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Chapter 257: 9 Transformations

Chapter 257: 9 Transformations

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Qi Lake, within the Lotus Region.

All the fishes were feasting as autumn arrived in order to stock up food for the winter.

The lotus leaf rustled as a ferocious black shadow appeared. It revealed its sharp fangs as it swiftly bit a water snake into two and devoured it.

Blood flowed as the ferocious aura caused the surrounding aquatic animals to flee.

This black shadow ate quickly, ferociously and greedily. It had just finished devouring the water snake before it set its eyes on the surrounding fishes and shrimps. With a wave of its tail, it gave chase, causing droplets of water to splash everywhere and startling a flock of seagulls.

"Eat! Eat again! My newly improved 'Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula' is most suitable for the water dwellers to cultivate. The first phase is to increase the appetite and increase the digestive abilities. This is to accumulate spiritual energy through constantly eating!"

This black carp was naturally Fang Yuan.

At this moment, he took another look at his stats:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: [Black Carp (20 years)]

Essence: 3.6

Spirit: 3.6

Magic: 4



Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula (1st Transformation)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

This type of stats was considered not bad within the small Lotus Region. Coupled with the previous few months of stuffing himself with food, his body had grown to 3 feet long which was around 1 metre. He could now be considered a fish monster.

Of course, in this realm where all sorts of monsters and demons existed, his type of monstrosity could not make it to the list.

"20 years? It seems that the years at the back does not represent age but rather power?"

Fang Yuan had a realization.

The stat window was fixed. If he was reborn as a person, he would be able to return to his peak if he managed to regain his skills!

Furthermore, as a unique beast, before he reached the peak of his stats, he would not experience a bottleneck and as such, could raise his power crazily the whole way.

"This Nine steps of Dragon Transformation Technique is a technique which I obtained from the Golden Dragon God's Palace and is most suitable for black carps. There are a total of nine steps and the first 3 transformations are carp transformations followed by the black snake transformation, the python transformation, the giant venomous snake transformation, the horned dragon transformation, the water dragon transformation and finally, the true dragon transformation! Legend has it that as long as the 9 steps of transformation are completed, regardless of the original race, one can transform into a true dragon!"

"It's a shame that one can only reach the water dragon transformation with the Golden Dragon God's technique. I have also made changes to the first 3 transformation technique to make it more suitable for the body of a carp and this realm as well."

"Given my fixed stats, I would not experience any bottleneck before I reached the true dragon transformation!"

Fang Yuan's gaze was solemn as he continued to feast as the black carp. Regardless of whether it was a fish, worm, snake, or bird, Fang Yuan quickly bit it to its death in one bite and devoured it, transforming it into vital elemental energy.

Of course, he would not stupidly provoke foes that were stronger than him. Even if the fish was one head length shorter than him, he would let the fish go. He was king of those water dwellers within 1 square centimetre in length and he specifically chooses fish or water dwellers that were less than a foot long, using a large quantity of fish or water dwellers as a supplement to his cultivation.

After an unknown period of time, he felt the hot sensation that was in his fish abdomen broke through a certain gate and flowed through his entire body.

A small whirlpool was generated within the water region as the black carp, which was originally 3 feet in length expanded and in an instant, became 6 feet long, which was close to 2 metres.

"2nd transformation!"

Fang Yuan's eyes shone as he looked at his own stats:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: [Black Carp (33 years)]

Essence: 6

Spirit: 6

Magic: 6

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Technique (2nd Transformation)],

[Water Controlling Technique]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"Water Controlling Technique?"

The increase in his stats was expected. However, he was shocked when he saw the technique.

He was thinking when a few writings appeared within his sea of knowledge as if it were logic brought about by the heavens and earth.

However, his current abilities were very weak and he could only control the water flow to increase his speed.

"The ability to control water? That is not bad at all!"

If he was an ordinary fish-type spirit, he would only be able to control the water flow.

However, Fang Yuan was not ordinary. After considering for a while, he suddenly leapt out of the water and shot a water arrow from his fish mouth.


The strength of the water arrow was considerably huge. A white water bird, which was originally resting, was unable to dodge the arrow. It was struck by the water arrow and

fell into the lake.

Fang Yuan immediately pounced on it and devoured it.

"The ability to control water should increase as the spirit's cultivation increases, as of now, I am able to comprehend the minor techniques of increasing speed and forming water arrows, water gun and using water protect myself. In the future, my power will continue to increase..."

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed as he realized the benefits of this dream realm.

"Even though the cultivation here is not transferable to other realms, my comprehension of water-type techniques are valuable...even if I achieved nothing in this dream-traverse, I will be able to condense the water-type sword 5 times faster when I go back. That is more valuable compared to anything else!"

After the 2nd transformation, Fang Yuan's capabilities increased with the Water Controlling Technique.

Now, he dared to strike those fishes that were of his size. After all, those type of fish could be counted as spirits. Their spirit and blood were thick and one of them was equivalent to tens or hundreds of normal fish!

His hunting area had expanded from a small corner to the whole of the Lotus Region as well.

"Water gun!"

Fang Yuan flicked his tail as he fixed his eyes on a big green fish.

