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Chapter 270: Imperial Sword

Chapter 270: Imperial Sword

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As the bright moon shone, the river gushed downstream.

After the death of the old turtle, its essence was being absorbed by Fang Yuan and all that was left was a turtle shell and a faint glow around it.

"Do you mind?"

Fang Yuan casually glanced at Li Luan. "Do you have the interest to join god dao? If that is so, by all means, take over him. After all, it wouldn't be hard to be appointed by the human dao..."

However, it all boiled down to her own luck if she could be given a title by the heavens as well.

"Talking about following god dao, you have already controlled Heizi River for three years. Why are there no improvements in your cultivation?"

Li Luan bit her lip and smiled. "We have different goals so there's no meaning in this conversation!"

"That's true..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head but was secretly shocked.

He knew that if he were to benefit from Xu Ting by taking in his karma, he might get himself involved in the impending tribulation. This was why he chose to live in seclusion and only took control over the spiritual mountain range underwater.

Since Li Luan was clueless about the impending tribulation, her actions of trying to make use of Xu Ting to help the people Dao was only reasonable.

'There could be a possibility that this woman might be involved in the impending tribulation!'

Fang Yuan examined Li Luan.

Based on his definition of 'involved', he meant that she would be the epicentre of the tribulation.

After all, his actions were already affected by her...

"The moon..."

Li Luan looked up and commented softly.

At that moment, Fang Yuan's Yin Spirit became tensed up.

Under the moonlight, he could feel a sense of danger.

"Quickly retreat!"

Within seconds, he quickly arched his back and leapt into the river as quick as lightning.

Within seconds, he could see a shimmer in his eyes.

The silhouette of a sword landed under the moonlight.

This sword was glittering as though it was as bright as the moon. It struck down with a murderous vibe.

The sword hesitated for a moment as it detected Fang Yuan escaping the vicinity. In a split second, it decided to change its target and went for Li Luan instead.

"This is a flying sword technique! A flying sword controlled by someone!"

The flying sword became a streak of light as it struck down and suddenly, Fang Yuan recalled a sentence from a poem - 'As beautiful as the moon, the enchantress takes her leave!'

"If I don't help her, she'll be dead!"

His spiritual will shook as 3 ice pillars emerged from the ground, shielding her.


The sword essence exploded, destroying the 3 pillars of ice and shattering it.

It was this extra split second which gave Li Luan the opportunity to use her lifeline.

"Thunder Pill, explode!!!"

A green streak of electricity ruptured and struck onto the sword essence.

"A thunder-type technique indeed!"

As the power of the thunder pill was revealed, Fang Yuan could feel his scales standing on its ends.

The God of Thunder was considered one of the strongest gods. Therefore, thunder-type techniques were one of the more powerful techniques.

Although this thunder was not a tribulation, the destruction that it had caused was only a little lesser than a natural tribulation!


After a clang, the sword essence disintegrated, revealing an ancient-looking sword. It was three feet long and there was a string of cherries on the handle, drifting through the wind.

"Ah... thunder technique!"

A spiritual will emerged from the sword. Within seconds, the flying sword turned around and flew off quickly, shaking in the wind.

"Brother, are you alright?"

Fang Yuan slithered back ashore and checked on her.

"Thanks for your assistance! Otherwise, I wouldn't even have the chance to activate the thunder pill!"

Li Luan held her chest, worried.

She had the feeling of coming back from the dead!

If her Yin Spirit was killed, she would have ended up as a vegetable even though she still had her physical body.

"This person is powerful! He should be a warrior among the people!"

Fang Yuan glanced at Li Luan. "Have you not realised anything after staying at the Xu Family? I'm surprised that you haven't been killed!"

Li Luan rolled her eyes. "I was panicky throughout my stay in their mansion and have kept my demonic energy for the past three years. Do you think I'm like you? You don't even conceal yourself when walking out in the streets! It must be your actions and negligence which attracted this highly skilled warrior!"

Fang Yuan was taken aback.

His intention in killing the evil gods was to let Xu Ren submit an official appeal to the prefecture to get rid of the evil gods.

Although the officials could not absorb and harness spiritual energy around them, they could gather the fate energy of the people Dao which would be troublesome for Fang Yuan.

However, the officials from the prefecture could render the fate energy of the evil gods useless.

Never would he have thought that such an ordinary action taken by Xu Ren would attract so much attention.

"Forget it... I want to see who this powerful human is!"

Fang Yuan revealed a courageous look. "I'm going to look for that human! Do you want to follow me?"

"This... I wouldn't dare to disobey!"

Li Luan clenched her teeth. Looking at the direction which the sword flew towards, there was a vengeful look on her face.

After all, she was a demon! It was already rare that she, as a demon, did not take advantage of the humans! How could she allow another human to take advantage of her?


Within Clear Wind Temple.

Venerable Clear Wind crossed his legs and sat on a platform. As he recited his mantra, his body remained still.

