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Chapter 273: Giant Venomous Snake

Chapter 273: Giant Venomous Snake

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Canger Mountain.

It was a huge mountain within the Golden Lake Prefecture, and there were many dangers lurking within.

However, at the centre of the mountain, there was a scene of serenity.

Spiritual water flowed everywhere and flowers were blooming. A group of monkey demons were playing around and as they ran into the forest, they were catching fleas from each other.

In the middle, there was a black peak. It was barren and extended straight up towards the sky. There was a circle of dark clouds surrounding the peak, which struck fear in those who set eyes on the peak.

As a golden streak of light flew into the mountain, there was an exclamation from the peak of the mountain. "What audacity, python demon! How dare you kill my grandson! I will peel your skin alive to let out my hatred for you!"

On the peak, within a cave, the monkey god's golden eyes were flaming. The other female monkeys in the cave could not avoid as they scrambled. "How dare you! How dare you! I'll kill you!"

As he stood up, the entire mountain shook.

"Monkey King, wait up!"

Another streak of light entered the cave, which then transfigured into a tortoise guard. "My god invites you to gather at the Golden Court Lake for a discussion about the demons!"

"The dragon god invited me?"

The monkey god froze and composed himself. 'I must be in my physical body to meet the dragon god. Otherwise, it would be extremely disrespectful! Indeed, a small monkey is nothing compared to the demons. However... I cannot contain my anger!'

As he struck his fist out, there was a golden glow and a secret path revealed itself within the cave. A golden-haired monkey walked out with a serious look.

"Although the python is powerful, I believe my incarnation will be able to kill it!"

The monkey god smashed towards his forehead. Immediately, a black fog appeared which entered the golden-haired monkey's body.

The golden-haired monkey became ferocious in an instant as it walked towards the opening of the cave.

"Tortoise guard, I'm sorry for the wait. Let's meet the Dragon God now!"

As the monkey god turned around, he cheerfully exclaimed.

"That's good!"


At the same time, within the government's office.

Due to the fact that his physical body was extremely obvious, Fang Yuan could only send his Yin Spirit to look for Xu Ren.

Otherwise, he would have destroyed the entire office if he were to come in person.

After attaining the 5th Transformation, this magical energy increased exponentially and the Yin Spirit which he formed would be able to walk under normal daylight, had flesh and was no different from a normal human.

"Greetings, god!"

In the small study, there was only Xu Ren and Li Luan.

Li Luan looked at Fang Yuan with an expression of shock. It was only a matter of days, but Fang Yuan's spiritual aura had strengthened by folds. To her, Fang Yuan was becoming increasingly mysterious and her sense of insecurity intensified.

"There was a powerful demon which intruded out district, but I have killed it!"

Fang Yuan ignored Li Luan's thoughts and spoke his mind.

"What? A powerful demon?"

Xu Ren shuddered. Although he had cultivated for many years, he still turned pale.

"Mmm. Our district has been actively clearing the evil gods and our movements are too obvious. This is only normal... After all, I've killed it... We can just take our leave anytime, but what can you do, district leader?"

Fang Yuan was determined but as he spoke, he remained expressionless.

"Since this is the case, I shall face whatever that comes!"

Xu Ren gritted his teeth and bowed towards both Li Luan and Fang Yuan. "Please take good care of my wife and my child if anything happens to me!"

"Things have not escalated to such a stage yet!"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "Do you know why the popular righteous gods like Goddess Xiang Fei and Golden Dragon General are alright with our doings?"

These were righteous gods. Although they were once demons, they had already lost the evil side in them and would no longer request for live sacrifices.


As soon as he spoke, dark clouds formed above and thunder roared.

"This is because the demons have split! Those clever ones would choose to be righteous gods! However, the majority of them would be tempted by the offerings from humans and had already taken the offerings for. This is especially so for those demons which only exist in spirit form. They cannot resist anything!"

Fang Yuan rattled out the trend of the realm without much consideration.


As soon as he finished his sentence, a streak of lightning struck across and Li Luan became pale. She fell to the ground as though she could not take it any longer.

'Indeed enraged, but useless!'

Fang Yuan smiled to himself as his spirit remained resolute and unafraid.

After all, he was in the government office, a creation of the people Dao. He was also standing next to Xu Ren, who was an official and therefore would have the protection from him. Additionally, there was another important factor in the government office: Xu Ting!

Lightning could never strike here!

"The demons have split? Some of the demons are helping the humans?"

After hearing this, Xu Ren shuddered. "What do you mean?"

"You can directly request from the prefecture to get the authority to clear all the evil gods before obtaining approval to officially help the righteous gods...."

Fang Yuan smiled.

This was forcing the demons to take a side! Those who would support the humans would be protected given assistance to deal with the evil demons!

'Let me be the one to cause the chaos in this world!'

A thought appeared in his mind.

No risks, no rewards!

To gain the most out of this realm, he had to take risks!

"I understand now... No wonder the both of you are willing to help me! It seems that you two are the brave ones among the demons!"

There was a glitter in Xu Ren's eyes as his face became flushed with excitement. "Could there really be an uprising among the humans?"

