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Chapter 280: Joining the Realm Alliance

Chapter 280: Joining the Realm Alliance

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"You have the guts to kill the people of my cult! No one will be able to save you!"

A silhouette appeared from the jade. It seemed to be a scholar wearing a crown. The person had a long beard and appeared righteous.

His body was illusionary but it was forming quickly. He pointed at Fang Yuan and shouted, "Destroy!"


There was a bright glow.

In mid-air, runes flashed and quickly flew towards Fang Yuan. Subsequently, they entered his forehead.


In his actualised dream world, a gigantic word 'Destroy' appeared. As the word glowed, it brought with it the feel of destruction.

This scholar was extremely powerful and wanted to destroy Fang Yuan's spirit!

"8 Gates Sword Array, attack!"

After all, the actualised dream world was Fang Yuan's base. This was where all his power was and of course, he would have the advantage here.

Fang Yuan recalled the techniques of defence from the inheritance of Master Heartless. With a simple thought, the 8 Gates Sword Array shook and 8 sword essences flew up, trapping the glowing word. Smashing it downwards, the word crumbled into powder.

"If this was the real world, I would still not be able to use the 8 Gates Sword Array to its fullest potential. However, I can already execute the techniques of the array within the actualised dream world. If you are physically here, you might be able to kill me, but now, you are trying to kill me with just your incarnation?"

In the real world, Fang Yuan laughed and flicked his right index finger. Immediately, two swords flew out. "Water-Fire Dual Sword Array, Go!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Two streaks of red and blue rose up into the sky and formed a small array which contained the scholar and Meng Lian within.

In the next moment, the water and fire sword essences exploded.


Meng Lian exclaimed as a wound opened up at her chest.


The scholar had to help his daughter and therefore split his energy to protect her.

There was a glow in his hands and a brush appeared. As he wrote in mid-air, he formed the word 'Guard'.

With a glitter, the word transformed into a shield which protected him and Meng Lian in within.


As soon as he completed his technique, a terrifying explosion broke out.

As the dust flew, it covered the sky like a mushroom cloud.

At the place where the explosion occurred, there was now a large hole. The government office was also affected and many were dead, but Fang Yuan was no longer to be seen.

"Adoptive father, why didn't you chase him?"

Meng Lian held her chest and her face was filled with hatred. Suddenly, her expression changed.

There were two sword scars on the scholar's body. His originally half-formed body had now become illusionary as though it would disappear anytime.

"Great sword skills! Great sword array!"

The scholar sighed. "This person is not only in the Illusionary Divine stage but has commendable combat skills. I believe that the only way to defeat him is to use our cult's protective technique. Lian'er, remember, don't be reckless!"

If his true self was here, he wouldn't have let him escape.

But now, there was nothing he could do.

He glanced at the government office which was in tatters and shook his head. "Let's go... If the highly skilled people from Da Qian were to surround us, it would be troublesome!"


Meng Lian gritted her teeth. She had to admit that the failure of this mission had made her embarrassed.

"Fang Yuan? I'll remember you!"


At the outskirts of the district town, in the wilderness.

Fang Yuan spread out his arms like an eagle in flight and rushed out.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Two streaks of light quickly flew towards him and entered his body.

In his actualised dream world, the Leaving Fire Sword and Rough Water Sword returned to their original positions but the glow from them had become dimmer.

"It seems that that scholar is indeed powerful."

Fang Yuan looked down. He quickly transferred his dream elemental force towards the spiritual swords, repairing them.

This was the advantage of being a dream soldier master.

Even though his weapon might be damaged, all he needed would be some time to repair it, which would be much simpler than when he was forming the swords.

If he could really form the 8 swords and form the sword array, he could attack continuously and the array could be utilised to its maximum potential.

"However... Looking at my current standards now, it seems that I am still no match for the Divine Lotus Cult!"

The killings which he had committed were purely due to the fact that they were looking for him and he had to retaliate. Even if he escaped, he would still be chased by them and therefore, he would rather take the initiative and kill as many enemies as he could.

Now that he had earned himself some time, it was different.

"I shall not return to the Qin Family, since I cannot be certain if I am being followed. Furthermore, looking at the cultivation levels of the Qin Siblings, if I were to get them involved in this, they would probably die like ants being stepped on..."

Fang Yuan came to a decision and decided to run as far as he could.

After all, there were 99 regions in Da Qian! He had been dwelling in the less populated regions and had yet to experience the prosperous lands.

This was the perfect opportunity for him to explore.

"Looking at the hatred the Divine Lotus Sect have with the Imperial Court, I'm sure their influence would be the weakest at the capital..."

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin. "Of course... It is dangerous for me to be alone. I need to find a backing..."

He arrived at a river and executed the Turtle Aura Technique before freezing the water beneath to form a small icy mountain. He then trapped himself within and dived into the river, allowing the river stream to carry him along.

At the same time, Fang Yuan entered the Dream Realm.


"Feng Xinzi!"

He took out his inscription plate and sent out a message.