Beside him, there were a few loyal disciples protecting him.


A streak of sword-reflected light entered from outside and landed in front of Venerable Clear Wind.

On the sword, a small Yin Spirit emerged. It had the looks of Venerable Clear Wind and hurriedly, it leapt into Venerable Clear Wind's physical body.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

In a glow, the physical body of Venerable Clear Wind stood up. As he opened his eyes, his face became flushed and he hastily spat out a mouthful of blood.


The surrounding disciples were in a shock.

They knew that their master's flying sword technique would require his Yin Spirit to possess the sword and this would allow the sword to be able to fly 10 over miles and strike whenever and wherever he wanted!

Since the Yin Spirit would have the protection of the spiritual sword, it was extremely safe.

However, it seemed that their attempt at assassination had failed and even the Yin Spirit had experienced backlash!

"Cough! Cough! The two demons are extremely powerful! Quickly bring me my Heavenly King Revival Pill!"

Venerable Clear Wind spat out a few more mouthfuls of fresh blood and his face was extremely pale. He was struggling to instruct his fellow disciples.

One of his disciples had already prepared the spiritual pills and served them to Venerable Clear Wind. After a while, he seemed to have recovered a little. "Tong Feng, Tong Huo, quickly set up the array... A strong enemy is coming!"

Looking at the disciples he had in the temple, running away would not be a good choice as they would surely be hunted down. By then, all of them would die.

The only thing he could do was to take advantage of their geographical location and defend with all their lives.

"Yes, Master!"

Two of his disciples quickly rushed around the temple. Within minutes, there was a stream of air circulating around the temple, protecting it. Above the temple, there was a layer of fog rising up, concealing the entire temple.

After a short while, two streaks of fog landed next to the temple. It was Fang Yuan and Li Luan.

"They're feeling guilty! This only goes to show that they were the ones who attacked us!"

Fang Yuan glanced at Li Luan.

Li Luan blushed. She was still doubting his tracking abilities but now, she was proven otherwise.

"We should be fighting now right? Hold on, we have to announce our arrival..."

Fang Yuan slowly slithered forward and shouted with a commanding voice. "Listen up you brats! Since you dare to attack us, you must be prepared for our revenge. I'll give you all how long it takes for an incense to completely burn for all of you to come out and surrender. If not, I shall burn this temple and leave nothing behind!"

"How dare you!"

They could no longer hold it in. A voice travelled from inside the temple. "You evil demons live among us humans and are even forcing the district leader to take your orders! We're helping the heavens by killing the both of you!"

'You must be powerful to have the guts to rebut... You can even convince me that your ambush on us is reasonable! Seriously?'

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes and prepared to break the array.

"Master... That demon is preparing to enter the array!"

Within the array, a few disciples were extremely nervous.

"Relax! How would such a stupid animal understand the philosophies of the array?"

Venerable Clear Wind appeared contented. "It would take an extremely powerful demon to break this array using brute force... what is this!!!!"

He was originally composed but now, his hands were shivering.

His eyes were wide opened and his mouth was gaping as he was trying to comprehend what was happening before him.

In front of him, the black snake had entered the array. It was slithering to the east, followed by the west. It was looking for all the weak points in the array and using its own technique to destroy them.


As the array was destroyed, what was left behind was Venerable Clear Wind and his few disciples.

"How is this possible? This is a secret array passed down to us by our ancestors!"

Venerable Clear Wind was dumbfounded. He wielded his sword and walked up. "Demon, how did you break this array?"

'Eh... I'm not going to waste my time talking to you!'

Fang Yuan kept mum and observed Venerable Clear Wind's fate energy.

Because of Venerable Clear Wind's cultivation, he was able to conceal his own fate energy. However, Fang Yuan's cultivation was stronger and therefore, he could still see through Venerable Clear Wind's concealment.

"His martial arts are rather good. Of course, the interesting part is the additional energy surrounding him, which is the fate energy passed down to him from his ancestors... Furthermore, looking at the situation, it seems that he has gained protection from the heavens... It's a pity that he is too stubborn... We are all helping the people Dao, so why does he want to fight with me?"

Looking at the cold look in Venerable Clear Wind's eyes, Fang Yuan knew that he was a stubborn person. Therefore, he quickly came to a decision. "I'll kill him! Who cares if he has the protection of the heavens? I couldn't possibly let him kill me if he wanted to, right? As for going against the trend of the world, there will surely be some tribulations afterwards. Even if I cannot use my karma to reduce the intensity of the tribulations, I must still kill him today!"

He transformed into a sharp arrow and flung himself forward.

"Watch out for my sword!"

Although Venerable Clear Wind's Yin Spirit was injured and was unable to wield his sword, his true self could still do it. With his first strike, he could perfectly defend his physical body at the same time.

"What a good strike!"

Fang Yuan flicked his tail, avoided the sword and struck on the blade of the sword.


Venerable Clear Wind retreated. There was fear in his voice.

How could a snake know martial arts?