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Chapter 278: Breakthrough

Chapter 278: Breakthrough

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As a dream master reaches the higher levels of cultivation, it would become exponentially difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

Fang Xinzi, a dream alchemy master, had already landed himself into bankruptcy in order to achieve the breakthrough.

Fang Yuan had encountered the same problem as well.

To form the Thunder Sword to completion, all that he gained from the Water Realm was not sufficient.

"Fortunately... I still have my martial arts. Although I am at the 4 Grade of Qian Kun Spiritual Technique, the resources required is much lesser than what I will need to form the 3rd sword in the 8 Gates Sword Array. Therefore, there is still a chance for me to achieve a breakthrough!"

As he focused, the green-coloured ball of energy flowed out from his actualised dream world into his body and immediately, he could feel a warm fuzzy feeling.


Fang Yuan let out a sound of satisfaction. It was as though he was soaking in a hot spring and there were thousands of ants crawling on his limbs and biting him.

"This is due to the fact that my progress is too quick and a normal human's body would not be able to take it... Fortunately for me, I have the Hundred Poison Golden Body!"

As Fang Yuan slowly felt the expansion of his elemental force like an enraged dragon, he was overjoyed.

If not for his Hundred Poison Golden Body and the fact that his physical body was incredibly strong, he would likely have exploded like a bomb and become a pile of bloodied mess.

But now, streaks of gold glistened on his skin. He forcefully contained the intense elemental force into his body and guided it to breakthrough towards the 4th Grade of Giant Eagle Metal Body.

"5% - 10% - 50%!!!"

On the stats window, the progress behind the Giant Eagle Metal Body rose quickly.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Behind Fang Yuan, the 3 spiritual meridians subconsciously appeared. Another one was slowly being formed, albeit illusionary. As it glowed, it slowly became permanent.

The 4 spiritual meridians worked together to reveal the image of a person, half-human and half-eagle. The person was facing the sky, chirping. The energy around the person surged and the sand beneath his feet was stirred.

"60% - 70% - 90%!!!"

As the heavenly energy was being consumed, his progression shot up and arrived at 99%!

"Bang! Bang!"

Although Fang Yuan had an extremely hardy physical body, his pores had started to bleed and his skin started to stretch. It was as though he had become a human balloon.

"Break... through!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed and his strong spiritual will remained steadfast. In an instant, he had broken through.


On the stats window, the number behind the Giant Eagle Metal Body became blurred.


Fang Yuan composed his breathing. It felt as though the elemental force in his body had found an opening to escape.

At the same time, there were a few changes to his physical body. Beneath his skin, a layer of green glow appeared. As it fused with his original golden body, the outcome was a dim golden glow.

"Finally, I've broken through!"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered as he glanced at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 42

Spirit: 36

Magic: 40

Profession: Dream Soldier Master

Cultivation: Illusionary Divine (2nd Tier), Wu Zong (4th Meridian)

Technique: [Giant Eagle Metal Body Technique (Grade 5) (1%)], [Hundred Poison Golden Body (1st Refining)], [8 Gates Sword Array (3rd Sword) (2%)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 5)]"

"I've formed a new spiritual meridian!"

Fang Yuan tested out his techniques. The 5th Grade of Giant Eagle Metal Body was indeed different. Elemental force flowed around like a huge river. Through his 4 spiritual meridians, there was a blurred figure behind him.

"This is the illusionary shadow of the Divine Body. Of course... It is only a shadow! To condense the Divine Body, there's still a lot more to be done..."

Fang Yuan felt his own forearm.

After the improvement he had made in his martial arts, he felt that his physical body was strengthened and that his sense of sight and hearing were improved as well.

Of course, compared to Lin Qianye, who had a nose more sensitive than that of a dog's, his cultivation was still far from him.

But now, with the twitch of his ear, he could hear a commotion outside his mansion.

After hearing a few sentences, he let out a bitter smile. "Did I really attract so much attention from my breakthrough? Nevermind... I wasn't planning to stay here for long anyway!"

He picked up his clothing and left in a blurred shadow as he leapt across the wall.

"Hold up! I am the Eagle Lieutenant of Da Qian! Who are you?"

From the direction of the government office, a group of martial artists were rushing towards Fang Yuan. The one leading the pack was a Wu Zong and as he saw Fang Yuan taking his leave, he exclaimed.

"I would be a fool to wait here!"

Fang Yuan gently leapt and spread his arms like how an eagle would spread its wings. After leaping through a few yards, he turned into a small alley and disappeared.

With the experience from Yang Fan's dream world and through his own investigations, he knew that although the walls of the district town were not tall, there were traps laid there, like talismans or bows. If he were to cross the walls, he might be ambushed.

