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Chapter 248: The Pen and The Sword

Chapter 248: The Pen and The Sword

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"Used up?"

Fang Yuan realised that not just Feng Xinzi, but even Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus were looking at him with disappointment.

"Do you know how valuable realm energy is?"

Deity Clear Lotus's finger shook. "If brought back to Da Qian, it can be exchanged for at least a thousand contribution points. Some high-tier dream masters might even come up with their own offers to buy or even owe you a favour... Even if you are keeping it for yourself for self-cultivation, you can combine it with spiritual objects to improve its effect. Why would you do this... you're wasting it!"

"Eh... it's actually our fault for not explaining it to him..."

There was a look of pity on Venerable Fiery Dragon's face.

As for Feng Xinzi and Yu Tianlao, both of them had a look of suspicion on their faces. They were suspecting if Fang Yuan had told them the truth.

To Fang Yuan, it was extremely worth it to use a third of the realm energy from the Golden Dragon Lake to achieve a breakthrough in his own cultivation as a dream master. It was not a waste.

No matter how good the prospects were, practical gains were the most important.

Fang Yuan remained speechless as he glanced at Venerable Fiery Dragon and Deity Clear Lotus giving up their realm energies to lend them out.

"Hehe... Brother Fang, you seem to be very nonchalant about everything here!"

Noticing him, Yu Tianlao chirped.

"It's not that... I am only thinking. Throughout the years, Lie Country must have some sort of backing or source of power to remain in power. Are the five of us enough to take down the king..."

"Keke... Don't worry, my friend!"

Feng Xinzi waved his hands. "I am already familiar with every person in Lie Country. No one is stronger than Golden Dragon God... except for the king of Lie Country. He has the protection of the realm energy, which makes it a little troublesome..."

"When do we strike?"

"Let's not delay things further. A day later would mean an additional day for the masters to prepare. Let's get ourselves ready and strike now!"

Feng Xinzi was decisive.



Both lords, Chunhe and Huixing were Feng Xinzi's puppets. Just as Fang Yuan and company were making their last preparations, the commotion of chaos was heard as they prepare to invade the city.


A huge catapult hurled a hundred-pound rock at the city wall.

As the rock crumbled into smaller pieces, it smashed into a few people, making blood spurt everywhere.

Those rocks which were slightly more accurate were flung just above the city walls, smashing everything in their way and resulting in a bloodied mess.

"Release the arrows!"

On the walls, soldiers were frantically trying to defend as they shot their arrows at the enemies.

As the enemies approached the walls, there were logs and rocks being rolled down, smashing everything in its way.

"Haha... the heavens are blessing the king!"

At the city gate, a general with a black face was laughing. "They have yet to compose themselves but are already attempting to attack the city! They are seeking death!"

Although they didn't know the reason behind the haphazard enemy attack, he knew that if they continued to attack, they would slowly be weakened!

They were disorganised to begin with and could only survive by pillaging the villagers.

Now that they were attacking without organisation, they would not be able to withstand once the casualty rate rises. They might even crumble in the next moment.

'By then, I would get the credit for everything... should I counter attack them outside the city? If I can capture any one of the lords, I might be heavily rewarded!!!'

Just as his eyes were glittering with greed, he could see 5 shadows rushing towards the city gate at an astonishing speed.

"Who are those? Kill them!"

Although he knew that these 5 people were highly skilled, he did not panic.

After all, in his many years of experience in Lie Country, he was already familiar with the different ambushes from enemies. Therefore, he could naturally react to the situation.

The only thing he was unaware was that the 5 of them had abilities he could never have imagined.

The next moment.


There was a huge explosion and the city walls shook. The general almost lost his footing.

His ears were buzzing and bleeding, and he felt a little dizzy. "What happened?"

As he struggled to crawl onto the city walls, he was dumbfounded.

Where the city gate once was it was no more. Instead, there was a huge hole, and 5 silhouettes were standing by it.

"What are you guys waiting for? Attack! Attack!"

The guards outside the city were shocked as well. As they slowly came out of their daze, their eyes were bloodshot. "Those who enter the city will get riches and concubines... your pick!"


Seeing that their strongest defence was destroyed, the attack soldiers were inspired. Attracted by the rewards, they shouted as they rushed into the city.

Compared to them, the guards within the city were stunned and unable to react.

Seeing the city gate being destroyed, their confidence was shaken.

Since their enemy had assistance from the gods, the only thing they could do was to run and escape!

"De... Demons!"

Looking at the five Illusionary Divine stage dream masters at the city gate, his face was flushed as he spat out a mouthful of blood. "Even if it costs my life, I would fight all of you to my death!"


"Kill them!"

