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Chapter 289: Old Mother of Tianshan

Chapter 289: Old Mother of Tianshan

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Black Roc was experienced in his trade and knew the dangers in the sky. Therefore, their journey was a rather smooth one as he avoided all the spiritual air soldiers.

The black roc beast was the ruler of the skies. By releasing its spiritual aura, the other ferocious animals would make way and would not find trouble for them.

After finish acting with Liu Mengmei, both of them continued to live in their own rooms. After a few days, they made a few friends who were staying in the inn.

Unknowingly, a month had passed and the number of dream masters gradually lessened as they alighted at their destinations.

Finally, the people left behind were just Fang Yuan, Liu Mengmei and a few others.

"Alright, this is the border of Middle Region. If we cross the border, there would be more soldiers patrolling in the skies. By then, even I would not be able to avoid all of them..."

After all, Middle Region was where the royal family of Da Qian stayed. The security was extremely tight here and it was different compared to the other regions.

Needless to say, the capital was there and it was filled with powerful people. Black Roc wouldn't be so foolish as to go there and just by coming to the border of the region was a risk in itself.

"Thank you!"

Fang Yuan and the rest were understanding as they thanked Black Roc and dismounted the black roc beast.

Liu Mengmei left with her servants and took one last glance at Fang Yuan. There was an unwilling look in her eyes and no one could guess that she had completely surrendered herself to Fang Yuan.

"Haha... Brother Fang, be careful! The demonic ladies of Divine Lotus Cult are a troublesome bunch!"

A dream master noticed them exchanging glances and commented.

He was short and plump like a round ball. Wearing a gold robe, he gave off the vibes of a rich person. There were 8 subordinates following him and among them were Wu Zongs and spiritual knights. He called himself 'Qian Kuan'! He was the person behind a small organisation in Middle Region and had a 3rd Tier Illusionary Divine cultivation.

"I only wish for them not to think about me. That would be all!"

Fang Yuan displayed a troubled look.

"You're handsome and talented, but you seem a little empty... Have you gave it a thought? My promise still stands. Take your pick among my girls, and I shall give them to you!"

Qian Kuan laughed while the few servants behind him remained emotionless. A few of them lowered their heads in embarrassment, while others were winking at him, trying to attract his attention.

"This... I don't think this is suitable for me. Thank you for your offer, though!"

Although it was extremely normal for dream masters to exchange subordinates, Fang Yuan would not accept the offer from a stranger! After rejecting Qian Kuan, he promptly left.

Black Roc laughed as he witnessed this scene. After the last visitor had left, he sighed. "He is indeed carefree... It has been awhile since I saw someone like this. I wonder how far can he go... How is this any of my business?"

He walked up the black roc. With a chirp, it shot into the air and disappeared.


"Middle Region is indeed the middle of the world. Even the elemental energy here is plentiful..."

As he took a walk in the forest, he sighed.

He could feel that the natural elemental energy was rather concentrated here. It was at least 5 times as dense as that in Sand Region. Therefore, normal humans living here would be able to increase their life expectancy and cultivators would be able to easily achieve breakthroughs. However, the most important was the fact that the capital was here and business was booming. With the increasing population, the Middle Region would be as powerful as 5 other regions combined!

"Of course, the control of the Imperial Court is stricter here in Middle Region. It would be impossible for me to bluff my way through with a fake identity..."

Previously, he was miles away from where everything was, but now everything was in front of him! There were plenty of soldiers and highly-skilled people here!

Even the 4th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master Black Roc would fear the region. Fang Yuan would surely understand that he had nothing to show off here.

"Tianmu Mountain!"

Opening the map, he could see a path. "Mmm... This mountain is at the Northwest of Middle Region. It is only a few hundred miles from the Jade Capital. Or should I say... This is the limit of the 5 powerful organisations of the dream masters!"

He now knew that Tianmu Mountain was an obstacle planted by the dream masters in the Middle Region.

By the looks of it, the dream master in control of the mountain must be powerful.

He had to be at least a 7th Tier Illusionary Divine dream master to stand firm under the scrutiny of the Imperial Court.

"Could his cultivation be even higher... like the Prominent Divine Stage?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.


After 7 days, Fang Yuan finally arrived at the foot of Tianmu Mountain. The tall mountain towered before him.

What surprised him was that the mountain did not appear dangerous. In fact, there was a huge city at the foot of the mountain with trade happening everywhere. Business was booming

"The owner of Tianmu Mountain….. How can I find you?"

There were patrolling guards at the city gates. If Fang Yuan wanted to do something to bluff his way through, he would be able to do so. However, there was no need.

He made his way around the city and went straight to Tianmu Mountain.

He guessed that based on the owner's abilities, he should be able to detect Fang Yuan's arrival.

