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Chapter 274: Betrayal

Chapter 274: Betrayal

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"Demon King?"

Detecting the energy from the golden-haired monkey, Fang Yuan smiled.

This golden-haired monkey's spiritual aura was much stronger than the previous monkey which attacked him.

If Fang Yuan was still at the 5th Transformation, there was no chance that he could escape alive.

But now, at the 6th Transformation, there was a tremendous difference!

After achieving the Giant Venomous Snake Transformation and strengthening the connection of this dream world to this realm, he could now harness the sword essences of both the fire and water swords. He had confidence against the monkey king!

"What a snake demon!"

Detecting the demonic energy from the giant venomous snake, the golden-haired monkey became shocked. "I am the leader of Canger Mountain, the monkey god! Anything that walks on land is under my jurisdiction. Why do you want to help the humans and cause trouble to the demons?"

If this was last time, the monkey king would have gone straight into the fight without much talk.

Giving Fang Yuan a chance to explain himself was after taking into consideration the fact that he was his own kind, therefore pitying him.

"A demon should be able to do whatever it likes! I'll help whoever I wish! Why do you care so much?"

Fang Yuan laughed.

"Do whatever you like!"

There was a murderous look on the golden-haired monkey's face. Suddenly, he revealed his true physical body. It was a monkey as tall as a small hill, wielding a metal pole and a mask. "Let me do whatever I like and kill you today!"


The ground shook and dust flew everywhere.

"The Golden Monkey wipes out all the evil demons!"

Fang Yuan mumbled out a sentence from a poem.

This demon felt more powerful than the previous monkey and was highly skilled in martial arts as well. Therefore, it had the ability to be the king of demons.

Even the three demons from Qi Lake could not compare to it!

"Water-Fire Dual Array, Go!"

Due to the fact that Fang Yuan had linked his actualised dream world to the current realm using his people Dao karma, although he was still unable to actualise the swords, he could harness the sword essences form both swords.

Immediately, two streaks of glows appeared on his body; red and blue. It was as though two dragons had emerged from the ocean and combined forces.

"Clang! Clang!"

The sword essences rained on the iron pole like raindrops hitting a leaf. The force from the Water-Fire Dual Array was continuous.

"Eh? Spiritual sword?"

The golden-haired monkey retreated and realised that the iron pole in his hands was now filled with holes. There was a look of worry on his face. "There are signs of an array as well! Where did you come from?"

"You're about to die soon, so you don't have to know that much!"

Fang Yuan roared, rushed forward and flicked his tail!


The golden-haired monkey flew backwards and landed on a hill, shaking the entire place.


Fang Yuan did not stop. Instead, he opened his mouth wide and started to swallow the monkey.

As he sucked the monkey into his mouth, there was a white glow coming from his mouth. It was the White Bone Evil Slaying Sword. Flying out, it sliced through the iron pole and struck itself into the golden-haired monkey's body.

"... The incarnation which I've painstakingly cultivated…...?"

The golden-haired monkey looked down at his wound and started to have a mysterious look on his face. "Impressive... looks like you've earned the right to fight with my true self!"


At the same time, in the Golden Court Lake, Dragon Palace.

In a large square, a huge black water dragon curled up and opened his eyes lazily.

In front of him was a huge jade table with all sorts of delicacies on the tabletop.

"It is my honour to be invited by you, Dragon God..."

As soon as the Monkey God spoke, his expression changed. 'What's happening? How did that snake demon transform into a giant venomous snake? Even my incarnation is being defeated...'

He stood up hurriedly, as though he was about to make his way out.

In the next moment, the entire palace shook. Water-type spiritual energy slowly but forcefully held the Monkey God back into his place.

"Monkey God, since you're here, you must try my Hundred-Fruit Wine!"

The black dragon slowly spoke as he flicked a bowl of green fruit wine towards the Monkey God.

"This... Alright!"

The Monkey God raised the bowl and drank heartily.


"Oh, you are just an incarnation. What a pity your incarnation is injured. How do you think it would affect your true body?"

On the battlefield, Fang Yuan heard the threat from the golden-haired monkey and started to taunt.

"Haha... How would such a small demon like you understand the powers of the monkey king? Even if you kill my incarnation, it will not affect my true body at all..."

The golden-haired monkeys started to laugh heartily.

This statement was, however, admitting that his incarnation was no match for Fang Yuan.

To a demon king, this was unbelievable.

'Where did such a weirdo come from? His physical body is strong, his demonic techniques are powerful and he has such abilities!'

The monkey king felt a little depressed.

His incarnation was no match to Fang Yuan in terms of demonic techniques, magical abilities or even his physical body. How could the fight go on?

"Water and Fire sword essence, explode!"

Suddenly, a streak of red and blue sword essence exploded in front of the monkey king, slicing the iron pole in half.