The fish might not be as big as he was. However, it was still around 5 feet long with shiny scales. It was also a predator in this region.

He was naturally unafraid as he swam forward and condense a stream of water gun.

This was a water-type move which spiralled and as such, it was most suitable for an underwater attack.

The big green fish was startled at first when it saw the black carp approaching. After overcoming its shock, it swam forward fiercely and was struck by the water gun. In an instant, a large hole appeared on its body as the scales flew in all directions.

Fang Yuan did not wait and instead, rushed forward and severed its nerves in one clean bite, sending the fish to its death. Soon after, he started to devour the fish.

"Good! There is no doubt that this is spirit grade. This spirit and blood are uncommon and of importance to me!"

Fang Yuan felt that his vital elemental energy was supplemented way beyond what was normal as he ate the meat of the fish. It seemed that the big green fish could be considered a spirit. It was a pity that some of its spiritual knowledge was not yet attained and as such, it was muddleheaded and could only act based on its instinct.

Fang Yuan felt that his vital elemental energy increased quickly with the consumption of food. Unknowingly, his body grew by another foot which was a cause for celebration.

"The first 3 transformations of the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula focus on the storing of the vital elemental energy. I do not experience any bottlenecks and as

such, I can quickly achieve my cultivation!"

He quickly devoured the big green fish till only the bones were left. After which, he used his spiritual will to scan the surroundings and discovered that something was amiss.

"Who is there?"

"Ahhh...no...don't eat me!"

A scallop the size of a millstone appeared from below the silt. It seemed as though it wanted to escape by sprouting water.


Fang Yuan laughed coldly. This level of ability to control water was nowhere near his level of water control. With his manipulation of the water current, he swam to the scallop as if he was looking for an area to strike.

"Ohhh....Please don't eat me, I am not tasty!"

A wave of spiritual will transmitted from within the scallop as a Yin spirit appeared. It took on a shape of a beautiful young girl. "My flesh is very smelly, very smelly..."

"Haha…..rest assured, since you have already achieved spiritual awareness and is able to give your divine spirit form, I will not eat you!"

Fang Yuan revealed his Yin spirit which took on the shape of a youth in black clothing as he used his spiritual will to communicate.

In his heart, he felt pleasantly surprised.

The demonic strength of the scallop in front of him was obviously lesser than the big green fish. However, it was able to attain spiritual awareness and even project its Yin spirit, which was hard to achieve.

Compared to the scallop, the green fish was a simple being. Even amongst the demon race, they were not of the same level.

"You really won't eat me?"

It was obvious that the little girl had little experience. She was frightened till she teared.

"I really won't eat you!"

Fang Yuan had to hold back his laughter.

The spiritual energy in this realm was thick. One would be able to project their Yin spirit if they managed to achieve their divine spirit.

The Yin spirits in this realm were very innocent. For example, the little girl in front of him revealed herself without much thought. If he had any ill intentions, he would be able to destroy its soul.

"That's good!"

The little girl patted her chest as the scallop opened and closed its mouth, revealing the snow-white flesh and the pearl within.


Fang Yuan's spiritual will moved forward and slapped her forehead. "Don't trust what strangers say so easily. Furthermore, don't anyhow reveal the light of your pearl or it will cause you much trouble!"


The young girl cradled her head as she cried softly in pain. She looked at the condensed spiritual will which revealed a far superior Fang Yuan. She wanted to cry but no tears came.

"That's enough, how did you project your form?"

Fang Yuan swam at her side and asked randomly.

"I face the moon and absorb the energy every night. After a while, I manage to do this!"

The little girl could feel Fang Yuan's kindness which drew her closer.

"Do you face the moon and absorb the Emperor Flow Serum or the Chilling Night Essence?"

Fang Yuan looked at the innocent girl and adored her in his heart. He touched her forehead. "I show pass you a technique. Next time, you will be able to cultivate faster as you face the moon and cultivate! Also, since you do not have a name, I shall call you Luo Zhu!"

At this point, he touched Luo Zhu's forehead with a finger.

Luo Zhu swooned and attained much knowledge. She smiled sweetly. "Thank you, brother[1]!"

Her brows furrowed as she asked sadly, "Why do you eat so many fishes?"

"That is because I am cultivating!"

Fang Yuan looked into the horizon. "It is just that our dao is different!"


At this moment, above the water surface, a streak of white lightning flashed as the dark storm clouds loomed overhead, bringing with it an immense pressure.

"It's here again!"

Luo Zhu was so frightened her divine spirit immediately hid in the scallop and dared not come out. This was a heavenly tribulation. She was frightened even though it was far off and there was a water body between them.

"Hmmm, recently, there is a lot of lightning in Qi Lake!"

Fang Yuan's divine spirit was unafraid of the thunder. His eyes were solemn as he remembered the voice of the water god. His feeling that time was running out increased.

"It is considered fate if I am still able to visit the beach after I achieve a breakthrough in my cultivation!"

The water god rewarded his allies generously and yet, there were 3 tribulations outside- heaven, earth and people!

Previously, he distributed his wealth in order to gain some karma.

However, the tribulation outside was vast. Could it be overcome easily? This was a good opportunity for the other water dwellers and those who covet his position.

[1] A term of endearment to an older person.