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Chapter 281: Revenge

Chapter 281: Revenge

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"Haha... Brother Fang, you're really lucky that Elder Smelter admires you!"

As soon as they walked out of the hall, Feng Xinzi congratulated Fang Yuan. "From today onwards, we will be an alliance. Remember to look out for each other!"

He felt that Fang Yuan was his lucky star and it was fate that they met each other.

After knowing Fang Yuan, he not only obtained large amounts of rare spiritual plants, he also had the karma flower now.

"Please guide me along with your invaluable experience!"

Fang Yuan knew that although the Realm Alliance was not as strict, there were different factions within the alliance. Elder Smelter and Feng Xinzi were of a faction and now, Fang Yuan was part of it too.

Of course, it was a good thing that someone was there to guide him through as soon as he joined the alliance and therefore, he would not reject the help given.

"Of course!"

Feng Xinzi quickly agreed. "The requirements to enter the Realm Alliance is the least. The only thing we ask of you is not to betray the alliance and not to fight against our fellow alliance mates. Also, you just have to complete a mission every once in a while. You will sign an agreement with the witness of the Realm Spirit and anyone who breaks the agreement will be hunted down by every dream master alive and will be denied entry into the Dream Realm!"

He explained in detail and Fang Yuan gained more understanding of the organisation structure and the powers in the Realm Alliance.

Since the Realm Alliance was formed from scattered groups of dream masters in the past, there were no sects and physical headquarters; everything was in the Dream Realm.

In the alliance, the ones with the most power were the Elders Association. It was known that the association was formed by a group of 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream masters. There was an official Alliance Leader who had already entered the Prominent Divine Stage and was the heart of the Realm Alliance.

Below them were cultivators ranked from 1st Leaf to 7th Leaf, and the varying ranks would have different levels of authority and treatment.

A normal dream master who just joined the alliance would have to start as a 1st Leaf Cultivator and complete missions to rise up the ranks.

Fang Yuan had directly entered a faction and was admired by an Elder. Therefore, he was directly conferred the rank of a 2nd Leaf Cultivator without much effort.

"The higher the rank of a cultivator, the greater the chances to accept missions of high rewards and the greater the authority to browse through top-secret documents..."

Feng Xinzi brought Fang Yuan to the square and in front of the rock tablet. "The top of this tablet is the official binding document of the Realm Alliance. You can simply call for the Realm Spirit to witness your signing!"

Fang Yuan looked towards the top of the tablet. Indeed, there was a row of small golden words. These words described the agreement of the Realm Alliance and they were indeed less uptight and strict than the other alliances. With a nod of his head, he called for the Realm Spirit.

"Ding! You've been verified! Let the Realm Spirit take care of the rest!"

After a mechanic bell rang, the inscription plate around his waist flew up. In a flash, there was a new row of golden inscriptions on it.

"This is the rights to enter this place and use this rock tablet. Congratulations, brother! When you first use the rock tablet of the Realm Alliance, your rank will automatically be updated to a 2nd Leaf Cultivator!"

Feng Xinzi smiled.

'Is it that simple?'

Fang Yuan was shocked. The Realm Alliance was indeed a carefree alliance, judging by how his initiation took place.

"Alright, the disciples of Elder Smelter will look for you for the other matters! I'll be on my way to continue my alchemy!"

Feng Xinzi took out his inscription plate and swiped it on the rock tablet. With a look of joy on his face, he quickly disappeared.

"It must be another mission to bring in a newcomer!"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes but knew that in order to join the alliance, he had to let Feng Xinzi get the longer end of the stick and therefore didn't mind. After which, he placed his inscription plate on the rock tablet.

"Di! Welcome, Cultivator Fang Yuan!"

Many pieces of information flowed out. They were classified into different sections, namely rewards, missions, techniques and secret news. The first piece of information was a congratulatory message from the Realm Spirit.

"Due to the authority of Elder Smelter, you have directly gained the rank of a 2nd Leaf Cultivator. You can straightaway accept missions of 2nd Tier difficulty and below and can browse through a part of the information bank!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "It is a good idea to classify missions into tiers so that dream masters will not die in the mission just because they are under-skilled..."

His scanned through everything quickly and found the description regarding karma. It was similar to what Feng Xinzi had described to him, just more generic.

However, there were only pieces of information about people dao karma and none about heavenly karma. It seemed that his authority was not enough to view more information.

'Hehe... This is a good way to motivate the dream masters to serve the alliance so as to rise up the ranks to see more classified information...'

'Of course, this is happening everywhere. As long as they don't take too much advantage of the low-tiered dream masters and don't keep them within the low ranks for too long, it would be alright. Instead, as the low-tiered dream masters rise up the ranks, they would proactively respect the confidentiality of these pieces of information and the system would be able to operate smoothly!'

Fang Yuan snickered and found the piece of information which he needed:

"The different tiers in the Illusionary Divine stage are defined based on the things that are actualised. In every 3 Tiers, a huge breakthrough will be required! The 4th Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage would require the dream master to create something from nothing and actualise a spiritual property in objects!"

The spiritual property would be referring to pill spirits and equipment spirits. The objects would have a spirit and a mind but would be unable to replicate on its own.

Feng Xinzi was at the 3rd Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage. If he were to be successful in creating a pill spirit, he would have broken through to the 4th Tier.

