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Chapter 268: Secret Technique

Chapter 268: Secret Technique

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"Long Live the Heizi River God!"

"Please bless us, the compassionate Heizi River God..."


Unknowingly, 3 years had passed by in a flash.

At the riverbank of Heizi River, there was a small altar with incense, fruits, flowers, pig's head and goat's head as offerings. After the practice was complete, they would throw it into the river.

After Xu Ren had changed the way of offerings from live offerings to the three basic forms, the Water God surprisingly did not attack humans. Instead, its requests became lesser and lesser, and the villagers felt thankful.

At the same time, the reputation of Xu Ren slowly improved and he was now known for being compassionate.

Under the river, within a spiritual cave in the underwater mountain ridge.

A huge snake appeared to be in hibernation and there were flames floating around it, glittering as the flames flickered, which made the snake looked immortal.


Fang Yuan woke up and was astonished. "Did I just hibernate for an entire year?"

Looking at his own body, he was shocked to find out that he had grown from 3 feet to 6 feet long. His scales were now glistering and he looked menacing:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Black Snake

Essence: 21

Spirit: 21

Magic: 21

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Technique (4th Transformation)], [Water Controlling Technique (Grade 3)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"With the spiritual energy around and the assistance from the Dragon Pearl, my cultivation has indeed shot up. I believe that it's not long before I will become a python!"

A python was a giant snake!

From the Black Snake Transformation to the Python Transformation, it was not hard.

However, since a python would be huge, there would be differences. For instance, a snake would prefer cold while a python would prefer warm and would be naturally strong. If his transformation would be successful, the limitations of a snake would be removed as well.

"And all of these as well..."

Fang Yuan fidgeted and noticed the small flames surrounding him.

Although he remained quiet in his hibernation, after all, he was the Water God of the underwater mansion. The offerings in Heizi River would go to him.

Furthermore, he did not kill or harm anybody, which earned him gratitude from the villagers. With their sincere offerings, Fang Yuan was humoured.

"Hmm, this colourful glow is from the incense. It is best if I don't touch it!"

Fang Yuan opened his spiritual eye and examined before telling them apart. "The outermost layer of golden glow is my people Dao karma, which will allow me to reduce the intensity of people tribulations..."

Thinking about it, he opened his mouth and stretched out his tongue.

The colourful glow did not move. Instead, the outer golden glow was pulled towards him by an invisible force and it condensed into a small golden flower which landed in front of him.


As his spiritual will shook, an unknown world was revealed. As a tremor was felt, the flower of people Dao karma was transferred into his actualised dream world.

"It is indeed possible!"

Seeing this, there was excitement in his eyes.

The rules of reality which governed this realm were too strict and different from his own realm, and there was not much energy he could muster from his actualised dream world.

However, the flower of karma was from the heavens and had no physical shape and content. Therefore, it could be transferred into the actualised dream world for him to take away.

"However... I don't know what the flower could be used for in my own world?"

Fang Yuan sighed. "Based on the rules of reality which governs this realm, with karma comes fortune and good fate. I could just walk out and find a magical weapon lying on the floor, and I can even use it to reduce the intensity of tribulations... However, does the Da Qian world recognise karma from this realm?"

In a thought, he felt that everything did not make sense.

"I should quickly use it up!"

As his spiritual will shook, the golden flower exploded and dissipated within the actualised dream world.

After a golden flash, there seemed to be no changes in the actualised dream world.

"It doesn't seem that useful..."

Fang Yuan was speechless. As he slowly experienced it for himself, he could finally detect it. "It feels as though my actualised dream world is now more responsive? Also... it seems that it is more connected with this realm. If I use up more people Dao karma, I might be able to use my 8 Gates Sword Array here!"

"Could the effect of the people Dao karma allow me to integrate into this world?"

He made a wild guess in his mind. "To test if this is true, I will need to obtain more people Dao karma. In this realm, I'm sure I'm able to!"

He waited until nightfall before leaving and arriving at the Black Lake District government office.

"I can sense the official's energy becoming stronger... It feels much more concentrated here!"

Fang Yuan quickly commented before swiftly entering the government office. The fate energy in the government office was too weak to restrict him.

In the study at the back of the government office.

Xu Ren now had a moustache and appeared more mature, He was reading some books late at night and he frowned, as though he was troubled.

"Sir! Your wife has cooked some bird's nest porridge. Please enjoy and rest early!"

Outside, a beautiful servant served the porridge, which filled the room with its fragrance.

"It's hard on you, Sir!"

Xu Ren was pleased with his wife. After all, she was respectful and even gave birth to a son for him. He took a spoon and started to eat the porridge. "I have just taken over the district government office and will be quite busy, unlike before. Please return and send my regards to my wife, and remind her to rest! Don't wait for me!"

The previous Black Lake district leader had reached the end of his 3-year tenure and had already risen up the ranks to be part of the prefecture. Therefore, Xu Ren had taken up his appointment.

After all, it was only normal for people to be promoted and move a step up.

