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Chapter 254: Lin Qianye

Chapter 254: Lin Qianye

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In the dense forest, Fang Yuan reached the depths of the mountains. As he released the sword essence, he carved out a cave and a stone bed before throwing Ruan Ming onto it.

"Dream accessing!"

As he spoke, his right index finger touched the area in between Ruan Ming's eyebrows.

It was a facade when Fang Yuan had requested for the Green Blooded Qilin. His real objective was to retrieve everything about the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique from this family head!

If he had requested this from the beginning, he would have given them time to prepare against him. After all, there were many dream masters in Da Qian and they could seal his memories.

Taking him by surprise would mean that although he would have some techniques to defend his own spiritual will, there was nothing that Fang Yuan had to fear.

Many years ago, he could already access the dream of a Wu Zong. Being a dream master in the Illusionary Divine stage, he could easily access Ruan Ming's dream, even if he was met with resistance.

"Mmm? There is indeed a seal in his memories. After all, as family head, he would know too many secrets and they had to take precautions..."

As Fang Yuan entered Ruan Ming's consciousness, he arrived at a golden lock which sealed up a bunch of secrets.

"The good thing was that he is unaware of my motive and therefore did not strengthen the defence. I can still break this with some time!"

With the wave of his hands, a fog appeared and it seeped into the limbs of Ruan Ming.

Dream masters were skilled in manipulating spiritual wills and souls. At his current level of cultivation, it was not easy, but neither was it too hard to break through the seal. Fang Yuan had the confidence that he could do so.


Yiwu County.

"It is a revenge I must take against the person who captured my father!"

Ruan Junxian and Black Tiger Taisui had both recovered. There was hatred in Ruan Junxian's young eyes. "I want to search for that evil person and save father!"

"Don't spout nonsense!"

The Elder head was his great great grandfather. As he lectured him, he slapped him squarely in the face.

It was a distinct "Pa"!

"The only reason why your father would want to save you is that you are the future of our family!"

The Elder head appeared solemn. "If anything were to happen to him, you can still inherit his place and become family head. If you go and anything bad were to happen to you, who would take over the family?"

In the family, the fight to become family head was a fierce one.

If Ruan Junxian was around, he would only need a few years of training to officially become the family head and the other grandsons could not win the fight.

If he were to die while searching for his father, there would be no more heir and the First family would crumble.

"That person cultivates in both spiritual techniques and martial arts, he might be a dream master!"

With a pale face, He Shantong the Black Tiger Taisui commented.

With this, the elder head of Ruan Family started to have goosebumps but forced a smile. "Daoist Qing Yun has also investigated and it seems that this is true... Unknowingly, our family has angered a strong enemy. We have done nothing but calamities keep coming to us..."

"Dream masters are mysterious and we'll have to slowly investigate. Elder head, please be assured that the Thousand Year Mountain will not be bullied. If he is not from the five strongest organisations, what do we have to fear?"

He Shantong rubbed his chest.

"That's right!"

A strong voice was heard, but it was as though it had come from a distance.

"Vice Sect Head?"

He Shantong quickly bowed and greeted, and Ruan Junxian did the same.

Although He Shantong was of a rather high status in Thousand Year Mountain, he knew that the most highly skilled person would be the sect head who was ranked in the Tiger Ranks. The second would be the Vice Sect Head, Lin Qianye. He has already formed 8 spiritual meridians and it one step away from condensing the Divine Body! He was ranked 5th in the Tiger Ranks!

"I am using the Thousand Mile Voice Technique to speak to all of you... That person is reckless and has infringed upon us, the Thousand Year Mountain... I will personally take over. If he has a backing, we will let him off with a small punishment, otherwise... It's not like I have not killed dream masters before!"

As they heard the cold voice, everyone in Ruan Family had joy all over their faces.


Within the cave.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes. The advanced techniques of Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique to condense a Divine Body was already in his consciousness.

"At the Wu Zong level, the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique can increase one's spiritual strength. From there, one can form 8 spiritual meridians and obtain the Tenth Elemental Force as they achieve the Giant Spiritual Divine Body. This is comparable to the Divine Body in martial arts. From there, one can cleanse their bones, purge their blood and transform from a mortal body to a new Divine Body. This is known as body forging! At this stage, martial artists would be strengthened in all aspects and martial arts would be an instinct to them. They would be comparable to spiritual knights and are known as True Divines!"

At this point, Fang Yuan had no doubts about the martial arts path in Da Qian.

From the beginning, there was the 12 Golden Gates. As one reaches Wu Zong, they would be able to obtain elemental force and continue on to Meridian Opening Stage, similar to spiritual knights in the Elemental Opening Stage. In the end, the body would be forged into a True Divine!

This level of cultivation would be comparable to a high-tiered Illusionary Divine stage and considered highly skilled in Da Qian and be ranked on the Dragon Ranks in Victorious East Region!

Spiritual knights in the Elemental Opening Realm would cultivate in spiritual points. As they improve in their cultivation, they would arrive at a True Elemental Realm which was comparable to the True Divine!

After all, Ruan Ming was the head of a big family and was a strong cultivator himself. Therefore, he knew quite a lot and in turn benefited Fang Yuan.

