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Chapter 251: Hire

Chapter 251: Hire

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Fang Yuan originally had no more contribution points left. But now, he had another few hundred contribution points and he hesitated no more as he arrived at the rock tablet.

"Based on the number of contribution points I have, I'm sure I will have enough to hire a high-tiered dream master to discover the path ahead for my Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique. However, I can only make breakthroughs for a few more grades, and might as well buy the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique!"

After thinking about it, he released his interest in buying the entire recordings of the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique and placed emphasis on the entire recordings. This meant that he expected the recordings to include the process of condensing the Divine Body.

Fang Yuan was speechless when he realised that he had to pay a contribution point just by releasing his request.

"Next up... to find out information relating to dream-traversing the different realms!"

He quickly browsed through the information on the rock tablet as the relevant ones were sieved out.

There would be a short synopsis of the information to allow the reader to understand what the information was about before the reader would decide to buy the information so that he could continue reading the information.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan shuddered.

He focused on a piece of information regarding how to accurately dream-traverse to a specific location and there was a picture as well, which piqued his interest.

The information was recorded by a famous dream master known as Venerable Dream Traverser. He also realised that his recordings were rather popular as many had bought from him.

He immediately bought it without hesitation when he realised that he would have to fork out 100 contribution points for the recording.


A glow emerged and huge chunks of information appeared.

"The realm would be unaware that you are from a foreign realm... There are two ways in which dream masters can explore worlds. Either by exploring the worlds in their true physical body or through dream-traversing... I will first explain how to dream-traverse to a specific location... The techniques include 'Three Elemental Technique', 'Offering Technique' and 'Realm Breaking Technique'... regardless, they are all inferior to obtaining a Realm Evidence!"

"Realm Evidence is something which obeys the rules of reality in that realm and is universally accepted everywhere in the realm. A person with Realm Evidence would automatically integrate with the realm and will have a high tolerance within the realm. It is something everyone would hope for but not everyone would get!"

Behind the description, there was a picture depicting how Realm Evidence would look like. There were talismans, swords or even an ordinary looking rock.

The only similarity between these objects was the fact that there would be many runes within it, which would inscribe the coordinates of the realm they were from.


Reading this, Fang Yuan was speechless.

To him, Realm Evidence was the entry pass to everything and it would not matter how it physically looked like.

"From the appearance of the runes around it, it's likely that the golden fruit has the coordinate of a realm!"

His eyes glittered. "No wonder it looked so confusing! I will need to express it in the form of a talisman in order to sieve out the coordinates of the realm and acceptance to the realm..."

Since he had just returned from dream-traversing, he would not immediately attempt it again.

Furthermore, he still needed to learn how to activate the coordinates and it was not something that he could achieve in a short period of time. Therefore, he left the Dream Realm promptly and arrived at the Qin Family's mansion, requested for a quiet place and started to execute his dream-accessing technique.

Although the Qin Family's mansion was protected by a protective array and had the protection of a few elders, Fang Yuan could still sneak in without anyone knowing that the Qin Siblings were his moles.

Very quickly, Qin Yun, who was doing some manual labour, felt sleepy and waved his hands. "I'm a little tired. I'll take a quick nap first, don't disturb me!"

"Yes, Sir!"

The servants were promptly dismissed as Qin Yun arrived at a reclining chair. With a yawn, he entered into a deep slumber.

In a bewildering fog, his body appeared and he noticed a young man in front. "Greetings, Sir!"

"Mm, please rise!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. A stone table and two stone chairs suddenly rose, and there was a tea set on the table with brewed tea in it.


He quickly called Qin Yun to join him and poured a cup of tea for him. After all, he was a family head and he had to treat him like one. "How's the investigation?"

Qin Yun took a small sip and was mesmerised by the fragrance of the tea.

He knew the prowess of a dream master and therefore was respectful. "I've got news regarding the Yang Family. They were originally the most influential family in their county but unknowingly, they were wiped out by Venerable Qing Gui!"

'Indeed, it happened!'

Fang Yuan nodded his head before continuing to probe further. "Did the imperial court investigate what happened?"

"Venerable Qing Gui was a dream master in the Illusionary Divine stage and was not easy to take control of him... Furthermore, he was from the Evil Divine Sect! Of course, it was necessary to go by the books and conduct the investigation, but as to how the investigations were being conducted... Hmmm..."

Qin Yun shook his head and Fang Yuan was once again reminded of the power of dream masters in Da Qian Empire.

"As for the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique... The technique was the Yang Family's signature martial arts technique and would allow a martial artist to form 8 spiritual meridians and condense the Divine Body. It is considered rather powerful and after circulation, most families would have parts of the recordings regarding the technique. However, most parts only record up to forming the 8 meridians. As for the entire recordings, after my investigations, they should be in the hands of the Ruan Family!".

"Ruan Family?"

Fang Yuan's eyebrows twitched. Never would he have guessed that the Qin Family would be so efficient in their investigations.