His eyes were bloodshot. Enraged, he killed an escaping soldier and gathered his own soldiers, mustering their courage.

However, his fighting spirit was only a small wave in the ocean of enemy soldiers. Within seconds, he disappeared.


In the sky, dark clouds started to form as lightning danced in the sky.

It was as though the involvement of the 5 dream masters had angered the heavens, resulting in the natural disaster.


"What a defeat..."

At the city gate, the five dream masters in the Illusionary Divine stage were witnessing the war, and Fang Yuan sighed.

Even though the five of them were just standing there, the surrounding troops were still afraid to come near them and proactively gave them a small empty space.

"This is the downfall of the capital of Lie Country...."

Feng Xinzi lowered his head. "Do not hold back and release everything that we've got! Double Dragons, create chaos!"

Two streaks of realm energy appeared on his hands. Fang Yuan could recognise that they were from the Golden Dragon Lake.

In Feng Xinzi's hands, the two streaks of realm energy roared and transfigured into two white serpents. Rushing up into the sky, it formed an array and released 5 streaks of white glow, covering Fang Yuan and the rest of the dream masters.

"Oh... this is..."

Looking at the glow on his own hands, Fang Yuan no longer felt that there was an impending calamity.

'Feng Xinzi is an experienced dream master indeed. He can shield us from the heavens with a simple array!'

Fang Yuan silently complimented him in his heart. Following, he could hear Feng Xinzi's voice. "This array can only cover us for about 4 hours. In return, we have to use up all the realm energy from the Golden Dragon Lake... we need to make full use of this opportunity!"


As the five of them looked at each other, they rushed into the royal palace.

"King! Bad news! The city has been invaded!"

In the royal palace, the king who has just returned to the palace turned pale. He almost tripped down a flight of stairs. "How can they enter so quickly?"

"It's 5 demons combining forces to break the city gate!"

"Such a thing could happen?"

The king got to his feet and cried. "Does the heavens want me dead?"

Ultimately, he was not the average person. Before the servants could console him, he had already wiped his tears. "I can die but the country must live on! Letting my brothers inherit the throne would still be better than letting the 5 demons take control! Where's the First Officer and First Lieutenant?

"We're here!"

As both of them arrived, they bowed with a face of determination.

"As king, I now announce that both of you are the imperial advisors. Quickly be on your way to kill the demons!"

The king of Lie Country clenched his teeth.

After wiping out the demons, even though the country would be in shambles, he could still ensure his family's place on the throne. If the demons were to be successful, his heritage would be no more and the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Chi! Chi!"

Since he was the king, following his commands were dragon roars.

Behind the king, a huge streak of realm energy appeared. It stretched from the skies to the ground and a majestic power which the realm energy at the Golden Dragon Lake lacked.

"Whooo! Whooo!"

Two spiritual auras broke from the country's realm energy and landed on the First Officer and First Lieutenant, strengthening them.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

"Aww! Aww!"

Behind the both of them, there was a Vermilion Bird and a White Tiger respectively. Absorbing the realm energies, they started to achieve breakthroughs and arrived at a level no one had attained before.

"I can only die serving you to repay your kindness, king!"

In a bright glow, both of them flew upwards and out of the royal palace.


The king was dizzy and almost fell to the ground. As he looked at the shocked faces of his servants around, he rubbed his nose, and blood came out. "In history, we do not make people imperial advisors unless necessary. Now, I understand why..."

'Appointing imperial advisors would suck out life from me, which would ultimately lead to my death...'

Finally, he understood. 'With such a minor injury, it must be the heavens siding me!'


"Be careful! The enemy is highly skilled and they are most probably the First Officer and First Lieutenant. They harness power from the zodiacs of a White Tiger and a Vermilion Bird respectively, are are the epitome of 'the pen and the sword'!"

Feng Xinzi could see two strong spiritual auras emerging from the royal palace, transfiguring into a White Tiger and a Vermilion Bird. "Killing them would render the king useless!"

"White Tiger, to counter their enemies?"

Fang Yuan stared at one of them with interest.

Above that person's head was a bright white glow forming the shape of a huge tiger. Just by the looks of it, it already seemed more superior to Qin Yi's white tiger.

Needless to say, there were glitters of stars on the white tiger, which made it look more ferocious and determined.

"Is this the zodiac which the country's realm energy support?"

Venerable Fiery Dragon appeared solemn. "With such power, I'm afraid they might be stronger than the Golden Dragon God!"

"Demon! Die!"

On the other side, there was a red glow and a Vermilion Bird landed, revealing an old man with a gentlemanly look and a crown on his head. As he pointed at the 5 of them, a burning inferno started to grow.