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Chapter 261: Breakthrough

Chapter 261: Breakthrough

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"Is this... what's left behind of a dead dragon? A Dragon Pearl?"

After obtaining the Dragon Pearl, the green dragon, and even the palace started to disintegrate.

Outside, as the three demons witnessed the scene unfolding, their eyeballs were bulging.

"Little black fish, you won't be able to handle it! Give it to me!"

"I'm not stupid!"

As he looked at the other treasures around, he felt a sense of pity. Regardless, he rushed to the centre of the palace where he had come from through the array.

"Oh no, does this black fish understand how to manipulate arrays?"

As Bai Guan exclaimed, a huge white python emerged from behind, hissing loudly.


Finally, the array could not hold on any longer as it shattered.

"Don't think of leaving!"

The three demons started to chase after Fang Yuan.

"I'm sorry, but it's too late!"

With a smile, he disappeared among the glow.


In the next moment, an astonishing surge of energy swept across the entire palace, turning everything into rubble.

"Ahh! That d*rned black fish!"

Bai Guan shrieked. "Don't let me catch you, otherwise I will make you regret being born!!!"

Behind him, the water buffalo and alligator snapping turtle looked at each other.

Being the more powerful demons of Qi Lake, it was a disgrace for them to be outsmarted by a small fish.

Needless to say, it was a huge loss.

Everywhere was glittering.


In the secret mansion within the trench.

Fang Yuan fired a water arrow and destroyed the restriction, heaving a sigh of relief. "Phew!"

If he were a little late, he would be captured by the three demons and had to give up on this world.

Only until now he could finally examine the Dragon Pearl in peace.

The golden pearl was only as big as a thumb. There was a mild golden glow coming from within and it gave off the vibe of a dragon.

If not for the fact that Fang Yuan was from another world and had strong magical energy, he might not even be able to take it away.

"In this Dragon Pearl, it contains dragon element. In other words, the essence of a dragon. Because all of the element is within the pearl, the pearl is extremely strong. If I were to swallow it, I'm afraid I won't be able to digest it..."

As he looked at the pearl, he still swallowed it without holding back.

"Whatever, I'll just take it as though I'm swallowing a rock. After all, I don't have pockets to store things, right?"

There was a benefit for swallowing the pearl. The vibe of the dragon was now isolated in his stomach and could no longer be tracked. If there was a need to, Fang Yuan could also release it to scare other predators.

Fang Yuan felt satisfied. "I'm afraid I'll have to wait till I'm at least at the 6th Transformation before I can digest it. However, it should still be able to activate the dragon properties I have in me, right?"

Clumsily, he swam out of the trench, aimed at a certain direction and swam quickly.

He had to swim quickly!

He now had the treasure map and even the pearl! Since he had taken the pearl in front of the three demons, they would surely hunt him down.

Could the entire Qi Lake be hunting for a black carp now?

"I cannot stay in Qi Lake anymore. The only way is to run..."

Qi Lake stretched across 500 miles, but it was not a standalone lake. On the contrary, it was connected to a lot of other rivers and streams.

Without hesitation, Fang Yuan chose the closest An River and swam towards it.

No matter how powerful the Water God might be, he could only exert his power within Qi Lake. If Fang Yuan were to escape the lake, the three demons could do nothing.

"It's a pity that I'll have to leave the Lotus Flowers!

As thoughts ran through his mind, he continued to rush along his way.

At the size of 3 feet and 3 inches, there were many other black carps like him. Many carps were caught just because they looked like him.

"I'm about to reach there!"

As soon as Fang Yuan realised that a search was going on in Qi Lake, he paid more attention to concealing himself. As he looked in a certain direction, there was a look of joy on his face.

He was not far from the river mouth of An River.

Underwater, Fang Yuan could feel a current of water, bringing with it sand and nutrients from an unknown water source.

As soon as he reaches An River, he could go to other lakes and from then on would be a free fish.

With the flick of his tail, he increased his speed.

He knew that the longer he took, the higher the chances of him being caught by the three demons. Based on his current level of cultivation, he might not even be able to escape from them once spotted.


Underwater, the strong current was like a thousand hands as it pushed Fang Yuan outwards.

The good thing was that he was strong enough to swim against it. Against the current, Fang Yuan continued to swim towards An River.

"The crucial thing about a carp leaping through the Dragon's Gate is the part about leaping! I will need energy and courage!"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan realised something.

