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Chapter 246: Miraculous Fruit

Chapter 246: Miraculous Fruit

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Within the actualised dream world.


The dragon cried faintly.

After the spiritual seal was broken and the restrictions lifted completely, the white realm energy flew into the sky, transformed into a cloud dragon and thrashed around in the tiny space.

"It seems that you have not suffered enough!"

Fang Yuan shook his head as he witnessed the situation, "8 Gates Sword Array! Rise!"


In the centre of the space, the cloud dragon did not dare approach the array. The 8 sword radiance flickered as they supported the heavens and earth, forming a sword array.

The fire-type sword essence was especially threatening as it appeared to overpower the other 7 sword essences.

Suddenly, the sword radiance shot out, surrounded the cloud dragon like a whirlpool and constantly inflicted cuts upon it.

The sharp radiance reduced the realm energy into the purest form of energy and scattered it.


With the aid of the energy, the whole actualised dream world started to expand and the fire-type sword within the 8 Gates Sword Array started to form.

Finally, after a period of time, accompanied by the humming of the sword, the Leaving Fire Sword roared, the red glow shook the world as the scarlet dragon danced in the sky.

In that instant, multiple fire sword essences surged forth and stimulated the entire dream world, causing it to expand multiple folds.


The cloud dragon let out a cry, but it was unable to go against the insurmountable sword essence. It was completely destroyed and turned into pure elemental energy. The Leaving Fire Sword glowed and the scarlet dragon on the hilt appeared to come to life as it let out a roar.

"The fire-type sword is finally formed completely!"

To Fang Yuan, it was better to be content with what he had than to risk losing everything by doing too greedy. Even though the realm energy would be more useful in Da Qian, it would be better for him to increase his power before taking part in Feng Xingzi's grand plan.

Fang Yuan would use the realm energy to aid in his own cultivation regardless of how Venerable Fiery Dragon and the others think.

At this point in time, the Leaving Fire Sword was finally formed!

"The Leaving Fire Sword is located at the true South. Next, it will be the water-type sword located at the true North!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and the Leaving Fire Sword fell onto his palm. Every inscription on the sword was real and appeared simple.

"Fire and water have no mercy. As of now, I am just a dream soldier master who has cultivated 1 sword. If I am able to successfully form the water-type sword, I would be able to summon it into the actual world to form the Water-Fire Dual Sword Array! This is also where the secret teachings of the 8 Gates Sword Array truly become formidable!"

Given Fang Yuan's current standard, he was able to summon a Leaving Fire Sword and was no different from an ordinary dream soldier master.

However, once he would be able to form more swords, he would be able to combine the 3 talents [1], 4 divisions[2] and the 5 elements sword array ...the possibilities were endless and he would be able to change the world with his sword array!

"Using fire to stimulate water, go!"

He tossed out his fire-type sword and in an instant, at the North of the sword array, a penetrating chill, blue and slender long sword momentarily appeared. The water on it swirled around and started to gather.

"What a shame, this realm energy is only one-third of the Golden Dragon Lake! It was almost not enough to form the fire-type sword. I was only able to succeed due to the hard work that I put in the past 2 months!"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "If I am able to obtain the realm energy of the Golden Dragon God, it would be sufficient to form half the water-type sword..."

It would be increasingly difficult to form the swords of the 8 Gates Sword Array. Of course, those cultivating other pathways of dream masters would experience the same difficulty.


In the real world, Fang Yuan opened his eyes, "Stats window!"

In an instant, a screen which only he was able to see appeared before him:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 36

Spirit: 30

Magic: 30

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine Stage (1st tier), Wu Zong (3 Meridians)

Technique: Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique [Grade 4(1%)], Hundred Poison Golden Body [1st Refining Stage], 8 Gates Sword Array [2 swords (1%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"The cultivation of a sword is able to raise the magical energy by 10?"

Fang Yuan was deep in thought. "Towards the end, the disparity would be even greater! It is no wonder that there are such great disparities between a high-levelled Illusionary Divine Stage dream master and an ordinary dream master..."

He stood up and shook his sleeves. He could not help but feel satisfied when he saw his collection of manuals that filled his entire house.

"After close to 2 months of training, I have completely refined the realm energy and reached another level in my cultivation. Not only that, I have memorized everything in the Dragon Palace records. This gain is sufficient...Furthermore, there is yet another surprise."

Fang Yuan arrived at the Dragon Palace Main Hall.

He had already torn down the place and converted it into a small flowerbed. In the middle, there was a pond and within the pond, the White Whiskers had germinated, grew...and transformed into pure white flower and plant.

Its leaves were sparkly and translucent and grew atop a white stalk. However, its veins were golden in colour.

If one were to observe carefully, one would be able to notice a large number of runes within the golden veins. It was truly a sight to behold.

At that moment, there was a white flower bud the size of a small bowl at the top of the spiritual plant.

"What an exotic spiritual plant, I have never heard of it before!"

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged and silently waited for the flower to bloom, "Who knows what type of fruits it will bear and what properties does the fruit have...."

After half a day, above the Dragon Palace, spiritual water cascaded endlessly.

Within the pond, the white flower bud quivered and started to blossom slowly.

"It's here!"

Fang Yuan opened both eyes and stared intently at the pond.