"Brother, you're just in time. In a day's time, I will prepare for a makeover in preparation for making the pill!"

Feng Xinzi's symbol shook and replied almost instantaneously. "What's up, brother?"

"I have been targeted by the Divine Lotus Cult. Can I get protection if I join the Realm Alliance?"

Fang Yuan was honest and enquired directly.

"You are interested in joining the Realm Alliance? That's great! Wait for me..."

In the next moment, Feng Xinzi's figure appeared in the Dream Realm with a look of joy on his face. "It is a wise choice to choose us!"

"I hope so!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose.

He had a rough understanding of the 5 organisations of the Dream Realm.

The Evil Divine Sect and the Divine Lotus Cult were both evil sects with a bad reputation. On the other hand, there were too many restrictions to join Baize Mountain, while the Source Seeking Sect was filled with crazy people.

Thinking about it, he realised that the Realm Alliance was the only one with the least restrictions and the least requirements.

"Let me warn you beforehand. Previously, the Divine Lotus Cult had looked for me and we had a big fight. I had even killed some of their people!"

Fang Yuan was honest.

"Brother, you're really... decisive!"

Feng Xinzi let out a bitter laugh and continued. "Are there dream masters among people you have killed?"

"Nope. Only a few Wu Zongs and a spiritual knight. Meng Lian had sustained a few injuries!"

Fang Yuan reported.

"Then that is no problem at all!"

Feng Xinzi sighed. "To the Divine Lotus Cult, Wu Zongs and spiritual knights are just servants and they could easily be replaced by new people. Furthermore, this was the test period of the reserved Divine Lady. Your actions might be welcomed by the other reserved Divine Ladies!"

"However, these reserved Divine Ladies all have a Divine Lotus Print to protect them and other countless magical equipment and yet, you can still hurt her..."

Feng Xinzi nodded his head. "It seems like your abilities are beyond my expectation! Follow me!"

He brought Fang Yuan to a dead end of the Dream Realm.

As the fog dissipated, a green mountain appeared and there seemed to be people on the mountain.

"This is the headquarters of the Realm Alliance in the dream world!"

Feng Xinzi dissipated the pill essence which covered him and brought Fang Yuan along a path of stone steps. Not long after, they arrived at a stone square.

What surprised Fang Yuan was that there was a similar mission rock tablet in the middle of the square. Words were inscribed on the rock tablet and huge amounts of information flashed across.

"This is a special feature provided by the Realm Spirit to the 5 big organisations. The function of this rock tablet is exactly the same as the one in the Dream Realm. On it are mostly the missions specific to the Realm Alliance. The rewards for the missions here are greater and there are some classified pieces of information provided from the tablet as well, including information regarding the use of karma..."

As Feng Xinzi spoke, he brought Fang Yuan to a rock palace and into a room. "Elder Smelter, greetings to you!"

"Haha... You wouldn't come here without any rhyme or reason. Come in!"

The doors slowly opened by themselves.

It was extremely spacious inside and at the four corners, there were many pools of different colour, including red, purple, blue, green, white... Different coloured flames were burning brilliantly but no heat was felt from the flames.

In the middle of the palace, there was a rock bed and on it was a person crossing his legs. He was a short person and his eyebrows were red. He had a compassionate look and smiled as he saw the both of them.

As he looked at him, Fang Yuan was shocked and could feel that he was being seen through. Immediately, he knew that this person was a high-tiered dream master which was much more powerful than him. "Greetings, senior!"

"Fang Yuan, Venerable Smelter is the elder of the Realm Alliance. He is at the 7th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage!"

At Fang Yuan's ears, he could hear Feng Xinzi's voice as he introduced to him the person in front.

Although the 7th Tier Illusionary Divine stage was not the Prominent Divine Stage yet, the combat powers were similar! He was a powerful person, even among everyone in Da Qian Empire.

"Keke, no need for formalities. You are Fang Yuan, and you wish to join the alliance?"

Elder Smelter chuckled. "You're good! You're not even 30 and yet you have already achieved the 2nd Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage, hmmm... You have the vibes of a magical soldier. Are you on the path to becoming a dream soldier master?"

"That's right! Elder Smelter, you're good!"

Fang Yuan bowed and replied.

At this point in time, Feng Xinzi started to explain the situation Fang Yuan was in. Elder Smelter laughed. "It's just a few slaves of the Divine Lotus Cult! That's nothing... our Realm Alliance is still capable of giving you protection from them. As for Lin Qianye from the Thousand Year Mountain... Hehe, this person is crazy! He even dared to kill a dream master previously. He is just seeking is death! Little Fang, don't you worry. It is a coincidence that I am in the North. Wait for me and I shall help you take your revenge!"

Venerable Smelter had a personality similar to fire. As he exclaimed, he looked at Fang Yuan, impressed.

"Considering your age and cultivation, you are indeed a talent. If you join the Realm Alliance, you can have the rights of Two Leaves. Feng Xinzi, see that it is done!"

"Yes, Sir!"

Both of them took a bow once more and were dismissed from the hall.