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Chapter 277: Dream Future Master

Chapter 277: Dream Future Master

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"This karma flower... this karma flower..."

Feng Xinzi laughed. He knew that Fang Yuan was clueless about the karma flower. "Firstly, it can be used to allow us to integrate into the world faster. We will also be able to call for help from outside the world! Also... it can be used in some rare alchemy and equipment-smelting techniques."

"If this is so, shouldn't it be not heavily sought after?"

Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows.

"Of course, some people believe that... If one has enough of these karma, they can directly create the Realm Evidence to that realm, or predict the coordinates of that realm from the karma that came from there!"

Feng Xinzi revealed the truth but placed emphasis that it was only a probability. "It is only a possibility and has yet to be proven..."

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and believed what Feng Xinzi had said.

He knew the importance and value of Realm Evidence. It could be possible for the Realm Evidence to be exchanged using a huge amount of heavenly karma but would require an impossibly huge amount of people dao karma.

"If this is so, I have no qualms to sell it to you... Considering the demand for it and the fact that even the Divine Lotus Cult is also after it, please offer me a high price!"

He looked at the anxious Feng Xinzi and commented.

"I'll be honest with you, brother... You're right. My alchemy progress has reached a bottleneck. I am intending to produce a pill's spirit in order to achieve a breakthrough..."

Feng Xinzi let out a bitter smile. "Through preparations, I have 50 percent confidence in achieving the breakthrough. With the karma flowers, I might add another 5 percent! Therefore, the price that I will offer you will surely be the highest. I might not have enough contribution points but I can compensate that with spiritual pills! As for the Divine Lotus Cult... stay away from them, brother!"

"Oh? Why should I? The price that they are offering seems to be the highest as of now!"

Fang Yuan purposely probed to find out more.

"Not just that, I'm sure they are very interested in the coordinates of the world, right?"

Feng Xinzi shook his head. "I don't know much about them. I only know that the dream masters of the Divine Lotus Cult seem to be able to retain most of their power in these worlds. It was rumoured that the ancestors of the cult had gained a lot from these Karma Worlds and therefore, since then, they would put in a lot of effort to locate such worlds... A few dream masters who once worked with them by acceding to their requests didn't end up well!"

Fang Yuan was shocked as soon as he heard the description from Feng Xinzi.

"Forget it... Let's see the deal through! How many contribution points do you have left?"

Fang Yuan glanced at Feng Xinzi as though he wanted to take advantage of him.


"You're indeed an alchemy master! Look at your wealth!"

After a short while, Fang Yuan walked out of the tea house with a smile on his face.

Although Feng Xinzi had already spent a fortune trying to form the pill spirit, his savings were already enough to satisfy Fang Yuan.

"As for what he said about the Divine Lotus Cult, I really need to be careful!"

Fang Yuan came to the rock tablet, spent some contribution points and started to look for information.

There was a change of expression on his face:

"A guide - The experienced dream masters in the Dream Realm have the responsibility to bring in new dream masters. With every new member, the dream master who introduced the new member would be rewarded with 500 contribution points... Furthermore, this dream master will be the official guide of the new member. By using 1,000 contribution points, the dream master will be able to get updates about the new member and will be able to locate the new member. However, in order to protect the privacy of the new member, the location services will only be accurate to the region!"

After reading the description, Fang Yuan chuckled. "No wonder she's so good to me! It was her plan all along! Considering that she's an evil woman, this is no surprise!"

It was fortunate that the location services could only locate him by the region. Da Qian Empire was huge and it was almost impossible to find a dream master within a region.

"It's too easy for new members to be cheated..."

Fang Yuan exclaimed. "Realm Spirit! I want to remove the association with my guide!"

"Di! I've checked that your guide, Bai Lian [1], has not fulfilled her responsibility. Your request has been approved!"

There was an almost-immediate reaction from the Realm Spirit.

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.

It was a small thing, but it was a matter if Meng Lian had realised it.

Now that he had removed all associations with her, they were now completely unrelated.

"Divine Lotus Cult... I'll take note!"

Fang Yuan gave a cold look before coming offline.


In the Dream Realm, there was a void space decorated with white lotuses; it was the area used by the Divine Lotus Cult.

There was a cold look in Meng Lian's eyes. "Realm Spirit, I want to exercise my rights as a guide to pay 1,000 contribution points in exchange for Fang Yuan's location!"

In reality, there was not much use in determining the region in which Fang Yuan was in.

However, the location could be refined with the help of the Divine Lotus Cult.

Previously, Fang Yuan had no value to her, but now, Bai Lian had come to a decision.

"This service will cost you 1,000 contribution points. Deducted!"

The robotic voice of the Realm Spirit was heard and a long silence followed.

"Di! The other person has removed his association with you. Location services have failed!"

"Respectable dream master, due to the fact that you did not fulfil your responsibility as a guide, the Realm Spirit will now deduct the initial 500 contribution points!"

The Realm Spirit's voice was heard once more, which shocked Bai Lian. "What?"