Even to Fang Yuan, it would be an extremely arduous task to form the 4th sword.

At this stage, every magical sword would have their own sword spirit and would be able to form the 4 Emblems Sword Array. It would have half the power of the 8 Gates Sword Array and was something to be feared.

"The 7th Tier of Illusionary Divine would allow one to create a race and actualise a small piece of spiritual land!"

A race would refer to a heritage of living things able to take care of themselves and self-populate in the wild.

Reading up to here, Fang Yuan was deep in his own thoughts.

If his guess was right, his master, Master Heartless, should be at this stage.

In Da Qian, this level of cultivation would be comparable to the martial arts Divine Body and spiritual knights in the True Elemental Realm. They would be able to rule over an area with their might.

There was only a line of description for the Prominent Divine Stage. "Able to create people! Able to create an ecosystem! The creator of all!"

"Oh, the race which was described in the 7th Tier Illusionary Divine Stage did not include people! Does the difference lie in the wisdom of humans?"

Fang Yuan made an educated guess.

Dream masters below the level of Prominent Divine Stage could only actualise animals or even humans with simple thoughts. However, they were unable to create an entire sentient race!

Just by this point alone, dream masters in the Prominent Divine Stage deserved the title of 'Divine'. This was why the Imperial Court of Da Qian had to fear the dream masters.

Fang Yuan roughly understood why the dream masters of Da Qian could feel a sense of superiority here.

It was not just the difference in powers; dream masters were on an entirely new level. As a creator of things, how would the dream masters compare themselves to the things that they could create?

"Cultivator Fang Yuan, my master invites you!"

Just as Fang Yuan was carried away by his own thoughts, a small child in red robes came to him and bowed.

"You are..."

Looking at the child, he could see through the disguise and realised that it was not a real child, but a fiery dragon.

"I am Fiery Dragon, the subordinate of Elder Smelter!"

The child replied respectfully.

"Since that is so, please lead the way!"

Fang Yuan looked at the back of the child and was lost in his thoughts.

The Fiery Dragon was likely to be created by Elder Smelter. Although his actions were no different from a normal human, it was not able to reproduce. Therefore, it could only be created by a dream master and was therefore not considered a race.

"Haha….. Fang Yuan, come over here!"

It was the same hall. Elder Smelter smiled and invited Fang Yuan over.

"You have joined our alliance! That's good!"

He stroked his beard and continued. "I have just talked to the elders of the Divine Lotus Sect. They will not hold you accountable for killing a few servants. However, you have to defend yourself in the event a dream master of similar cultivation comes to you for revenge! After all, it is the testing period for the reserved Divine Ladies. If they can kill you, they will be heavily credited for it!"

"Thank you, Elder!"

Fang Yuan bowed and thanked him sincerely.

He was not at all worried about the fact that a dream master of similar cultivation would seek him for revenge.

'It is indeed different after I have a backing! Of course, the good thing is that this Elder Smelter is very protective. It seems like the right choice to join this faction..."

"Alright, my physical body has already arrived at Victorious East Region. Let's meet at the foot of Thousand Year Mountain!"

This came as a shock to Fang Yuan.

"Thousand Year Mountain?"

"Of course! Does Lin Qianye really think that he can get away with it after killing dream masters?"

Elder Smelter waved his hands. "The previous dream master had no backing and was indeed a little overboard. Therefore, he deserved it. However, ultimately, as a martial artist, you cannot just simply kill a dream master! And don't forget your encounter with him as well! We need to let them know that there is retribution in this world!"

Elder Smelter was indeed an aggressive person. With a snicker, he continued. "I want to see how Venerable Longhu can protect Lin Qianye!"

Fang Yuan remained silent.

A dream master could afford to be overbearing!


Thousand Year Mountain.

Ruan Junxian was practising his martial arts and appeared focused.

There was a layer of sweat on his forehead but he did not mind and continued to practise.

Since the previous incident, he had decided to put in more effort in practising his martial arts.

Although Ruan Ming was rescued in the end, it was a disgraceful incident for the Ruan Family. Even though Lin Qianye had promised the family that he would kill the dream master, there was no news of it, which made the entire family depressed.

Finally, they realised that Fang Yuan was only after them for the martial arts technique. However, none of them was willing to admit that they were enemies with Fang Yuan. After this incident, they might seek revenge in the future.

To experience such an unfortunate event in a single day was embarrassing, especially for such a big family like the Ruan Family.

The cause behind all that had happened was a single dream master!

"I must train hard! To achieve a breakthrough to Wu Zong!"

After executing a series of techniques, Ruan Junxian finally stopped and clenched his fists. "From the tests I did when I was younger, I know that my magic abilities were only average. However, after breaking through to Wu Zong, my magic would increase and from there, I can try to cultivate in spiritual spells! However, it's still a pity that I will not be able to become a dream master..."

A spiritual knight had a higher status than Wu Zong but was nothing compared to a dream master.

The strict requirements to be a dream master left many unqualified.

"... However, if I become like the Vice Sect Head with top-notch martial arts, I can still kill dream masters easily. Hmmm... what path should I choose in the future?"

Lin Qianye walked back and forth, deep in thought.

"Han Longhu, come out!"

A loud voice was heard as though thunder roared, and Ruan Junxian was shocked. "Who would dare to call the sect head by his full name? Is he crazy?"