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Chapter 263: Transformation

Chapter 263: Transformation

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After he was bought, Fang Yuan managed to obtain the identity of the couple from the information he gathered along the way.

The green-robed official's surname was Xu and his name was Ren. He was a scholar of the Qinghe District and was a child prodigy. At the age of 12, he was chosen for and passed the imperial examinations to become an official. After being selected to become an official, he took a few servants with him and took up the position. The lady, Wan'er, was his wife and was 5 months pregnant.

The rides in the carriages of the ancient times were bumpy and were not suitable for a pregnant lady. Furthermore, the drainage system of this realm was developed. As such, Xu Ren chose to take the boat.

At the quay, he rented a small boat and travelled downstream in it.

As for Fang Yuan and the other 2 fishes, they were naturally brought to the kitchen.

It was noteworthy to mention that the golden carp was still there. It seemed that Xu Ren was either going to find another location to release it or consume it. Afterall, it could be considered a semi-spiritual object which would bring about benefits to the unborn child.

The sky outside grew dark and the kitchen started to become busy. The reddish-gold fish looked at Fang Yuan and the other fish with an expression of ridicule.

"Die die die..."

The big green fish was scared senseless and could only repeat these few words.

"Really...When I rely on the mountain, the mountain topples and when I rely on the water, the water dries up [1]. In the end, I still have to rely on myself!"

Fang Yuan silently concentrated and was motionless.

The effects of his Dragon Stinging Formula were almost gone. As such, he was able to remain fearless in the face of death. Otherwise, if he was able to overcome his predicament just by crying, there was an 80% chance that he would do so even if he said that he was unwilling.

"A dragon can change its size, is able to soar or hide. When it is big, it is able to swallow clouds and blow out fog. When it is small, it is able to stay hidden. It is able to soar between universes and hide within the great waves..."

This Dragon Stinging Formula was a miraculous technique of the dragon race and was necessary to save his life.

Fang Yuan silently chanted the formula and felt threads of elemental energy moving rapidly within a dried up area within his body.

"It does not just take one step for a carp to transform into a dragon. Instead, it is the stimulation of the dragon properties within the body and creating an opportunity to transform into a dragon!"

Fang Yuan's eyes lit up with understanding as he thought of the content of the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula.

"How? Are we doing it?"

At this moment, a man's lofty voice was heard.

"That young master of the rich family is loaded. Did you see the amount of money he had when he was buying the fish? There must be dozens of silver taels. Furthermore, the jade hanging from his waist is no common grade item!"

This voice sounded very familiar. Fang Yuan realized that it was the fisherman from before.

At the moment, the person who was doing odd jobs and the person tending to the fire started to gather. There was a total of 6 or 7 people, which caused Fang Yuan to sigh.

Xu Ren was blind to choose a black boat!

Those who lived in the mountains lived off the mountains while those who lived in the sea lived off the seas.While these fishermen led difficult lives, they were skilful for their livelihood. When they were halfway through the journey, they halted the boat and asked the official if he would like to eat homemade noodles or wonton noodles.

They were villagers of the mountains by day and pirates by night.

This fisherman had no time for civilities as well.

"Wait a minute, I feel that this lady's background is not so simple. I am afraid that she might have connections!"

"Old Jia, you are always afraid to die. Don't forget the previous time, we killed a 7th-grade official and toss his seal into the waters, who would be able to find it?"

"Bai Lilang, don't think that I do not know what you are thinking. You incite all of us as you have taken a liking for the lady?"


The group of professional pirates discussed passionately. In the end, Bai Lilang's proposition was favoured as those greedy pirates hooted.

"Let's do it! We do not see this type of fat goats[2] often!"

"Steal his gold and seize his wife!"


"Guys, I do not want the gold and silver this time around. I only want his beautiful wife and I hope that you guys would not fight over her with me..."

The fisherman who captured Fang Yuan, Bai Lilang, cupped his hands, his face full of smiles.

"Since you have said so, we shall let you have the lady. The amount of gold and silver the fat goat has on his body is enough as compensation...haha...we can go to the brothel and find a few that are on par with the lady!"

"I want his jade!"

"Good, then it is decided. We should not drag this on any longer. We should strike now and drink the fish soup when we return to celebrate!"

Bai Lilang spoke in exultation.

It was hard to blame him as he had a plan. The boat was now in the centre of the river which was a prime danger area. Even if the information leaked out, what could the couple do?

"My master and his wife are waiting to eat the fish. What are you all standing around for?"

At this time, a servant walked into the kitchen, he was babbling when he witnessed the scene, which caused him to be stumped and confused.


In that instant, Bai Lilang lunged forward, drew out a dagger and stabbed him viciously.

The servant's eyes were glazed as he toppled over.

"Eat fish? Haha...go and drink soup in hell!"

Bai Lilang laughed out loud as he licked the blood from the corner of his mouth. He instructed the other pirates and they rushed out of the kitchen. Faint, indistinct cries echoed within the silent kitchen.

"Haha...this is retribution!"

Fang Yuan looked at the reddish-gold carp who was starting to panic and rejoiced. "That pirate do not care if you have spiritual energy. You are definitely becoming a soup for them!"

