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Chapter 291: Return

Chapter 291: Return

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The seal on Changli Mountain Hollow was real, but Old Mother of Tianmu would surely not tell Fang Yuan the truth.

They were just sacrificial sheep!

They were planned to kill each other and from there, satisfy the requirements to break the seal.

Because of this, every organisation put in their best effort to trick newcomers into entering the hollow.

"Sigh... Why is the requirement so weird? To ask for Illusionary Divine dream masters under the age of 60? Although we have such talents, they are painstakingly trained by us. How can we sacrifice them just like that? The only solution is that every organisation contribute a few..."

Elder Smelter sighed.

"Why is that? Are you soft-hearted now?"

Old Mother of Tianmu laughed.


Elder Smelter's expression remained unchanged. "We are not killing them completely. It's just that we've given them a slim chance of survival and it's up to them to see if they can do it. Furthermore, after the seal is broken, they can also enjoy the spiritual treasures in the hollow. This will be their fate! Whoever can survive will be the true talents! The rest of them would be killed because they are useless and do not deserve to survive!"

"Haha... Well said!"

Before Old Mother of Tianmu could continue, a black silhouette on the wall started laughing. "Dream masters are all respectable! How can we let the useless people destroy our reputation? Only by such a method can we sieve out the real dream masters. The representative from Source Seeking Sect is a reserved who is already aware of the requirements of breaking the seal! Furthermore, he has voluntarily entered the hollow even after knowing what would happen! If he were to survive, we can officially recognise him as a dream master!"

"Old Xue!"

Elder Smelter was stunned. As his eyes blinked continuously, there was fear written on his face.

After all, the bunch of dream masters from Source Seeking Sect were all crazy!

They were not just crazy, but also powerful and would do anything to attain their goal.

Everyone would feel a little uneasy when facing people from the Source Seeking Sect.

"Don't worry, I'm just here to take a loot... After all, we have a stake in the Changli Mountain Hollow!"

Old Xue laughed, which did not ease their emotions. "Alright, I want to remind everybody that this place is too close to the Jade Capital. The Imperial Court has yet to discover the Changli Mountain Hollow. However, at the moment of blood sacrifice, the energy of the hollow would surge and the Hidden Dragon Guards would be able to locate the hollow and make their way here..."

"If the 5 organisations unite, why should we be afraid of the Hidden Dragon Guards?"

There were flames in Elder Smelter's eyes as he commented.

"We're not afraid of the Hidden Dragon Guards. But if the Imperial Court sends every highly-skilled person they have, we will have trouble!"

Old Mother of Tianmu added.

"The Imperial Court is the biggest thief of all!"

Elder Smelter was enraged by sounded jealous at the same time.

It was no joke that the royal family of Da Qian had the power of the heavens!

Even if normal True Divines and True Elemental spiritual knights would reach their peaks, they would be able to achieve another breakthrough under the blessing of the Dragon Meridian. If they do so, they would be as strong as a Prominent Divine dream master!

Although there were only a few of such people, together with the Hidden Dragon Guards, they were on par even if the 5 powerful organisations were to combine forces.

If they did have such abilities, the royal family of Da Qian would be wiped out long ago.

"Hehe... That's right!"

Old Xue's voice was sharp like a bird. "With the geographical advantage, they are fortunate... We believe that it is the Imperial Court's doing that prevented us from being able to find the source of dream masters... In reality, the inheritance, the hollow, all these are small issues. The 5 organisations should come together to destroy the royal family of Da Qian or even sacrifice their blood. From then, we might be able to trace the source of dream masters..."


Elder Smelter exchanged glances with Old Mother of Tianmu and was laughing inside. The bunch of dream masters from Source Seeking Sect were indeed crazy!


Water Realm, Golden Lake Prefecture, Black Lake District.

The District Leader was no longer Xu Ren. Because of his commendable efforts, he was promoted to the prefecture level after 3 years. He was now a Prefecture Minister.

In fact, he was slated to become the Prefecture Minister after the retirement of the current Prefecture Minister. Therefore, many people started to support him and establish good relations with him, making him rather influential.

At this point in time, an old daoist with a head full of white hair brought along two children and were strolling on the streets in Black Lake District.

"Mm, the people are doing well and there have been no more sightings of evil gods blackmailing the people. This is good governance!"

The old daoist smiled and stroked his beard in satisfaction.

"I've heard that this is the work of the previous District Leader, the current Prefecture Minister, Xu Ren. He was strict and harsh against thieves and robbers and took the initiative to clear evil gods. He also took extra care of the old people and educated the masses. In 3 short years, the people in the district would no longer steal and there was no need to lock their doors while they were sleeping at night. This is true prosperity..."

The child behind continued but appeared to be only 12-years-old.

On the other hand, the other child looked around and lowered his voice. "The current district leader Zhang Gui is under Xu Ren... Xu Ren served out of pure loyalty last time. Now, he has settled down in the Golden Lake Prefecture. Not only did he shift his entire family here, he has also bought numerous plots of land and rebuilt temples. With all his assets, he is the most influential family in Golden Lake Prefecture!"

