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Chapter 285: Black Roc

Chapter 285: Black Roc

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Tian Xiezi was a dream master of the Evil Divine Sect. After his death at the Two World Mountain, his dream world became the Illusionary World and from then on, Three World Mountain was born.

Just by the dangers of the Three World Mountain alone, it could be deduced that he was at least a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master and was able to create spirits. Even after his death, demons with their own spirits were seen lurking in the Illusionary World.

"What a pity... With my rights as a 2nd Leaf Cultivator, I can only read up to here. There's nothing left below!"

Fang Yuan shook his head and started to worry about how he should travel to the Middle Region.

The world over here was extremely vast. There were 99 regions in Da Qian Empire and every region was already extremely huge. Any average human might not even be able to traverse through an entire region in their lifetimes. Therefore, not many would have been to the capital before.

"The map of the entire Da Qian should be classified information and I need to be at least a 5th Leaf Cultivator before I can get the details... The only information I can gather is the map of the 9 regions nearest to me..."

Fang Yuan looked at the rock tablet as his eyes glittered. "To head towards the Middle Region, the path designated for officials, the Official Path, would be the most convenient path. The officials would report for duty and send troops through the Official Path. However, the requirements to use the path are extremely stringent and there are checks everywhere along the path. Even if I can find my way in, it would take a lot of effort to go through the checks undetected and I would waste too much time..."

As he walked out of the headquarters of the Realm Alliance, he arrived at a public space.

"I am at Victorious East Region. How do I make my way to Middle Region?"

Just a simple thought from him triggered pieces of information which were revealed before him.

"There are mountains and rivers in between East Victorious Region and Middle Region. There are 87 danger areas along the journey and it is a must to take a route around them. The most comfortable and quick way is to take a ride on a spiritual bird. Of course, the journey will also take about a month to a few months..."

Fang Yuan searched and indeed, there were dream masters like the previous Huo Qing.

However, this time, the bird was a huge black roc beast[1] and it was rumoured that the roc had the blood of the legendary Kun Roc. Its body was as huge as a mountain and it flew at incredible speeds. It was the ruler of the skies.

The dream master must be at least a 4th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master to be able to tame such a powerful bird.

"Black Roc, I want to head to Middle Region!"

Fang Yuan used his spiritual will to communicate to the dream master according to the symbol on the tablet.

"Alright, the journey will cost you 200 contribution points. You will have to pay 100 contribution points as a deposit first and tell me your location. I will reserve a seat for you!"

Not long after, there was a reply.

"Reserve a seat?"

Fang Yuan was shocked.

"Do you think you're the only person I'm fetching?"

Black Roc scoffed. "After receiving the deposit, I will tell you when I'm arriving. The earliest would be 3 days from now and the latest would be a month!"


Fang Yuan was speechless but paid the contribution points. "I am at Sand Region, Dragon's Head Mountain!"

With the Realm Spirit as a witness, he was not afraid that Black Roc would cheat him of his money.

"Very well, wait for my news!"

After receiving the contribution points, Black Roc left, satisfied.

Fang Yuan remained speechless. Although he knew that it was impossible, he had the feeling as though he was being cheated. With a laugh, he left the Dream Realm as well.

"Could I be feeling this way because I don't have enough contribution points? I have not felt such fear and anxiety in a long while..."

Without wasting time, Fang Yuan made his way towards Sand Region.

He did not know how long he would spend in Middle Region. Therefore, he felt that he should at least inform the Qin Siblings of his movement and remind them to be on their guard. After all, they were his backup plan if all else fails.


It was nightfall and the stars glittered brilliantly.

In the Qin Family mansion in Dongyi County.

A silhouette slipped into the mansion and the protective array failed to detect anything.

The Qin siblings were already asleep. Disoriented, they arrived at a place.

There were trees, a river, a small bridge and a small pavilion supported with bamboo poles. A young man sat within and there were a few tea bowls placed in front of him.

"Greetings, Sir!"

The Qin Siblings looked at each other and knew that this was Fang Yuan calling for them in their dreams. Together, they greeting him.

"Take a seat! Have some tea!"

Fang Yuan waved his hands.

"Thank you!"

Qin Qing raised her tea bowl and realised that the bowl was made from ceramic. With its average-looking appearance, it gave off an ancient vibe.

The tea gave off a similar vibe; it was sweet and there was a hint of jasmine fragrance.

"How's it?"

Fang Yuan smiled.

"Simple and elegant!"

Qin Qing smiled and replied. However, Qin Yun was observing the surroundings and came to a realisation. "Are you intending to travel, Sir?"


Fang Yuan looked at him, astonished. "That's right!"

After becoming independent as the family head, Qin Yun felt more matured now. Through all that he had gone through and the new experiences, he seemed like a polished gem.

"In my absence, take care of yourselves..."

After reminding them to take care of themselves, Fang Yuan left.

'Why are they not here... Divine Lotus Cult, what are you thinking?'

The purpose of Fang Yuan returning to the Qin Family Mansion was to track the Divine Lotus Cult's movement as well.

