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Chapter 269: Clear Wind

Chapter 269: Clear Wind

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"You're really ambitious!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his hands together. "This treasure would be able to contain his fate energy. When Xu Ting grows up and becomes accomplished, you want a share of his fate energy and karma? To increase your cultivation?"

"That's right! I must take revenge!"

Li Luan had a determined look on her face, and her Yin Spirit emerged. "Please help me, brother. After all of this is over, I am willing to be your slave to repay your kindness!"

"Forget it..."

Fang Yuan waved his sleeves. "Don't look for me for such a troublesome thing! However, since we have similar goals, we can work together!"

This lady's enemy must be at the same level of the An River Dragon God and Fang Yuan did not want to find trouble for himself.

However, he had to admit that the execution of his plan would be much smoother with her help.

"Of course..."

Li Luan stood up, confused.

The water dragon's Dragon Pearl is an extremely valuable treasure!

Although she had already declared that the pearl had minimal dragon properties in it and that it could not assist Fang Yuan in transforming from a python to a dragon, it could contain fate energy and the benefits were immense.

At the moment where Fang Yuan had exposed her, she had already made plans for the worse. However, she could not believe it that Fang Yuan had no greed.

However, it was also a good thing that she did not have to fight with her benefactor.

As she heaved a sigh of relief, she continued. "Brother, please swear to the heavens as proof!"

In this realm, the heavens were almighty. Although there might be no response at the moment of swearing, all of it would be accumulated in the tribulation to come and even the Dragon God would have to consider twice before swearing.

"I swear to the heavens that I have no greed over the water dragon's Dragon Pearl. If I break my promise, the heavens can deal with me in any way they like!"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes and looked at Li Luan. "Is this enough for you to keep your thunder pill?"

"I'm sorry!"

Li Luan blushed and quickly kept the thunder pill before apologising once more. "I am too cautious..."

"Alright, now can you explain to me where are you from?"

Fang Yuan stared at the golden red carp.

"I am... the daughter of the Water God of Qi Lake!"

Li Luan clenched her teeth but finally revealed her identity.


Fang Yuan was in shock at the coincidence in the world. "Alright, you don't have to say anything more..."

He could guess this lady's predicament.

Her father had died and she had sworn to take revenge for him. Therefore, she had infiltrated the palace to steal the treasures.

As for how a water dragon could give birth to a carp? A water dragon was flirtatious in nature and there was no explanation needed.

However, no matter how good her plan was, she was unlucky. Although the water dragon's Dragon Pearl was a treasure in itself, it was unable to help her transform into a dragon. Following, she was then chased by soldiers and was fortunate enough to be rescued by the Xu Family. After seeing the birth of Xu Ting, only then did she think of harnessing his fate energy for her own cultivation.

"I believe this lady is unaware of my identity..."

Fang Yuan looked at Li Luan. "Could she have suspected anything after seeing my black carp body? That should be a small issue. Against the demons in Qi Lake, we are natural allies!"


"Eh? This is..."

At the East of Black Lake District, there was a Dao temple called Clear Wind.

The owner of Clear Wind Temple was rumoured to be a powerful person who worked hard to destroy evil demons and earned a reputation for himself. He was nicknamed 'The Godly Sword of the Sun and Moon'. As he aged, he retired here. He was spot-on in fortune telling and deciphering dreams, which gave him a good business.

Of course, Venerable Clear Wind had good progress in his cultivation in recent years and no longer got himself involved in the happenings around. He had left the work of managing the temple to his few direct disciples while he would cultivate in peace by himself.


At this point in time, within Clear Wind Temple, a young Daoist came to the backyard and was shocked.

His master had unknowingly started to meditate in isolation. As his master looked out towards the district, his face was solemn.

"Is this Tong Ming? You should have mastered your Energy Viewing Technique, so come take a look!"

Venerable Clear Wind was around 80 years old but appeared like a middle-aged man. His face was full of vitality and his black sideburns stretched downwards, giving him the appearance of a respectable Daoist

As he looked towards the government office, his eyes glittered.

"Yes, Master!"

Tong Ming opened his spiritual eye and executed his Energy Viewing Technique towards the government's office. "A red streak of energy is originating from the office like the glow of a fire... The district leader has plenty of people Dao fate energy! Also, there is a colourful scroll within the red streak of energy. This is the scholarly energy! Sir Xu is a scholar and will be able to ensure peace in the district! It is good fortune for the people!"


After looking for a while longer, his expression changed. "There seems to be a faint black glow coming from the back of the government office. This is the energy of aggressive soldiers. Could the district leader intend to use his soldiers?"

"And then?"

Venerable Clear Wind's expression remained unchanged and continued asking.

"I'm useless and this is all I can see..."

Daoist Tong Ming was sweating profusely.

"You have already mastered half of the Energy Viewing Technique since you were able to see all that you had described...."

