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Chapter 266: River God

Chapter 266: River God

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The Golden Lake Prefecture laid on the boundary of the Golden Court Lake. In the prefecture, there were 10,000 families and 55,000 people living here.

Although there were no majestic mountains and little farms, they relied on the Golden Court Lake to survive. They were living the average life; although not well-to-do, they were not poor as well.

In the prefecture, there were 5 districts and these districts were famous for their rice and silk.

Of course, the people here liked to pray and give offerings as well. Many different types of spirits would roam about and eat humans. The humans could live off harvesting different resources from the Golden Court Lake. As long as they were willing to work hard, they would be rewarded and their family would be able to survive. As for the unlucky 0.1% who would end up in the demon's stomach, they could only blame it on their bad luck.

Comparatively, the people living here had quite a high quality of life. Therefore, more and more people would shift here.

Scholars would exclaim that 'the harsh government is fiercer than the demons around'!

Regardless, after 10 over years, nothing had changed.

Xu Ren was tasked to one of the five districts here; to be the district minister of Black Lake District.

In the hierarchy of Da Chu Country, in every district, there would be a district leader, a person who was in control of a 100-mile radius of the district. The district leader would be a 7th Grade official. Additionally, there would be an 8th Grade official assigned as the district minister. In reality, the district minister was only a backup and was only required to learn from the district leader and do nothing else.

In the district town, there would be a district lieutenant, main assistant and the Six Division Ministers. All of them would have their own roles to play. It was similar to an enlarged sparrow; all of its organs have their own roles to play for the sparrow to survive, and this was similar in the prefecture governing system, and even the Imperial Court.

As Xu Ren arrived at Black Lake District, he first paid his greetings to the district leader before taking over from the previous district minister. Afterwards, he consulted his colleagues on an auspicious day for him to formally take up the appointment. All of the minute stuff made everything much more complicated.

Even Wan'er had to carry her unborn baby around and help out.

However, all of these were none of Fang Yuan and Li Luan's business.

Looking at how they were right now, they would instead scare people off.

In the backyard of the Xu Family Mansion, in a small pond, Fang Yuan laid within some seaweed and lazily looked up.

As nightfall drew closer, the front yard was brightly lighted up, and there were the sounds of a bamboo flute. It was Xu Ren inviting his colleagues to spend the night in his house.

"The fate energy of the people Dao is indeed interesting!"

Fang Yuan mustered up his demonic strength, opened his spiritual eye and noticed the changes happening in the front yard.

In his view, there was a bright glow shooting straight up into the sky, as though it was a warning for others not to get too close.

"This is especially so for Xu Ren. Previously, I've not felt much from him. However, after he became district minister, his fate energy has increased exponentially... Of course, I can still kill him if I want to, but the tribulations that would follow would be worrying..."

"When humans of the people Dao gather, they would strengthen their fate energy. However, this is because the people are gathered around him and is temporary. They are different from us. If our fate energy were to be increased, it would be buried deep in our bones. As long as we are alive, out fate energy would remain!"

In the pond, a Golden Red Carp poked her head out as Li Luan's voice was heard.

"That's true!"

Fang Yuan knew the difference between humans and demons and nodded his head.

"Li Luan, are you deciding to stay here?"

He looked at the Golden Red Carp and asked curiously.

"Hmm... There's an auspicious aura in this mansion and is suitable for me to rest and recuperate here!"

Li Luan sounded determined. However, in reality, she wanted to take advantage of the protection that came with Xu Ren's strong fate energy.

Fang Yuan already knew her intentions but did not expose her. As he smiled, he slithered out of the mansion.

In was nightfall. With his black body and enormous strength, he moved like the wind and was undetectable.

Using this chance, he explored the district town. The first impression he had was that there were too many people around, and the second impression was that there were too many temples! Too many of them!

There were Water God temples, General Temples, Lake God Temples and many more, confusing him.

Taking a closer look, he realised that there were many types of demons. Although there were righteous gods who only offered protection, the majority were evil demons often feasting on blood offerings.

"It has reached such a stage where the demons use fear to rule over their followers!"

Fang Yuan sighed. "Even the officials can't handle the demons. They can only resort to allowing them to stay and rewarding them in exchange for peace. This is pitiful..."

Of course, karma was real and for everything that the demons had done today, they would have to pay back another day.

These demons and gods were now enjoying the offerings from humans. However, in the event of a Killer Tribulation, they might not even dare to step out and admit their doings.

However, it was reasonable considering that this was the prevailing trend in the area.

At least, Fang Yuan could guess that since many people were using their people Dao karma to reduce the intensity of their tribulations, their tribulations would be much easier. This would make the good gods stronger and they might be able to change the demons in the future.

Regardless of how evil-looking a god might appear, as long as the god had enough followers, the impression of him would change and become more acceptable to the public.

This was the idea of using followers to become acceptable and approved by the public.

"The god dao could be approved at the prefecture level. Most of the time, the district leader would send the letter of approval and the prefecture would usually approve it... Xu Ren, did you mention about building a temple to worship me? How about 'Black Dragon General's Temple'?"

As his thoughts ran wild, he leapt into a small river.


As soon as he entered the water, he felt extremely comfortable.

Although he had transformed into a snake, he still retained many qualities of a carp. This was akin to giving a fish its water.


