"

Fang Yuan tilted his head to think, before pressing on the inverse scale.


A red glow with streaks of gold appeared as it landed on the membrane.


As the membrane shook, an opening was revealed which was only large enough for one person to enter.


Fang Yuan smiled, kept the scale and walked it without hesitation.

As the opening gradually closed, the black snake waited for half a day before leaving quietly.

"This is not what I have expected. Although, the palace is luxurious, there are no servants here. On the contrary, it seems more like a secret hideout for a cultivator?"

Fang Yuan circled the palace a few times and noticed that the palace was not huge. As the membrane repelled the water, there was no water pressure within the palace. Instead, there was fresh air within. He stumbled upon an alchemy room, a study and a meditation room. He was ecstatic, especially with the whole room of books. Most of the books were about cultivation. Even though there were differences in their realms, it could still greatly improve his foundation.

Therefore, he decided to stay here for a month to take in all the knowledge he could.