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Chapter 286: Mengmei

Chapter 286: Mengmei

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"That's good!"

The Black Roc Beast, with its black feathers and plump body, gave a genial smile that carried a hint of arrogance.

"Currently, my Black Roc Inn has 19 guests and 36 servants. After I receive 3 other dream masters and their servants, we will set off and arrive in the Middle Region...of course, dear guest, you are a dream master and we will arrange for you to stay in the Tianpin Room!"


Fang Yuan found it mildly strange.

"Of course... not every dream master is alone like you are. In this day and age, the dream masters trained by the influential clans, even the ones of a lower level, set off on their journeys with at least a few spiritual knights."

Black Roc scoffed.

"Some even have large harems that serve them wherever they go. These people merely rely on their wealth to get by, and they actually hope to achieve great things, hmph…"

Its tone was contemptuous as if it favoured Fang Yuan, a lone cultivator, over the rest of them.

Fang Yuan gave a wry smile as he listened.

It was not that he had nobly decided to go at it alone. His situation had more to do with his foundations being too weak and inability to source for manpower.

Of course, to others, a dream master at the Illusionary Divine stage without followers was a person who had clearly decided to wholeheartedly pursue enlightenment.

Without another word, Fang Yuan went straight to his room and saw that it was spacious and well-tidied. There was a sleeping quarter, a living area and even a meditation corner.

Of course, there was no kitchen.

After all, it was high up in the air, and there were restrictions. Still, there was a common kitchen with a full-time cook.

If the customers were dissatisfied, they could book the kitchen for their own use. The service was indeed rather comprehensive.

"If Huo Qing could be considered a solo journeyman, then the Black Roc is exaggerating slightly..who knows, he might actually achieve something given time…"

Fang Yuan opened up the windows and stared out into the strong winds and blue skies of the world outside, deep in thought.


With the darkening of the skies came dinner time.

Most of the dream masters preferred peace and silence and rarely took their meals in the inn's common dining hall. They had their meals sent to them in their rooms where they could frolic about with their concubines and live like gods.

Fang Yuan did not have such a capacity and therefore, ordered a meal in the hall.

The dishes were served quickly by the waiters, who were also cultivators who had obtained elemental force. They were most likely followers of the Black Roc and they seemed completely content with carrying out their menial tasks.

"Dear guest, the served meals are complimentary, free of charge. Of course...if you want more food, you can inform our chefs, or send your servants to the kitchen to prepare the food. For this, we will charge a fee!"

This servant looked to be in his thirties. However, the Wu Zongs would tend to look much younger than their actual age, and Fang Yuan placed his estimate closer to sixty years old. The articulate servant had a white towel draped over his shoulder. He was probably a runner.

"No need, this is more than enough!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and dismissed him.

The occupants of the dining hall were few, and Fang Yuan picked a corner where he could dine in peace.

The meal was extremely sumptuous and consisted of three dishes and a soup. It was chicken soup which was rich and fragrant and it whetted the appetite. Just one taste and Fang Yuan immediately knew that the chicken in question was fed with spiritual rice. It was truly special.

The other three dishes were: mushrooms and greens, meat slices and a stir-fried mix. They were all fantastic. The chef responsible for this meal was definitely better than the cook he had recruited in the Da Yuan mainland. Fang Yuan helped himself to more servings of food eagerly.

"The rice used is the Cloudy Pearl Rice, which can be considered a luxury good. However, the quality is still somewhat lacking in comparison to the Yellow Grain Rice.."

After he had his fill, Fang Yuan rubbed his tummy and sighed contentedly.

At this time, a gentle voice floated in.

"The Yellow Grain Rice is a top-grade spiritual good and is extremely beneficial to us dream masters. The plant only grows under harsh conditions and is a rare find in the territories controlled by the 5 powerful organisations. Only the Da Qian aristocrats are capable of supplying Yellow Grain Rice in bulk. But to me, this is the most improbable method to acquire the rice!"

Fang Yuan turned around and noticed a beautiful young lady in robes of lotus-green. She looked like she was of noble birth, and blushed when she met his gaze.

"Thank you for your explanation! I am Fang Yuan, may I have your name?"

"I am Liu Mengmei, a member of the Liu Clan in the Middle Region..."

Liu Mengmei had a very sweet-tempered outlook and her manner of speech was demure.

"I see!"

As a traveller, Fang Yuan was unwilling to engage a stranger in anything beyond casual conversation and toasted her before turning around to leave.

He had to concur that the wine served by the inn was of good quality; it was clear and smooth on the throat. Fang Yuan was beginning to feel tipsy after only a few cups.

Fang Yuan was not a hardcore drinker and this amount of alcohol was just right. Fang Yuan thus walked back to his room.

Liu Mengmei watched on as Fang Yuan's silhouette faded into the distance. With a smile on her lips, she retired to her room as well.

"Divine Lady!"

Two female servants in green were already waiting in the room and bowed in greeting as Liu Mengmei entered.

"Mm, that person is indeed heading towards the Middle Region. Our preparations seemed to have paid off..."

Liu Mengmei continued on after a pause.

