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Chapter 256: Reincarnation

Chapter 256: Reincarnation

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"However, I have an idea to ensure your safety!"

On his jade inscription plate, Feng Xinzi's spiritual will was brimming with confidence.

"Oh? I'm willing to hear more about it!"

Fang Yuan smiled and could already guess what Feng Xinzi wanted to offer. After all, he had yet to achieve a breakthrough in alchemy and therefore could not have the ability to protect him. Therefore, it was likely that he was going to recommend Fang Yuan to whoever his backing was.

Indeed, Feng Xinzi continued. "The Thousand Year Mountain only dared to attack you because of the fact that you have no backing. The Realm Alliance is one of the five strongest organisations among the dream masters. If you are willing to join, looking at your potential and strength, you would surely be valued. What can the Thousand Year Mountain do to you?"

"My potential and strength?"

Fang Yuan was stunned as he slowly recalled

His performance was not striking in the Hui Realm, but at least it was comparable to the other experienced dream masters. Therefore, people would assume that he was hiding his true skill before the exploration mission.

'In fact, it was because they were limited by the difference in realms and could only restore half of their abilities while I was at my peak...'

Feng Xinzi was a 3rd to 4th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master and had only half of his abilities in the Hui Realm. On the other hand, he had used his full potential, and it was indeed similar. However, in reality, only Fang Yuan knew for himself the extent of his abilities.

'Unknowingly, I have now become a talent?'

As he smiled, he replied. "This is a big thing... Let me consider!"

"Of course. Know that the Realm Alliance has the least restrictions on dream masters. Furthermore, I will personally bring you through the alliance and therefore the path up will be much easier..."

Feng Xinzi mumbled on before cutting off.

"Most importantly... Although my potential is not bad, I have still yet to reach the stage of being an ultimate talent..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and let out a bitter laugh.

Feng Xinzi must have assumed that he was a talent.

"It is possible to be trained to such a level, but my cultivation now is still too low to think about it... I'm afraid that if I were to enter the Realm Alliance, I would lose self-control..."

"I need to train up!"

Fang Yuan walked out of the rock tablet square and arrived at a corner. "Realm Spirit, I want to apply for a void space to carry out the locating of another realm!"

"Ding! I have received your request and will deduct 100 contribution points!"

A cold and mechanical voice was heard. In the next moment, Fang Yuan found himself in an empty space with the surroundings sealed.

Based on the ability of the Realm Spirit, the void space which it had created would be strong enough to withstand the attacks of True Elemental spiritual knights and True Divine martial artists.

"Based on the description by Venerable Dream Traverser, the first step would be to have an empty space as a base. Of course, it is possible to do it in my actualised dream world as well but that would be putting my life at risk. It would be safer to do it in the Dream Realm!"

With the flip of his hand, a golden fruit was revealed. Around the fruit, there were chunks of golden runes around it, which made it look mysterious.

However, he knew that this was not a real fruit but the coordinates for another realm, and it was merely taking up the physical shape of something else.

"Dream-traversing to other worlds would still be the fastest way to train up!"

Fang Yuan's previous rewards made him wanted to try again.

Furthermore, he could tell that the entire Da Qian was heavily monitored. Without a certain level of ability, his reckless actions would only attract the attention of the powerful and lead to his death.

Compared to this, dream-traversing to other realms was less troublesome. If he was lucky, he would reap a lot of rewards and it was worth a try!

"I am not hoping that I would find the source of dream masters. I am only hoping that I will arrive at a realm similar to the Hui Realm so that I can gain some realm energy and form a few more swords and I'll be satisfied..."

Looking around at the surroundings, Fang Yuan hesitated no more. He followed Venerable Dream Traverser's description and started to poke at the golden fruit.


As the golden fruit shook, golden flames started to burn it. The runes slowly came together and circled the fruit like a river. Suddenly, it exploded and formed a door frame.

With a force similar to a black hole, Fang Yuan's body was sucked towards it.


Fang Yuan wanted to slowly experience the feeling. However, he quickly became dizzy and a huge force which penetrated the realms was felt.His mind almost stopped.

After a long while, he opened his eyes and a new world laid before him.


This was a world full of water.

There were rivers and streams, lakes and oceans covering the whole world. There was very little land as they were all submerged under all the water in the realm.

In mid-air, it was concentrated with natural elemental energy. Of course, in his own world, it would be known as spiritual energy.

On the 3rd day of the 7th month, there was a slight drizzle.

As the mist dissipated, there were huge water droplets which condensed on the lotus leaves. As the water droplets trickled down and into the lake, small waves were created


A mild wind blew across and as the lotus leaves swayed in the wind, a bluish-green ocean stretched to the horizon, combining seamlessly with the sky.

There was a splash as a black carp leapt out of the water.