"A spiritual knight at the True Elemental Realm and a martial artist at True Divine would be rare highly skilled people in Da Qian. If they were placed somewhere else, they would be a true grandmaster!"

"With the complete recordings of Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique, there shouldn't be any problem for me to explore and discover the Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique to form the 8th meridian!"

There was a look of excitement on Fang Yuan's face.

Spiritual knights would train in their spiritual points while Wu Zongs would open their meridians. Although the end stage would be similar, the number of spiritual meridians or spiritual points formed would determine one's potential.

If there were loopholes in the techniques and the maximum spiritual meridians that could be attained was 6, then it would be impossible to enter the next stage.

For instance, the Seven Star Black Tiger Transfiguration performed by Black Tiger Taisui could only form a maximum of 7 spiritual meridians. Even if he were to condense the Divine Body, he could never match a Giant Spiritual Divine Body.

Comparatively, the Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique could form 8 spiritual meridians. This was considered a relatively good technique in Da Qian.

"A true top-notch technique, regardless of forming spiritual points of spiritual meridians, would be able to form 9! 9 is the extreme number! If such a technique is used to achieve the True Elemental Realm or True Divine, it would be the most powerful!"

Fang Yuan was determined. "I cannot allow my Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique to stop at the 8th meridian. It must be able to break through the last meridian to become perfect!"

He would either do it to perfection or forget about it. After all, he was a perfectionist.

Glancing at the rock bed, he could see a pale Ruan Ming. It was evident that he was injured, but it was not life-threatening.

After all, Fang Yuan was only here for the technique and not to wipe them out.

"Initially, I wanted to compensate you. However, since you have snatched this technique from the Yang Family, It is only karma that I am snatching this back. If you are not happy, I can't do anything about it..."

After reading through Ruan Ming's memories, Fang Yuan now knew that the uprising of Ruan Family was at the expense of Yang Family.

Even the elder from Yan Family who had come to look for them for help was captured and tortured to reveal the technique and the secret vault of the Yang Family.

From this, since he had Yang Fan's memories, it was justified if he were to destroy the Ruan Family.

Of course, Yang Fan did not help him to the extent that Fang Yuan would feel compelled to help him take revenge and wipe out the Ruan Family.

As Fang Yuan looked back, he quickly felt a sense of fear all around.

"They're already here?"

"And a highly skilled one too!"

As he walked out of the save, he saw a man in black.

The man was sitting on the branch of a pine tree and with the swaying of the branches, it appeared as though the man was as light as a feather, but his spiritual aura was extremely pressurizing, which could easily confuse others.

"Are you the officials or part of the family? How did you find me?"

Looking at the person, Fang Yuan was shocked. Ultimately, Da Qian was very different from the mainland, where he could do anything he wanted. Now, after being reckless, people would be on his tail.

"I am Lin Qianye, the Vice Sect Head of Thousand Year Mountain! As for how I tracked you down, I'll let you know after you die!"

The man in black let out a sinister smile. He had a handsome face and an ivory white skin. As he smiled, he gave off the vibes of a poisonous snake.


In his actualised dream world, the fire-type spiritual sword flickered and released its sword essence!

"Not good!"

With such a reaction from his instincts, Fang Yuan quickly retreated as a red sword sliced in front of his chest.


A humongous force was felt. Even though he had the Sixth Elemental Force, he could not block the incoming force completely. With a sigh, the force struck his chest as he flew back.

Lin Qianye kept his fist. "A dream master indeed! Furthermore... You're in the Illusionary Divine stage!"

"8th meridian?"

As Fang Yuan flew backwards, a spiritual light glowed around him as he looked at the sword in his hands.

This fire-type divine soldier was able to counter even tribulations from the heavens and was therefore undamaged. However, his arm felt a little numb and if he countered with all his force, it would not end up favourable for him.

In front of him was a Wu Zong who had opened up 8 meridians!

Not just that, his spiritual meridians did not appear on his back but was all around his body forming a weird pattern. With such a humongous force, he already had half the power of what a Divine Body would have!

"Only with an extreme technique would you be able to achieve extreme cultivations?"

Martial arts in the extreme should not be belittled!

Of course, the power of dream masters was way beyond Wu Zongs. However, Fang Yuan's cultivation as a dream master was still too low.

Fang Yuan was able to be on par with Lin Qianye just by forming the Water Sword to form the Water-Fire Dual Sword Array. He did not even have to form all 8 swords.

Without another word, Fang Yuan quickly took his leave.

On him, as the Mountain River Pearl glittered, a pearl was being absorbed into his actualised dream world. It was the Freezing Pearl which he had obtained by luck in the Three World Mountain.

The Freezing Pearl was a water-type spiritual treasure with a hint of coldness. As the 8 Gates Sword Array shook, there was a blue glow creeping up on the water-type sword as it was slowly formed.

"You cannot run!"

Lin Qianye would not let Fang Yuan go. With a leap, he rushed forward and gave chase.

"Let the heavenly fire burn the ground!"

Fang Yuan wielded the red sword and as the sword essence exploded, flames broke out everywhere, creating a burning inferno. "Ruan Ming is in the cave. If you want him dead, then continue to chase after me!"