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Chapter 282: Death Fight

Chapter 282: Death Fight

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"Roar! Roar!"

After a few roars, many thick fiery dragons appeared in mid-air and spat our flames towards the mountain.

There was an immense amount of energy in every fiery dragon and after a few moments, the entire Thousand Year Mountain was set on fire.

Black smoke filled the sky and it was as though doomsday was approaching.


Seeing this, Ruan Junxian had no intentions of fighting. With the other disciples, he ran towards the headquarters of the Thousand Year Mountain.

This was the power of the heavens! It was not something that humans could go against!

"Roar! Roar!"

The few dragons flew around lazily and slowly shrunk in size. Although they were shrunk, they were still over 30 feet long and were still majestic beasts. On the head of one of the dragons, there were two people.

Witnessing this scene, Fang Yuan broke out in cold sweat.

The fiery dragons were setting everything into a burning inferno but he could feel no heat from where he was standing. This was the perfect control of powers on the part of Elder Smelter, which was indeed impressive.

This was the power of a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master!

Never would Fang Yuan have guessed that Elder Smelter would be so reckless. They had only met moments before Elder Smelter launched an attack against the Thousand Year Mountain.

The entire Thousand Year Mountain would be reduced to ashes if Venerable Longhu was not around!

"Hmph... I'm not even burning down a city. This is merely a mountain! I'll like to see who can stop me!"

Elder Smelter waved his hands majestically.

"Fiery Dragon Child, burn this place down!"

His voice roared across the entire Thousand Year Mountain.

"Yes, Sir!"

A child's voice was heard from all three dragons. Suddenly, the dragons flew up and circled the mountain, spitting fire in the process.


Ruan Junxian was confused as he hid among the fellow disciples. From the shout, he could feel pain in his ears and he almost fainted. "Where did this demon come from? How dare he destroy our sect!"

"This person can control fire dragons and use their spiritual awareness to his advantage. I'm afraid he's a dream master!"

The Black Tiger Taisui, He Shantong, had more experience and could vaguely know what was happening. There was a look of despair on his face. "This person is a high-tiered dream master as well! Other than our sect head, no one can stand a chance against him!"

"Dream master!"

Ruan Junxian turned pale and his legs went jelly. "Could it be that they are still after my family?"

"You think too highly of yourself. Do you think they will need such a powerful dream master to wipe out your family?"

He Shantong chuckled and for the first time felt that this disciple of his was causing too much trouble. "I'm afraid that they are after the sect this time, hmmm... Vice Sect Head!"

At this stage, even He Shantong was like an ant and could not do anything to help the situation.

Under the burning inferno, even a Meridian Opening Wu Zong would be reduced to ashes!


In the sect head's hall in Thousand Year Mountain.

A person was wearing robes with dragons and tigers sewn on it. As he placed his hands behind his back, another person was kneeling down behind him. It was Lin Qianye.

"Qianye, do you know where you've gone wrong?"

This was the sect head of Thousand Year Mountain, Venerable Longhu. He was 13th in the Dragon Ranks and had already condensed the Divine Body.

"I should not have recklessly chased after that dream master!"

Lin Qianye scoffed. "Why didn't he bring out his backing before? This is frustrating!"

"Sigh... You still don't know where you've gone wrong! This is not the source of the trouble! It was the fact that you previously killed a dream master. Our Thousand Year Mountain is a small sect. Why kill the dream master out of frustration? Do you know why other people are not willing to kill dream masters? They are all waiting for others to do so...…"

Venerable Longhu sighed. "It's partially my fault for not being stricter with the rules. Because of this, you have become too proud of yourself. You need to know that the world is huge and even having the Divine Body, I have to think twice before acting!"


Suddenly, Lin Qianye stood up and walked forward. "What do I have to fear? I will only die at most!"

"Don't be stupid!"

Venerable Longhu waved his sleeves and Lin Qianye could not help it but took 3 steps backwards. Although he had already formed 8 spiritual meridians with the Kurong Mysterious Technique, he was still nothing compared to a True Divine.

"As the sect head of Thousand Year Mountain, how can I not shoulder the responsibility?"

Venerable Longhu looked at the flames in mid-air and took a step out.


On his body, a surge of energy condensed and transformed into the figures of a dragon and a tiger. "Who are you and why are you here?"

The voice was no weaker than that from Elder Smelter as it spread throughout the mountain.


As the vibrations from the voice swept through the flames, they were extinguished immediately.

"This is the power of a True Divine!"

"You're impressive, sect head!"

As the few disciples witness their sect head taking action, they cheered loudly.

"Remain where you are and don't come out!"

Venerable Longhu shouted once more as he quickly made his way to the top of the mountain to engage the dream master.

"Is this a True Divine with a Divine Body?"

Although Venerable Longhu only glanced at Fang Yuan for a split second, Fang Yuan could feel that his dream elemental force came to a halt and at that moment, he was speechless.