The reddish-gold carp glared at him but did not speak.

"Die, die, die!"

At the side, the green fish turned in circles, causing Fang Yuan to become dizzy.

"This is boring!"

In his heart, he shook his head. A shiny black sheen appeared on his body.

In the black light, Fang Yuan's body became elongated. His whiskers disappeared as he transformed into a 3 feet long black snake.

At this time, his stat window appeared and displayed his new stats:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: [Black Snake (10 years)]

Essence: 18

Spirit: 18

Magic: 18

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula (4th Transformation)], [Water Controlling Technique (Grade 3)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

Fang Yuan silently remembered and adapted to his new body.


He deftly turned his body and slithered out of the basin onto the ground.

"The 4th transformation in the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula is known as the Black Snake Transformation. The dragon properties are stimulated and one is no longer limited to just the water!"

A flesh of a simple creature born in the water would turn into rock once it reached the shore.

However, after reaching the Black Snake Transformation, the situation was different.

Black was the colour of the water element [3], the black snake was also a water snake. As such, it was able to swim in the water and slither on land. If a common carp was able to reach this cultivation level, his path of Dao would have broadened.

"Die, die, die..."

The green fish was scared senseless after witnessing the transformation of the black fish into a black snake. It looked as if it was almost scared to death when it saw Fang Yuan spit out the seed[4].

Even the golden carp was dazed, its big eyes revealing its shock and fear.

"Stimulating the properties of a dragon, transforming into a black snake, other than the Water Controlling Technique, there must be other...however, I need to find this out myself!"

Fang Yuan lazily crawled beside the basin, lifted the big green fish and tossed it out of the window.


The river was outside the window. With a dull thud, the green fish was tossed into the water and swam away speedily.

Onboard the boat, indistinct cries could be heard. Amidst the massacre, there was no one to notice the empty kitchen and the direction in which a fish escaped in.

"Good, he escaped. Time for me to escape as well!"

Fang Yuan spoke loudly on purpose and started to climb towards the door.

"My fellow dao cultivator, wait!"

Indeed, the reddish-gold carp could stand it no longer and speak on its own accord.

Her voice was soft and silky. It was a girl...no, female.

"It seems like you know how to speak..."

Fang Yuan did not leave and instead, lay down beside the basin and gazed on. "I am starting to think that you are a mute!"


The reddish-gold carp was speechless. However, Fang Yuan predicted that she had already made up her mind.

"I did what I did previously as I had my difficulties. I am carrying a huge burden...please forgive me and save me!"

The reddish-gold carp started to beg.

She was well aware of the situation. If it was still the young lady Wan'er deciding, she had a big chance of surviving. If it was Xu Ren making the decision, there was a 50% chance she might be cooked. Now, it was the group of pirates making the decision. There was no way she could survive. As such, she could not care less and sought help from the mysterious black snake.

"You did not reveal your name even as you seek help. No sincerity!"

Fang Yuan spat out the seed.

"I am...Li Luan..."

"What did you do? Why did you end up here?"

Fang Yuan probed but the carp refused to reply.

"Nevermind…..I will help you since we are both water dwellers!"

Fang Yuan lifted the reddish-gold carp and prepared to toss her out of the window.

Afterall, he had regained half his stats. Although he looked like a black snake that was just 1 metre long, he was able to take on a Wu Zong in a fight.


The reddish-gold carp continued to speak. "I...I am a criminal in the An River. I am afraid I cannot reveal myself in the river! Furthermore...I am in debt to the couple..."

"That is your debt...Xu Ren wanted to boil me!"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes.

The reddish-gold carp roughly understood Fang Yuan's character and spoke immediately. "If you were to help me, I am willing to give you some benefits!"

"Make yourself clear first!"

At this moment, the shouting onboard had started to die out. It was obvious that the situation was critical.

Li Luan had no choice and could only reveal what she had in mind. "I know of a water mansion with 20 pearls, 30 pieces of beautiful jade, and a bottle of spiritual pills which is greatly beneficial to our types!"

"Hehe...you are no ordinary carp to know about all these!"

Fang Yuan laughed coldly but pursue the matter no further. Instead, he turned into a streak of black lightning as he headed towards the deck.

"Although I do not owe Xu Ren a favour, I have a grudge against Bai Lilang and I must have my revenge!"

On the floor, there was bloodstain everywhere as the maids and servants lay in the pool of blood. In the master bedroom, shelves were toppled and voices could be heard.

"You...how dare you, I am an official of the imperial court!"

Xu Ren's voice could be heard. There was also cries of shock from the lady.

"Hehe! So what if you are an official. It is not like I have not killed an official before..."

Bai Lilang laughed nastily. He yearned for the beautiful lady and could not wait to kill Xu Ren and seize his wife.

[1] The author means that Fang Yuan had no one to rely upon as they were unreliable.

[2] fat goat is used to refer to those who are extremely rich.

[3] Traditionally, the 5 elements are assigned a colour each and the water element was assigned the colour black.

[4] seed of a hyacinth plant