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Chapter 283: Ups and Downs

Chapter 283: Ups and Downs

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It was also Fang Yuan's wish to be able to fight with Lin Qianye once more.

The people of Thousand Year Mountain crept out of their hiding spots to watch, although they were given the order to hide.

It was a rare opportunity to spectate a death match between a highly-skilled martial artist and a highly-skilled dream master.


A Leaving Fire Sword appeared in Fang Yuan's hands and the flames burnt brilliantly. "Have you regretted what you've done?"

"Regret? You dream masters are a poisonous tumour to society! The only regret I have is killing too few of you!"

Lin Qianye laughed. "Even if I die killing you, it will be worth it!"

It seemed that Lin Qianye knew of his predicament.

If he were to lose, he would die.

Even if he were to win and kill Fang Yuan, Elder Smelter wouldn't let him go!

Death was his only option and therefore, the best outcome for him was to die together with Fang Yuan.

This was how pitiful it was to be part of the weaker force!

"Alright, it is only times like this that I can hear what you truly feel!"

Fang Yuan smiled and struck his sword out. The sword essence of the Leaving Fire Sword exploded.

"Lin Qianye is indeed crazy! Nothing could save him!"

Elder Smelter glared at Venerable Longhu. "Is this how you teach your disciples?"

"Of course not!"

Venerable Longhu was stunned. He could feel the death wish from Lin Qianye!

Inside, he sighed. Lin Qianye's parents were killed by dream masters and the love of his life was abducted by a dream master as well. All of these had let to the change in his personality.

"This is just sword essence!"

8 spiritual meridians appeared behind Lin Qianye's back as he rushed forward. "Thousand Leaves Palm!"


Both his hands released elemental force and turned translucent. With continuous strikes, he extinguished the sword essence.

"Kurong Double Posture-Killing the Devil!"

As a Wu Zong with 8 spiritual meridians, he was just one step to forming the Divine Body and become a True Divine.

With a flash, Lin Qianye quickly arrived in front of Fang Yuan and sliced down with his hands.

Behind him, the 8 spiritual meridians came together to form a figure, half of which appeared wilted and the other half healthy. With this, his body was strengthened.

This was putting all of his strength in one strike, preparing to kill Fang Yuan in a single blow!


If Fang Yuan was a normal dream master, he would have been stunned by the spiritual aura of the Kurong Mysterious Technique. With a split second of hesitation, he would probably be killed on the spot.

But Fang Yuan was not only a dream master, he was also a Wu Zong!

His thoughts ran quickly as a dim golden glow emitted from his body. The 4 spiritual meridians behind his back quickly formed a spiritual armour as he retreated.

At the same time, in his left hand, a blue Water Sword appeared as well. "Water-Fire Dual Sword Array! Kill!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Streaks of red and blue sword essence trapped Lin Qianye at where he was before exploding.

"Oh? You've achieved a breakthrough? No wonder you dare to fight against me! How can such a dual-sword array be so powerful?"

Lin Qianye shook and could feel a pressure within him. He finally realised that the person in front of him was a worthy opponent and he had to focus.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

The Kurong Figure assimilated into his back and spiritual inscriptions appeared on his body. Even half of his face started to dry up and appeared as though it was wilting.

Although his appearance was disfigured, his body became extremely strong. As the sword essence landed on his body, only pelting sounds were heard.

'Brother, you have finally improved...'

Seeing this scene, Venerable Longhu sighed.

If Lin Qianye could survive the fight, he could possibly condense the Divine Body after 3 years of meditation and arrive at the peak of martial arts!

However, all breakthroughs would require an immense amount of resources.

Even though he might break through to the next stage, his cultivation would not immediately follow.

Witnessing the fight, Elder Smelter started to feel increasingly aggressive.


Lin Qianye roared like a beast, but all his moves were to perfection as he forced Fang Yuan to his limits.

"Hmm... It seems like sword essence alone would not be able to kill you."

Fang Yuan struck his swords out continuously like a river stream.

Although Lin Qianye was immune to the weaker sword essences, the main sword essence could still hurt him. Therefore, the physical body of the magical soldiers would surely be able to kill him.

After a series of exchanges, there were a few bloodied scars on Lin Qianye and his expression became increasingly frenzied.

"Magical Technique of Burning Blood!"

He roared as his skin exploded. Instantly, he became a bloodied person and resisted all the sword essences before arriving before Fang Yuan. "Die!"

"Water and Fire, strike together!"

Fang Yuan clenched his teeth and struck both swords out. A slight rumbling of thunder was heard.


The ground shook and the dust flew.

Venerable Longhu sighed and Elder Smelter seemed worried.

"Great... I finally died in your hands..."

Lin Qianye looked at the sword in his hands and had a mixed expression.

After finishing his sentence, his forehead exploded, revealing a charred scar inflicted by a sword. He fell to the ground, motionless.