"It is just that he is extremely guarded. It will be difficult to get close to him. Not to mention that this place is under the protection of Black Roc, and taking action here will break his rules! Set up the Nine Lotus Divine Lantern Soul-infusing Array! I will take him on in the dream world!"

"Yes my Lady!"

The two female servants bowed out of the room and began with their preparations.

To the dream masters, there were many ways to kill someone without spilling blood.

Also, as long as the ongoing conflict between the Divine Lotus Cult and the Realm Alliance did not violate the fundamental laws or inconvenience the other guests, the Black Roc would not dare to interfere!

Liu Mengmei smiled and walked to over to the centre of the 9 Perpetual lamps with the seal in her hands. She sat down with a solemn look on her face.



Around her, the Perpetual Lamps lit up instantly, and a clandestine wave shot out.


In his room, Fang Yuan sat down relaxedly with his legs crossed.

"Not bad, not bad! This building is constructed of spiritual wood and arranged based on an arraying technique, which enables elemental gathering and concealment...in fact, the whole inn is a giant magical tool. Every room occupant has a small degree of authority, but the core of power belongs to Black Roc!"

Based on Fang Yuan's knowledge of arraying techniques, this was all he could tell.

Still, he was very sure that the Black Roc was not only a dream master in the Illusionary Divine

stage, but was, in fact, an array master.

At Black Roc's level of cultivation, he could lay out sentient arrays that could operate independently of the array master and exert immense power!

However, if Black Roc really had ill-intentions, there was only one way things could end: He could destroy by the many dream masters residing in the Inn.

With this unspoken threat, together with the guarantee of fairness by the divine beings, Fang Yuan's safety and privacy were more or less assured on this journey.

"But...what about that woman, Liu Mengmei?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and a slight smile played on his lips.

Although Liu Mengmei had disguised herself well, and there were no hints of similarities between her and Meng Lian, but Fang Yuan had a feeling nevertheless.

And there was no need to mention that when Fang Yuan had deliberately released his spiritual aura at the Qin Manor, this woman had swooped right in. It was too much of a coincidence.

"I doubt this Divine Lady would be as bold as to fight in midair and endanger the safety of dozens of dream masters...the only possibility would be to engage in the traditional way of dream masters!"

Fang Yuan shut his eyes confidently and entered a deep stage of meditation.


It was deep into the night.

Fang Yuan aura was in the dream world. Suddenly, felt a disturbance.

"She has arrived? I cannot wait!"

A cold smile broke out on his face.

"To be able to break through the barriers placed around the inn is no mean feat. However, barging into my dream world is a mistake. This woman is slightly more powerful than Meng Lian since she is at the illusionary divine stage!"

At the borders of his dream world, a fog started to gather.

It was clear that Liu Mengmei had ill intentions and was indeed barging into his dream world.

Fang Yuan had the protection of the 8 Gates Sword Array. If activated the array, the woman's concentration would be severely affected and she would suffer.

"However...this does not fit in with my original plan!"

Fang Yuan sensed that Liu Mengmei was at the 1st Tier of the Illusionary Divine stage and had the help of a magical tool.

He waved his hand and the 8 Gates Sword Array immediately dimmed, allowing the fog the infiltrate. His true aura was momentarily dazed and he nearly fell into the dream.

'If I remain asleep after a certain period of time, the 8 Gates Sword Array will immediately reappear to eliminate the approaching enemy!'

In that moment of unconsciousness, according to the Three Corpse Seven Murderous Magic Splitting Technique, Fang Yuan's thoughts will be separated from his body and be transferred to the 8 Gates Sword Array.

Now that his body and consciousness were both protected, Fang Yuan had no qualms about taking on the Divine Lady.

"She actually dared to infiltrate my home ground with a prowess of only the first stage. Even with the help of a magical tool, this is extreme foolishness…"

Fang Yuan's spiritual will acted up, and he fell immediately into a dark swirl.


It was dawn and golden rays fell upon the earth.

Beneath the green mountains, the roosters crowed, and the little village came alive.

"When Heaven is going to give a great responsibility to someone, it first makes his mind endure suffering. It makes his sinews and bones experience toil, and his body to suffer hunger. It inflicts him with poverty and knocks down everything he tries to build. In this way Heaven stimulates his mind, stabilizes his temper and develops his weak points…[Mencius, Gao Zi Part 2]"

A bright voice reciting the classics floated out of a straw hut.

The door opened. A beautiful and kind looking lady walked out. She looked like she was younger than 20 years, and yet her hair was arranged as though she was married. She went over to the chicken coop and picked up two warm eggs, and broke into a smile.

"Good girl!"

She sprayed some grains on the floor to reward the hen.

After that, she busied herself with chopping firewood, boiling water, cooking rice. Beads of perspiration decorated her forehead even though the weather was cold.

The farmer's life was undoubtedly a tough one, not to mention that they also had to support the scholar at home.

Before the morning light was at its peak brightness, breakfast was ready. A pot of porridge, two servings, one thick and one thin. The woman added an egg into the thick serving, and after some hesitation, added another. She then walked over to the adjoining room.

"My husband, it's time for breakfast!"