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Chapter 284: Delivery Mission

Chapter 284: Delivery Mission

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In the mountains, by the river.

Elemental force surged around in Ruan Junxian's hands and he could control it like his limbs.

"I have finally achieved the realm of Wu Zong!"

There were mixed expressions on his face. "If I had achieved the breakthrough earlier, I can become the protector of the mountains. By then, if they want to chase me out, they will still need the approval from 70 percent of the elders and the approval of the sect head... With this, I have a chance to stay and things wouldn't escalate to this stage... What a pity!"

However, Ruan Junxian was not confident of breaking through to Wu Zong if not for the happenings and his fluctuating emotions.

"Regardless, it is rare to harness elemental force. If I join the Imperial Court of Da Qian, I can become an official and might even have special treatment since I am young. I would think that I would be conferred the appointment of an Eagle Lieutenant..."

As a person coming from an influential family, Ruan Junxian was extremely familiar with the hierarchy. "However, after entering the military, I would be bounded by more restrictions..."

His largest obstacle was Fang Yuan; like a humongous mountain, Fang Yuan was a shadow in his mind.

"That high-tiered dream master is likely to have overlooked me. Therefore, the Ruan Family can still survive... As the Young master, the only thing I can do for the family is to search for a strong backing for the family!"

Ruan Junxian's eyes were burning with passion. "The best would be for me to become a dream master myself and subsequently join the 5 powerful organisations. If that were to happen, the Ruan Family would become the most powerful family in the Victorious East Region!"

He knew that the world was unfair and only dream masters belonged to the higher levels of cultivation world.

Any influential family would surely have a powerful dream master to back them up.

If any family wanted to become more powerful, they would have to spend fortunes trying to train a dream master from their family before they could progress to have the rights to fight with other families.

Furthermore, even the Imperial Court had employed a large number of dream masters known as the 'Hidden Dragon Guards'. Otherwise, they could not have ruled over the 99 regions so smoothy.

"Now that my magical abilities have been improved, I can start to cultivate in spiritual spells. However, I am still a little short in becoming a dream master..."

There was a look of depression on Ruan Junxian's face.

A dream master was not only unparalleled in fights, they could create life and was the number 1 profession. Unfortunately, the requirements to become a dream master was too high and it was too hard.

However, all hope was not lost.

For instance... a few natural treasures were rumoured to be able to strengthen the foundation of a Wu Zong and initiate the path to become a dream master.

"Forget it... After all, there are a few Meridian Opening Elders at home maintaining peace and order. There is no need for my presence at home. Why not explore the lands in search of opportunities? I can strengthen myself at the same time!"

Ruan Junxian came to a decision. Looking back at Thousand Year Mountain for one last time, he turned around and walked away.

The world was ever-changing and even a dream future master would not be able to accurately predict the future with complete certainty.

Even as an ant, he had to strengthen himself and believe that he will become powerful one day!


"Fang Yuan, how are you feeling?"

A fiery dragon flew around and roared. Mingling in the skies, it was like a deity.

On its back, Elder Smelter looked at Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan sighed softly.

Below them was a small city.

The Fiery Dragon had spirituality and was playful. As it peered through the clouds and revealed its claws, the city dwellers started to panic and hide like ants.

A spiritual light started to glow on the city walls and in the government office, and many archers readied their bows.


Elder Smelter was overjoyed. "That's right... This is the majestic power!"

He pointed at the people at laughed. "We dream masters are equivalent to gods in the ancient times! How would mortals ever understand our power?"

"The few of you, don't go too overboard! Although the Da Qian is ordinary, it would be troublesome if the 'Hidden Dragon Guards' were to come!"

Elder Smelter had a proud look as he commented, but his face twitched the moment he mentioned the 'Hidden Dragon Guards'

"Oh? Please explain to me, Elder! How does the Hidden Dragon Guards compare with the Realm Alliance?"

Fang Yuan became interested.

"Hmph! Just a few lackeys that depend on the humans for survival. How can they compare to the Realm Alliance? If you see any Hidden Dragon Guard, just kill them!"

"If not for them, hehe... I'm afraid that the Imperial Court would be destroyed by the crazy people from Source Seeking Sect!"

Elder Smelter looked away; it was evident that he did want to continue with this topic.

As for Fang Yuan, he was deep in thought.

"To keep two evil sects and one crazy sect at bay must mean that the Hidden Dragon Guards are rather powerful! They might be on par with the 5 powerful organisations. Since they have the support of the Imperial Court, they should be quite powerful! But... What made the Source Seeking Sect go against the Imperial Court?"

As he thought about it, he subconsciously spoke his mind.

"Hehe... There's nothing surprising as to what that bunch of crazy people can do!"

Elder Smelter knew that he had said something wrong and did not want to reveal more.

"Alright, where do you intend to stay next?"