Of course, this was also due to Xu Ren's hard work.

However, only after taking over the district and control the 100-mile radius land did he realise the difficulty of it.

"There are two main threats in Black Lake District. Firstly, it would be the evil gods and secondly, pirates. As the in-charge of this district, I need to get rid of these in order to live up to my appointment!"

After finishing the porridge, he dismissed the servant and started to reminisce about his younger days and started to clench his fist.

"The pirates are hiding on the Golden Court Lake and their movements are mysterious. They would come together and strike at the same place before retreating back into the lake. Therefore, they are extremely hard to find and I suspect that they have a powerful backing. The previous district leader could only send his soldiers to protect the district's people, but he was unable to wipe out the pirates completely!"

"As for the threat from evil gods, it is harder to deal with. Even I myself can only try my best to support the righteous gods for them to go against the evil gods..."

At this point, he glanced at the pond at the backyard and there was a mysterious look in his eyes.

He had previously made use of the black snake to get rid of the previous threat from the Heizi River Water God. From then, there were no troubles for the next three years and there was no need for live sacrifices, which was an example which he hoped to emulate.

The golden red carp in his mansion had slowly recovered and could finally be put to use.

Previously, he was a little anxious about the fact that there was a demon living in his backyard.

However, in the past 3 years, the golden red carp did not do anything to threaten them. Instead, it had helped them in the dark and helped them resolve many issues, slowly gaining the family's trust, to the extent that they would trust the golden red carp more than Fang Yuan.

"District leader, an old friend is here to visit!"

With a golden flash, a beautiful lady appeared in his study. It was Li Luan.

"Lady Li, an old friend? Who is it?"

Xu Ren was shocked. It must be somebody powerful for Li Luan to release her Yin Spirit.

"It's me!"

As a black fog spread into the room, a young man in black robes entered.

"It's indeed you, my friend!"

Li Luan took a bow. "It has been 3 years, and I congratulate you for your improvement in cultivation!"

"It's benefactor!"

Xu Ren stood up and bowed.

"How can I compare to you, Lady Li? After all, you are cultivating in the government's office! After 3 years of cultivation, I have reached a bottleneck and I have to come here!"

Fang Yuan sat down and looked at Xu Ren. "Sir Xu, would your ambitions 3 years ago count today?"

"Of course!"

Xu Ren knew that Fang Yuan wouldn't visit him without a purpose. As soon as he heard him, he promptly agreed.

"Alright! If that is so, I will help you in accomplishing something good for the country!"

Fang Yuan looked down.

"If that is so, I'll send in a letter of approval to recommend you as the god of the district town!"

Xu Ren was overjoyed as he exclaimed.

"Keke... We can discuss this later!"

With a flash, Fang Yuan disappeared. Li Luan quickly followed him.

Within seconds, only Xu Ren was left behind in the study, and all that had happened felt like a dream.


"What are you intending to do?"

In a garden at the back of the government office, Fang Yuan sat next to a pond as is tail flicked around on the surface of the water.

A golden red carp swam towards him, Li Luan's voice was heard.

"What do I want to do?"

Fang Yuan laughed as he looked in another direction. It was as though he could see through walls as his eyes were fixed in the master bedroom.

In the bedroom, Wan'er looked like a housewife as she coaxed her son to sleep.

The child was only 3 years old and was extremely cute. However, it appeared different from a normal human.

It had fate energy of normal levels, but it felt as though it might explode any time, which gave Fang Yuan a sense of familiarity. With the Dragon Pearl in his body, he could detect that the child was not normal, as though he would be the cause of a people tribulation

"You are asking me what I am intending to do. However, I want to ask you. Xu Ren is a normal human. Previously, you can still lie about staying here to recuperate. What excuse do you have now?"

Looking at Li Luan, he continued. "I didn't think that you would have detected the trend in this realm as well and even invested in it... Let me think. What did you do to the child? Hmm... I've received news that the An River Dragon God is looking for a demon fugitive, and it seems that that demon had stolen a treasure from his dragon palace. Could it be the water dragon's Dragon Pearl?"


There was a look of shock on Li Luan's face.

Never would she have thought that her discreet actions would be discovered by Fang Yuan so easily.

Fang Yuan chuckled inside.

He had a Dragon Pearl of his own and was of higher quality than the water dragon's Dragon Pearl, which made it extremely easy for him to detect.

"However, the water dragon's Dragon Pearl is a treasure for a demon's cultivation. What use does it have on a human?"

Looking at Li Luan, Fang Yuan interrogated her.

Seeing this, Li Luan could only take in a deep breath and reveal everything. "That day, I was heavily injured. Therefore, I had to make use of the protection from the Xu Family. However, after seeing the birth of their child and detecting that he was special, I decided to do it!"

"That water dragon's Dragon Pearl is not something that the An River Dragon God would require to survive. Instead, it was a treasure passed on by the previous generations of dragon gods. It is filled with karma and fate energy, and not much dragon properties in it. Through my secret technique, I have planted it into Xu Ting's heart and covered it up..."