At this time, a faint sound heard from the outside world caused his expression to change. "This pressure...a heavenly threat?"

He looked at the spiritual flower in the middle of the pond in astonishment as he did not expect that the blossoming of this flower was predestined!

Above the Golden Dragon Lake.

Dense clouds loomed as lightning flashed.

It was as if the heavens were furious. The overwhelming pressure caused many spirits to cower and remain hidden in their dens, not daring to even reveal themselves.

This was a heavenly threat!

Within the Dragon Palace, the moment the first petal of the exotic flower blossomed..."Crack!"

Amidst the loud sound, the sky appeared to be ripped open and a streak of purple lightning suddenly descended, its target, the water body within the Dragon Palace.


The surface of the lake rippled and many spiritual fish floated up with their bellies facing upwards. It was truly a disaster for the fishes in the pond.

"This Dragon Palace was built at the bottom of the lake with the intention of preventing lightning strike!"

Fang Yuan was not really shocked after witnessing this scene.

The Golden Dragon Lake was the first line of defence. The Coral Array outside was the second line of defence and the defensive array of the Dragon Palace was the third line of defence!

He was still in an advantageous position. Even if he was of no match, he would still be able to make his escape!

"The more you incur the jealousy of the heavens, the more I want to find out what kind of thing you are?"

Fang Yuan released the red light in his hand and a scarlet sword appeared. It was the Leaving Fire Sword!

However, compared to the shadowy sword essence previously, the current Leaving Fire Sword was the real deal! Even if Fang Yuan was dead, the sword could still remain within the real world and unleash its potential. It could even become an inheritance of a small family clan!


Outside, the lightning flashed endlessly. Some streaks of lightning even managed to reach the Dragon Palace.

"It is able to destroy the Coral Array outside so quickly even with the lake weakening it?"

Fang Yuan fixed his eyes on the pond. Within the pond, the white flower had blossomed halfway and a small amount of golden light was trickling out.


A streak of lightning appeared and struck the top of the Dragon Palace heavily. The whole membrane shook and was shattered shortly after with a loud crash.

Water flooded in and the structures were overwhelmed. Large portions of the structures collapsed in a short duration.


Fang Yuan's expression remained unchanged as a Leaving Fire Sword appeared. The Leaving Fire Sword circled the spiritual pond and channelled the water outwards.


Within the spiritual pond, the flower finally bloomed completely and gave out a unique fragrance.

A ray of golden light descended from above.

At this time, a streak of purple lightning flashed, the specks of lightning combining as if it was a tiny snake and flew towards the golden light.


Fang Yuan was expecting this. In the instant the purple lightning appeared, he had already drawn out the Leaving Fire Sword. "You dare intercept me? You did not ask for my permission!"


An extremely concentrated line of fire flashed and struck the purple lightning snake.

Fang Yuan's arms trembled and he moved back a few steps.

Using the time that he had, he reached out and grabbed the golden light. Soon after, the white flower withered and turned to dust after it had served its purpose.


Lightning danced crazily in the sky!

One could feel the wrath of the heavens even at the bottom of the lake.

"This is not fate, but rather...not stopping, not giving up unless the target is achieved!"

Fang Yuan's expression grew solemn.

Even though he was a dream master in the Illusionary Divine Stage, he would not be able to hold up against heaven's will. Even if he remained hidden in the Golden Dragon Lake and refused to leave, he would definitely be no match for heaven's trial!

"It looks like...this object is crucial!"

He looked at his palm and saw that the white exotic flower had borne a fruit which looked like a golden ball. There were runes which flickered and formed a ring of light around the surface of the fruit, causing onlookers to be dazzled.

"Crack! Crack!"

Another few streaks of lightning struck down, which caused Fang Yuan's spiritual armour to crack as he tried to flee.

"I cannot take it any longer!"

His face grew solemn as he started experimenting with transferring the golden fruit into the actualised dream world.

Even though he knew that doing so might destroy this mystical treasure, he still took a gamble and did it after weighing the pros and cons!


Fang Yuan did not expect the process to take place without a hitch as the golden ball disappeared and reappeared in his actualised dream world.

After losing its target, the raging lightning turned peaceful. The dark clouds in the sky dispersed, revealing the scorching sun. The brilliant sunlight lit up the ground and formed a rainbow.


Fang Yuan's sorry shadow appeared beside the shore as he heaved another sigh. "It's so dangerous!"

If he was not able to form the first sword, he might not have the ability to keep the golden fruit safe from the lightning.

Furthermore, if he was not able to successfully transfer the golden fruit into the actualised dream world, Fang Yuan would have to give it up under the neverending heavenly lightning.

He might even be implicated if he was inattentive!

However, there was no problem now.

His actualised dream world and the real world could be considered two different worlds. As such, the heaven's trial of the real world could not reach him in his actualised dream world.

"It is just...what is that?"

Fang Yuan looked at the golden fruit within the actualised dream world. He was unable to discern the sand-like spiritual runes on the surface of the fruit which caused him to enter a deep thought. "What is this extraordinary object and who knows how the Golden Dragon God attain it in the first place..."

[1] The 3 talents refer to heavens, earth and man

[2] The four divisions refer to the four divisions of the 28 constellations