"Brother, why do you want to do this?"

Suddenly, there was a voice at Fang Yuan's ears; it was Li Luan.

She gave a complicated expression as she glared at Fang Yuan.

"Why do we want to betray the demons? This is merely following the trend of the heavens... Furthermore, don't you think your actions in the Xu Mansion are more overboard than mine?"

Fang Yuan replied her using the same technique.

Li Luan was stunned. As she thought about how she inserted the water dragon's Dragon Pearl into Xu Ting, she started to break into cold sweat.

"Don't worry. Although we would have started the Killer Tribulation, we will still be involved in in the future. However, there are many advantages to make the first move... Perhaps, you can ride the wave and take your revenge before everything is destroyed!"

As he comforted Li Luan, he gave Xu Ren a few pieces of advice for him to be prepared. However, in reality, he was just convincing Xu Ren to ensure his own son's survival. As Fang Yuan's Yin Spirit left the government office, he smiled to himself as he looked at the clear skies.

'Everything would boil down to this!'

His Yin Spirit quickly returned to his physical body. Slowly, he opened his spiritual eye and waited.

On his head, there were 7 golden flowers arranged nicely, spinning about in mid-air. As they spun, they released a warm golden glow.


At this moment, his forehead shook. He knew that was undergoing some sort of transformation.

A green glow descended from the heavens and landed on the golden flowers.

"The heavens are showing their appreciation! I'm sure of it!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan felt relieved and overjoyed at the same time. "Is this heavenly karma?"

If one helped the people Dao, they would gain people Dao karma. If one followed the trend of the heaven, they would gain heavenly karma!

Although this was the first time he had witnessed it with his own eyes, he was sure of it.

"People Dao karma is gold in colour and can bring fortune and reduce the intensity of people tribulation! How about heavenly karma?"

He opened up his actualised dream world and absorbed the green energy.

At the moment where the green energy was leaving the realm and entering the actualised dream world, something happened! The original green colour returned to the world and a pure form of energy more powerful than realm energy entered. It felt as though it was the product of the heavens and the feeling felt similar to the realm energy in Hui Realm.

As soon as the actualised dream world received the energy, the Water Sword was formed at an extraordinary rate.

"It seems that I can trade heavenly karma for energy from the heavens. I'm sure that the righteous gods have used their heavenly karma to gain approval from the heavens and from there start absorbing the spiritual energy in their vicinity!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.

The reason he was helping Xu Ren was for this!

"However... If I can gain all these fate energies just by revealing the heavenly tribulations, why didn't the earlier people do it?"

Fang Yuan was confused. After much thought, he smiled to himself.

At the same time as the heavens showed their appreciation, a greyish-black force landed and surrounded him, which appeared sinister.

"If I gain some, I must lose some. Since I have revealed the plans of the heavens, there will be a tribulation that I must go through. This tribulation should be something that I cannot survive through at my current stage... I'm afraid the earlier people would have died if they revealed the heaven's intentions!"

As his heart shook, he quickly released all the heavenly karma that he had.

In his actualised dream world, the Rough Water Sword in the North quickly formed.

Suddenly, the entire array shook. The water-type sword flew upwards. As the water and fire glittered in the array, the actualised dream world expanded.

"Water sword and people Dao karma, go!"

Fang Yuan's spiritual will shook and a golden flower flew out.

The blue water-type sword essence and the red fire-type sword essence appeared in front of him.

"This is not enough! With this, I'm afraid I'm too weak to survive the impending tribulation!"

He had a bad feeling about this. Without thinking much, he spat out a Dragon Pearl. "Water-Fire Dual Sword, White Bone Evil Slaying, three swords, break!"

The powerful sword essence struck on the Dragon Pearl and a golden fluid, dragon's essence, began to flow out.

At the same time, remnants of heavenly karma were transformed into pure elemental energy which landed on the black python.

As the black python looked up and roared, four stumps appeared beneath its body.

The stumps quickly grew and in an explosion, they had become four legs.

This was the 6th Transformation of the Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Formula! The Giant Venomous Snake Transformation!

The Venomous Snake was considered a young dragon to some, and a poisonous snake to others. It was a mixture of both and had an abundance of dragon properties.

Fang Yuan examined himself. He had a snake's head, four legs and dragon's tail. "A Venomous Snake is merely a four-legged snake or a giant lizard. The snake properties have been transformed into dragon properties. However, to become a dragon, I still have to go through a Dragon Transformation Stage! I need to change my entire physical body to do so!"

Even so, the Venomous Snake would be king among the snakes!

Looking at his stats, he noticed some changes:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Race: Giant Venomous Snake

Essence: 30

Spirit: 30

Magic: 30

Profession: ???

Cultivation: ???

Technique: [Nine Steps of Dragon Transformation Technique (6th Transformation)], [Water Controlling Technique (Grade 5)], [Natural Magical Strength (Grade 2)], [8 Gates Sword Array (3rd Sword (1%))]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"


As he planted his four legs firmly on the ground, Fang Yuan roared like a prehistoric crocodile.

At this point in time, a golden-haired monkey had realised his powerful demonic vibe! It was shocking!