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Chapter 279: Intent to Kill

Chapter 279: Intent to Kill

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"Protect the district leader!"

"Quickly use your spiritual spells to request backup from the county!"

"Where is the Eagle Lieutenant?"


Although it was midnight, such a commotion shook the entire government office.

In the small courtyard with the presence of the district leader and district minister, there was a small array. Spiritual inscriptions glittered. Of course, against the demons from the Divine Lotus Sect, it could only give them a small sense of protection.

The commotion in the government office ensued as constables gathered in front of the office with their bows ready.

Alas, all of these were for show. All of them knew that the enemy was where the Eagle Lieutenant was but none of them dared to offer their assistance.

"The demon from Divine Lotus Cult!"

The district leader wore simple clothes. Seeing this scene, he clenched his fists so hard that his fingernails went into his flesh, and bit his lips till they were bleeding. "This country is not like a country anymore! For the people, I must destroy this demon one day!"

"Please mind your words, Sir!"

Beside him, there was an old housekeeper. "The previous region leader said the exact same words. Afterwards, he was assassinated by the people of the Divine Lotus Cult, which was a huge insult to the Da Qian Imperial Court... Afterwards, both sides engaged in many more killings and many innocent people were harmed in the process. The civil war destroyed 17 cities and killed as many as a few thousand, and the royal family of Da Qian knew that it was no longer sustainable..."

If they continued to fight, havoc would ensue everywhere.

After all, the Divine Lotus Cult did not need to care about the lives of others but it was different for the Imperial Court; at least on the surface, they had to care.

If Da Qian were to carry on with the losing war, they would bring themselves to their self-destruction. Therefore, they had to give in.

Li Zhun knew who was behind it and felt depressed. "Dream masters... They are an evil tumour of this world! We need to eradicate them to obtain peace!"


"Did the district leader study too much and become foolish?"

Hearing what Li Zhun had just said, he almost spat out blood.

If it was another dream master who heard this, District Leader Li would probably not live to see the next day.

"... However, this is also true for other regions with exceptional martial arts and powerful organisations!"

"Furthermore, dream masters are much more powerful than the average person, Wu Zongs and spiritual knights. They can even create things from nothing and actualise spiritual lands, resources and even tribes, which is unbearable."

"If we have a new king fortunate enough to eradicate the dream masters, the next would be to wipe out the spiritual knights. After that, it would be to ban all martial arts and there would be peace everywhere."

Strictly speaking, the power of dream masters had caused them to receive the most hatred from people.

Although they had a high status due to their power, it was not a good thing.

Thinking about it, Fang Yuan's eyes glistened.

Of course, it was none of his business as to what the dream masters or the Imperial Court would do.

Looking towards the direction of the commotion, he gave off a cold look. "Meng Lian... She's looking for trouble! Does she really think that I am weak? Look at how many people she brought along with her!"

All of these were just distractions.

He had created the illusion that he was about to escape so that he could remain in hiding and see what he would do next.

He was extremely clear what he had to do.

The Divine Lotus Cult was persistent and he did not know what Meng Lian did to locate where he was hiding.

"There are about 10 Wu Zongs, 3 spiritual knights and Meng Lian herself, a dream master... Now that she had brought along 6 Wu Zongs in white robes and 2 spiritual knights, there are 6 more!"

All of these should be the people of the Divine Lotus Cult that they could gather in the region.

If she were to lead them to their deaths, Meng Lian would not be able to answer to the cult.

"What a risky move!"

Fang Yuan watched as Bai Lian and her people entered the government office and killed the Eagle Lieutenant. He was expressionless as he could finally account for all the manpower that the Divine Lotus Sect had in this region.

If Fang Yuan was still at the cultivation level when he first arrived at Da Qian, he would not be able to go head-on against all these people and would have to hide.

But now?"

"Let's head to Fang Yuan's mansion to take a look. We can find some objects with his spiritual aura. Even if we have to execute the Blood Searching Technique, we cannot let him run away!"

Meng Lian walked out of the government office with her hands stained with the lieutenant's blood. She paid no attention to it and continued to give out orders to the people around her.

"Yes, Ma'am!"

A few Wu Zongs in white robes replied.

At this moment, a lotus print appeared on Meng Lian's forehead. Suddenly, it exploded as flower petals fell down and covered her in an attempt to protect its owner.

"Water and Fire sword essence, explode!"

At the moment of the appearance of the lotus flower, a red and blue glow suddenly appeared above her head and exploded!

"Whoosh! Chi! Chi!"

Numerous streaks of red and blue struck around and blood spurted everywhere!

The 3 Wu Zongs protecting Meng Lian were sliced into pieces!

The 3 other Wu Zongs shrieked and flew back as they sustained severe injuries.

Only the spiritual knight had a self-activated protective talisman which protected him from the strike. However, his hand was still bleeding.

