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Chapter 275: Return

Chapter 275: Return

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Within the mountains and forests where the vegetation was flattened, the beasts started to retreat.

A 30 feet long giant venomous snake slowly approached the centre. Its stomach was bloated and disproportionate to the rest of its body.

Fang Yuan had used his body's ability to melt objects, and the water and fire sword essence to devour the Golden-furred Monkey King.

His Yin Spirit had also suppressed the Monkey King's magical clones. He had also used the thread-like spiritual will to carefully tease out those useful memories.

Consuming people dao karma could reinforce the actualised dream world and allowed him to regain a small portion of his dream master's capabilities.

It was now second nature for Fang Yuan to devour others to achieve what he wanted.

"I found it...The Three Corpse Seven Murderous Magic Splitting Technique!"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's eyes lit up as he found a magical formula. Upon closer look, he exclaimed, "Wonderful! This is wonderful beyond words!"

Even though the monkey king sealed up a portion of his memories, Fang Yuan was still able to rake up some information.

Firstly, the Monkey King was the Monkey God and master of the surrounding mountains and forests of the Golden Court Lake! He cultivated in 2 ancient divine techniques, the first being the Three Heads Six Arms Technique and the second being the Three Corpse Seven Murderous Magic Splitting Technique!

The Three Heads Six Arms technique was a powerful divine technique that was not found within the magical clone.

However, the magical clone possessed the magic-splitting technique.

"This magical technique is cultivated by the ancient demons to cleanse their 3 Corpses! Only by cleansing their thoughts will they be successful..."

Fang Yuan was enlightened when he read the string of demonic words.

According to the instructions of the manual, the 3 Corpses referred to the never-ending development of all kinds of dark and gloomy thoughts. Beheading the 3 Corpses was, in reality, a technique to remove all the dark desires and thoughts, leaving behind only the pure divine spirit.

As such, this was essentially a technique which cultivated the divine spirit.

Of course, the beheaded evil thoughts were useful as well. One would be able to use the 7 Murderous Technique to cultivate an elemental clone. This was known as the Three Corpse Seven Murderous Elemental Clone, which was controlled by the primary elemental clone. As it was created by discarded thoughts, it does not cause weakness upon leaving the body and had no implications on the body if it was destroyed. As such, this was a superior magical clone technique.

"Hmmmm, not bad, this type of technique is valuable even among the dream masters!"

Fang Yuan rejoiced and immediately noted it down carefully.

"It is just that...this demon is still at the dragon palace. If he suddenly appears and start killing in a rage..."

Fang Yuan was able to defeat this magical clone easily. However, when faced with the actual Monkey God who was able to use Three Heads Six Arms Technique, Fang Yuan reckoned that he only had a 50-50 chance of emerging victorious.

"Perhaps I should leave first after achieving such a huge haul?"

Fang Yuan opened both eyes and mulled.

However, at this moment, his whole body shivered as he immediately detected that something was amiss.

Threads of green and gold karma rained down from above, forming a golden flower around the size of a bowl. The golden flower was surrounded by a ring of brilliant green flowers.

The brilliance from the flower melted away the lingering dark energy from the surroundings and his body akin to how the spring sun melts away snow. This caused Fang Yuan to be shocked.

"Increase in karma and dispersing the tribulation aura. The tribulation is already over? How is that possible? The monkey god could still bear it even though I have devoured one of his magical clone? Unless he is dead, there is no doubt that he will be looking for more trouble with me!"

"However, this karma is definitely not fake. I do not care so much. If the heavens dare to give it to me, I will dare to accept!"

Fang Yuan could not care less. He immediately opened his actualised dream world and stored his karma within it. He momentarily achieved a peace of mind.

"Worth it! It will all be totally worth it even if a lightning strikes me down now!"

Fang Yuan arrived beside the river and dived into the water before entering the dark hole in the river.


7 days passed.

Under the Heizi River, Fang Yuan occupied a river current and was deep in thought. "It is indeed peaceful. Furthermore, Xu Ren had received the support of the prefecture. The whole Golden Lake Prefecture had started to purge the evil gods... the Monkey God had not appeared. The demon monkey race of Canger Mountain is in a mess. That means... it is really dead or trapped?"

This indicated that there was interference from another power that was stronger than his. As such, Fang Yuan was momentarily afraid.

"Truth be told, it is enough. The tribulation had started. However, in order for it to be strong, we still have to slowly wait ten years plus for Xu Ren's son, Xu Ting to finally grow up!"

"It is time for me to go back!"

Although the flow of time between the two realms was different, he could tell that it was almost time as he had received a warning from the Realm Spirit.

"Of course... before I leave, I should preserve this body well. I do not want to start all over again the next time I come back!"

Within his sea of consciousness, Fang Yuan's divine spirit released a brilliant light, expelling a small amount of greyish-black colour which combined with the killing aura of the White Bone Evil Slaying Sword to form another small grey ring of light.

This was the result of his seven days of cultivation. A magical clone created using the Three Corpse Seven Murderous Magic Splitting Technique.

As for controlling this type of spiritual will, he was naturally skilled at it as he was a dream master.

Needless to say, this was originally a technique from this realm and as such, there was no problem using this technique in the realm.