Seeing this, the Monkey God knew that he had to escape!

After all, he had trained this incarnation's physical body for many years and he was not willing to abandon it just like that.

"You can't escape!"

In a black glow, Fang Yuan's tail curled up and trapped the monkey. "Did you ask me for my permission?"

He still had properties of a python. Seeing that the monkey was trapped, Fang Yuan quickly opened his mouth and engulfed him as though his mouth was like a black hole.

Of course, Fang Yuan would have taken precautions. Before swallowing him, a white-coloured sword flew out of his mouth and through the heart of the monkey.

The next scene was a shocking one.

A monkey as tall as a small hill was being swallowed by a snake with 4 legs, as though a snake was swallowing an elephant.

As Fang Yuan was digesting the incarnation's flesh with his sword essence, he was ripping apart the monkey's soul as well, exploring the secrets within.


"What audacity!"

In the Dragon Palace, the bowl of wine in the Monkey God's hand shattered into pieces. "How dare he... How dare he..."

Not only did his incarnation lose to Fang Yuan, it was also swallowed whole.

He could feel the entire process of being swallowed by the snake as well, which made him infuriated.

"Ah... How dare you eat my incarnation! I will skin you alive and eat you for a hundred days!"

The Monkey God stood up and the entire palace shook.

"Monkey God, wait up!"

The black dragon looked over and smiled.

"Why are you stopping me, old dragon?"

The Monkey God's eyes were bloodshot as he glared at the black water dragon. "You invited me here, but it seems like you are helping him. Could the snake be your child?"


The water dragon opened his mouth and laughed. "I am just following the trend of the world!"

"What do you mean?"

The Monkey God composed himself. At the same time, the imagery of a monkey with 3 heads and 6 limbs appeared behind him.

"The demons will fall and the humans will rise. This is the intention of the heavens!"

The black dragon revealed the truth and the red in his eyes were gone; instead, they appeared wiser.

"Alright! You've finally said it!"

The Monkey God was enraged. "You are the king of demons in the Golden Court Lake! Do you know what you're saying? Do you want to betray the demons?"


The black-coloured Dragon God let out a laugh. "I'm no longer a demon..."


As bubbled covered the dragon, within seconds, it had disappeared. Where it once curled up was a human wearing robes, with the horns of a dragon on his head.

He had a serious expression and spoke with a composed voice. "Since the Thousand-Year tribulation, my dragon body had been destroyed by the tribulation. My soul was unwilling to reincarnate into a dragon and I can only rely on the people Dao to continue living on..."

"I didn't know that after losing my physical body, my soul would be weakened. After recovering from a deep slumber, I had found myself in the body of a human reliant on the people Dao. How can I give it up and dig my own grave?"

"No wonder..."

The Monkey God nodded his head. "Since the Thousand-Year tribulation, you have been living in seclusion and even opened up the Golden Court Lake to humans. I finally know the reason. You are no longer the Dragon King of the demons, but the Golden Court Dragon God of the people!"

"If someone like you could also give up on the demons, it is no wonder the giant venomous snake could do the same... Could it really be destined for the humans to rise?"

There was a look of unwillingness in the Monkey God's eyes. "I can't believe it! We demons have been ruling for so long, why would the humans stand a chance against us?"


As he exclaimed, the 3 heads and 6 limbs entered his body. Within seconds, he had transformed into a 100-feet tall monkey. "Old Dragon, I am only below you because I had always believed that you were the dragon and therefore more superior. Now that your dragon body is destroyed, let's see what you have against me! Watch out for my pole!"

"Ah... Monkey God... You're still as rash as before!"

The human-form Golden Court Dragon God seemed like an ant in front of the humongous monkey. However, he shook his head in disappointment as though it did not care about the incoming pole.

Indeed, in the next moment, the monkey's expression changed. His pole was being held firmly by the Golden Court Dragon God.

It was a shocking scene to behold.

It was like an ant carrying an elephant!

"Although I am on the path of god dao, I have the faith of a few thousand followers. I have already formed my indestructible body. As the officially-appointed Dragon God, I can absorb and harness all the spiritual energy within the lake! It is a fact that the demons will fall and the humans will rise! I am only just following the trend!"

The Golden Court Dragon God continued. "I have every advantage against you. Do you think you can overthrow me, monkey?"

"I'm not convinced!"

Although he knew that he was nothing compared to the Dragon God, his 3 heads started to shriek and his 6 limbs swung around.

"You're dumb!"

The Golden Court Dragon God sighed. "If you're looking for trouble, then die!"


There was a huge explosion in the Dragon Palace as the pillars fell.

After the destruction, a storm grew above the lake and in the Dragon Palace, the Monkey God was nowhere to be seen.