"If this is his fate, then it is normal….. Otherwise, how else should he plan for his future?"

The white-bearded old daoist smiled. "The uprising of the people dao is the trend. We daoists should follow the heaven's intention. Everyone in the Xu Family would be heavily involved in the upcoming tribulation. We must pay close attention!"

"This of course!"

The child behind chuckled. "Our people have been instructed to establish good relations with him. Otherwise, as an official from a foreign land, without us secretly helping him to influence the Imperial Court, do you think he will be able to have such progress? Not to mention how smooth it was for his family to settle down?"

"It's a pity.... The Xu Family is close to many demons..."

The child at the side sighed. "Who knew how the demons started?"

"From the Killer Tribulation, the fates of everyone would be messed up. This is only normal!"

The old daoist's beard drifted with the wind, but his tone was chilly. "These demons want to support the Dragon Court and take our share of fate energy and karma! By killing Clear Wind, they have displayed their persistence! We shall allow that carp demon to live for another day. Hehe, when the time is right, we shall kill the demons in front of Xu Ren to display our might!"

The 3 of them spoke as they walked. Although there were passers-by, they did not leak any information. Soon, they arrived on the outskirts of the city.

"Grandmaster, are we here to kill the giant demon?"

A child asked. Seeing that there was no one around, he toyed around with a hint of sword essence in his hands.

The sword essence was a pure white and as extremely concentrated. However, in his hands, the sword essence became liquid-like and flowed around. The child's cultivation in swordplay was shocking!

Since he looked young, he had to be a reincarnation and was a powerful person in his past life.

"That's right, it's that giant demon!"

At the outskirts, the old daoist no longer tried to conceal himself. As energy surged around him, his robes flew with the wind. It was a majestic sight to behold; he was like a deity.

Behind him, the two children transformed into swordlight and combined. "Have we located the Giant Venomous Snake?"


The white-bearded daoist was infuriated. "We had detected something the moment Venerable Clear Wind died. However, the killer was too cruel and did not even leave his spirit behind. Without and leads and after a few years, I have received a prediction from an elder fortune teller. Finally, I know that this is the doing of the two demons from Black Lake District!"

"That carp demon has the protection of the fate energy from Xu Ren, so let's forget about her for the moment. The Giant Venomous Snake is the culprit behind all and lives in seclusion. Therefore, we must kill it to appease our brother. Otherwise, everyone would think that Xuan Zhen Sect is weak!"

"Although this demon has weak karma, it is extremely cunning and would not leave traces behind. We have tracked it a few times but in the past few times, it has escaped successfully... Not this time!"


As the 3 of them spoke, they had entered a forest.

The skies changed and fish-scaled clouds appeared. The dark clouds brought with them an atmosphere of danger.

"Is this... Heavenly Tribulation?!"

The daoist was extremely familiar with such a vibe. The clouds were different from the usual dark clouds and therefore, he could immediately identify it.

"Haha... That's right! This is a Heavenly Tribulation!"

The old daoist laughed heartily. "That Giant Venomous Snake is extremely powerful and has a few tricks up its sleeves. It will be hard to deal with it. However, I have asked the fortune teller to calculate the ripe time to strike. This is the tribulation period of the demon, and therefore, it will not be able to escape us!"

There was a murderous look on his face. "With such a weak fate energy, do you think you can transform into a dragon? Hehe... We are involved in this demon's people tribulation! Striking together with the Heavenly Tribulation, it has no way of escaping!"

With the dark clouds, lightning and thunder, it was the best compass to guide them to the Giant Venomous Snake.

The 3 daoists made their way and soon after, they had arrived at the foot of a mountain.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a source of spring water. The spring water was chilly and gave off cold vibes.

Streaks of lightning began to rip across the skies, forming a net of lightning.

"Haha... This demon's Heavenly Tribulation is indeed powerful! We might not need to strike, and it will be dead!"

Seeing this, the old daoist was overjoyed. However, he became confused. "This doesn't seem right... By helping Xu Ren and clearing the evil gods, it has accumulated good deeds. How can it have such a weak fate energy? How can its Heavenly Tribulation be so intense?"

"This must be because it had gone against the Xuan Zhen Sect! By doing so, it had put itself against the people dao!"

A child laughed. "Regardless, this is good news to us!"

"That's right!"

The old daoist stroked his beard. The 3 of them were daoists and were afraid of approaching the tribulation. Therefore, they looked at everything from afar.



Water splashed everywhere and a huge black silhouette appeared.

It had a snake's head ad 4 legs. The scales on its body were black but had a hint of golden glow. As it looked up into the sky, it roared like a ferocious beast.

"What a Giant Venomous Snake!"

The 3 daoists turned shocked. "With such power, no wonder it can attempt to transform into a dragon!"