Fang Yuan slowly executed his techniques and could feel a huge amount of water-type spiritual energy rushing towards him at an unbelievable speed. He was overjoyed. "It seems that I have developed a lot after leaping through the Dragon's Gate! With such a speed of absorbing spiritual energy and the fact that the Dragon Pearl is within me, I don't have to feed on others every day!"

To complete the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula, he would require a lot of resources.

Previously, Fang Yuan had no choice but to kill and eat fishes to absorb their elemental energy.

With his newly-acquired dragon properties, he could now absorb the spiritual energy from nature. With the assistance of the Dragon Pearl, there was no need for him to kill and eat fishes at the rate which he was doing previously.

'Does this mean I have completed the elementary stages of absorbing energy from blood and flesh?'

A weird thought popped up in Fang Yuan's head. "From now onwards, I would disguise myself. Although I am now different from the rest, our innate ability is to be a thief! To steal from the heavens! To steal from the Dao!"

Regardless of how improved his methods of absorbing energy were, he still could not run away from the fact that he was stealing energy from something else, be it animals or the air.

In the teaching of Dao, there were 5 types of thieves. Anyone who could realise these five would have a smooth sailing future!!!

Beneath the water, he was extremely fast. Like a black arrow, he quickly darted through the river and arrived at a larger river. Following the flow of current, he reached the Golden Court Lake.


The moment he entered the lake, Fang Yuan could feel the concentrated spiritual energy rushing towards him, making him intoxicated.

"Very good! Such a normal lake can have such concentrated spiritual energy! If I am able to find a spiritual underwater mountain range, I could build a mansion there!"

Fang Yuan's cultivation had changed from eating other smaller creatures to absorbing elemental energy from nature.

Therefore, he no longer chose the place with fishes as his cultivation point. Rather, he now preferred places with concentrated spiritual energy.

"Even though I have already understood this realm and the trend of it, without power, how can I follow the trend?"

He swam around before settling down and concealing his spiritual aura. After searching for a few underwater spiritual mountain ranges, he was speechless. "The better spiritual mountain ranges are already taken up by a few stronger spirits. Why would they leave the good ones lying around untouched?"

It was possible to snatch, but he had to consider the consequences carefully.

After all, he was a visitor and if he were to anger them, they might surround him and attack him together.

"Fortunately, I have already reached the black snake transformation. If I was still in the body of a black carp, I would be high profile and everyone in this lake might just come after me the next day!"

Thinking about it, Fang Yuan held back, turned around and headed back for Black Lake District Town.

"Greetings, benefactor!"

Xu Ren had just ended his dinner and smelled of alcohol.

However, just by seeing Fang Yuan in black, he quickly sobered up, bowed and appeared humble.

"The Golden Court Lake seems good, and I feel like staying here for long!"

As soon as Fang Yuan opened his mouth, Xu Ren felt relieved. He was afraid that this snake might pester his family for his entire life.

"However... you owe me a temple. How do you intend to resolve this?"

Fang Yuan asked.

"This... after going through the relevant authorities, I still need some time. It is especially hard to find a good plot of land these days!"

There was a look of uneasiness on Xu Ren's face, but he had spoken the truth.

He had to go through the district leader for this, submit an official application to the prefecture and therefore, the process would already take up a few days.

Of course, most importantly, getting a plot of land was not the issue.

There were already many temples and demons in the city. How would there be space for one more?

"Haha... This is easy. Let me ask you. Are there any cruel gods and demons around that like to feed on humans? If so, how about capturing them to boost your profile?"

Fang Yuan laughed.

"If that is so, thank you, benefactor!"

As Xu Ren heard Fang Yuan, there was a look of joy on his face.


Half a month later, in Heizi River.

"Water God requires sacrifice from a young boy and a young girl. Quickly send them over!"

By the side of the river, a sorcerer was mumbling. Her face was painted as she shouted at the villagers, threatening them.

"Didn't we give our offerings twice this year already..."

"Eh, it's greedy and we have no choice..."

"What a pity, Yang Wa and Yu Wa..."


As the villagers sighed, they wanted to resist but didn't have the courage to.

Even their leader could only sigh.

"The time is up!"

As the sorcerer looked at them, her face was gleaning. With the thought that she would be able to trick the villagers of more money throughout the year, she quickly put in more effort in convincing them. "Please deliver your offerings to the river!"

"Wait up!"

At this point in time, there was a voice heard.

A few constables opened up a path. Xu Ren wore an official's robes and appeared majestic. With a sense of justice, he continued. "Don't move!"

"It's the district minister! Greetings, district minister!"

The village leader quickly greeted him.

Although the district minister was only an assistant to the district leader, he was still an 8th Grade official of the Imperial Court. The village leader was in no position to disrespect him.

As he greeted Xu Ren, the rest followed suit.

"It's the district minister?"

The sorcerer let out a cackle. "The Water God in Heizi River is approved by the Imperial Court as well. Are you stopping the Water God from enjoying his offerings? If he becomes infuriated, it's none of my business!"

"It's not that!"

Seeing such a demon, a hint of anger flashed in Xu Ren's eyes. Quicky, his expression changed to a gentle one, and he smiled. "The young boy and girl are too skinny and are imperfect. Sorcerer, please enter the river and tell the Water God that I'll search for a better sacrifice for him to enjoy!"

With this, he continued to prompt her. "Come on, please enter the river!"