'The Water-Fire Dual Sword Array is on par with you. The final thunder-type sword essence made the difference...'

Fang Yuan wiped the blood on his mouth, turned around and faced Elder Smelter. "Fortunately, I did not disgrace the dream masters!"

"Great! This is great!"

Elder Smelter retrieved his fiery dragon, but Fang Yuan could not guess what he was thinking.

"You have returned victorious but you are injured. Have a good rest!"

His expression returned to normal as he looked towards Venerable Longhu. "Since the culprit is dead, we shall take our leave..."

Venerable Longhu was expressionless as he looked at Lin Qianye's corpse.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan sighed. He knew that they would be enemies for a long time to come and there was nothing he could do to establish good relations with them.

"Let's go!"

Elder Smelter chuckled and led the way while Fang Yuan followed behind.

If not for the protection from Elder Smelter, the entire Thousand Year Mountain would tear him apart alive.


After a long while, the unforgiving sun rays landed on Venerable Longhu. He was motionless like a statue in the wind.

"Sect head?"

A few elders came out with worried looks on their face.

"Forget it. Bury Qianye and let him... rest in peace!"

Venerable Longhu waved his hands and as he finished his sentence, he almost choked on his words.

"Yes, sect head!"

A few deacons and disciples came out and cleared the mess.

Looking in the direction where Elder Smelter had left, Venerable Longhu was in a daze. Finally, he returned to the building. "I want to meditate in seclusion. Don't disturb me!"


"This... This is the power of dream masters! Is this person against our family?"

Ruan Junxian looked at the tattered battlefield and Lin Qianye's corpse, not knowing what to do.

Lin Qianye was the pride of the sect, a highly skilled martial artist with 8 spiritual meridians and was a single step away from condensing the Divine Body. But now, he was killed by Fang Yuan. This was a severe setback for Ruan Junxian.

He felt that even if he were to reach the cultivation level of Lin Qianye, he would still be easily killed by the dream master's single strike of the sword.

Furthermore, in the time that he would take to reach the 8th spiritual meridian, how far ahead would his opponent be?

Their vast difference was discouraging.


At this point in time, a few disciples surrounded him with aggressive looks.

As the crowd gave way, the Black Tiger Taisui, He Shantong came.


Ruan Junxian felt even more uncomfortable but forcefully raised his head up to look at his master in the eye.

"You... sigh. Although it is not your fault, it is a fact that all of this started with your family. I'm afraid the Thousand Year Mountain cannot let you stay..."

Ruan Junxian turned pale and took a few steps backwards. "Master.... You..."

He felt a sharp pain in his heart.

He knew that none of them wanted to get implicated and therefore wanted to chase him out of the sect!

Thinking about how much he had offered his master in the past years, there was a burning sensation in his chest.

However, he could only clench his teeth. If he were to display his dissatisfaction, he might get himself killed.

"I can no longer be your master!"

He Shantong sighed. "From today onwards, we shall cut our ties. Leave the mountain!"


At this point in time, a young martial artist stood out. "Although he is being chased out, he still has martial arts which belong to the Thousand Year Mountain!"

Ruan Junxian glanced at him but had no energy to rebut.

Previously, this young martial artist appeared respectful to Ruan Junxian but now, who would've thought that he would turn his back on him!

"That's right, we need to strip him of his martial arts!"

"Master, you're too kind. Why are you only chasing him out? If you ask me, I believe we should kill him..."


There were only a few who would be willing to help him, but countless others who were trying to make things worse for him.

Seeing this scene, Ruan Junxian wanted to laugh.

Where had these loyal disciples gone to when trouble arrived at the sect?

After all, they feared those that were powerful and some of them even had the thoughts of changing sides and siding the dream masters.

"That's not appropriate. After all, Junxian had known martial arts before he entered the sect, and... the Ruan Family is still here!"

He Shantong twitched his eyebrows and shook his head. "Go!"

"Thank you master... and everyone else!"

Ruan Junxian stumbled on his way down the mountain like a zombie.

Thinking about the times where he was considered a talent, and the good times with his fellow sect mates, tears started to well up in his eyes.

"Haha... Haha..."

Arriving at a small cave in the mountain, he tried to cry but instead, he started to laugh heartily.

"Who would've thought that I, Ruan Junxian, would end up like this... Haha! If not for my family, I wouldn't even be able to keep my martial arts!"

"Haha... dream masters are bullies and Heaven is blind! Blind!"

As he was wallowing in despair, something miraculous happened in his body.


Elemental energy started to flow like a spiral.

There was a distinct popping sound coming from his Dantian.

"Is this... Have I achieved a breakthrough?"

Ruan Junxian was shocked but composed himself. "Have I achieved the breakthrough which I've been dreaming about all day? Am I a Wu Zong now?"

If this was earlier, he would be overjoyed.

But now, he could only smile. Even with a True Divine, the Thousand Year Mountain could not protect Lin Qianye. How would they be able to protect him?