Venerable Clear Wind sighed. "Amidst the energy of the aggressive soldiers, there is the energy of demons! I'm afraid that demons now control the government office and have already disguised themselves to get close to his family members..."


Daoist Tong Ming shuddered and did not know what to do. "What should we do?"

"Exterminate it, of course!"

Venerable Clear Wing revealed a murderous look. "Bring my sword to me!"

"Yes, Master!"

Daoist Tong Ming returned to the temple and within seconds, he had retrieved a sword out.

The sword appeared normal and Venerable Clear Wind started to recite his sword formula and exert strength on the handle of the sword.


With the roar of a dragon, a peak of three feet erupted from the ground.

As he glanced at the peak, Daoist Tong Ming started to feel his eyes hurting and could look no more.

He knew that his master had used this magical sword to kill countless demons. With all the spiritual energy in it, it could already become the sword's spirit! Normal people would not be able to wield it and handle that much energy.

Only his master would be able to recite his sword formula and use it at will. Humans and demons alike would be no match for this sword.

"When can I ever get the moon... Oh, Sun Moon Sword, I never thought that I would have to use you again..."

Venerable Clear Wind's face was composed, but his mind was filled with many thoughts:

'It is the only fate for the uprising of humans. We cultivate the authentic way and we are pure humans. Our grandmasters were fortunate to have the opportunity to allow us to enter the realm and help the people Dao...'

'I have disguised myself as a vigilante for over 30 years before realising that something impending would happen, and Black Lake District was one of these places which would be happening. Therefore, I have decided to live in seclusion here and take in a few disciples...'

'Who would've guessed that demons would be involved in this tribulation! Do you demons really think you can share a piece of our fate energy and karma and develop your own Dragon Court? Hehe...'

Although they were after the same thing, he could not allow this to happen.

Even though whatever the demons were doing might be beneficial to the people Dao, only humans should do it. If demons were to accomplish it, they would have a hope of survival! They would also take a share of our karma.

Taking away one's fortune was akin to killing one's parents.

Taking away one's karma and fate energy would reconcile the demons and humans forever!

'Regardless of how the demon knew the trend of the realm or the fact that it might be coincidence, I cannot let it happen and cannot let them have our fate energy!'

Venerable Clear Wind had a cold look on his face.


Black Water General's Temple.

The Black Water General was similar to the previous Heizi River God and would frequently demand live sacrifice and would sometimes even go up ashore to feed on humans.

The moon was high up in the night sky.

Suddenly, there was an explosion coming from the temple and the ground shook.

"What happened?"

The awoken temple master draped on his robes and quickly entered the temple. He was left dumbfounded.


In a loud crash, there was a crack on the neck of the statue of the Black Water General and soon, it broke apart and rolled onto the floor, spinning. Many offerings were smashed.

"General... general!"

Although it was just a statue, it meant that there was an impending disaster for the temple.


Suddenly, another loud sound was heard. As the ground exploded, a black fog emerged. Within the black fog, there was a small creature which stretched out its 4 legs. It attempted to run towards the river.

"Don't think about escaping!"

Behind, there was another black glow. A huge black snake appeared and it swiftly blocked the creature's path.

With the second glow, the temple master could no longer take it and fainted.

"Aw! Aw!"

As the giant turtle's path was blocked, it stopped and stretched its head out. With a menacing roar, it shouted. "We are both demons! Why are you troubling me?"

"Just shut up!"

Fang Yuan was too lazy to continue the conversation. With the flick of his tail, several water spears flew out.

"Chi! Chi!"

Not just that, the water spears froze in mid-air, forming icicles and making it stronger.

Ice, made from water but colder than water!

After transforming into a black snake, Fang Yuan's Water Controlling Technique had improved once more and he even learnt to form ice on his own without any master's guidance. As he executed it, the temperature in the surroundings dipped.


In front of the old turtle, the ground cracked and a wall made of soil emerged.

However, within seconds, the entire soil wall started to freeze up and crumbled in the next instant. The following icicles struck through the shell and into the turtle's flesh.


The old turtle quickly retracted its 4 limbs and head into its shell. As the icicles struck it, it slowly stretched its limbs and head out once more but this time, blood was oozing out.

"Impressive ice-type technique!"

Another flash appeared and Li Luan's Yin Spirit appeared. She appeared shocked. "The chill in the icicles froze any chance of survival for the old tortoise. It is just right, and the control over the chill is impressive!"

"This old turtle is also weak and you have already researched on him. He had few followers, therefore, there would be fewer implications if we were to kill him..."

Fang Yuan slithered up and struck his tail into the shell.

"Chi! Chi!"

Red streaks of light emerged from the shell and crept up Fang Yuan's scales.

After a while, the flesh of the old turtle disappeared, leaving a shell behind.

Although Fang Yuan was over the phase of eating normal flesh and meat, the demon's flesh was still filled with essence in it. After swallowing the turtle's flesh, he grew a little longer and his scales had a dull red pattern now.