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Chapter 252: Kidnap

Chapter 252: Kidnap

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'There are air soldiers patrolling the air in Da Qian?'

Fang Yuan had picked out a different meaning from Huo Qing's words and became more alert.

After all, to have control over the vast area and be blessed by the heavens, the Imperial Court would surely have this ability!

Even though he was the Eagle Lieutenant in Yang Fan's dream world, he still did not know everything.

At this point in time, he could slowly understand the power of Da Qian.

"Only dream masters would be able to fight against dream masters... I'm afraid that as Feng Xinzi described the 5 most powerful organisations in Da Qian, he left out the Imperial Court!"

Fang Yuan waved goodbye to Huo Qing and entered Yiwu County.


In Yiwu County, the Ruan Family was considered one of the influential families.

In history, after receiving the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique from the Yang Family, everyone in the Ruan Family, be it elders or disciples, received a boost in their martial arts skills. From there, they had produced two elders in the Meridian Opening Realm, which secured their standing in the county.

Of course, there were rumours that the reason why the Ruan Family could become so powerful in such a short time was not only due to the fact that they had the Yang Family's martial arts, but they also had a secret vault! This made the Ruan Family, without a doubt, one of the most powerful families in the region.

However, by now, after many years, the rumour had started to go away.

After all, which family could climb up and rise in influence without killing and sacrificing others? How many innocent people were harmed along the way?

Since they were being suspected of wrongdoings, they would not harp on it. Slowly, the people in the county would forget about their deeds and would take them for a kind and pure family.

To others outside the county, they would appear to be a legitimate strong family.

In the Ruan Family's mansion study.

The current family head of Ruan Family was Ruan Ming. He was in his fifties and was a Wu Zong. He knew how to take care of his body well and therefore only appeared to be in his thirties. He closed his eyes as he listened intently to his subordinates report the accounts.

"In the East City, we have earned 2,000 elemental crystals. They have been kept in the main vault!"

"The business in the few shops within the city are stabilising. Every month, they would bring 500 elemental crystals. According to your wishes, we have already sent them to Young Master Junxian!"


The few housekeepers knew the family head's temper and were all respectful. In the process, they casually mentioned a young master's name.

"Mmm, Junxian is gifted and is the hope of our family... we cannot stop supporting him!"

As he mentioned his son, he slowly opened his eyes, revealing a look of joy.

He had 3 sons and 5 daughters. Most of them were average but Ruan Junxian was gifted in martial arts. He started at the age of 3 and achieved a breakthrough to the Pain Gate at the age of 8, obtaining inner force. Now, he was 16 and was already at the peak of the 12th Gate. He had entered 'Thousand Year Mountain', a big sect in Victorious East Region. There were rumours that he was the most gifted there and was treated especially well.

However, Ruan Ming knew that establishing good relations was extremely important. Even though he was inside a big sect, he still needed a continuous supply of resources.

As a family head, Ruan Ming was restricted in many ways and could only help him within his boundaries.

"Family Head, we have good news!"

At this point in time, a guard came in and knelt down on one knee with a joyous look on his face. "Young Master Junxian has written back! He will be leaving the sect with his master, 'Black Tiger Taisui' and will be around Yiwu County in the next few days to come!"

"Haha... Good news indeed!"

Ruan Ming stood up. "Pass down the instructions to make preparations... Black Tiger Taisui is not only a Wu Zong in the Meridian Opening stage but also Junxian's master. We cannot show him any disrespect!"

This He Shantong, the Black Tiger Taisui, was a person of high status in Thousand Year Mountain and legend has it that he had already formed 5 spiritual meridians and the Sixth Elemental Force! In the Tiger Ranks, he was ranked 87th in the whole of Victorious East Region!

Victorious East Region was a region filled with martial artists and therefore had a ranking system of the Tiger Ranks and Dragon Ranks.

To be ranked, one had to be younger than 40 years of age and be at least a Wu Zong. To be highly ranked, one had to at least be in the Meridian Opening stage.

As for the Dragon Ranks, it was mostly unchanged. Only people who had formed all the spiritual meridians and condensed the Divine Body would be able to enter.

For He Shantong to be in the Tiger Ranks meant that he was indeed highly skilled.

Although the Ruan Family had three elders in the Meridian Opening stage, none of them was in the ranks.


Outside the Ruan Family, Fang Yuan casually picked up a guard and flung him away, getting what he wanted.

"The Ruan Family is similar to the Yang Family. They pass down their martial arts based on the status of the family members. I'm afraid only the family head and the three elders know about the entire recordings..."

At this point in time, Fang Yuan was still not skilled enough to just barge in a powerful family like the Ruan Family.

More importantly, after getting what he came for, it would be hard for him to escape the surrounding guards.

Furthermore, there might be countless arrays protecting the family's mansion or secret weapons. After all, this was not Yuan or Wu Country. Any wrong step would lead to him being captured.

"In order for the plan to work, I'll have to lure the snake out... That'll be the beloved son of the Ruan Family, Ruan Junxian, right?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin as his eyes glittered.

He never thought of the possibility of a trade. How would such a powerful and influential family easily give up their secret martial arts technique? Even if they were agreeable to a trade, Fang Yuan could most possibly be unable to afford it, or rather, unwilling to pay for it.