This magical clone contained the memories and emotions that he left behind and completely followed orders of the original body. Even if it was destroyed, the magical clone was created from unwanted desires and would not affect the original body. As such, it was extremely useful.

"After I leave, you are to remain in this body and focus on survival. You must preserve your strength and wait for me to return!"

The primary elemental clone engraved a spiritual will onto the magical clone. It could be said that after it passed on the instructions, it momentarily separated itself.


The giant venomous snake opened its eyes and looked at him.

"The newly created Three Corpse Seven Murderous Elemental clone is still extremely weak and unable to be in control of the actual body. However, it does not matter. With the nourishment from the strong body and the previously devoured golden-furred monkey king, the body and spirit will combine and become inseparable!" Fang Yuan thought.

Fang Yuan's Yin spirit was still in the form of the black-clothed youth. When he saw the giant venomous snake lazily rolled over and crawled about as if it understood him, Fang Yuan started to move.

'The magical clone possesses sufficient intellect. In this phase where it is weak, there would be no problem if it hides itself deep within the mountains and forests…...'

After seeing the demon leave the dark riverbed and disappeared into the dense forest, Fang Yuan smiled. With a wave of his hand, a door made of light appeared.

The heavens and earth shuddered. However, no dark clouds formed.

He looked at the heavens and earth and smiled as he disappeared into the door.


Da Qian Empire, Ming Region.

Within the district town, in the basement of a residence, Fang Yuan shuddered as he opened his eyes.

The floor was covered in a layer of dust as the area had not been swept for a long time.

As for his body, there were not many changes as he was a Wu Zong.

He frowned as he arrived at the yard. He drew some water from the well to wash up before he went into the kitchen, cooked some spiritual porridge and slowly consumed it.

"At least 10 days have passed since I shut myself out. If I had any servants, they would have felt that something was amiss and made a big ruckus."

He shook his head and started to adjust his energy with his eyes closed. After cultivating for a period of time which was comparable to the time a normal person slept for, he entered the dream world.

"The application is now close!"

The cold and clear voice of the Realm Spirit rang as soon as he appeared. Fang Yuan was unconcerned as he carefully checked the records before realizing. "It seems more than 1 month has passed? That means more than 3 years have passed in the water realm as 10 days here is equivalent to 1 year there? The flow of time is indeed scary…"

Using the dream world as the intermediate stop, one could not only seek protection, but also received warnings from the Realm Spirit for the primary elemental clone to return to the body when the body could no longer sustain the dream-traversing. This was another advantage of using the dream world as the intermediate stop.

At least, the body would not starve to death. This benefit came with some contribution of course.

"Furthermore... after travelling once, there will be a coordinate left behind. Next time, I would be able to go back to the same place using Venerable Dream Traverser's method and could even bring a few friends along..."

The actions in the water realm could be considered an opening act. The tribulations had just started and had not reached its full potential.

It would be time for harvesting in the next dream-traverse!

"The gains this time is significant as well!"

Fang Yuan was pleased as he looked at his stat window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 36

Spirit: 30

Magic: 40

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (2nd Tier), Wu Zong (3rd Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 4) (1%)], Hundred Poison Golden Body (1st Refining), [8 Gates Sword Array (3rd sword)(1%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

His Illusionary Divine Stage had jumped another tier even though it had barely been a month of dream-traversing. This rate of breakthrough was simply unbelievable. Fang Yuan understood the reason why so many dream masters liked to traverse across the realms. The gains were shocking even though it was extremely dangerous.

"That's not all!"

He looked at his actualised dream world and saw that 2 out of the 8 swords in the array had been formed. The sword auras of the Fire and Water-type swords was splendid and endlessly destroy the borders of the dream world, causing the dream world to expand.

In the East, the hilt of a purple sword had started to form. Traces of sparks could be seen surrounding it and it brought about a frightening presence.

"The East trembles! The third spiritual sword is the Sundering Thunder Sword!"

The Lord of Thunder destroys! As such, the Thunder Sword's radiance was extremely threatening and even outstripped the Fire Sword. It was especially effective in destroying demons.

Fang Yuan believed that, should the Thunder Sword actualise, the great demons of the water realm could do nothing but flee!

In the centre of the 8 Gates Sword Array, there was a green source of heavenly energy.

"I traded the Heavenly Karma, which I obtained from killing the Monkey God's magical clone, for this heavenly energy. What is the original source of this heavenly energy? If it is similar to the realm energy, it would greatly aid my cultivation as a dream master!"

Fang Yuan was not in a hurry as he looked outside the sword array.

Outside, there were 7 golden flowers, 1 big and 6 small flowers clustered together and emitted a bright light. Fang Yuan did not know the use of these flower.

"The Heavenly Karma can be used to exchange for heavenly energy. However, people dao Karma can only be used in the water realm. Maybe I should try selling it..."

All these were left behind in preparation for the next dream-traverse.

The people dao Karma could at least be used for him to quickly regain his dream master's abilities in the water realm.

Of course, it would be better if the dream masters know the other uses for the karma.

Fang Yuan arrived at the stone tablets. He checked for relevant information regarding the uses of the karma before putting up an offer to sell the golden flowers after deliberation.