"Mmm... it seems that this is not just a large pond, but a lake!"

In the black carp, Fang Yuan's released his spiritual will, not knowing if he should laugh or cry. "Who would've guessed... In this world, animals are the ones ruling it and therefore, I have become an animal as well!"

To him, this was nothing much. After all, he had such experiences in previous dream-accessing moments. Quickly, he adapted to having no hands and legs as he trained by swimming in the water just by using his body.

After exploring, he was clear about where he was.

He was in a big lake which stretched across a large area and he was possessing a black carp not longer than a foot. If he were to be caught, he could make the perfect meal.

There was a saying among the animals in Da Qian. "Carps have hard fins, teeth, whiskers and are not the ideal meal!"

With black scales, this was about how Fang Yuan appeared now.

Furthermore, this water realm seemed to have more dangers than he could imagine.

All around there were ferocious fishes and water beasts. Even in the vicinity of the lotus flowers, it was not any safer.

To think about it, even for such a small fish, it could have its own spirituality. This might be attributed to the concentrated natural elemental energy in the environment.

"Since I'm a fish, I am the ruler of the waters! Let's get to the task at hand, which is to train up!"

Fang Yuan came to the lotus leaves and concealed himself in the shadows of the leaves.

"Big fishes will eat small fishes, small fishes will eat shrimps and shrimps will eat dirt! I am rather small and should try eating shrimps to fill my belly..."

Fang Yuan comforted himself for the fact that he did not possess a shrimp and therefore did not have to eat dirt.

Furthermore, the shrimps in the river were fat and delicious and it would be alright to eat them raw.

As he came to a spot, he quickly swallowed a few shrimps, controlled his energy and attempted to eat another two small fishes which were smaller than the size of the baby finger. With a mouthful, he slowly digested them.

After a satisfactory burp, he came to a slit in a rock to rest and started to explore his body.


With just a thought, a window appeared:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: [Black Carp (10 Years)]

Essence: 0.3

Spirit: 0.3

Magic: 3.3

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: ???

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"


"Alright, since I'm a fish, I should be fortunate to preserve 10% of my initial magic proficiency points..."

After looking at his stats board, Fang Yuan was speechless.

With the unique ability to fix his stats, he could quickly restore his abilities.

However, how could a fish train? This was a worthy question.

"Since I have the most magic points, I am most suitable to be a dream master and train techniques which would require my essence and magic!"

The good thing was that he was experienced. Regarding his predicament, he could quickly come to a conclusion. "Furthermore, it is unsuitable for me to train like a human and therefore I cannot restore my old techniques. However, I did discover a few techniques in the Golden Dragon God's palace the other time. Although this realm is different from that, the differences are minute and I should be able to train them!"

"Of course, based on my current situation, I should hide. Otherwise, it would be wasteful if a big fish were to come along and swallow me up..."

Fang Yuan was determined.

At this moment, a strong current was felt as the river tumbled into an ocean, disrupting everything beneath the water.

"What is this?"

A strong force was felt underwater. This was the demonstration of power from the strong to the weak, as though the powerful beings were calling the weaker ones to gather.

Beneath the lotus flower, back black carps, red carps, grass fishes, water snakes, shrimps and crabs and a few other entirely new species appeared, forming up a line.

On the lake, there was a golden wave. A few ten thousand carps had formed a line and became a wave which shimmered on the surface of the lake.

"The Water God is calling for us!"

In the water current, a green-faced water guardian appeared with huge clams under its feet and a double-headed spear in his hands. With big eyes, a wide mouth and a toad's face, it grabbed onto a few huge fishes and poked them.

The poked fishes tumbled and started to grow hands and legs, somewhat resembling a human. The only thing was that they had a weird appearance and scaly skin.


With a strong spiritual will, Fang Yuan was still in control of his body as he hid in the slit of the rock. As he witnessed the scene before him, he started to laugh.

This transformation method was used by demons to strengthen their subordinates and servants. Their methods were ruthless and imperfect. The animals which they transfigured would appear ferocious-looking and would lose a part of their spirituality! They would have to be a servant for life.

'If the river gods were the ones transfiguring, I could still consider, but you are just a water guard...'

As he thought to himself, he hid deeper into the slit.

"I, the Qi Lake Water God, have completed my cultivation. As to who will now own Qi Lake, it is up to fate..."

After a long while, a loud and powerful voice was heard.

"Qi Lake Water God? It seems that he is the God of this place. Completed his cultivation? Is he going to the heavens after this?"

As Fang Yuan made wild guesses, he noticed the golden glow dissipating and the water creatures started to swim away. He decided to be a cowardly tortoise.

With his current abilities, even if he were to gain rewards, it would be almost impossible for him to take it. Instead, he might even lose his life.

Rather than risking his life, he would rather quietly hide and train.