"Ranked 87th in the Tiger Ranks, He Shantong, the Black Tiger Taisui... Keke..."

As he looked towards a random direction in the city, he chuckled.


In the forest, the surroundings were peaceful.

Along a path, a carriage was slowly advancing.

The carriage did not appear luxurious, but in fact, it was made from Thousand Year Bronze Wood and was less bumpy. There was a mild fragrance within the carriage.

The person who was riding the horse pulling the carriage was around 15 years old.

"Junxian, there's no need to rush. Yiwu County is just ahead."

As the curtains were drawn, He Shantong, the Black Tiger Taisui was chuckling.

"When we return home, I'll give you the best reception, master!"

Ruan Junxian was smart. As he commented, He Shantong started to laugh happily.

After laughing, his face turned serious. "Do you know the task given to us by the sect?"

"I know, to destroy the Li Family! Leave no stones unturned!"

Ruan Junxian was young. As he mentioned this, he felt a little bad.

"To be honest, the Li Family are not evil. However, of all people, they had to offend us. If we do not teach them a lesson, other families would think that they can climb all over our heads, and it will be hard for us to do what we need to do in the future..."

He Shantong started to share his own experience.

"Master... I've learnt!"

Ruan Junxian clenched his teeth. "The strong will kill the weak, and this has been true since the beginning of mankind... Even our Ruan Family could only grow at the expense of other families!"

"Very good! You're rather smart for someone who had been doing martial arts for your lifetime!"

He Shantong praised him.

He had never said such words to other disciples before, but now, he had said it to Ruan Junxian. From the first time he saw Ruan Junxian, he was already beginning to feel bias towards him, and even he could not believe himself.

"Based on our sect rules, since this is your first mission, I am only allowed to supervise you, of course... if you can get external help, that will not be flouting the rules..."

As he changed the topic, he started to give tips to Ruan Junxian.

Ruan Junxian was listening intently when suddenly, the horse came to a halt.

"What happened?"

The young man tumbled down from the horseback and quickly looked in front.

All he could see was a man in white blocking the path of the carriage.

The two horses pulling the carriage were frightened and refused to budge.

"Stay behind me!"

He Shantong appeared serious as he pulled Ruan Junxian to one side.

"I am He Shantong from the Thousand Year Mountain. May I know who you are?"

Looking at the young man in front, he could only feel a fleeting feeling as though he was connected to the heavens and earth, making his heart shudder.

Based on his many years of experience, it was extremely rare to meet a cultivator with such a spiritual aura.

"Black Tiger Taisui?"

Fang Yuan examined the martial artist who was ranked in the Tiger Ranks.

He was a skinny person with a tanned face and a pair of burning eyes. With a smile, he continued. "You're just like that?"

"It seems that you are here for revenge?"

He Shantong slowly walked out of the carriage, with a strong and pressurising spiritual aura.

He did not ask Fang Yuan the reason why he was here, for he knew that he had countless enemies.

Furthermore, other than enemies, there could be other people looking for trouble as well.

"That's true... and false at the same time!"

Fang Yuan went straight to the point. "If you are willing to lend me Yuan Junxian for a few days, we can avoid the fight. Wouldn't it be a win-win situation?"

"Without considering the fact that he is my disciple, but the fact that he is a disciple of the Thousand Year Mountain would mean that I would lose my face if I were to let you take him away from me!"

He Shantong smiled and took in a deep breath.


Suddenly, the muscles in his body bulged and he became taller. Within seconds, he had transformed from a bony person to a tall and well-built man.

Not just that, his skin had turned black like metal and two sharp fangs grew out from his mouth, as though a tiger had possessed him.

Black Tiger Taisui was indeed powerful!

"Master's Seven Star Black Tiger Transfiguration?!"

Ruan Junxian turned pale. Never would he have thought that his master would use his most powerful move in the opening!

"OH? Not too bad! Let me test you out!"

Fang Yuan slowly walked out and casually struck out a punch.


A gust of wind blew and the sand was drifting.

"First Star! Second Star! Third Star! Open!"

He Shantong exclaimed as three spiritual meridians formed behind his back, forming the shape of constellations. With that, he pounced towards Fang Yuan.


As their fists met, both of them were forced a few steps backwards.

"Fourth Elemental Force? Not bad!"

Fang Yuan shook his numb arm. "You're stronger than me before I open my spiritual meridians!"

With his Wu Zong cultivation, Giant Eagle Metal Body and Hundred Poison Golden Body, he was still weaker than his adversary.

"Before opening your spiritual meridians? Meridian Opening Wu Zong?"

Ruan Junxian covered his gaping mouth. In the next moment, he could see three thick spiritual meridians forming behind Fang Yuan's back, forming a spiritual armour. He also grew a pair of eagle wings and claws.

"Giant Eagle Claw!"

"Fourth Star! Fifth Star! Open!"


In a loud bang, five constellations appeared behind He Shantong's back. With that, he pitted his Sixth Elemental Force against the eagle's claw.

In a red flash, he flew back with a sword wound on his chest.

In a single move, He Shantong, the Black Tiger Taisui who was ranked 87th in the Tiger Ranks, was defeated!