After all, he had become enemies with a reserved Divine Lady and would surely attract the attention of many.

Meng Lian's competitors were grateful to Fang Yuan but none of them would solely depend on Fang Yuan for their success to be the Divine Lady.

'The Divine Lotus Cult and Evil Divine Sect are the two most powerful evil dream master sects and by now, they should have known about my background...'

Thoughts ran through in Fang Yuan's mind as he purposely leaked a hint of his own spiritual aura.


"Divine Lady!"

In a mansion within Dongyi County.

Although this mansion was no different from other mansions, anyone who entered it would be shocked.

In a row, 18 lanterns were lighted up, illuminating the interior of the mansion.

There was a golden-furred carpet on the ground and a light fragrance of the lotus flower.

Suddenly, one of the lanterns flickered and in an instant, the flame of the lantern exploded!


In the quiet room, the noise was easily picked up. Two servants in white walked up and looked at the woman sitting on the lantern.

"Lantern C2 had detected something. It must be that person!"

This woman was around 20 and had a gentle demeanour. She had pretty eyebrows and gave off the vibe as though she came from a rich family.

Such a lady would be regarded as a beauty in the world and no one would associate her with the cruel Divine Lotus Cult or think that she was an evil reserved Divine Lady.

At this point in time, the Divine Lady smiled. "The cult has placed an order. No dream master of 4th Tier and above are allowed to go after him, for his is now part of the Realm Alliance... However, they did not impose restrictions on the magical equipment that we can use. Of course, looking at my current cultivation level, I'm not skilled enough to use most of them. However, the Changming Magical Lantern is not an offensive magical equipment as has an extraordinary ability to perform surveillance! I can first detect his location before striking him by surprise!"

After Meng Lian's embarrassing defeat, she not only sustained severe injuries but also used up most of her protective magical equipment. The resources of the Divine Lotus Cult in the vicinity were all used up by her and by letting it all go to waste, she no longer seemed likely to become the chosen one, the Divine Lady.

It was good news for the other 7 reserved Divine Ladies that one of them was no longer in the competition.

Furthermore, if any of them were to be able to capture Fang Yuan, it would be a huge accomplishment. Although capturing Fang Yuan would not directly make her the Divine Lady, at least it would give her the edge over the other reserved Divine Ladies.

This was the reason behind the arrival of this reserved Divine Lady.

"Although this person is extremely cautious and even talks to his subordinates through their dreams, after my observations, I can tell that he is preparing to travel somewhere far!"

This reserved Divine Lady was witty and immediately gave her orders. "Order the spies in Qin Family to gather information from the Qin Siblings... Also, start monitoring the skies of Dongyi County. If there are any findings, immediately report to me!"

After dismissing them, the reserved Divine Lady remained seated and smiled. "Before embarking on his journey, he would surely enter the Dream Realm..."

She closed her eyes, arrived before the rock tablet in the Dream Realm and started enquiring.


After 15 days.

Sand Region, Dragon's Head Mountain.

The Dragon's Head Mountain was a geographically interesting location in Sand Region. Although it was secluded, the peak of the mountain had a panoramic view of the region and the extreme peak had the shape of a dragon's head. Being unique, it attracted many tourists.

Fang Yuan stood on the top of the dragon's head and looked up into the sky, speechless.

"Handsome... that person seems stupid!"

Tourists behind him were commenting on him. A young girl in red robes looked at Fang Yuan and started laughing.

"Don't cause trouble!"

Beside her was a man with a long sword. He looked like a martial artist and he lectured the girl before apologising to Fang Yuan. "My junior is too direct, please don't blame her!"

Both of them dressed up like martial artists but they only had the cultivation of around the 5th to 6th Gate. Fang Yuan did not even bother to look at them.


With such an attitude, both of them were shocked. They knew that the world was huge and there were many highly-skilled people all around. Could they have encountered one themselves?

"Eh? Why is the sky darkening?"

Before being able to continue the conversation, a shadow descended and covered the entire sky.

The tourists in the vicinity looked up and saw a huge bird descending.

In mid-air, a bird the size of a small hill slowly approached. As it came closer, they finally realised that it was an enormous black bird with a huge back and a small building on its back. They were all left tongue-tied.

As the bird descended, huge gusts of wind blew about on the mountain. The martial artist and his junior held on tightly to vines as they were almost blown off their feet.

"Is this the black roc?"

Fang Yuan leapt onto it and felt as though he was standing on a flat piece of ground. Seeing a huge inn ahead, he walked towards it.

"Keke... Brother, welcome to the Black Roc Inn. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the next month with the other guests!"

In the inn, a dream master was standing in the place of an innkeeper. Although he was smiling happily, Fang Yuan could feel his 4th Tier Illusionary Divine Cultivation. "I understand!"


As the black roc spread its wings, it flew up into the sky.

Beneath, the martial artist and his junior were stunned. Fortunately, they did not start a fight with Fang Yuan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have time to regret...

[1]: The Roc is an enormous legendary bird of prey in the popular mythology of the Middle East.