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Chapter 272: Human Tribulation

Chapter 272: Human Tribulation

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In the district city, in front of the Black Water General's Temple.

"This is an order from the District Leader. Since this god required live sacrifice, it is an evil one. The destruction of its own statue is a sign from the heavens that it is being punished. Don't be alarmed by this!"

Two government servants raised gongs and shouted at the top of their lungs as they explained what had happened in the temple to the residents.

After a seal was pasted on the doors of the temple, a print of the district leader was imprinted, forming a seal.

In reality, such a weak seal would do nothing to trap the original Black Water Old Turtle. But now, it was enough to trap its weak spirit.

"This is creepy. In just one night, so many Water Gods have been killed..."

"Not just that, even the Clear Wind Temple has been reduced to ashes. Could there be a powerful demon passing by our district, hence causing all these?"

"Since Venerable Clear Wind is well-known for killing demons, he might be the one who had exterminated all these evil Water Gods and might be injured himself as well..."

He sighed.

"Shhh, don't talk so much. Do you still want to live?"

After sighing, he was being pulled by the people behind as they covered his mouth.


The government servant who was making the announcement became angry. With a whip, he whipped the ground with a loud crackle. "The Clear Wind Temple has not been maintained well and therefore was a fire hazard. Don't spout nonsense!"

There were lives involved!

If they were to admit that it was a murder case and they could not investigate and find out who the murderer was, it would look bad on the district leader.

Furthermore, Xu Ren had also suspected that it might be Fang Yuan's 'mishandling'. Since there was no one who had hatred towards the temple, they could just let things settle as such.

In the government office, it was always good to avoid trouble. Therefore, the government servant glared at the person who made the comment.

"Don't put it to heart! My brother is retarded..."

The few of them quickly pulled the person out and left.

It might be a casual comment, but there might be serious complications that come with it.

"Venerable Clear Wind?"

A skinny person among the crowd was curious and decided to take a look at the temple.

However, everything was reduced to ashes and around the temple, there were a few incense and crying sounds.

This scene had left him in shock. "Could it be really the doings of a demon and that Venerable was being killed by a demon like how he killed demons?"

As he left the city, he arrived in the wilderness. There was a yellow glow on his body as his actual physical body was revealed. It was a huge horse monkey wearing clothes.

The horse monkey revealed his teeth which resembled that of a dog. With a murderous look, he picked up an incense and prayed respectfully. "Grandmaster, I have investigated. It is indeed true that there are a series of demons being killed. As of now, 7 of them had died and the other remaining are fearful... Furthermore, Clear Wind Temple within the city has been burnt down completely and everybody in the temple, from the temple owner to the Daoist children, died..."

He knew that Venerable Clear Wind had an extremely high cultivation and it was a joke that he would be burnt alive in the temple. "This is fishy. Should I continue my investigation?"

"There's no need!

In a fog, a human appeared. It was the monkey demon which had visited the dragon palace before. "I already have news that it is the doing of a black snake demon who had snatched a cave from the previous Heizi River God 3 years ago. Quickly go and kill it!"


The horse monkey scratched his ears, conflicted. "The Water Gods in Golden Lake Prefecture are officially under the jurisdiction of the Golden Court Dragon God. If I do this, it seems rather inappropriate... Furthermore, if that black snake demon is able to kill 7 gods, it must be rather powerful. I'm afraid I am not skilled enough to kill him..."

"Hmph, the old Dragon God is already an old fogey and does not seem to care about this. If he doesn't take any action, as the monkey god, leader of demons on the land, we should help him do his job. As for the black snake demon, it has been assisting the humans but is becoming crazy. Come over here. I will give you three strands of hair. You can use them to kill that demon!"

The imagery of the monkey god plucked out three hairs from itself and blew at them. In a flash, the three strands of hair went through and arrived at the chest of the horse monkey.

"I will accede to your order!"

The horse monkey smiled, figured out the direction to Heizi river and walked towards it.


"River God, please bless us with a bountiful harvest!"

"We, your followers, pray for good weather!"


Next to Heizi River, there was already a small temple built there.

This was built out of gratitude from the villagers as Fang Yuan had given them less pressure since his arrival.

They had offered him the appointment of 'Black Dragon General'. Never would he have thought that Xu Ren could receive an approval for a title for Fang Yuan, which made him speechless.

"Who would've guessed that such a small river would attract so many offerings! The prosperity of the human race is much more than the monkeys of our race living in the mountains..."

As the horse monkey witnessed the offerings, he felt a little jealous. With a chuckle, he rolled on the floor and revealed his true body. It was an aggressive monkey covered in black fur. The aggressive monkey raised its fist and smashed the altar in the temple.


Amidst the tremor, the altar crumbled and a few people who were unable to run away in time were injured and started to bleed. They were crying for help.

"De... Demon!"

"The demon that eats humans are here!"

The villagers rushed out and wished that they had another pair of legs to help them run faster.

