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Chapter 276: A Fortunate Accident

Chapter 276: A Fortunate Accident

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"How's that?"

"I'm sorry, we do not have any Mystery Grade spiritual rice in stock. There might be stock in the bigger shops..."

Fang Yuan walked out of the rice shop and the shopkeeper followed. "You can pre-order with us! Just leave your address with us and I can help you check on the stock from other shops..."

"Forget it, I'm only ordering a few pounds of it..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and walked away.

He had asked around and realised that he was in a place called Yu Ming District Town in Ming Region.

Although it was a secluded town, it was well-equipped with amenities. There was also strict control from the government here and anything out of the ordinary would catch their attention.

"The sale of Mystery Grade spiritual rice is under the jurisdiction of the government. If I buy it in large quantities or engage in trade with its seeds, they will check my background... and I can't let them check mine! There are even restrictions when buying rice for personal consumption, so I shouldn't even think about the Yellow Grain Rice..."

Fang Yuan sighed and turned into an alley.

Once he walked out of the alley, he had transformed into another person.

As he approached his own mansion, he used his spiritual will to ensure that no one was following him before he entered the mansion.

Behind the master bedroom, there was a small courtyard surrounded by four walls and a ceiling; it was airtight.

As he walked in, an energy field started to surge around him and there was a faint eagle's caw.

"I now know the complete Qian Kun Giant Spiritual Technique. Although it only has a maximum potential of forming 8 spiritual meridians, I can use it as a foundation to experiment and push my Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique to the 6th meridian. Once that is achieved, I would have completed my foundation to achieve all 9 meridians..."

Although he could also condense the Divine Body with 8 meridians with the above-average Giant Spiritual Divine Body, Fang Yuan was a perfectionist and would only settle for the best.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

At this point in time, he struck his claws out and as the energy surged through his body, he took up the form of a majestic giant.

A few hours passed.

Fang Yuan kept his claws, controlled his breathing and breathed out a streak of white breath.

He wiped his sweat off and commented. "By adapting from the Giant Spiritual Technique, I have made adjustments to the first 3 spiritual meridians. Finally, I can start to train and form the 4th and 5th..."

Finally, he had cleared the huge obstacle on his path of martial arts progression.

"If I have the assistance from spiritual objects and the proficiency points bar, my progress in martial arts might even be quicker than my cultivation as a dream master!"

Fang Yuan gulped down a bowl of spiritual porridge and frowned. "What a pity... These spiritual grains are too low-quality. Do I really have to... get a piece of spiritual land in Da Qian Empire?"

The spiritual porridge was only of Yellow Grade. Fang Yuan felt disgusted after eating it and quickly finished up before going to the meditation room. As he closed his eyes, he entered the Dream Realm.

"Ding! Ding!"

"Ding! Ding!"

As soon as he entered, the jade inscription plate around his waist was ringing continuously, which gave Fang Yuan a shock. "Is that golden flower really that popular?"

Although he did not manage to gather any information regarding people dao karma, he still pinned up an announcement to sell the golden flower and did not guess that the response would be so good.

"It seems like... this is really something!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin as the notifications popped up.

"How much are you selling this golden flower for?"

"I'm willing to pay 50 contribution points!"

"The highest I can go is 100 contribution points!"


Ten over messages flooded the inscription plate and most of them were people naming their prices and showing their interest in buying the golden flower. Some of them even tried to fish out information from Fang Yuan as to where he had obtained these flowers. Seeing all of these, Fang Yuan smiled to himself.

He only paid attention to two messages out of the many.

The first was from Feng Xinzi. It seemed as though he was too bored from recuperating, which was why he had left a message for Fang Yuan. "Good move, Brother Fang! However, this object is extremely precious and mysterious. You won't be able to find any information regarding it in the Dream Realm. Let's meet up and discuss about it..."

The other one had a symbol of a white lotus. A clear voice came out of the symbol. "It seems that you, brother, have found a Karma World for yourself and are trying to sell its coordinates! The Divine Lotus Cult will not disappoint you, my brother!"

"How direct! This spiritual will seems familiar..."

As Fang Yuan pressed on the white lotus symbol, the white lotus brightened up and its petals unfolded. Not long after, a clear voice was heard. "Are you the brother that is selling the karma flower?"

"I am!"

As soon as Fang Yuan replied, he could hear a sharp voice of a lady. "It's you! Fang Yuan? I can recognise your spiritual will and your voice!"

"Are you Meng Lian?"

Fang Yuan recalled the divine lady from the Divine Lotus Cult and smiled.

Initially, this lady had pulled him into the Dream Realm and had earned quite a bit from it. However, since she had opened up an ocean of possibilities for him, they were even.