"That's right! The Ruan Family is related to the Yang Family through marriage. On the day of the downfall of the Yang Family, one of the elders was severely injured but managed to escape. He was rescued by the Ruan Family but unfortunately, could not be treated. With that, he passed on and the entire recordings of the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique now lie in the hands of the Ruan Family!"

Qin Yun continued. "Ruan Family is situated in Victorious East Region, Yiwu County. It is two regions away from Sand Region. Sir, do you need directions there?"

The Da Qian Empire was vast and many times larger than Yuan and Wu Country.

"No need!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands. He started to miss the flying beasts he had back at home.

"Wait a moment..."

His expression changed. "There seems to be a hiring service in the Dream Realm. I can directly hire a spiritual bird to bring me to Victorious East Region, and this idea seems possible..."

However, there was also such a service provided in Sand Region. The only difference was that the type of birds used was weaker, slower and easily tracked down.

Without another word, he left.

In the Qin Family's mansion, Qin Yun slowly woke up and was deep in his thoughts.


With a target in mind, Fang Yuan quickly put up a mission request in the Dream Realm.

There was no difficulty in this mission. It only required the person to ferry him. Therefore, he only offered 10 contribution points. Even so, there were quite a lot of people interested in taking up the mission.

After browsing through a number of interested dream masters, he chose a dream master's symbol of which he deemed that the dream master was not too powerful.

This person which he had chosen was respectful and mentioned that he had a spiritual bird comparable to a Wu Zong and could fly undetected.

Most importantly, he was geographically near this dream master!

After a few words, they had agreed to meet up.

After 2 hours, on a peak in Dongyi County, a giant spiritual bird landed amidst the gushing wind.

This spiritual bird resembled an eagle and had golden feathers and two heads. It was a Golden Double-headed Eagle and was ferocious in nature. It was rumoured that this bird would be able to obtain elemental force at maturity and even have wind and fire abilities. The strongest among these birds would be comparable to a spiritual knight in the Elemental Opening realm or a Wu Zong in the Meridian Opening realm.

"Greetings, senior Fang!"

As the double-headed eagle landed, a young man walked down from the back of the eagle and greeted Fang Yuan.

"Mmm, you're Huo Qing?"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "Based on the agreement, I'll pay you half of the amount, and after ferrying me to Yiwu County in Victorious East Region, I'll pay you the remaining half. Is that right?"

"That's right!"

Hua Qing invited Fang Yuan up the back of the eagle. Within seconds, the double-headed eagle had flown into the clouds.


The double-headed eagle let out a long chirp, forming a green sphere which covered its body, blocking the wind.

"Senior, please enjoy!"

On the spacious back of the eagle, Huo Qing had prepared tea and snacks. "We'll arrive there in a day's time after crossing two regions, please be patient!"

"You are meticulous..."

Fang Yuan looked into Huo Qing's eyes and realised that he was an elementary dream master in the realm of dream-accessing.

Of course, considering his age, he was already a talent.

The only thing was that there was a big gap between his cultivation and Fang Yuan's, which was why it was still appropriate for him to address Fang yuan as a senior.

"This double-headed eagle is rather good. If it was me, I think I would be unable to tame such a quick spiritual bird..."

After a while, Fang Yuan complimented him.

"You're right, senior!"

Huo Qing was careful with his words. "There are lots of dangers within these two regions that we are crossing. Even though we're high up in the sky, we still have to be careful... Furthermore, we will be flying across county cities, district towns and even some influential and powerful families. Therefore we have to avoid them... I am useless and can only rely on this to make a living..."

Hearing his explanation, Fang Yuan was shocked.

He never knew that Da Qian Empire would be so advanced to the point of even protecting their own airspaces.

If he were to capture any random spiritual bird and flew across, he would invite trouble for himself.

Of course, from this, he could also understand why Huo Qing was doing this.

Huo Qing had painstakingly tamed a Golden Double-headed Eagle, remembered the air routes and made a living from ferrying people to places. From offering such services for hire, he would be able to earn contribution points to exchange for resources in the Dream Realm.

If Fang Yuan was a native from the Da Qian Empire without any special skills, after becoming a dream master, he would probably take the same route and depend on a skill to save up in order to achieve a breakthrough in the future.

"Not bad... not bad at all!"

The journey was a smooth one and the land below started to turn green with vegetation. As the mountainous regions approached, Fang Yuan knew that they had entered Victorious East Region. Suddenly, he enquired. "With such an ability, have you thought of expanding? For instance, establishing an association and offering your services to everybody?"


Huo Qing laughed. "I am a dream master! How can I serve mortals? Furthermore... they cannot afford to hire me!"

Fang Yuan remained silent.

Even elementary dream masters would have the pride of dream masters in Da Qian Empire.

Remaining silent, they quickly arrived at Yiwu County. On a plateau, Huo Qing ordered the double-headed eagle to land, and Fang Yuan dismounted.

"Senior, are you here for your private affairs and that you don't want anybody to know about it?"

Huo Qing stroked the double-headed eagle's feathers and fed it a spiritual fruit. "If you want to return, you can look for me! Little Golden and I are capable of evading the spiritual air soldiers!

As he spoke, there was a sense of pride coming from him.