"Eh, what happened?"

The aggressive monkey looked at his own fists and was confused.

This was too simple!

Don't these gods prioritise these offerings? Why would they allow him to destroy them effortlessly?

"Are you finally here?"

In the river within the mud, a pair of eyes appeared.

Fang Yuan did not believe in incense and offerings to begin with. He had left the temple there to act as a bait and an element of confusion.

Suddenly, a water reflective technique appeared, which revealed the monkey.

"A monkey demon? I should be able to deal with it with my current cultivation..."

After smelting the spiritual sword, Fang Yuan had left his cave and had hidden beneath the water just to wait for this day!

"I cannot hide from the tribulations from heavens. If I avoid it this time, a stronger one would come next time. I need to go through it... After this tribulation, I should continue helping the people Dao and follow the trend of this realm so I won't get myself into any more trouble!"

Fang Yuan waited quietly. He witnessed the monkey destroying his temple, becoming enraged and finally, the monkey started to eat humans... After ensuring that there was no other ambush in the surroundings, he revealed himself.

"This demon is aggressive and has a strong demonic strength. Also, the three golden furs behind its head seem insignificant but it might be his secret weapon! I cannot let my guard down!"

At this point in time, he started to swim towards the shore. The waves from the Haizi River crashed onto the riverbank and became dark in colour.

"I've caught you!"

As the monkey exclaimed, he rushed mindlessly towards the riverbank.

Covered by mist, a huge array formed and sealed the monkey within four walls.

"Eh? Is this... an array?"

The monkey was shocked as he regained his composure.

However, a black fog emerged from the mist; it was extremely thick and appeared strong.


The monkey wailed as he was being hit by the black fog. Dumbfounded, he glanced at the black shadow in front of him, which was about 30 feet in height.

In front of his enemy, his height of 10 feet seemed like a joke.

Indeed, a silhouette of a snake appeared. However, the snake appeared extraordinary and was as long as 30 feet! It was as thick as a water bucket and its head was as huge as a water vat. Under its cold stare, the monkey demon could feel a sense of cruelty.

'How is this a black snake? It is a black python!'

Feeling that his enemy was as strong as himself, the aggressive monkey became depressed.

In front of him was a black python who had achieved the 5th Transformation with the help of the Dragon Pearl!

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Python

Essence: 24

Spirit: 24

Magic: 24

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Technique (5th Transformation)], [Water Controlling Technique (Grade 4)], [Natural Magical Strength (Grade 1)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"


Against such a powerful Fang Yuan, the aggressive monkey felt a chill in his spine, as though he was against a godly demon. This was due to the increment in Fang Yuan's dragon properties.

He was not any normal python, but a dragon python!

"Python Wrapping Technique, Kill!"

As the black silhouette shook, Fang Yuan's tail curled and trapped the aggressive monkey, constricting him.

This was the killer move of a python and was indeed scary when Fang Yuan executed it.

No matter how strong the aggressive monkey was, with the constriction, there were cracking sounds from its body. It shrieked continuously but as it was restrained, it could not move a single bit. The only thing it could do was to wait for its impending death.

"Grandmaster, save me!"

As he was about to die, he suddenly thought of his grandmaster and screamed for help.


From the back of his head, one golden hair started to glow and heat him, creating an immense force which repelled the python.


Another hair transformed into a long golden sword and flew towards Fang Yuan.

"No one can save you today!"

Fang Yuan opened his snake mouth and a white glow shot out. It was the White Bone Evil Slaying Sword!


Both swords clashed with each other in mid-air and the golden sword broke in half. Without hesitation, the white bone sword continued to strike towards the monkey.


As the monkey screamed, the third hair exploded. However, nothing happened. Instead, a streak of light shot up into the sky.


Fang Yuan focused and activated the array.


However, the streak of light was extremely quick and even the clouds were repelled. In a moment, the trap array was broken apart as the streak of light disappeared into the sky.

"Who would've thought that my array would be... unable to contain it. Two strands of hair were able to defend from two of my strikes! This is indeed a powerful demon!"

Fang Yuan's eyebrows twitched. As the sword landed down, it ended the monkey's life.

"We have already become enemies. How can I not kill him?"

As he shook his head, he shivered.

He could feel that something was wrong and quickly opened his spiritual eye to check on his own body.

All of his fate energy was completely gone. There was an intense golden glow which transformed into 7 small golden flowers arranged nicely and floating in space.

"Is the tribulation over?"

Fang Yuan was sceptical. As he looked around, he could see a streak of black fog flying around him. However, it did not seem hostile. Fang Yuan was confused.

"I have worked hard to kill evil gods and have stood firm on the side of the humans. Although there is a backlash from killing Venerable Clear Wind, I have tided over the tribulation and I am ultimately still protected by the people Dao..."

"Following which, even if there are implications to come, they would be harmless! However, this is not what I want!"