After a long while of silence, Meng Lian's voice rung again. "Who would've thought that... You would have reached such a stage! However, Let me warn you. Although the rewards from these worlds are big, you cannot explore them alone as they are too dangerous. If you hand over the coordinates to this world, I can assure you the position of an Outer Deacon in the Divine Lotus Cult!"

"And after that?"

After hearing her, Fang Yuan snickered. This lady knew that he had no backing and therefore was more direct and bold with her words.

Only a fool would hand over a gold mine in exchange for a title!

"After that? What else do you want? Do you know how popular the Divine Lotus Sect is?"

"Say no more!"

Fang Yuan was speechless. He cut the line and ignored her.


In the real world.


In a secret hideout, there was a pond full of white lotuses. In the middle, there was a lady dressed in white and she had a smooth skin. However, she was agitated as she clenched her teeth. "Very well... you have rejected me once and now you rejected my offer yet again. Do you even respect the Divine Lotus Cult?"

She knew that Fang Yuan had no backing. Shouldn't he be thankful to have such an appointment in the cult?

Who did he think he was to touch such a precious world? He should obediently give it up!

"This person is progressing too fast and is lucky in everything he does. This is indeed mysterious..."

Meng Lian composed herself but revealed a sly look on her face. "However... I am the one who introduced you to the Dream Realm. No matter how neutral the Realm Spirit might be, I'm sure there's something I can do..."


In the Dream Realm.

In a tea house, Fang Yuan ordered a pot of spiritual tea.

He had used contribution points to buy this pot of spiritual tea. It was sweet and fragrant and the best part was that his spirit could drink it directly.

"Brother Fang!"

Not long after, Feng Xinzi entered and appeared anxious. "Have you sold the golden flower?"

"Haha... Why are you so anxious?"

Fang Yuan calmly poured a cup of tea and waved his hands. "Please take a seat! You have always been the one footing the bill so let me play host this time!"


Feng Xinzi knew that he had lost his composure. He sat down and took in a deep breathe before raising his teacup. "Please forgive me for my anxiety. I'll drink this cup of tea as an apology!"

"That's alright!"

Fang Yuan sipped the spiritual tea and felt a cooling sensation. "Should we... discuss about the karma flower?"

"So you do know that that is a karma flower..."

Feng Xinzi laughed. "I was dumb to think that I could take advantage of you and thought that you had obtained the flower by luck. It seems that your luck and cultivation is indeed shocking to be able to explore such a world."

"Is such a world rare?"

Fang Yuan was shocked. He recalled Hui Realm and Da Qian Empire. Although there were involvements of karma in these worlds, they were not as obvious and direct as they were in the Water Realm. Furthermore, the karma in the Water Realm could directly affect his luck and power.

"Not just rare, but super rare!"

Feng Xinzi shook his head and gave off an expression of 'you-lucky-brat'. "Furthermore, although us dream masters rule thousands of worlds, we have yet to discover a world more powerful than Da Qian. These type of Karma Worlds are the hardest to infiltrate due to their tribulations. Any wrong step would lead to a lightning tribulation in these worlds..."

"What is the most valuable thing in these worlds?"

Fang Yuan could guess that no one would share their experience in dream-traversing to other worlds. Even if he were to join any organisation, he guessed that he would need to be someone of status before he would even be allowed to look at information regarding the Karma Worlds.

"Brother, you're greedy. Since you've gone there, you should know..."

Feng Xinzi continued. "The most valuable treasure in a Karma World is firstly, the spiritual treasures which you can make illusionary and this depends on your luck. Secondly, imperial orders from the heavens. Although you will not be able to become a god, you can use it for other purposes. Lastly, the karma in that world. Both heavenly karma and people dao karma are rare!"


Fang Yuan was confused but in a short while, he understood.

A complete Karma World would have an organisation structure for the god dao and people would guard over the world forming a tightly-knitted system in the world. Anything out of the ordinary would be noticed by the deities and any unknown but powerful beings would immediately experience a heavenly tribulation. Therefore, foreigners like them would find it hard to survive in such a world.

Fang Yuan was lucky to have understood the trend of the Water Realm and therefore could follow the trend, making his stay effortless.


Thoughts raced through his mind and Fang Yuan appeared fearful. "I have put in so much effort and yet only obtained 3 karma flowers. After using 2 of them, I was even chased by powerful demons and almost died."

"You have gained quite a lot considering that it's your first time!"

Feng Xinzi complimented him.

"Alright, other than allowing us to integrate easier into that realm, what other purposes would this karma flower have? There are really a lot of interested buyers..."

Fang Yuan raised his ever-blinking inscription plate and deleted the notifications.

The greedy Realm Spirit charged him for such a simple service, which made him roll his eyes.