Since the district town was rather large, he could look for a place to hide before trying to escape at night.


A few soldiers were dressed in martial artists' robes. "How should we settle this?"

Fang Yuan was cunning and it would be practically impossible to find him in the large district town.

"Wait up!"

The Eagle Lieutenant was a well-built man with sharp eyes and a menacing look. He quickly waved his hands and after a few moments, a constable arrived with an official document. "Sir, we've checked his background!"

"Hmm? Fang Yun? He doesn't have a history at all! He's a phoney!"

After reading a few lines of the document, he could deduce what had happened. "The few of you are too lax!"

"Sir, please forgive us!"

The constable shivered and broke out in cold sweat.

He knew the unspoken rule. The higher up had to do this not because of money, but because they were forced to.

After all, these people with fake identities would generally have martial arts. They might even be a Wu Zong or a spiritual knight! If they become angry, no one could handle them!

"Forget it..."

The Eagle Lieutenant could guess what had happened and did not continue to probe further. Instead, he started to look around at the surroundings.

After a while, he gave a gentle expression. "We're fortunate that he is just a new Wu Zong and has no evil intentions... But he really has the guts to breakthrough in the middle of the city, hehe... does he really think that no one is in charge of this place?"

The others felt a little depressed after hearing it.

It was indeed surprising that he did not attempt his breakthrough in the forest or wilderness, but right in the centre of the bustling city!"

"Since he has left on his own accord, it means that he has no evil intentions. However, we will still have to file a report for this and do the necessary investigations..."

The lieutenant mulled for a while before coming to a decision. "Search carefully and tighten security during your patrols!"

This was just trying to ensure peace in the district town.

"Smart move, Sir!"

The few soldiers bowed and heaved a sigh of relief.

Since Fang Yuan did not commit any heinous crime, no one would be willing to risk their lives fighting a Wu Zong.

After all, among all of them, only the lieutenant had broken through to the realm of elemental force. All of them were unnecessary and a burden if they were to engage Fang Yuan.

Seeing this, the lieutenant shook his head and sighed.

If it was in his younger days, he would want to serve the country with all his might. But now, as he grew older, he had to consider for his family before acting rashly.

This was only normal as he was a human.


It was nightfall.

The moon was extremely beautiful.

In the government office, a few constables fainted. The lieutenant was enraged. "What audacity! How dare you enter the government office without permission and use your demonic techniques? Are you not afraid that you will be captured by our soldiers?"

The Eagle Lieutenant was furious. Looking at the few people in white around him, there was a look of fear and anger on his face.

Although his district might not be able to handle these people, it would become a big case and the Imperial Court would surely bring them to justice!

Even the normal evil highly-skilled martial artists or cults had to be wary!

By then, soldiers from the county and region would gather. These people were just ants and were extremely easy to kill.

"Hehe... I'm really scared!"

With a gentle laughter, a girl in white robes descended. She had a fragrance and her eyes were beautiful. "But... How will your Da Qian Imperial Court deal with my Divine Lotus Cult?"

"Ah... you're a demon from the Divine Lotus Cult!"

The Eagle Lieutenant shrieked, turned around and started to run!

Normal spiritual knights, sects and powerful families might fear the Imperial Court, but this would not include the 5 alliances of the dream masters!

This was especially so for the Divine Lotus Cult! Previously, they were involved in an assassination of an official of a region. The Imperial Court was infuriated and sent out highly skilled martial artists to deal with the cult. For 10 years, both sides had suffered losses and in the end, there was no conclusion.

Compared to an official of a region, he was only a small Eagle Lieutenant! What could he do?

Therefore, he turned around and ran away without hesitation.

"Hehe... I like smart people!"


The Eagle Lieutenant was extremely quick. As he leapt, he managed to emerge out and was about to jump across the walls.

Suddenly, there was a voice. His nose picked up an intoxicating fragrance and it was as though a person was next to him, whispering into his eats.

"8 Forms of Magical Dragon, to the ends of the world!"

The well-built man bit his tongue and snapped out of his trance. Suddenly, there was an illusionary shadow of a blood dragon appearing on his legs.

At the same time, there were many white flower petals raining down in the vicinity. As the white petals landed on him, they entered his body.

"I cannot sleep! I cannot sleep!"

The lieutenant was shouting to himself, but even the sharp pain on his tongue was not enough to wake him up. As his eyes slowly shut, he could vaguely see the people in white approaching him. Finally, he could no longer resist and fainted.

"Dream accessing!"

Meng Lian walked up. With an innocent look, she placed a smooth and white finger on the forehead of the lieutenant.

After a while, she opened her eyes with a look of shock. "It is Fang Yuan indeed. He has escaped! Quickly search for him!"


The people in white bowed and vanished in a second.