The vegetation was dense and crickets chirped.

Tianmu Mountain was covered with lush greenery and was full of elemental energy. It was an excellent place for cultivators to train for it had gathered energy from everywhere.

Of course, what piqued Fang Yuan's interest was the fact that there were traces of dream masters. He could detect it the moment he entered the mountain.

"Come out!"

After walking a few feet, Fang Yuan sighed and looked in a certain direction. "I have no grudges against you. Why are you stalking me?"


As soon as he finished his sentence, the surroundings started to change. A wave appeared in mid-air and spread, revealing a hidden array meant to kill.

The spiritual light on the array was glowing and the energy around the array was surging. Even Fang Yuan would be troubled by the array if he were to step in.

But now, since the array was revealed, it was no longer a threat.

"Although we have no grudges, the fact that you are visiting Old Mother of Tianmu means that you must have a token! Since you are in the fight as well, this is only normal!"

From the shadows, a dream master emerged. He had white eyebrows but black hair and seemed about 50 years old. With the cultivation of Illusionary Divine, he was considered rather good among the dream masters.

"Oh? I'd like to hear more about it!"

Fang Yuan sighed. He knew that he was tricked by Elder Smelter and had unknowingly gotten himself involved in trouble.

"Don't you know about it? Don't you have a token with you?"

The dream master was confused as well.


At that moment, a red streak of sword essence exploded in mid-air and flashed.


He shrieked as the space around him started to bend. As the sword essence struck onto the ground, a charred hole appeared.

"A dream array master? With some illusionary spells?"

Fang Yuan laughed heartily and walked up. He blocked the path of the dream master as the dream master tried to escape into the array. With the wave of his hand, a chilly blue streak of sword essence appeared. "Go!"

Combining the powers of fire and water, the array master started to retreat and quickly shouted a formula. "Strike!"

As he chanted his formula, he started to distort and become translucent. It was as though he was about to disappear in the next moment.

"Keke... What a small trick. Destroy!!!"

4 spiritual meridians appeared on Fang Yuan's back as his muscles started to grow. With that, he exclaimed.

With the Seventh Elemental Force and the thick blood of Wu Zongs, the air around him shook, revealing the shocked face of the dream master.

"You... do you want to live or die?"

Since there might be a possibility of other highly-skilled people observing their fight, Fang Yuan did not want to continue using his powers as a dream master. Instead, he used his martial arts and with a flying kick, he struck the dream master and placed the fire sword on his neck.


Everything happened within seconds. Only when Fang Yuan held the dream master to his neck did a few people appear from the thick vegetation with shocked looks.

"Tell me... what is the use of the token?"

Fang Yuan held the fire sword and forced an answer.

"How can you not know?"

The dream master was in a daze. "Why are we still fighting, then?"

"You speak too much nonsense!"

Fang Yuan frowned. The fire sword flickered and the few surrounding Wu Zongs quickly retreated as though they had been hit.

"A token is a token! It is the item you need to enter the Changli Mountain Hollow!"

With his life on the line, the dream master spilt everything out.

"Changli Mountain Hollow? What has it got to do with this token? Also, where is Old Mother of Tianmu, the owner of the mountain?"

Fang Yuan probed further.

"It has nothing to do with the token. The Changli Mountain Hollow is a joint discovery by the 5 powerful organisations of the dream masters. The token was also created by the 5 powerful organisations and it is rumoured that with the token, one will be able to get help from Old Mother of Tianmu to enter the Changli Mountain Hollow. Changli is a person rumoured to have attained the Prominent Divine Stage. Even though he had passed away, whatever that he left behind was enough for us descendants to enjoy for a long time to come..."

With a sword by his neck, the dream master blurted out everything he knew quickly.

"I see. You don't have a token, so you wanted to snatch mine. What a person..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and asked a final question. "Where is Old Mother of Tianmu?"

"This... I have no idea!"

"Since you have no idea, what's the use of being alive?"

A murderous look flashed across Fang Yuan's face. He would not let anyone with ill intentions towards him get away.

The fire sword shook and was about to land.


As the ground shook, a green vine appeared and shielded the dream master from the sword.


Although fire was the weakness of wood, the Leaving Fire Sword could not damage the green vine. Instead, there was a distinct sound like jade colliding with ice.

A voice was heard in Fang Yuan's ear. "I don't wish to see blood!"

"It's Old Mother of Tianmu! Greetings!"

Seeing the appearance of Old Mother, Fang Yuan stopped and took a bow.

"I know the intentions for your visit. I am willing to see you!"

Fang Yuan kept his sword and followed the vine. Son, he arrived before a cliff, which was covered in green rocks.

As soon as he arrived, the cliff started to split, revealing a black tunnel.