The title of a guide was as fragile as paper. If their relationship was severed, then it would have no purpose. Otherwise, it could be used to manipulate the dream master under the guide. There were instances of dream masters that have been disadvantaged due to this rule.

"D*mn it!"

The knuckles in Meng Lian's fingers cracked and there was a ferocious look on her beautiful face. "Fang Yuan, you cannot run!!!"

Although she could no longer use the location services provided by the Realm Spirit, there were many more things that she could do.

Thinking about it, she left the Dream Realm and arrived at her secret hideout.

It was a temple. In it, there was no god. Rather, there was a lotus flower carved from white jade with a tablet in front. There were no words on the tablet but rather, there was a row of mysterious-looking runes which flashed a golden glow.

"I am follower Meng Lian, and as I pray with sincerity, I invite Grandmaster to appear!"

Meng Lian appeared serious as she lighted the incense and prayed.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

Green smoke emerged and the petals on the white lotus on the altar started to open. A blurred figure emerged and there was a glow everywhere.

"Greetings, Grandmaster!"

Bai Lian paid her greetings respectfully.

"Forget it!"

A voice was heard on the altar; it sounded neither male or female. "You are a reserved Divine Lady. In front of a true Divine Lady, you can only make one request. Think carefully!"

"I have thought through carefully!"

Meng Lian gritted her teeth and a white lotus appeared on her forehead. In it, there was the image of a young man; it was Fang Yuan. "This person has the coordinates of a Karma World. Grandmaster, please help me in locating him!"

"Mm, it is indeed fate for you to discover such a lead!"

The voice from the altar appeared shocked. With the wave of its hand, the white lotus from Meng Lian's forehead flew towards it.

Meng Lian remained still and had utmost confidence in the person before her.

This Grandmaster was a highly-skilled dream master and a dream future master. The Grandmaster could let the happenings take place in its dream world and take into consideration the trend of the world to foretell the future. The Grandmaster was spot-on every single time it made a prediction.

Of course, the Grandmaster had its limitations.

Every time it proceeds with a prediction, it would consume a lot of elemental energy.

If the person being investigated on had too high a cultivation level, the information the Grandmaster would receive would be fewer.

Furthermore, there was the possibility of backlash as well. If the Grandmaster were to predict the opposite of what would happen, the Grandmaster would be likely to die.

"Although the information you provided is limited to his looks and his name, I am powerful enough to predict the future of that small dream master!"

Meng Lian quickly gathered her thoughts. If not for the fact that she shared the same heritage with the Grandmaster, as a reserved Divine Lady, she might not even have the rights to get help. It was a great favour from the Grandmaster to agree to help her.

"If I can obtain the coordinates of that Karma World, everything will be worth it!"

Her eyes glistened as thoughts ran wild in her mind.

"Hmm... This person's future is blurred and it is extremely hard to predict his future. However, since you only require his location, that is simple..."

After a short while, the figure on the altar spoke again.

A small slip of paper appeared in mid-air and glided down. On the piece of paper, a few names of places were written down.

Seeing this, Meng Lian was overjoyed.

"After this, we are even. Take care of yourself!"

With a flash, the figure disappeared. What was left behind was the lotus on the altar as how it was before.

Hearing the words from the Grandmaster, Meng Lian felt a little lost.


"Hmm? Why do I feel a little worried..."

In the small district town, Fang Yuan was practising his martial arts. Suddenly, he felt a chill down his spine.

"I only have enemies from Thousand Year Mountain and Divine Lotus Cult. The Thousand Year Mountain might be able to trace me until here but even Lin Qianye will not be able to make me feel as such. Only the presence of Venerable Longhu would make me feel like this..."

Fang Yuan appeared solemn. "Could this mean... The Divine Lotus Cult? Meng Lian is indeed scheming..."

To survive this, he could only rely on himself.

He took a quick glance at this stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 36

Spirit: 30

Magic: 40

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (2nd Tier), Wu Zong (3rd Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 4) (5%)], [Hundred Poison Golden Body (1st Refining)], [8 Gates Sword Array (3rd Sword) (2%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"Although my spiritual techniques and my martial arts are improving, they are taking too long. The only thing I can make use of will be the heavenly energy from the Water Realm..."

Fang Yuan's consciousness entered his actualised dream world. Looking at the green ball floating in his 8 Gates Word Array, he remained silent.

The force that he could exchange from heavenly karma was extremely similar to the realm energy from the Hui Realm. Both of them could directly increase a dream master's cultivation level and were extremely rare.

Based on his guess, this would be the purest form of heavenly energy. Or rather, the source of energy of the world. It was a common form of energy across all worlds as they would come from the same source.

"If I can obtain huge amounts of heavenly energy from the worlds, it would only be a matter of time before I achieve consecutive breakthroughs..."

Looking at the ball of heavenly energy in front of him, he sighed. "This is too little..."

As more and more swords were formed in the 8 Gates Sword Array, the resources needed to form the next sword would increase exponentially. This ball of energy was not enough!

[1]: Bai Lian is Meng Lian's actual name.