He knew that if he were to fight Venerable Longhu, even after using his killer moves, he would be finished off with a single punch without a doubt!

"A True Divine martial artist will be able to use their pure energy to condense it into power and hurt someone without even touching them! This is godly!"

Seeing the dragon and tiger beside Venerable Longhu, Fang Yuan slowly understood.

"Hehe... Venerable Longhu, you're finally here! Give me Lin Qianye and kill him in front of me and I shall forget all this, otherwise... I will make the Thousand Year Mountain cease to exist!"

Elder Smelter exclaimed loudly.

He wanted to directly destroy the entire sect!

Although Venerable Longhu had a good temper, there was a hint of anger on his face. Holding it in, he looked at Fang Yuan. "Are you the dream master who attacked the Ruan Family?"

"Not attack, but merely collecting debts!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and appeared insistent.

"Alright... I'll apologise on behalf of my Vice Sect Head!"

Venerable Longhu gave a respectful bow. "Please forgive Lin Qianye this time. We'll reward you in the future! If you have any requests, the Thousand Year Mountain will accede to it!"


Fang Yuan was tempted to accept his offer.

After all, it was good to establish good relations with a True Divine martial artist. However, it was a pity that he was not in the position to make the decision as he looked over to Elder Smelter.

"Hehe... It's too late for regrets!"

Elder Smelter was unforgiving. "That brother of yours didn't just chase Fang Yuan. How should we settle the score the previous time he killed a dream master?"

With this, Fang Yuan closed his eyes. He knew that there was no longer a chance for a peaceful resolution.

His heart shivered.

'Elder Smelter seems righteous on the outside but he is actually scheming! Firstly, he wants to demonstrate his power on Thousand Year Mountain! Secondly, he wants me to offend the True Divine and be loyal to him! This is indeed a good plot, but it's too cruel!'

"What do you think?"

Indeed, Venerable Longhu felt that there was no room for discussion as gave off a cold expression.

This was only a high-tiered dream master, and he had the cultivation of a True Divine himself. He stood a chance against this dream master.

"Hehe... It seems that you will not fear until you've seen the coffin!"

Elder Smelter waved his hands "Three Suns Dragons, Go!"

"Yes, Sir!"

As a child's voice responded, the 3 dragons expanded and roared.

"Hmph! Dragon Tiger Massacre!"

As Venerable Longhu leapt backwards, the figures of the dragon and tiger leapt into him, allowing him to form the silhouette of a giant.

The silhouette was extremely clear. It stood tall like a god and there were imprints of dragons and tigers on his body. As the muscles on his body contracted, he looked up towards the sky and struck a punch out.


There was a loud explosion and the entire Thousand Year Mountain shook.

As the two most powerful people in the vicinity struck, the power that they had generated could potentially destroy an entire city. How could the mountain take the stress?


As Giant Longhu took two steps backwards, the buildings crumbled and there were cries and blood spurting everywhere.

"You are... Smelter of the Realm Alliance?"

In the next moment, Venerable Longhu dispersed his Divine Body and smiled, for he had identified the dream master.

"That's right!"

As the fiery dragons exploded, Elder Smelter waved his sleeves and released his dream elemental force. Within seconds, 9 similar dragons appeared. "How's that? Do you want to continue?"

"If you are willing to stop, I will be eternally grateful for that. But if you insist, I can only defend with all my life! The spirit of a martial artist is to never give up!"

Venerable Longhu replied decisively.

Even a 9th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master would have to think twice if a True Divine were to fight with all his life.

'Elder Smelter will not risk his life for me. If I'm not wrong, he should be thinking about something else...'

Fang Yuan watched from the sidelines and thought to himself.

Indeed, in the next moment, Elder Smelter started to laugh. "Alright, how about both of us take a step back? Let Lin Qianye come out and fight Fang Yuan to their deaths. Both of us shall not interfere and after the fight, we're even. How's that?"

"That's a good idea!"

As Venerable Longhu was deciding, a silhouette rushed out. It was Lin Qianye.

He looked at Fang Yuan and was full of confidence.

After all, he had managed to chase him down. That was only a few months before, so what could change?

"Second Brother!"

Venerable Longhu glared at him.

"Big Brother, if we do not settle it like this, what other choices will we have?"

Lin Qianye voice was softly heard in Venerable Longhu's ears. "Even if I die, I can still protect Thousand Year Mountain!"


Venerable Longhu finally agreed with tears in his eyes.

Lin Qianye laughed and walked forward as he looked at Fang Yuan. "Please!"

'This Elder Smelter just trapped me?'

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. However, he felt something in his sleeves and heard Elder Smelter's voice in his mind. "Just go ahead with the fight. If you think you can no longer continue, just throw this out. I've hidden a fiery dragon in it. Burn him down!"

After all, Elder Smelter only wanted Fang Yuan to become enemies with Thousand Year Mountain and to be loyal to him. Therefore, he wouldn't let him die. Although this was cheating, Venerable Longhu did not detect anything. It was a scarily impressive move.