At that moment, it was as though he was right beneath the Dragon's Gate, ready to leap!

"Haha... You cannot run!"

At this moment, a glow appeared.


With the flick of a tail, Fang Yuan saw the water guardian in front of him.

He opened his mouth wide and gave a joyful expression. "The God has ordered us to guard the exits. Who would know that you would fall for it! Haha... It is only fair that you end up in my hands. Let's see how I'm going to deal with you!"

The water guardian had a high level of cultivation. As he swung his spear, a wave appeared on the surface of the lake.

"This time... you cannot run!"

Looking at the black carp, he was overjoyed. He stretched his hand over.

"Water arrow!"

"Water spear!"

Fang Yuan executed his techniques in quick succession. However, their cultivation levels were too different and the water guardian was cunning as well. He wore a spiritual armour and therefore, Fang Yuan's attacks were not effective.

Ha Haer grabbed the water in front of him. At that moment, Fang Yuan could feel as though the water had stopped, trapping him in something like a cage.

"We need to end this quick. Otherwise, if the other water guardians or demons arrive, I would be in real trouble..."


With the flick of his tail, an enormous force exploded, destroying the water cage. Free, he continued to rush towards An River.

"Eh? You're quite good!"

Ha Haer revealed his true form, a toad. As he opened his mouth, he aimed it at Fang Yuan.


The water underneath started to swirl on Fang Yuan as the water was sucked into Ha Haer's mouth. Fang Yuan felt an immense pressure.

"Hmph, you could have survived, but you chose death... Kill!"

A murderous look flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes. Suddenly, he stopped resisting and rushed straight towards Ha Haer's mouth.

Seeing this, Ha Haer did not close his mouth. Instead, he started to swallow in more water.


Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he opened his mouth as well.

"Roar! Roar!"

In the next moment, a loud roar was heard.

The roar sounded ancient and powerful, as though people would fear it just by hearing it.

As soon as the roar was heard, there was the vibe of a dragon in the vicinity.

It was as though time had stopped.

Ha Haer was a water dweller. Against the vibe of a dragon, he could not resist as he stumbled onto the ground.


Swimming towards him, Fang Yuan fired multiple arrows at Ha Haer's weak points.


As soon as a water arrow dissipated, another one would be coming at him. Because it was continuous, it appeared like a white streak.


There was blood at the throat of Ha Haer. With a face of unwillingness, he fell to the ground, crushing a seashell in his hands.


In the next moment, there was a black flash and the vibe of anger all aiming at Fang Yuan.


His body was flung out, and some of his scales dropped.

"A one-time use talisman?"

Looking at the breathless Ha Haer and the powdery substance on his hands, he looked away and continued rushing towards An River.


A 3 feet fish leapt out of the surface of the water and over the obstacle which Ha Haer had built, landing into a foreign river.


Although his body appeared hammered, Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he entered the waters of An River.

The thought of being chased and killed soon disappeared in his mind as he came to terms with the fact that he had escaped out of Qi Lake.

However, he had a price to pay..."

"Is that strike from the demon king?"

Looking at his own body, he was stunned.

The feeling of power, much stronger than he was, was felt as the water guardian attacked him.

"This is not alright. If it goes on, I think I will die..."

Fang Yuan was expressionless. Suddenly, he felt his stats window shaking.

On the original Black Carp (99 Years), he became blurred and turned into (100 Years)!

"The time of breakthrough has arrived, what a time..."

For fishes, it would be extremely strenuous for them to heal their injuries or leap over the Dragon's Gate.

Needless to say, Fang Yuan was now severely injured and had consumed more than half of his elemental energy. This made in untimely for a breakthrough.

"To heal and breakthrough at the same time? I have it... the Dragon Stinging Technique!"

The good thing was that Fang Yuan was not the average fish. He had learnt a specific technique for use in such a situation from the Golden Dragon God's study.

"I need to heal my injury, and I need to achieve my breakthrough as well... Since I cannot provide elemental energy now, I can retrieve energy from my body!"

Fang Yuan executed the technique in silence.

A miracle happened.

The black carp was originally 3 feet long, but now, it was shrinking and finally, it became 1 feet long.

Of course, the injury also reduced in size and disappeared.

"The Dragon Stinging Technique would allow me to shrink in size, heal my injury and gather my elemental energy. Of course, there are side effects as well... In the following few days, I would be at my weakest and therefore, I would remain the size I once was like the other black carps..."