The Water-Fire Dual Sword Array at its full potential did not disappoint Fang Yuan. It took many lives in an instant.

"It's you! Fang Yuan!!!"

Meng Lian looked at the silhouette before her and gritted her teeth in anger. "How dare you go against us?"

If Fang Yuan did not appear before her, she would never have thought that this dream master without the backing of an organisation would be so cruel.

With just a sword essence, 3 Wu Zongs were sliced up!

This was akin to a harmless rabbit transforming into a big bad wolf!

"You are already all out against me. I can only retaliate!"

Fang Yuan appeared.

With the fire sword in his hands, he walked forward.


Although the 3 remaining Wu Zongs were severely injured, they mustered their courage and in an instant, 3 spiritual meridians appeared behind their backs. They were prepared to combine forces and fight to their deaths.

"It's useless..."

The actualised Fire Sword had a dragon on the handle. The blade of the sword was like a flame. With a simple swipe, the sword radiance was released and in an instant, the killer moves of all 3 Wu Zongs were countered.

Walking forward, he struck a sword at each and every one of them, killing all 3 Wu Zongs.

Their Golden Silk Armour and Elemental Force Protection were useless defences against he Leaving Fire Sword.

All of his actions had demonstrated the power of a 4th Meridian Wu Zong and a magical soldier, which pushed the power of a dream soldier master to its maximum potential!

"Magical soldier?"

The remaining Wu Zongs looked at the fire sword which appeared on Fang Yuan's hand and made a guess. "You are a dream soldier master?"

"That's right, but you're too late!"

In an instant, Fang Yuan came before them and ended their lives with a simple lunge.

In a red glow, the spiritual knight felt as though the entire world was lying on him and that he had no means of escape.

"Posture of the Heavenly Lotus! Go!"

Meng Lian finally reacted to what had happened. She quickly executed the technique and the flower petals in front of her flew and shielded the spiritual knight from Fang Yuan.

"Underground Burrow!"

The spiritual knight bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. Brown-coloured spiritual inscriptions appeared on his body as he started to burrow underground.

"Why struggle?"

Fang Yuan sighed and sliced his Leaving Fire Sword down, breaking apart the petals in front of the spiritual knight.

He mysteriously arrived at a seemingly random spot and struck his sword into the ground!


The ground cracked and the crack lines resembled a spiderweb. Smoke gushed out of the cracked lines.

As soon as he pulled his sword out, blood gushed out like a geyser.

"Alright, now all that's left is you!"

Fang Yuan plucked his sword, stood up and looked at Meng Lian.

The lady before her was only a newly-promoted dream master. To him, it was a matter of a few strikes of his sword. However, as a reserved Divine Lady, he was unsure if she had any protective treasures with her.

"You want to kill me? It's not that simple!"

Seeing how Fang Yuan could easily finish off her subordinates, Meng Lian forced herself to regain her composure. "It's my fault for not knowing how powerful you are, but... by killing all my subordinates, it seems that you have decided to make enemies with the Divine Lotus Cult!"

"You have started all this!"

Fang Yuan sighed as he struck his Fire Sword out.


There was a metallic sound as the sword touched the flower petals. The white lotus shook before calming down, but Meng Lian who was within was unharmed.

"It's useless... As the reserved Divine Lady, I have the protection of the Divine Lotus Print, your weak sword essence can do nothing..."

She stopped halfway and her expression changed.

In Fang Yuan's left hand, a shorter magical sword appeared. It was blue and had chilly vibes.

"Water-Fire Dual Array, kill together!"

Fang Yuan struck both swords out together. The red sword essence quickly combined with the blue sword essence and there was an exponential increase in power.


Under the Water-Fire Dual Sword Array, even the Divine Lotus Print would not be able to hold. There were cracks forming and it looked extremely unstable.

"If I can use master's 8 Gates Sword Array all at once, it would be extremely powerful! However, this would also mean that people would be able to identify it and know who my master is. Among the dream soldier masters, there are too many that are using the Water-Fire Dual Sword Array. Therefore, I can still use it without too much concern!'

Thoughts ran through Fang Yuan's mind. He held the fire in his right hand and the water in his left. As the swords combined, a strong and concentrated sword essence exploded like a sun.


In the huge explosion, the Divine Lotus Print cracked and crumbled.


Meng Lian retreated and there was blood on her lips, which stained her clothing. It was a pitiful scene.


Fang Yuan was determined. Without a sense of pity, he struck another sword out.

"You forced me..."

As she felt her death approaching, Meng Lian quickly pulled a piece of jade from her neck with a fierce look on her face.

"Who dares to harm my lady?"

A loud and powerful voice was heard.

In the piece of jade, there was a glow as the jade started to crazily absorb the elemental energy from the surroundings.

"The magical clone of a powerful person?"

Fang Yuan sighed. He knew that an important lady like Meng Lian would have plenty of protective treasures on her body. Quickly, he came to a decision. "Retreat!"