Elder Smelter changed the topic and asked Fang Yuan.

"I have been cultivation in seclusion. For now, I want to explore Da Qian and visit the capital!"

Fang Yuan spoke the truth but hid his intentions. This was a small trick that he used. After all, he was speaking before a high-tiered dream master who would be sensitive in detecting his tone and emotions.

But now, Elder Smelter could not detect anything fishy. "I need to return. After killing the evil water dragon in Sand Region, I have obtained 3 drops of 'Mysterious Elemental Heavy Water' and I can use them to perform alchemy. Since you have the intention to explore the place, help me with something!"

"Please instruct me. I'll do anything!"

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and replied.

"Help me deliver an item to the Middle Region since the capital is in the Middle Region as well..."

Elder Smelter took out a small red sword. "Take this sword and bring it to Tianmu Mountain in Middle Region. Ask to see the owner of the mountain and pass this sword to the owner... Don't worry, you won't be doing this for nothing. I will officially assign you this mission in the Dream Realm!"

This mission was assignment-typed and the rewards were not good, but it would count a lot towards his contribution to the Realm Alliance.

"I will do it!"

Fang Yuan took the sword over form Elder Smelter. The red sword which was previously glowing died down in its brilliance as soon as it entered Fang Yuan's hand; it was like a normal sword now.

"Alright, be on your way!"

Elder Smelter waved his sleeves and immediately, Fang Yuan could feel a huge force pushing against him; it was akin to a small boat being pushed by a tsunami. As soon as he realised what had happened, he was already on a small hill on the outskirts of a county town.

"This is the power of a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master!"

Looking at the busy and prosperous county town, Fang Yuan sighed. Without wasting time, he quickly disappeared into the forest.


"The journey to Middle Region is long and therefore, I need to make some plans..."

Fang Yuan was neutral about the mission.

He was only a newbie among the dream masters and would not suspect that Elder Smelter would try to harm him by assigning him this mission.

Of course, he had to be wary of the small sword and had to seal its energy up. This was not guarding against Elder Smelter but rather, it was merely being careful.

After finding a secluded spot, he entered the Dream Realm and indeed, on his inscription plate, there was a new ongoing mission. It was assigned by Elder Smelter and after browsing through the details, he could only accept it.

'Generally speaking, this was among the unspoken rules which were already not considered strict. After all, I am a new member and it is only logical for him to test me out...'

Fang Yuan came to the headquarters of the Realm Alliance and started to browse the information on the rock tablet.

As a 2nd Leaf Cultivator, he had certain rights and could access parts of the information bank. Pieces of information from the information bank were either mostly not found on the rock tablet in the Dream Realm, or they were classified. After all, it was not a bad thing to read up more.

Of course, the missions on the rock tablet in the Dream Realm were more generic and it was the place where the 5 powerful organisations would interact.

"I am clear about the cultivation of a dream soldier master and am looking forward to the next dream-traversing opportunity... As for that mysterious force in my body, I need to clear it out as soon as possible before I reach the 4th sword, otherwise, things would get tricky!"

There was a look of depression on Fang Yuan's face.

When he achieved a breakthrough previously in the Three World Mountain, he had the help of the mysterious but evil force.

Although it was not affecting him now, it would be troublesome if he were to lose control over the mysterious force in the future!

"The 4th Tier of Illusionary Divine is a big leap. Among us dream soldier masters, it would mean that we can form the spirit of the swords. This is especially so for the 8 Gates Sword Array. After forming the spirits of the 4 swords, I would be able to harness at least half the potential of the 8 Gate Sword Array... Therefore, I must quickly get rid of the evil force in me!"

Once the magical soldiers get their spirituality, their power would increase by folds and they could potentially fly on their own to attack enemies. This would be similar to the Fiery Dragon Child of Elder Smelter.

The mysterious force might affect the spirit of the sword, making it an evil spirit. If that becomes the case, Fang Yuan would become the slave to his swords.

"Tian Xiezi... Why are you still causing trouble a few hundred years after your death?"

Fang Yuan gave a cold look as he continued to browse the information on the rock tablet.

It was extremely rare to encounter any technique which would dispel evil forces in one's body. Most of them would cheat him of his money and those who potentially could help were charging more than he could afford.

Finally, something was different.

"9 Smelting Technique (Incomplete): Able to purify and remove foreign true energies from one's body. The setback would be that one's cultivation would drop, and the drop is dependent on how polluted one's body is..."

"Only an incomplete version? Furthermore, it can only purify true energy? What about elemental force and dream elemental force?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin.

As a 2nd Leaf Cultivator, he could only read up to here. However, from the description, he had the feeling that there was more to it.

If he could get his hands on the complete version, he might be able to purify his true energy, true elemental force and even dream elemental force.

"This is a solution indeed. Of course, the root of the problem is still from Evil Divine Sect!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth.